honestly being a lesbian is still so new to me like I still have sudden moments of realization where im like wow im really a big ole butch lesbian im doing this like im genuinely still getting used 2 it even tho I realized I was one last year snsnsn idk what’s the point of this post but i cant wait to actually start being myself irl with other people and an actual community and I hope I’ll get that one day

I’ve been playing the game Digimon World: Next Order for a little while now, and wow, I really had to express my fondness for this game! I just had to do fanart! ❤

Soo, I thought I would draw my two favorite partners alongside me, getting ready to engage in a battle. My favorite pair in this game so far are my main partner Glitch (Greymon (Blue), I rarely ever switch him out for a different digimon at rebirth), and Brent (Kyubimon (Silver) ).
This took me about a week, but it’s not bad considering it could have taken longer. This game really brings about my nostalgia from when I used to play the older Digimon games as a kid and a teen.

Wow. I really love the Liv question from Robert. I really hope that’s setting up something in the future. Losing the Liv Robert relationship would actually bother me more than Robert Aaron. Because it was such a beautiful family / brother non genetic family relationship. And while Aaron has blame and Robert has blame, none of this is Liv’s fault.

Hey, Clark: go up a little further on the dial.  Like, say, I dunno: 1986.

Sure, Bruce.  Wow, you really got bulked up.  Wait … are we … fighting each other?  That’s pretty, um, violent, actually …  I don’t think my folks would want us watching this.  I better turn it off.

*Do* you bleed, Clark?  Just for future reference ….

Curt Swan & Stan Kaye, August 1960.

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Question: what was the "best" day of your life so far? Or if you dont want to talk about that: what was a memorable/ the second "best" day of your life so far?

weaux! that’s a tough question umm tbh my mind is kinda blank rn and all i can think about is yixing so i guess i’ll tell u about the day i foundt exo😭 it was kinda late one night around 11pm and i had school the next day and i knew i should go to sleep but i was like fuck it ima watch youtube videos and this one youtuber i really liked ( celia leslie ) had just uploaded a new vid and she was using some exo song as bgm and eventho i wasn’t into kpop i followed her on tumblr and i knew she was suuuper obsessed wit exo so that one night i was like wow she really likes these dudes huh? let me just check them out. so i youtubed exo, watched the call me baby mv and 3:56 minutes later i was Reborn. it was around 11pm that night and after watching the mv i Did Not Sleep. i was literally up all night watching every single exo video in existence i knew i had to make the rest of my life about them. the sun literally rose while i was still awake rewatching cmb mv for the 173783rd time i didn’t even go to school the next day lol i even wrote down the date that night (july 28th - it’s almost our anniversary🤢) bc i knew my life would change. yeah i know exo is just a kpop group and i most likely will get over them sometime in the future but at dat time i really wasn’t in a good place and they really were a huge reason for my happiness (they still are🤢) i know that’s probably not the BEST day of my life (i believe that day is still coming) but it was a pretty great life changing day lol!!

wow. i really am seeing kevin in a week n a half. i cant believe this im so excited ill take so many pictures and laugh and smile so much he makes me so happy

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can you do a sam x reader imagine where the reader has colour synaesthesia (where she can hear colours) and it's like how sam sees her and stuff like that? sorry if it's weird but i know people who have this and i thought it would be kinda cool! thanks!

Wow, that sounds really interesting. I’ll have to do some research, but I’ll add it to my list!