“I’m afraid of flying.” Makoto admits. Haruka blinks at him, expression no more animated than usual. His friend trips over his own clumsy wording. “I-I mean, I’m afraid of flying in a plane… Of course people can’t fly on their own.”


The question itself seemed simple enough, but it made his best friend’s eyebrows crease together in serious thought. Haruka asks him again. “Is it because of that?”

The brunet flinches, as if his words had grown thorns. They don’t speak about that. It’s unsettling for the both of them, but more for Makoto than Haruka. Living near an airport makes the stories all the more hard hitting. All the people who had sent their loved ones off with hugs and kisses, only to wait forever at the arrivals gate for people who won’t come back…

“Haru wants to be a pilot, right?” Makoto says after a long silence, his green eyes gazing far off into distance, “I know I promised to do it with you, but I—”

He shrinks away from whatever he wanted to say. He shakes his head. Makoto settles for apologising even as he is blinking rapidly to wish the tears away from his eyes.

A plane roars past above them. The seagulls ride the incoming sea wind, unperturbed. The ocean’s lapping waves fill in the gaps of their conversation.

Makoto sniffs and lets out a shaky laugh, tears trickling down his cheeks. Even now, the taller boy is smiling. Haruka doesn’t like seeing his best friend cry, and the ease with which he puts on that gentle expression makes Haruka’s heart thud all the more unhappily in his chest.

He wants to tell Makoto that none of it matters, that he’s still his best friend even if he’s afraid of flying. He wants to tell him that there are other ways of experiencing the joys of being amongst the clouds with the sun bright in his eyes. He wants to tell him that he doesn’t have to be a pilot. That he doesn’t have to be in the business at all, period, if he doesn’t want to.

The brunet laughs. "Don’t look as if you should be the one crying, Haru.“

Haruka holds back from voicing all that though, incapable of putting so many thoughts and feelings into strings of coherent words.

"Don’t worry." His friend dries his tears on the back of his hands. Haruka has had his mind read again. He relaxes and exhales, just as Makoto inhales. "I won’t leave you. Just because I can’t go with you, doesn’t mean I won’t be here when you come back.”

The older of the two boys huffs and mutters, “I never worried.”

And it was true. Haruka could always count on Makoto being one step behind him. Even when they lost each other, he knows that Makoto would be right where he last saw him - mildly panicking, but there nonetheless.


For the developments during the night of Thermidor 8-9 (July 26-27, 1794) the sources are fragmentary and largely undependable, but it is possible to reconstruct an outline of the events. The populace of Paris was in a restless mood, partly as result of the unusual heat, the temperature for days having stood abnormally high even in the early morning. Robespierre, whose energies were unimpaired, hastened in the evening to the Jacobin Club, where he re-read the discourse which the Convention had heard that afternoon. The enthusiastic reception accorded it by the Society restored his faith in his oratory. Billaud-Varennes and Collot d'Herbois, who also attended the meeting, attempted to reply to his veiled charges, but they were hooted down and left the Club pursued by threats. WIthout loss of time they sought the Pavillion de Flore.

There they found Carnot, Barère and Prieur (de la Côte-d'Or), discussing the situation in low voices. Saint-Just, who was also present, had been engaged since eight o'clock drafting a speech which he planned to read to the Convention the following morning. His colleagues, knowing the close understanding which existed between him and Robespierre, were apprehensive regarding the contents of his discourse, but they hesitated to question him. At one o'clock, however, the quiet of the committee room was broken by the agitated entrance of Collot and Billaud, still shaken by the turn events had taken at the Jacobin Club, and Saint-Just glanced up from his writing.

‘What’s new at the Jacobins’, Collot?’ he called across the room in a casual voice. The calm indifference of the query turned Collot’s fear to sudden anger. 'He saw how deeply I was agitated,’ he admitted afterwards, 'and he was marble.’ Striding swiftly forward he seized Saint-Just by the arm, determined to know the worst, and peered hurriedly at the closely written pages that littered the table.

'You are drawing up our act of accusation!’ Saint-Just attempted to shuffle together the sheets of the report, but Collot persisted. 'You can’t fool us! That is our indictment!’ There was a moment’s pause, and then Saint-Just rose coolly to his feet.

'Well, yes, you are not altogether wrong, Collot,’ he admitted. 'I am drawing up your accusation.’ then, turning upon Carnot with calm arrogance, he added, 'You are not forgotten either, and you find that I have treated you in a masterly fashion.’
—  From Geoffrey Bruun's Saint-Just: Apostle of the Terror (1966) pg. 130. The source Bruun credits for this description of the incident is: L.H. Carnot, Mémoires sur Carnot, pp. 532-34, quotes a memoir of Prieur (de la Côte-d'Or) describing this dispute. 
My thoughts.

Okay, so about this whole Colby thing. I say Colby thing because this has to do with the real life man. Not the character of Seth. Anyway, I do believe that when Leighla found out about Colby cheating on her, she in turn hacked his social media accounts and posted the nudes of the NXT talent. I’m sorry I do not know her name. Then, adding to the mess that was already created, Leighla posted Colby’s nudes on her social media account(s). Now what I will say since I believe that she hacked Colby’s accounts, is that I feel very bad for him and the NXT talent involved. I feel bad for them because yes, even if Colby may have cheated on Leighla with said NXT talent, neither one of them deserve their nudes leaked on social media. Such things are meant to remain private between lovers. I am not in any way condoning cheating on anyone’s part. However I am saying that posting nudes in turn was very low and very childish. If it was Leighla that posted the NXT talent’s nudes in the first place then, I am sorry but she has the mind of a teenager. Even if she didn’t post the nudes of the other girl, she acted as a child in posting Colby’s in return.

My hopes are that neither Colby or the woman from NXT’s careers will be too damaged by this. My hopes are that the two or three parties can find a way to quietly work things out. I’m also hoping that the WWE takes care of it in a quiet manner that will not ruin either talent’s career.

Anyway, these are just my personal thoughts and opinions on the subject. If you don’t agree I am sorry if I offended you.


So, I just discovered that the youtube link I posted to Tao’s album is useless now, because once again SM has had the videos deleted. -.-

Anyways, you can listen to it HERE if you haven’t already.

And just for convenience purposes, HERE is the MV.

…if I’m this mad, I can only imagine how annoyed Tao is right now.

We love you Alfie!

Wow! There is so much drama going on right now for absolutely no reason. I really don’t want to get into all of it, but I just wanted to say that Alfie, if by any chance you are reading this, just remember that you have so many people that love you and support you. Ignore the haters and all of the people that make assumptions and think they know everything, beacuse they DO NOT matter. You have a loving family, a great group of friends, a beautiful gf, and over 1.75 million people that are subscribed to YOUR channel beacuse they love watching the videos that YOU make. You put a smile on all of our faces on a daily basis, and I really hope that reading this post will put a smile on yours too <3