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Was Bum's uncle an hallucination?

To be honest, when I was reading that part and when the uncle left I was thinking ‘Wow, that was unnecessary!’. Bum hasn’t seen his uncle in so long and it’s gonna take awhile for the police to actually be able to find Yoon Bum’s relatives (guardians?) and call them (why would they even do that? Bum is not underage. and they told him he was free to leave. The uncle showed up as soon as Lee left. Who even called him?). But suddenly he shows up out of nowhere, he steps into a stranger’s house without questioning anything just to assault Bum and then leave? I don’t know, seemed really strange and unnecessary to me. So it makes sense that it was just Bum hallucinating. Also I’ve never seen Bum so bold before. It might be all in his head. It might all just be the things he actually wants to be able to do.

Also it reminds me of another parallel. Remember when he hallucinated once about stabbing Sangwoo?

Another reason why it might be hallucination:

Hopefully this is not another art mistake but as you can see the blood disappears when Bum wakes up and he is wearing his shorts again. So all evidences so far prove that it was just hallucination.

Chapter 24 in a Nutshell

Yoonsmolbean: oh thank god one last cake, Sangpoo won’t kill me

Yoonasshole: wow Bum, after all these years you still look like shit! I’m going to constantly barrage you with inappropriate comments and questions plus take the birthday cake that my gf said you can have because I’m a dick.

Sangpoo: Hey cousin that I have a completely platonic relationship with, hurry up and get the cake. Oh it’s this guys anniversary? Eat rocks or shit jfc, go fuc urself

Yoonasshole: what? You scared?

Sangpoo: Bitch, hold my coat.

Yoonsmolbean: *gets enough courage to try shut Yoonasshole up, loses all motor function and fails cringingly while still being adorable*

*Yoonasshole defeated*

Sangpoo: gimme dat cake, lets go home Bum, I’m fucking livid. So mad that you better put your head on my fist.

Yoonsmolbean: *boop*

Sangpoo: tell me a story bout your abusive uncle while the cake thaws so you can cry and eat it after

Yoonsmolbean: SHOOK

me at 3 am 20 years from now, jerking awake in bed beside my wife, coated in a thin sheen of cold sweat: oh wow the positioning of bum standing on the subway while sangwoo sits unaware of him is the absolute antithesis of their future dynamic……. their physicality foreshadows how their relative relationship will be flipped on its head, and the power shift ironically only comes after bum takes initiative as the catalyst………… his power play ultimately renders him powerless……………………..

my wife, blearily: what the fuck are you talking about

Bum Not Having It Anymore

Bum: Your driving is crap
Sangwoo: *frowns* Wow Bum, that hurt my feelings and my self-esteem…
Bum: I think we all know by now that your a psychopath who’s not capable of feeling because of your basic lack of understanding of real human emotion. Plus, your too much of a narcissistic egotistic maniac for anything to deflate your malignant tumor of an ego.
Bum: The fact that you just agreed to that makes me hate you even more.