Reasons why I'm wearing my makeup to bed tonight

•in case my house burns down and the hot fire fighter comes
•to either scare or stun a Bulger with my beauty/ugliness
•if I have to flee the country I’ll have the “messy but somewhat pretty” look or “she’s so hung over” look (hoping its the 1st one)
•to Snapchat in the morning how wearing makeup to bed is a bad idea
•to see the awesome face print it’ll leave on my pillow
•if I wake up to a camera crew in my room
•so I can say “I woke up like this”
•to laugh at myself
•this is like good reasons then bad idk where this is going
•in case a hot guy randomly comes to my house super early in the morn. And brings me coffee and donuts
•if a spy comes and is all like “welcome to the CIA or some shit”
•if I die in my sleep I already look fab and won’t have someone mess my “look” up
•if it starts raining men
•because I’m too damn lazy to take it off

I need to think about newsies less because akb has made an appearance in like 4 of my dreams and it’s kind of concerning goodnight let’s see what happens tonight

lovely-anon-for-you asked:

Um ok wow, I just really admire your art and your writing and I wanted to ask if you would read a piece of my writing and tell me how I can improve? Just yeah, but I'll send it if you say yes. Just wow have a great day/night/evening, you're the best bye

I don’t know if I can be of any help, but plz feel free to send me. I love you. Thank you *proceeds to hide under blankets and cry forever* ily <3

isdailic asked:

You're quite beautiful. Your freckles and eyes, as well as everything else, is stunning. I wish you a great night ;)

wow, thank you very very much!! you have a great night too!