some fukin 40 yr old trying to write a relatable dialogue between teenagers:
boy: idk man it’s just that….when i see her my heart does the nae nae you kno…. *looks at floor embarrassed while running fingers through hair*
boy # 2: haha Josh wow are you saying that you’re in LOVE haha like you have FEELINGS
boy # 1: haha ofc not man i’ll see you at the party tonight
*they dab in unision before parting ways, the first boy’s dab somewhat doubtful and solemn*

Quotes I've Said While Reading Fics PT. 3

*reads sentence* *locks screen of phone* *deep breath* *whispers* “you’re in love with him.”

“Wow, and I thought I was an idiot.”

*Halfway through a fic* “Nope. I don’t like where this is going. I’m not gonna read it.”

“What the fuck.”

“Can that even fit up a person’s ass?”

“Okay, fuck you, highschool is NOT like this.”

“Awwwwwwwww.” *Sniff* “I’m so lonely. Haha.”

“Wow. I feel embarrassed for you. And this is fiction for fiction.”

*Singing* “Fuck this shit I’m out. Alright then. I don’t really care, Imma get the fuck up out of here.”

*Singing again* “That’s a humAN PERSOOON.”

“I could be outdoors. Getting a tan, enjoying the sun. I’m reading gay fucking cliche romance shit. Why.”

“Wow this fic has a large word count. It’s above 96,000. Damn. 96,000. Dollas? Holla-”

“I’ve read this fic. The ending does not change. It’s still sad…. But, maybe if I read it again- No! Stop.”

  • Me: Gal Gadot served in the Israeli military, and while it’s understandable that she did since Israel implements conscription for those above 18, it doesn’t excuse her relentless support for the idf which has been key to the Zionist occupation of Palestine. White Liberal Feminism continues to endorse her despite her support for Palestinian genocide since this brand of feminism has never aimed to promote critical thought regarding the struggles of Middle Eastern Women anyway, and also because of America's own blatant pro-Israel Rhetoric. We, as in Muslim WoC and Jewish WoC, need to realise that we can't treat this as some intractable feud that stems from either Islamophobia or Anti-Semitism; we are both targeted minorities, but Zionist rhetoric that aims to secure Jewish People a "safe haven" through the Ethnic Cleansing of another demographic is not a safe haven at all and all support for this terrorism must be opposed and questioned.
  • This Blue Fucking Hellsite: Haha wow just say you hate jewish people sweaty :)))))))

i learned to bite back without getting blood on my mouth. to swing hard without breaking my fist. to set fires without burning up my own clothes.

sophomore year suicide but not really. part of me died and the other part wanted to. it’s not just an exaggeration it’s the scars under my skin. the ones on the outside that scabbed and healed over. the kids who thought rumors weren’t time bombs in rose gardens. like this is recess gossip not locker room isolation.

so I hit back. became the better bitch in most ways and grew thick skin. i don’t even feel the sting anymore. nothing can touch me so nothing can love me so nothing can fucking leave me.

forget safety in numbers. there’s only ever been safety in being alone.

—  remember it all? the way they wouldn’t even look at you?– lily rain

i think it’s fuckin hilarious that Rin sleeps with his eyes open :’D

Bon doesn’t find it as hilarious

also!! i love to think that Rin somtimes sleeps in weird positions uwu

not knowing you had dissociative identity disorder is

  • “Man it’s so embarrassing i’ve had this imaginary friend for so long.”
  • getting scared because you ‘woke up’ in a place you had no recollection of getting to
  • “I think i’m straight” “No wait i’m bi” “No i’m gay” “Maybe I’m transgender?”
  • “I hope today is the day I act more social!” / “I hope today I’m magically smarter like other times!”
  • “haha wow I’ve been daydreaming a lot about me interacting with my OC’s”
  • feeling The Switch™ happening and being like “What the fuck”
  • headaches 
  • so many headaches
  • to-do lists ranging from grocery shopping to brushing your teeth

feel free to add more

  • Normal people @ Mineta: haha oh wow get a load of this fucking loser
  • You overdramatic gremlins on this hellsite: This comic relief character was responsible for the death of my family and I will not rest until he is brought to justice or brutally murdered, whichever comes first.

We Fall Again // Mob Psycho 100 

I’ve been feeling REALLY weird these days which led me to make this mess. Uhhhhhh enjoy?

the way to cure a vaper is to watch them vape and then go “wow that looked cool haha. it looked like you blew a cloud out of your mouth!”

theyll say “i know right? :)” and then never vape again because the curse is lifted.