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It’s raining. You’ve been preparing me all day to feel the carpet between my feet, the chill on my bare skin. The softness of the light outside, the only light on. You’ve been touching me in little ways all day so I can smell how crisp the rain we’d get in the evening would be and it’s finally 7pm and it’s finally Saturday night and I’m finally in your home and I’m finally in your sweater that keeps a smell I won’t have to be re-conditioned to experience in every nerve. 

My waist feels smaller in your arms, the world feels sharper with your smile and the only thing that keeps me grounded is how soft you’re whispering. I’m melting like a scoop of strawberry ice cream and you’re determined to push me to the floor before I get there myself and I miss you even though you’re this close

Finally I feel the pain I’ve lusted after, and the pleasure of your eyes on me. Please touch me more please touch me

You anchor me and I’m safe in my over-stimulation and I miss you

anonymous asked:

could you please do a 4/4 blurb about how they would treat you if you are 5ft (you are dating them) ?

yeah you got it - wARNiNG MAJOR FLUFF I’M WEEPiNG
this blurb is actually all over the place wow i am sorry

Ok ok so Luke would love the fact that you’re shorter than him because he can comfortably fit you in his arms and nine times out of ten, he’s got his chin rested on the top of your head when he’s hugging you and your face would be pressed against his chest and you’d be able to his heart beating hella fast because he’s just this dork who’s so crazy in love with you wowee so like one day you’d suggested that he’d teach you how to play guitar, like you knew a few chords but not many and you just wanted to so he’d like move his acoustic to side the side and pat his lap and you’d immediately settle down in front of his and lean back against his chest and he’d have his chin on you shoulder with his arms around you as he placed his acoustic in your hold and his hands would move your fingers to the right strings because he’s teaching you something new and yEaH I’M CRYIN ANOn

CaLUM goD he’d be a lot like Luke with keeping you in his arms, but I think he’d mention how short you are more than need be and he kNEW that you didn’t like how short you were so you’d obvs get just a little butthurt about it and he’d immediately be cuddling you to his chest , mumuring sweet lil apologies against your neck like the cute lil puppy he is aW he’d love when you sat on his lap and watched a movie from behind though like say if you two were watching a movie and we all know how Calum is, he’s obvs gonna get bored unless he’s in love with the movie and Will Smith is in every scene and bother you or smth, so you’d sitting in between his legs all comfy watching the movie and he’d have his arms wrapped around you with his chin on your shoulder and eventually he’d pull back and probs start playing with your hair or whisper about how good you smell or how great your neck looks when it’s all marked up by him and he’d just be so annOYINg so you’d pay attention to him oH and he’d actually give you piggy back rides everywhere like say you’re on your way home from a date and you two decide to walk because Calum is a fit kinda guy and yEAH so you’re wearing heels and he’s noticed and wonders if it hurts to walk in them but he doesn’t ask and just insists that you get on his back this instant so he can carry you even though you’re like ‘no Cal it’s ok, I’m fine’ but he’d be so goddamn persistENT

So Michael would love the fact that you’re short and like Calum, he’d mention it but totally on purpose because he’s just the biggest little shit and he likes to tease you a little and you two would just have a little banter about it until it would just get to ridiculous insults and then you’d snort and call him lame or smth but like it’d be so good for him because one day he’d be in a v v v cuddly mood and just pull you into his lap moments before the game started and you were able to lean back and snuggle against him comfortably while he was and you weren’t in his line of view. He’d also think he was v punk rock because he was a lot taller than you (not as tall as luke though he’S A PaLM TREe) but yeah, he’d have his arm around you because we know Michael is handsy and he’d just show you off a lot because he was just super in love with you and wanted the world to see you I waNT A MicHAEL!!!!

woO Ashton he’d like make lil comments here and there about your height but you could call him out on it because he’s the shortest of the four – he’d probably pretend to be butthurt until you gave in and had to lean up on your tippy toes to give him a kiss aW and unlike Calum, he’d ask you to give him piggy back rides but you wouldn’t even last three steps since he’s heavy because of aLL THAT GODDAMN MUSCLE ON HIS aRMS wOWEE and his hugs would be like heaven because of them arms and he’d just randomly pull you flush against his chest in the middle of a store or something because you look so cute when you’re concentrating on studying the items you’re looking at buying and he’d just wanna be so handsy but his self control is actually really good so it’d just be a tight hug and a kiss to your forehead followed by him having a hand on your waist or lower back for the rest of the dAY UGH MY hEART

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Wow guys…I am touched.

I am ok, a bit tired and bit…ill but I am ok and seeking help.

I am sorry, so sorry, that I worried you all.

I will answer them all I promise, block the tag ‘cory feels feels’ if you don’t want to see them.

so tonight i went clubbing with some people, and i was having a great time, and it was a blast, and this dude came up to me and started grinding and i was like “ok cool” and so we just kinda went at if for a while, and then he started kissing my neck and i was like “oh wow, i am extremely ok with this” and then he started moving up and he started licking my ear and i was like “ welp, this is ok i guess” and then he shoved his tongue inside my ear. like he started to make out with my ear. i’m pretty sure that his saliva is still lodged inside my ear. why. why would anyone want to make out with an ear. 

what the actual fuck