I’ve… been saved by you countless times, right?


flora’s quotes about tony stark meme:  ‹‹ They hate him … they hate him for all he is. Rich. Arrogant. Insensitive. But I love him … I love him for all he is. Kind. Self-sacrificing. Growing. ›› quotes by allisonscott.

TØP Christmas Album

With great hits such as:

- santa clause wasn’t real and now I have trust issues

- all I want for Christmas is josh to dye his hair back brown

- grandma got run over by my giant tricycle sorry g-ma but I’m trying to sing about my problems here

And last but not least:

- josh baby…wait no I mean santa baby ft. Halsey

so yeah i made a thing as a tribute to Rise Against’s new single ‘I don’t want to be here anymore’ idk if anyone likes this

harukaaaaaaa was right
this figure skating au is just full of gesture drawings

i’m sorry i love takahashi daisuke a lot