Chapter 24 in a Nutshell

Yoonsmolbean: oh thank god one last cake, Sangpoo won’t kill me

Yoonasshole: wow Bum, after all these years you still look like shit! I’m going to constantly barrage you with inappropriate comments and questions plus take the birthday cake that my gf said you can have because I’m a dick.

Sangpoo: Hey cousin that I have a completely platonic relationship with, hurry up and get the cake. Oh it’s this guys anniversary? Eat rocks or shit jfc, go fuc urself

Yoonasshole: what? You scared?

Sangpoo: Bitch, hold my coat.

Yoonsmolbean: *gets enough courage to try shut Yoonasshole up, loses all motor function and fails cringingly while still being adorable*

*Yoonasshole defeated*

Sangpoo: gimme dat cake, lets go home Bum, I’m fucking livid. So mad that you better put your head on my fist.

Yoonsmolbean: *boop*

Sangpoo: tell me a story bout your abusive uncle while the cake thaws so you can cry and eat it after

Yoonsmolbean: SHOOK

Bum Not Having It Anymore

Bum: Your driving is crap
Sangwoo: *frowns* Wow Bum, that hurt my feelings and my self-esteem…
Bum: I think we all know by now that your a psychopath who’s not capable of feeling because of your basic lack of understanding of real human emotion. Plus, your too much of a narcissistic egotistic maniac for anything to deflate your malignant tumor of an ego.
Bum: The fact that you just agreed to that makes me hate you even more.

anonymous asked:

When Sangwoo makes that speech about "inner beauty is eternal" do you think he's talking about Bum? I feel like he is, not just to praise Bum, but to make Ji Eun feel bad because Sangwoo sees Bum in a better light than her

So, I found this part of the recent chapter extremely interesting. We know that Sangwoo likes to insult the people he plans to kill to demean them, but I kind of feel like this was a little more personal in the sense that he was insulting her in a way that also was a form of, as you put it, praise toward Bum. I feel like he might have known this would soften up Bum loads before telling him that he was going to be the one to kill her. We’ve seen at least three instances where Sangwoo does things like this to Bum (from my memory: after they first kiss, when they’re driving to the store to buy clothes, and when they’re driving to the festival). After Sangwoo does these ‘affectionate’ things, Bum always succumbs to Sangwoo. Now in the current chapter, we have Sangwoo, the person who Bum thinks is everything/the person who makes him feel so much, saying that he doesn’t give a shit about this pretty girl Bum is insecure toward, that she’s the ugly one, and wow, Sangwoo actually defends Bum by saying that such an ugly person has no right to insult Bum. I don’t believe that Sangwoo isn’t aware of the influence he can possess over Bum. It might give Sangwoo some sort of satisfaction to see that this speech bothers Ji Eun, but I feel like he won’t really care about that. Right now, everything he is doing is, in his own way of thinking, for Bum and to get Bum on his level. I don’t think Ji Eun is in the position to be embarrassed or feel bad that he sees Bum in a better light than her either, lol. And, if the speech wasn’t intended to influence Bum, I am sure it had to mean something. I don’t think Koogi is the artist to put something out without some sort of intention. What we do get to see is a little insight to how Snagwoo thinks and feels about the concept of outer and inner beauty, so I think this is good progress toward interpreting his character! We don’t know much of his childhood other than what he revealed, so this could also be his own view formed from some sort of experience. 

Rules to KS

Disclaimer: Don’t kill the messenger (that’s all I am in this post) , these are just what I took from the complaints,disagreements, and other comments here and there that i’ve seen in the tags and in post some extent I have exaggerated some extent. This post is not any of my beliefs and was used with sarcastic language .if you don’t speak it and wanna argue then don’t come over here friend :) #readingisfundamental.. If you planned on being curious in the tags or wanted to join the fandom then I hope this post finds you first before the real discourse lol

Rule 1). Don’t like KS. Fuck is wrong with you? Fuck the author (make sure to note that Koogi needs to be called out for this mess of a story) and fuck you. period.point blank. end of discussion. For if ye do, thy must commit thyself to the finest casket made of sheep wool to lie dead in, for eternity (In simple english: Go die, perish, poof bam be gone)

Rule 2). Don’t discuss the differences between reality and fiction. That’s such a shit excuse like don’t you fucking dare! Because we all know that after reading this shit manhwa you’ll become like sangwoo (picks up phone to dial police cause they need to arrest y’all asses ASAP)

Rule 10.5). Whatever do you mean about there being an anti ks and discourse tag? It is a must and one’s duty to continue to repeat and discuss their dislike for KS and the fandom in the actual killing stalking tag. You know. gotta make motherfuckas aware of how they are damaging society and ruining lives. #doingGodswork

Rule 20). You must acknowledge that the KS tumblr fandom is fucking sick, a sick fucking joke (completely ignores the instagram fandom and the lack of chill they have lol)

Rule 30.5). EVERYONE and I do mean EVERYONE that is dumb enough to be in this fandom (and still ignored rule #1) are just a bunch of straight cis female women girls.

Rule 41). Being as it may that you have ignored rule number 1, then at least acknowledge that Yoonbum is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Please don’t come over here talking about his so called “past choices”…stalker my ass, he is soo pure xoxoxo and that beast Sangwoo ughh. Did you guys see in Chapter 1 when Sangwoo grabbed Bum off the streets of Seoul into his nasty ass home like the nasty motherfucker he is?!…he’s been stalking bum…wow free the fuck outta him

Rule 2001). Speaking of this Sangdoodoo, being that some of y’all have ignored rule # 41, let me just let you know how fucking gross it is to actually like this man, some of y’all with your excuses like “ he’s just such a well written character that’s why i like him” you’re a liar. Then you got the other ones who try to make it seem like they just like him for his physical aspects..umm you’re a fucking liar too. Sangwoo is only “loved” because of how violent he is towards Bum, you guys fucking get off to him abusing Bum plz stop lying

Rule 2000). Please note that Sangwoo is a boring villian trope. There are better villains than him, like dora the explorer edward cullen, elmo, winnie the poo, that 50 shades of character MC..yeah

Rule 20.02). Yoonbum was never thirsty for any kind of dick. Sangwoo been ready to put out, you remember in chapter 1 when Sangwoo said that he wondered what Yoonbum’s sex was like as he stared at him in the classroom? yeah…exactly so stfu

Rule 1992). Bum’s Uncle > Sangwoo because at least his uncle didn’t sexually assault him (Messenger note : I have actually seen someone comment that bum’s uncle is greater than sangwoo..I am not exaggerating)

Rule 1980s). Don’t imply that Sangwoo is to be any kind of daddy, dad as fuck, pappy, papa, tu papa, or la casa. It gives off the vibe that you too want your legs broken and that you think him as your biological father, it will not be seen as a joke so just stop

Rule 1999). Stop saying that you wanna see Sangwoo lose his shit. What you should be saying is how bad you wanna throw him in the trash can set him a flame, bring him back to life, chop him up, put him back together, let Bum kick him with his light up sneakers and then toss him into Korea’s seas :)

Rule 2003). Respect and love Officer Seungbae. (Messenger note: This is the easiest rule to follow if ignored rule #1 of course)

Rule 3005). IF YOU HAVE IGNORED EVERY ONE OF THESE RULES (maybe except rule # 2003..if you don’t like him then “oh shit yo”) THEN THERE IS REASON AS TO WHY YOU HAVE BEEN SEEN AS THE LOWEST OF THE LOW BECAUSE THERE IS A HIGH PROBABILITY THAT YOU SHIP THE FORSAKEN NAME THAT ONE MUST NOT SPEAK OF. You have lost your ultimate mind. Sangwoo> said ship. you really fucked up now. Anti KS will curse your name and family and Anti “cursed ship’s name” will abandon you. I hope you have your casket prepared.

Thank you.

harry and louis at home and harry using his robot voice because louis insists harry is careful with his voice and wherever louis moves he is followed by robot voice saying things like ‘wow your bum really is out of this world’ and ‘you are so soft lets cuddle’ and ‘i’d rather see you naked’ and ‘penis penis penis’ and ‘you’re a kitten and mine and beautiful and gorgeous and pretty and i love your eyelashes’ and harry’s giggles always follow the words and louis is like can you stop for like one minute and robot harry says ‘no you’ll have to kiss me quiet’ and louis goes like well im not kissing a fucking phone am i now and harry pulls him in for a kiss instead goodbye