sketches of some of my WoW dorks from the Moonguard rp server, from some couple years back. i don’t play anymore but, I owe these guys a lot for helping develop future characters and have a thing for story development

left to right from top to bot. Kadarak, hunter chick with an attitude. gets gag-reflexes whenever she deals with pro-horde folk. she’s not above curb-stomping other’s self-esteems and punching them in the face if that doesn’t work. (hello proto-bree) 

Maure, the broken draenei with courage issues and his kiddie sidekick, Lato (the argent squire pet i wound up roleplaying with most-sob) arguably Pint’s precursor, (the two of them merged) 

Ratcher, a gruff goblin who likes bikes and has a nasty smoker grin. my attempt at playing GTA-themed…things. 

Haloke, fel druid cow. She’s not quite the sanest being around, though very efficient at making sure things die.  she’s as likely to call you friend as she is to go deranged and make turnips grow out of your eyesockets. also, yes, those are cordycep antlers. 

Wicktor, smarmy and bony gilnean medic, also a deacon. Proclaims he’s got an affinity with the Light, but can’t even spark up a minor healing spell. something of a racist self-righteous prick, with most best intentions in mind. also in absolute denial that he’s got the worgen curse and dosages himself in a bunch of drugs to keep himself from going furry. in the long run he inspired Rox, minus the monster part (she still deals with shapeshifting maneaters though) 

WIELDING.  Okay friends I need your help! ( I’ve been debating
                    on this for week s now & literally cannot decide )

                    Should I change my url?? I feel like it’s about that
                    time for a change idk. I only got ONE url in mind 
                    because wow all the Sora urls are either hoarded/
                    used by inactive blogs or non-rp blogs.

                    But the only thing I have in mind rn is vvielded 

                    ( play off of wielded obviously because ALL OTHER

                    idk i think it’s kinda cute in a weird cheesy sora
                    kinda way??? What do you think??? !

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warning: never request fics. will not write.

friend i am sorry if you sent me a request and I didn’t answer

but I am a premed major at a very good school and i am in finals hell. and I have a bunch of prompts here that i haven’t answered yet because i want to give them the time and love they deserve

i answer little compliments and other asks because they don’t take up much time and i’m sorry if you’re offended but i want to reply to prompts well and also not fail out of school so please have patience.

Wow I bummed so many cigarettes tonight And I get home and I find one how crazy is that love it

Aaaand with Jeankuri obviously not wanting to leave my mind, I’m going to bed. Translation: I’m going to close my laptop, lay down, pick up my phone, check for notifications, and then stare at the ceiling and daydream about fictional characters until I fall asleep.

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Why do you have to have a girlfriend?? Date me instead! What's so special about her? I'm so bummed out

Wow, don’t. I have millions of little different reasons as to why she’s so special, I’d be here all day if I tried to list every one of them. She’s got a heart of gold, she treats me better than anyone I’ve ever been with has before and she’s without doubt the most stunning human I’ve ever laid my eyes on. I wouldn’t trade her for the world.

Like, wow, I was really bummed out when Tim Burton was announced as the director, but I was cool with Jane Goldman screenwriting and then I freaked when they said they wanted Eva Green to play Ms. Peregrine, but holy shit that cast list. Rupert fucking Everett and Chris O'Dowd? And Dame Judi? YES, GOD.


im going to pretend nia tagged me in this because she should have. my favourite topic is me


1. Song:

ive been listening to modern vampires in the city loads recently bc wow what anal bum. remember when susan boyle created #susanalbumparty. anal bum party. 

i like unbelievers 

2. Movies:

i watched 12 angry men pretty recently and like holy shit. the way it makes you feel so restrained and like sweaty and gross and trapped. its cool and u get really Sucked In idk i think it was ahead of its time

3. Shows:

well my mum likes to watch itv dinner date with the sound on mute and judge all the women based off of how they dress so like not that. what else is even on. like just any documentary on netflix about the ocean

4. People:

i jsut started watching marydoodles on youtube she makes rthe coolest art videos and im jsut in love with her everything

5. Foods:

i had welsh rarebit today. offensive name but delicious lunch

hm ok i tag narshasism aaaaand fall-out-boy and queerrrr and assburgerskitcat  and eyah jsut anyone who wants to do this

wow really bummed that Ray is leaving AH apparently like….why…..he was funny……

Wow I have been sick and non existent on this site for weeks so lemme update everyone with a grainy dorm-saturated photographic representation on my personal feelings over looking very attractive tonight and not seeing BOY at the party I went to