• mob is a sucker for hand-holding but hardly ever initiates when they’re in public
  • teru does it instead
  • but it’s mob that laces their fingers together
  • sometimes when it’s especially crowded teru traces circles on the back of mob’s palms, letting him know he’s right there
  • mob’s eyes crinkle when he laughs and his shoulders aren’t as stiff as they usually are
  • teru falls in love a little more seeing him so relaxed and free
  • after the first time teru hears mob laugh, he tries to make him laugh as much as possible but he realises it doesn’t take much when it’s around him
  • it’s teru that usually initiates kisses but sometimes mob pecks him on the lips out of nowhere because you’re so cute when you’re flustered, hanazawa-kun
  • mob can tell when teru gets insecure sometimes, he’s not that oblivious
  • but he doesn’t know why since mob is so very grateful to teru for everything he’s done, for thinking of mob as much as he does, for letting mob breathe easy every once in a while
  • and mob loves running his fingers through teru’s hair, it’s soft and it calms teru down and mob pretends he doesn’t notice the shade of red teru turns

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dommy aka jjjaebum aka the loyl (lov of ur life)

okay dommy get ready for this it’s gonna be a long one I’m going to talk about how much I love you and I’ll get sappy again probably because it’s 1.31am (ooh triggeredt) get dat tissue okay so right…. we were in a gc for one month and I never really talked to her directly before and like she was 2 KooL 4 me… everyone in that gc is 2 KOoL 4 me tbh anyways then one day we started talking about TAMPONS and then boom friendship.. so what I think of her… like…. she’s my favorite person ever???? honestly………. dominique dommy dominant is my best friend in the entire world? can u believe how in loVE I am with her!!!!! I talk about her 24/7 idk how I was blessed to suddenly become friends with her??? like we are literally fated it’s amazing…… we’re honestly the same person.. connected brain connected stomach connected bowels and most recently connected uterus…. what the hell….. we are soulmates….. I’m the jack to her bum… she the mark to my son…. she’s the grandpa to my pigeon…. she’s the love of my life…. and I miss her because we haven’t facetimed in like… a month……. that’s so long… omg like I just realized its been a month now I’m sad.. I want to dance to Justin Bieber some more.. anyways I lov e her she’s my number one hype girl…. honestly…. like do u guys know how much i love her…. I literally text her everyday???? theres only 2 people I text daily, dommy and my mom. that’s how much I love her….. the first person when I wake up and the last person I text before I sleep is my love and my life dominique……. I love dommy aka @jjjaebum aka imarkjin aka my bubs thAt I love with my entire heart body AND soul!

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I’m totally late to everything, but Happy Korrasami Anniversary, Happy Holidays and Happy New Years!!

I’m eternally grateful for all of the amazing people in my life <3 I wish all of my followers a wonderful 2016!! Thanks for sticking around even tho I don’t post much!

Naruto Character Survey

Ok so I was reading the Naruto Manga like normal and in this volume: (55)

I find the character survey at the very back of the volume:

And so I was looking through the character survey… Naruto in first place that makes sense. Then Sasuke, Kakashi, Gaara, Itachi, Deidara (WHAT?!?!), The Fourth Hokage, Sasori, Shikamaru, and then Hinata for 10th.

Then I kept looking through all the rest of the names…

then I stumbled upon this name:

He put himself in the fucking character survey!

Then I found this at the very end…

His head gear tied for 76th place.

And this is why Kishimoto-sensei is awesome…