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Wanda, what do you do when your significant other insists they're a vampire and tries to bite your neck whilst cuddling? I punched him in the mouth but he won't. Stop.

Wow, I keep getting this question. Just let him know you don’t like it and if he doesn’t stop, bring his mom into it. Or maybe don’t, but if you really don’t like it, he really needs to stop. And if he doesn’t, maybe the best thing to do would be to break up with him…


아낀다 M/V

Okay so I see some people trashing on 17′s MV calling it “cheap” and “tacky” and wow let me stop you all right there

Would you have preferred… 

  • a box MV with dance shots & member close-ups only? 
  • band members wandering aimlessly through ruins or empty streets with wistful expressions & a few dance breaks?
  • members looking “swag” in hoodies in a room with neon colours on the walls?
  • choreo breaks where you can’t even distinguish one member’s leg from the other due to bad camera antics designed to make the dance look more impressive?
  • cute boys at a pastel party trying to win over your heart concept?

Okay so they didn’t have a full story concept, hired actors to play the story. Quelle horreur, what a travesty, they might as well just disband now, right? 

Pledis invested in unusual, bright, eye-catching graphics because it’s not common and would garner attention. I’m sure we’re all very sorry that certain aesthetics were chosen to show off each member individually. Eternal apologies for not adhering to normal standard concepts that have done 1000 times by groups before. Because debuting with over-used concepts when you’re a new group from a small company always works out great, am I right?

I can name at least ten (quite popular!) K-Pop groups that wished they had such a unique concept to their videos. Get your negativity off my dash and enjoy the higher-quality-than-anybody-expected music video.

PS: some of y’all are so overprotective of artists and graphic designers on tumblr but once they get paid by a company to help make graphics for a visually stimulating music video y’all turn into haters… ok ok 


I’m having such an emotional day already today. I’m so grateful for the life I have and how Taylor has changed it so much. I can’t stop crying wow

But don’t you just want to cuddle Ashton and lay on his muscular arms and play with his curly hair and tickle him to hear him laugh and then he’d say his famous high pitched ‘stop it’ but then get all serious and distracted as to why his voice just cracked like that and you’d just laugh at his adorable expression and he’d get even more distracted and keep asking what’s funny in his high pitched confused voice