[11/02/2016] today was the first day of school in my 2nd year of high school. I was a little worried but it turned out to be just fine, at least for now. I haven’t got any homework to do, so I read some articles and watched some video lessons about einstein’s theory of relativity so I could be prepared to the physics class next week. meanwhile, I was listening to my favorite album of all times and drinking a refreshing glass of strawberry juice. also, I took a time to read a little bit of harry potter because I need a break from all that einstein thing. don’t get me wrong, i find it very fascinating, but it is a bit exhausting especially if you woke up 5:15 am like I did.

The fact that we are sitting here on Earth feeling the actual fabric of the Universe stretch and compress slightly due to the merger of black holes that occurred just over a billion years ago - I think that’s phenomenal. It’s amazing that when we first turned on our detectors, the Universe was ready and waiting to say ‘hello’
—  Prof Sheila Rowan to BBC news on first detection of gravitational waves (

I’m totally late to everything, but Happy Korrasami Anniversary, Happy Holidays and Happy New Years!!

I’m eternally grateful for all of the amazing people in my life <3 I wish all of my followers a wonderful 2016!! Thanks for sticking around even tho I don’t post much!

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Can u plz stop posting Ferguson? as far as i know you are from Scandinavia, why does this even matter to u?

Wow really? yes you are correct i am from Denmark which is a part of Scandinavia. to answer you question no i will not stop posting Ferguson because while i may not live in America or even the states this may help spread awareness to the people who do and the people who can make a difference. I don’t know where you live but i hope that if something like this happens in you country or sate for that matter that someone will help you spread awareness.