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june 13th 2014 - how to train your dragon 2 is released in theaters {x

This… is Berk. A bit trampled and busted and covered in ice, but it’s home. It’s our home. Those who attacked us are relentless and crazy. But those who stopped them? Oh, even more so! We may be small in numbers, but we stand for something bigger than anything the world can pit against us. We are the voice of peace. And bit by bit, we will change this world. You see, we have something they don’t. Oh sure, they have armies and they have armadas… But we… We have… OUR DRAGONS!


Maybe next time Jeonghan (*´▽`*)


wonwoo: *introduces himself*
seungkwan: since we’re one year old, please do it more cutely (like a baby)
wonwoo: …