nh, i’m never gonna finish it, so here were the re-redone neps with added gf rezis bloodswap– sorry i couldn’t get a nice sheet of them all done! if you wanna see, like, a design colored and lined, just shoot me an ask?? yeah 

there’s a lil bit of info about lusii+weapons+what-not down below too if you wanna see!

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aaa thanks for 3000+ followers! i just want to say thank you because im surprised people actually like my content?? wow. i mean im a big loser honestly but uh yeah im really happy you guys really like flowey and my posts and ghdjfjdjjsfjs im so bad with thank yous aa i think u get the idea.

Switchfoot Queue Tags

Just in case any of you guys were needing some new queue tags, I came up with a few

  • queue Shirley
  • say like queue mean it
  • chad is funnier than queue
  • queue way to be human
  • fading west with queue
  • we are one queuenight
  • do queue love me enough to let me go
  • are queue who you wanna be
  • its not in me its in queue
  • dare queue to move
  • is this the world queue want
  • grow where queue are
  • queue are golden child