alksdmfl look at these babes oholy jafoisdf

hiroomi is rlly frickin hot? wtf and ai’s bedroom eyes????? she’s so cute why is this happening and MITSUKI AND MIRAI BEING RIDICULOUSLY ADORABLE????



nh, i’m never gonna finish it, so here were the re-redone neps with added gf rezis bloodswap– sorry i couldn’t get a nice sheet of them all done! if you wanna see, like, a design colored and lined, just shoot me an ask?? yeah 

there’s a lil bit of info about lusii+weapons+what-not down below too if you wanna see!

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Switchfoot Queue Tags

Just in case any of you guys were needing some new queue tags, I came up with a few

  • queue Shirley
  • say like queue mean it
  • chad is funnier than queue
  • queue way to be human
  • fading west with queue
  • we are one queuenight
  • do queue love me enough to let me go
  • are queue who you wanna be
  • its not in me its in queue
  • dare queue to move
  • is this the world queue want
  • grow where queue are
  • queue are golden child

two dorks who should probably read that book

i 179% blame aureateparalian for this picture cause she suggested Will in glasses. (srs tho thank you for the cute prompt like W O W)<3