Ezarel and the hug (pt.3)

And the last part! A few days later ~

In the meantime, a conversation “between men” happens…

Nevra: Now that I think about it, you never told us what made you so angry the other day.

Ezarel: When?

Valkyon: When we returned from the mission. Did Lein haul you over the coals?

Ezarel: No, it’s the other idiot! Meekashah…

Nevra: What did she do now? She dared to exist?

Ezarel: Tsss. I was heading for the HQ to inform Miiko of your arrival and this idiot, she…

Nevra: She said hello to you? What an odious person!

Ezarel: She throwed herself into my arms. She thinks we looked after the monchons together or what? // We haven’t looked after the monchons together as far as I know! (* The sentence didn’t have any meaning in french?! It looked like two sentences mixed up… So I translated those two sentences…?  Perhaps a part of the sentence is lacking, or more precisely hiding behind Ezarel? It’s strange, this “s” alone at the next line… *)

Nevra: It’s not a big deal, one day you’ll have to accept that others have the right to touch you too… It’s not one-sided.

Ezarel: I don’t care! She shouldn’t have throwed herself on me like that…

Valkyon: You can’t control everything.

Ezarel: …

Valkyon: Ez.

Nevra: In fact, you liked it, that’s it?

Ezarel: Well, I…

The boys came back a few moments later and Ezarel looked embarrassed. I didn’t know what they had told each other but I was under the clear impression that it concerned me directly…


Well first: god THANK YOU Nevra and Valkyon, you two are the best. Yes he has to accept that he can’t control everything and that it can’t be one-sided and that it’s not a big deal and YES THANK YOU.

Second: He. Liked. It. He DEFINITELY did. He was embarrassed. YAS.

Third: Okay I really want to know what is the relationship between Ez and Ewe. I had been worried back when I played Episode 7, she had mentioned she had been talking to Ezarel and I had had a bug, a line of dialogue didn’t appear so I didn’t know who Ykhar said “I see what he likes in you” to and who was “he”. So yeah. I was worried. But people were saying that she liked Valkyon so I forgot it…

And now this episode is making me worry again. First at one point in a dialogue with Karenn, my gardienne said Ezarel and Ewelein didn’t look close, and Karenn answered with “You’ll see then!”. Now Valkyon asks if Ewe reprimanded Ez, which means he’s probably the “moron” that made her angry for not warning her at the beginning of the episode. But warning her of what? And why should have he warned her?

I have too much questions. Sigh.

Fourth: I’m gonna end on a positive note; I LOVE the idea of this conversation between the boys. We get to see how they interact together again (I love how Nevra teases and makes fun of Ezarel it made me smile), and it shows that they trust each other and are close and I think that’s great. Overall going out together was a really good idea, I appreciated a lot the moment, even when Karenn and Alajéa joined them, it felt natural and convivial and yep. This bit was really good.

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I hope its not too much but if you could do a scenario where hakuryuu hits on judar's s/o without knowing that she's his s/o?

Ren Hakuryuu

Hakuryuu was terrible at flirting. But, to be fair, he didn’t often put himself out there. His voice shook. His pick-up line was clumsy. His eyes were plastered to the ground in front of his feet. 

It was almost needless to say, but his attempt failed terribly. But, to be fair, they were already involved with someone. And, to be fair, they kept the relationship under wraps. Hakuryuu couldn’t have known that, but, Judar wasn’t fair.

Hakuryuu would never hear the end of it. Judar wouldn’t let him. Judar couldn’t decide what he liked better, critiquing Hakuryuu’s flirting techniques, or warning anyone in earshot of his homewrecker ways. Hakuryuu’s cheeks were perpetually flushed with embarrassment, rarely getting a few moment from Judar’s torments. 

Getting little respite, Hakuryuu increasingly considered shutting up Judar in a more…permanent fashion, just for a little peace and quite. Of course he would never do that but the though comforted him. And hey, they his s/o would be available….

True story about why Lena-Sophia Nobbe was named Railway Worker of the Year:

She was checking tickets on a train, when an older guy was getting angry and declared he wouldn’t want to sit next to vermin (next to him was a family of Syrian refugees). She said that she understands and thinks this is really unacceptable… for them and moved them to first class. x

It was one in the morning, and Eggsy was tired, sore, and hungry (and maybe more than a little bit drunk, but he had good reason. Harry being gone seemed to always be his reason, as of late. Roxy said it was becoming a problem; Merlin gave him quiet glances and invited himself over periodically, but never babied him). So in all fairness, he originally thought he had been hallucinating the spirit in his kitchen - well, technically, it was Harry’s kitchen.

“So hauntings are a thing we’re doing now, yeah?” He slurred, and the figure sitting at his kitchen table shot him a pained look as he opened the fridge to dig around for leftovers that his stomach wouldn’t reject come daylight. “Because, last time I checked, you were very much dead. People generally don’t survive shite like that.”

Thinking that it wouldn’t matter whether or not sober him would thank him later, Eggsy popped two slices of pizza into the microwave, and then sat down heavily in the chair opposite the supposed apparition. He studied the man about as well as he could, given his current state. He hadn’t really changed much; a new suit, hair still perfectly styled, same kind eyes. A little bit worse for wear, given the circumstances, a crackling scar spiderwebbing its way from brow to hairline, the left eye slightly more milky than it had been just over a year ago. Nothing his messed up head wouldn’t be able to imagine, all things considered.

“We mourned, you know. All of us. In different ways. Rox cried her eyes out, o'course. Took us months to get Merlin out of his damn cave, poor man was working himself to death.” Retrieving his pizza from the microwave, Eggsy sat down again, scrubbed a hand down his face, then began picking at it listlessly. “And, then, you know, there’s this mess. Saw what happened, at the church. Couldn’t stand the way we had left things, so I hacked your laptop and watched the footage, told myself I was just making sure we’d get that conversation. See how well that turned out - I’m sitting up at one in the bloody morning talking to the ghost of a dead man.” The man across from him seemed to reach for him, and then stutter and pull his hand back, unsure of how really to proceed, and his frown deepened.

“Guess I’d better say what I got to now, though, since you’ll probably be gone by the time the sun comes up, and I can tell myself that I dreamed you.” Eggsy pushed the half-finished plate away from him, feeling sick. “I never really thanked you properly, for springing me from Holborn. I know I called in the number, so technically you had to, but you didn’t have to bring me into Kingsman after. Didn’t have to believe in me, didn’t have to do any of the things that you did.” Pausing, Eggsy swallowed thickly and tried to work around the tears that were threatening to spill. “You know I sat with you while you were in a coma? After the whole Doctor Arnold fiasco. You and your bloody fucking comas, I swear. Gaius was real good about it though, even told me some of the stories that got you stuck in there. Got to know plenty of other agents who dropped by while I was there, sat with me a while and told me stuff bout when you were younger or missions they had worked with you on. Started to feel like I knew you, yeah? Guess that’s when I felt the switch, I s'pose. Rox told me later, after you died, that it was because I was stupid in love with you. Didn’t believe her, least at first. Got me thinking though. We’d go out, and I couldn’t even muster up any sort of emotion for anyone, so you could say that it’s been pretty lonely. So I guess I am - will be forever, probably. God, I feel so fucking stupid, spewing my guts to someone I’m imagining.” Picking up his discarded plate and throwing the slices back in the box, Eggsy put his plate in the sink and gripped the edge so hard his knuckles turned white.

He didn’t want to believe it was real. He had just started to get better, to start coping with the gaping hole in his chest that no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t sew shut. He grit his teeth as the first of his tears plunked dully into the basin of the sink, and his shoulders shook.

Goddamn you, Hart. I’ve been trying to let you go. Learned real early on that no amount of hoping could bring anyone back to you - didn’t work with my dad and it sure as fuck didn’t work with you. I just wanted - I just wanted you to be there. I’m such a fucking idiot, for thinking that it would work. That someone like me could have that.” His tears were falling more heavily now, and the water clouded his vision. “Could have someone like you.” He choked out quietly.

A warm hand on his shoulder gently turned him away from the sink while another peeled his fingers out of their vice-grip. Eggsy went willingly, too far gone to put up much of a fight, and his clouded mind told him that he was safe. He buried his nose into the figure’s collarbone even as two strong arms wrapped around him, and when he took a deep breath he was assaulted by the smell of sandalwood and gunpowder and earl grey and underneath something that he had always associated with Harry, but could never put a name to. He dropped like a rock, pulling himself and the other man to the floor where they collapsed into a tangled heap, and he clutched at the shoulders of whoever was holding him and sobbed.

“I miss you. I know this isn’t real, that it’s all in my head, but I wanted you to know. Maybe if I believe it hard enough, wherever your soul went, you’ll hear it.” They stayed like that until morning, Eggsy’s exhausted body finally dragging him under.

Waking abruptly to the sound of a mug shattering on the tile floor, Eggsy tried to take stock of his surroundings. He was aching from sitting on the floor all night, he was much too warm, still exhausted, and the hole in his chest seemed raw and frayed at the edges.

“Fuck you, you stupid fucking piece of shit.” The familiar Scottish brogue shook the last of the fog from his brain, and he picked up on the smell from last night. “Go to hell.”

“Trust me, the last year has been nothing short of it.” Pulling away from his apparently very solid sleeping partner, Eggsy flailed wildly for something to say. That was real, that had happened.

“You magnificent bastard.” Eggsy grabbed his face abruptly and kissed him hard on the mouth, the older man too shocked to do much of anything. As quickly as it had started he pulled away, flushing high on his cheeks when he realized that his long-winded confession had not, in fact, been to a figment of his imagination, and that the object of his affections was no longer dead, and that he had just kissed him. “Shite, um..” He tried to move off the man’s lap (a position he did not remember falling into last night, thanks very much), when the arms resting gently around his waist snaked around his back and tugged him forward, his head resting on the man’s shoulder. A kiss was pressed to the side of his head, and the shaking he hadn’t noticed his body was producing stilled.

“Adrien, it’s okay,” she murmured, her grip drifting up from his arm to wrap around his back. She held him, her head leaning on his shoulder. “I’m here. And I’m not going anywhere, I promise.”

Even if he did just sit on her couch with ugly tears dribbling down his cheeks. Part of him wished she wasn’t there. He was accustomed to dealing with these sorts of things alone—to fighting by himself. But a small, growing seed in his chest was thankful she was there. That her warmth spiraled around him so thickly and held him up. He was used to standing all on his own, and, to be honest, didn’t want to need her help to do that. But she was offering it, was acting on it, and he didn’t have the energy to fight her.

Rather, he closed his eyes and focused on her arms around him, and the weight of her head. How her small body lined his and, somehow, reminded him that he wasn’t alone.

She really was there, and that was something he hadn’t had in a long time.

She made breathing easier, made finding his control more direct and less floundering. He was crying, sure, but he wasn’t breaking. As she held him, so to did she hold the pieces together, until he could reorganize them into something stable. Until he could breathe without shaking and finally quell the tears.

Swallowing, he wiped what remained of the salty wetness from his cheeks, sitting back in the same moment. He didn’t look at her—was afraid of what he’d find in her expression—and instead focused on the television.

Her grip drifted down, until she was wrapping her arms around his, head still leaning on his shoulder.

She didn’t say anything more. He was grateful for that.

He got through another episode and a half, only half paying attention, before he realized it. That she’d fallen asleep. Still nestled against his shoulder, she breathed easy, holding his arm even as she dreamed.

Like she refused to let him go.

Smiling just a bit, despite how his cheeks felt stiff, Adrien watched her for a second longer before ultimately deciding that he didn’t dare disturb her. Gently, he laid his own head on hers, finally relaxing as he closed his eyes—more tranquil than he had been in over a week.

“Thank you,” he whispered, despite her inability to hear.

—  @skaylanphear, Serendipitous Fate

“You better be, I just…I just…*sniff*”

“Are…are you crying?”

*gross sobbing* “I’m not crying, you’re crying!!”

“H-Hey…I really didn’t mind being called Ephemera.”

“It’s not that…I waited…I waited ALL day for you…but you never came. You never came.”

“H-Hey, it’s okay now…please stop crying, everything is going to be okay now. I promise!!”

“I’m trying, but the tears won’t stop!!”


Ahh, the downsides of growing up sensitive or rather, having ADHD (because apparently, ADHD makes emotions much more intense, which explains a fucking lot about my childhood). Once you start crying, it’s so damn difficult to stop and poor Ephemer has to deal with it for probably the next ten minutes.

I don’t envy you, man. If it makes you feel any better, it’s because Noa cares a LOT about you.

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just dropping by to say how much I appreciate and admire your ability to love things while remaining critical (like with HOO). I think we should all aspire to approach things we adore a little more like you :)

What an amazing thing to say, thank you so much!!! I worry all the time sometimes that I’m alienating people or giving them the wrong impression when I just insult HoO constantly; I’m not trying to be a killjoy and I truly do love the PJO world. I promise that if I didn’t love it as much as I do, and if I didn’t recognise all the good already in it, I wouldn’t put so much effort into pushing it to be the best it can be. 

I’m totally late to everything, but Happy Korrasami Anniversary, Happy Holidays and Happy New Years!!

I’m eternally grateful for all of the amazing people in my life <3 I wish all of my followers a wonderful 2016!! Thanks for sticking around even tho I don’t post much!

Naruto Character Survey

Ok so I was reading the Naruto Manga like normal and in this volume: (55)

I find the character survey at the very back of the volume:

And so I was looking through the character survey… Naruto in first place that makes sense. Then Sasuke, Kakashi, Gaara, Itachi, Deidara (WHAT?!?!), The Fourth Hokage, Sasori, Shikamaru, and then Hinata for 10th.

Then I kept looking through all the rest of the names…

then I stumbled upon this name:

He put himself in the fucking character survey!

Then I found this at the very end…

His head gear tied for 76th place.

And this is why Kishimoto-sensei is awesome…