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Hi! I'm just wondering what your reaction is reading CH. 119. What do you think will happen next chapter?

Hiya anon~!

I was so tense reading this chapter hahaha XD Especially everything in the second half with Lili and Soo-Won/Hak. Though, seeing some Ayura action and Kushibi’s face (keep workin’ that ‘stache!) was very cool. Plus, we know Yona and Jae-Ha are returning, which will not only be awesome from a “wild Yona appears” perspective, but also a “Hakona reunion omgslayme” perspective :3 

However, I am getting pretty scared that something bad will happen to one(?) of the characters. Kusanagi-sensei rarely lets the characters go through something like this without someone being injured or some sort of mental trauma occurring, and I must say I’m eyeing Hak, the Wind Tribe members and Ayura with a little fear. How sad would it be if all of the funny Wind Tribe shenanigans we’ve been seeing are the happiness before the heartbreak? D: 

Or, maybe the Hak and Soo-Won reunion will be enough drama, because DHODWFFOJHLSKHSNK!! I can’t take it DX I just… *facefloors* Hak and Soo-Won feels slay me and whenever they’re together… Ijustcan’t. Ahhhhh, what are they going to do!? What are they going to say!? It’s just so heartbreaking and moving and exciting all at the same time. I will say this though: I really hope Soo-Won and Hak get to interact before Yona reappears. I think they need a little more time with just the two of them. 

(Oh, there’s also the hairpin thing, but tbh I haven’t really formed an opinion on what I want to happen there, so I’m not sure ^__^”)


Okay real quick: this song is great.