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I'm wondering if you have found where Taehyung purchased his grey turtleneck from the Bon Voyage series :) I haven't been able to find it. Thank you so much for all the work you do, I love looking at the finds and am hoping to buy some soon!

im 80% sure he’s wearing this one right here from a brand called NUHABIT. but since im not completely sure i still havent made a post about it :’)
!!!!!!!!! wow i was actually interested in knowing if any of my followers have been able  to buy anything thanks to the finds so this makes me extremely happy! thank you!


he may not be my real brother but he’s always been there. every memory i have, there’s jasper.

fifth harmony: *performs at a pride event*

me: *draws fifth harmony in a pride parade*


Who am I…

Who am I…


“I will make you a promise. Every year, Tessa, on one day, I will meet you on that bridge. I will come from the Silent City and I will meet you, and we will be together, if only for an hour. But you must tell no one.”

An hour every year,” Tessa whispered. “It is not much.” She recollected herself then, and took a deep breath. “But you will live. You will live. That is what is important. I will not be visiting your grave.”

you know what!!!! four was so slept on it has hit after hit after hit and didn’t even get the recognition it deserves… clouds? break up bop! fools gold? best sad song of our generation. 18? the purest love song ever. fireproof? they really did that. no control? was so good we forced it to be a single. i could go on forever that album never got the 16 grammys

where the love light gleams

louis has spent exactly sixteen christmases with harry. he’s been in love with him for exactly ten. 

ft. stupid, silly boys who don’t know they’re in love, an ot5 sleepover, and christmas eve with the tomlinson-deakins

some really good boy group songs that never got #1 but should have: