You know there’s this whole thing going on where women use that “all men are ____” thing and so then it makes the entire social situation for just a lot of different groups really difficult. Like, when an adult figure raises a child to think that “All men are liars” or that “All men only care about themselves” or “all men like football and don’t have emotions other than anger and apathy” or “all men are stupid” like this “idealistic” man is so bad for people to hear about and honestly most of the time I’m hearing this from women. It makes it difficult for trans men to realize they’re trans because they don’t fit the “standard” it makes cis guys feel bad because they “cant control their emotions” it hurts gay men because they’re being related to a standard of femininity that isn’t “supposed” to be that way and people choose to invalidate their gender and call them “basically women”, it makes girls scared because of all the shit people are saying, it makes men unhealthy because they try to be this thing that’s “normal” and it’s never acknowledged that “normal” can be so many different things and fitting the standard is not really all that important at all. The idea that “men” have to be super strong also limits the amount of empathy they feel they’re allowed to express or even just excitement and so many other things, and then men who actually DO feel that they’re the way the standard is getting bashed on because they ARE fitting the standard. Why do we have to categorize a personality by gender? I don’t think people realize how damaging these generalizations could be for everyone. I’ve seen my friends have people leave them because they’re being too “emotional” when they decide to talk about their depression, I’ve seen people not be able to handle emotional situations because they feel the need to outwardly portray this standard that’s been engraved into them and just the whole situation of people making “men” this solid concept is so disgusting and dehumanizing. Anyway, I dunno, I was just thinking about this. I mean I hope you guys understand that that isn’t “masculinity” that’s just a really ongoing fear that guys feel they need to keep up to. 


Geraldine Roman, first Transgender woman to be elected as Congresswoman in the Philippines, fighting for LGBTQ rights and champion of the Anti-Discrimination Bill  

“Recognizing our rights and dignity will in no way diminish yours. We are not asking for special privileges or extra rights. We simply ask for equality. With inclusiveness and diversity, our nation has so much to gain.”


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Naruto Character Survey

Ok so I was reading the Naruto Manga like normal and in this volume: (55)

I find the character survey at the very back of the volume:

And so I was looking through the character survey… Naruto in first place that makes sense. Then Sasuke, Kakashi, Gaara, Itachi, Deidara (WHAT?!?!), The Fourth Hokage, Sasori, Shikamaru, and then Hinata for 10th.

Then I kept looking through all the rest of the names…

then I stumbled upon this name:

He put himself in the fucking character survey!

Then I found this at the very end…

His head gear tied for 76th place.

And this is why Kishimoto-sensei is awesome…