Congrats to Twice for their Best Song of the Year Award and to BTS for the Best Artist of the Year Award

Female idols had not won one of the three final awards at MAMA since 2011.
A group from a medium company had never won the Best Artist of the Year Award since 2006.

Congrats to EXO as well, for winning Best Album of The Year for the fourth consecutive time!

ah… s-sorry to anyone whose dashes have been spammed with all that stuff, i didn’t think to make a tag for it because i did not see it coming At All???

and thank you??? all of you???? aaaaa ;-;

and what’s going on with the facial animation in the mea footage? it’s downright horrible :/ I’m not up to date with the mea stuff so I’m not sure how finished the game is supposed to be but I sure hope they improve on that because that dialogue scene looked like it was from a game made five or more years ago, just with nicer graphics

Aaaaaaaa!!! I’m Sorry for being so inactive and keep disappearing all the time guys! 

I was… well, not doing so much well and….some…. stuffhappened-lol NeverDerpingMind I am fine now ok? ok. ;)

I actually did check tumblr on my phone, but this tumblr app was so soooo awful! It did not load for the love of God and after a hundred years of waiting for something to load I couldn’t like it or…, it just came back like I did nothing. 

And right now I just finally got to use my pc, so I’ll start checking over again.

Thanks for tolerating me! I’ll tryyyy to draw something this in week or the next one, I hope. But in case I didn’t, I’ll just update with some old phone doodles? whyamilikethis?

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moaye my dudes your favourite trash is back to thank you all for your support for my trashy ass up10tion blog that i am rarely active on : ‘ )

i recently hit my first thousand followers and !!! i am so grateful and thankful and i’m really shook y’know. thank you all for following me, liking my blog, my creations and i hope you enjoy my lame ass animation including my loveliest bb at the corner. want to thank you all again bc y’all are amazing and deserve to be happy and just kick me i am emo. 

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I’m totally late to everything, but Happy Korrasami Anniversary, Happy Holidays and Happy New Years!!

I’m eternally grateful for all of the amazing people in my life <3 I wish all of my followers a wonderful 2016!! Thanks for sticking around even tho I don’t post much!

Naruto Character Survey

Ok so I was reading the Naruto Manga like normal and in this volume: (55)

I find the character survey at the very back of the volume:

And so I was looking through the character survey… Naruto in first place that makes sense. Then Sasuke, Kakashi, Gaara, Itachi, Deidara (WHAT?!?!), The Fourth Hokage, Sasori, Shikamaru, and then Hinata for 10th.

Then I kept looking through all the rest of the names…

then I stumbled upon this name:

He put himself in the fucking character survey!

Then I found this at the very end…

His head gear tied for 76th place.

And this is why Kishimoto-sensei is awesome…