sketches of some of my WoW dorks from the Moonguard rp server, from some couple years back. i don’t play anymore but, I owe these guys a lot for helping develop future characters and have a thing for story development

left to right from top to bot. Kadarak, hunter chick with an attitude. gets gag-reflexes whenever she deals with pro-horde folk. she’s not above curb-stomping other’s self-esteems and punching them in the face if that doesn’t work. (hello proto-bree) 

Maure, the broken draenei with courage issues and his kiddie sidekick, Lato (the argent squire pet i wound up roleplaying with most-sob) arguably Pint’s precursor, (the two of them merged) 

Ratcher, a gruff goblin who likes bikes and has a nasty smoker grin. my attempt at playing GTA-themed…things. 

Haloke, fel druid cow. She’s not quite the sanest being around, though very efficient at making sure things die.  she’s as likely to call you friend as she is to go deranged and make turnips grow out of your eyesockets. also, yes, those are cordycep antlers. 

Wicktor, smarmy and bony gilnean medic, also a deacon. Proclaims he’s got an affinity with the Light, but can’t even spark up a minor healing spell. something of a racist self-righteous prick, with most best intentions in mind. also in absolute denial that he’s got the worgen curse and dosages himself in a bunch of drugs to keep himself from going furry. in the long run he inspired Rox, minus the monster part (she still deals with shapeshifting maneaters though) 

You Should Tell Me About Yourselves

I was tagged by the incredible star-spangled-bum who is super lovely, and while she tagged people, I won’t. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to know about you guys, so I’m putting a list of questions in the read more that need answering, if anyone wants to!

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starlitdaydreaming asked:

October 13th 😘

Yaaaas best month! 

October - what is your favorite movie?

Wow, bummed this is not a Halloween related question??? Anyway, I have a hard time answering this because I do enjoy a lot of movies but my go-to answer is Clueless because that movie is everything

13 - favorite subject in school?

In high school it was a tie between English and Psychology.
In college it’s a tie between Psychology and my Writing classes. I also love human and social biology though, that was one of my favorite classes. 

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excuse me sir we foudn this ass washe dup on the beach thsi morning. its all soggy and gross but it fits the descriptin you posted yesterday for a lost ass report. take it. we'll just throw it out if you dont. leave that bum for the bums.

oh wow! there it is. ive been looking for it

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“I can’t live without you!”

His initial reaction to her words? S H O C K .

Closely followed, of course, by regret. She claimed she couldn’t live without him, but he knew damn well it’d be tough living with him as well. He was volatile. A time-bomb that was slowly, slowly ticking away, bringing him closer and closer to a fate he couldn’t fight. He shouldn’t have come back. He’d known, even as he’d written that accursed letter he shouldn’t come back. Returning had been such a
selfish move. 

 And yet, here he was, standing just a few feet from the person who’d fast become his best friend, his closest confidant. And he hadn’t told her anything. If she knew, OH if she only knew what he’d become, what he would be, she’d be running from his without a backwards glance. And it’s because he’s so selfish he hasn’t told her. It’s because he’s selfish that he moves forward and envelopes her in a hug. It’s because he’s selfish he can’t talk himself into letting go.

I’m sorry..  he mumbles into her hair, hoping beyond hope she’ll miss the very obvious note of despair his words hold.