wow what good friends

  • *two guys look at each other*
  • The internet: omg!!11! They're sooo in love!1!1!!
  • *two girls actually make out*
  • The internet: wow :// they're rlly good friends :// wonder what their boyfriends look like ://

Priya stands on her hind legs, all the better to scream at rabbits with.

P.s. B and I got engaged! His very transparent long con to make Priya his dog is all going according to plan.


happy birthday kiiboy!! i love u a lot even though most of the time i make fun of ur lack of parts!!!

having exhausted herself by running around my flat meowing constantly for about half an hour, my new cat has finally decided maybe it’s okay here after all and has gone to sleep on the sofa

her name is Idgie, isn’t she a sweetheart?

Bad Lip Reading sentence starters, 1/???
  • “I got books on the shelf, but who reads?”
  • “When you die, I’ll be outside.”
  • “You’ll pay for this, in Odin’s name.”
  • “I’m probably dying.”
  • “Most skeletons are harmless.”
  • “I think that’s disgusting, and it’s upsetting, alright?”
  • “I’m pretty and pushy.”
  • “No no, please don’t cry. Why can’t you be smooth?”
  • “Mm. I’m just gonna wait here.”
  • “Last night I met this guy online! Yay!”
  • “It wasn’t that fun, you moron. Don’t ever do that.”
  • “I think your breath is like… well, maybe it’s like a dead rodent.”
  • “I wouldn’t get a tattoo on the face, unless it’s of a mask.”
  • “If you’re comfortable, I may just touch you on the elbow or something.”
  • “Like I always said, these waffles are gourmet.”
  • “I’m available. Whaddaya say?”
  • “That’s right, I’m pretty.”
  • “Where are you going with that knife?”
  • “I may need a kidney, but it’s all good.”
  • “Why are you, you know… always angry, okay?”
  • “I wasn’t loved as a baby.”
  • “I’m the best driver. I back up all the time.”
  • “Did I mention that I never PLANNED to serve you rodent meat?”
  • “Ah, you’re marvelous! Hot dog, I love you!”
  • “You can joke all night, but no more kung fu.”
  • “A friend? Never.”
  • “Wow, you smell good. What is that, pine?”
  • “Kill Dracula at once. That’s what I would do.”
  • “I’m crying inside of me.”
  • “I’m gonna rest cuz I’m the best.”
  • “We can go punch out those guys and face our phobia.”
  • “Am I gracious? Yeah.”
  • “I’d kill for a cookie.”
  • “I dare you to spit in that guy’s drink.”

Please make anon

If there is any argument against Lily and for Snape that makes me mad, it’s this one:

I would have continued being friends with Snape if he called me a mudblood, because I understand that he did it in a stressful and traumatizing situation. Therefore, Lily is a bad friend for leaving, because I am a good person *preens* and would have continued the friendship.

Okay, it’s not a case of you being a good friend and Lily being a bad friend. It’s a case of Lily respecting herself as a person and you not respecting yourself as a person. Because if you wouldn’t end a relationship or a friendship with someone who could disrespect you in such a manner, I’m not going to give you a medal. I’m not going to think “wow you’re such a good friend or partner.” What I’m going to feel is sorry for you.

There are so many people out there in relationships or in friendships that are bad. That don’t work out and they continue being with the person because of many reasons. But sometimes those reasons are these ones below:

1) They don’t want to hurt the other person’s feelings. Even though their own feelings are being hurt from this person.

2) They feel like they “owe” it to the person not to leave them, just because the person did nice stuff for them

Lily’s story might help people like that. To reach out to people like that. No, you don’t owe a friend a second (Lily gave Snape more than one chance) chance just because they’ve been your best friend for seven years.

No you don’t owe it to someone to stick around just because they told you about the magical world.

Instead those people hear “Lily was a bad friend for leaving Snape. Good friends remain loyal (to people that don’t respect them)”

You might want to go around reinforcing their belief that good friends or partners remain loyal to people who are bad friends or bad partners. If they do not they should get the label of bad friend or bad partner. But I do not. I want them to be free from that mindset. Snape did not deserve Lily as a friend.

(unsourced fanart)

I sent this to a group chat

and one of my friends replied “princess tutu”

So now i cant stop thinking about ruetho child who is super dramatic and fairytaley (kinda like femio but not weird and better like imagine having mytho and rue as parents oh my god) asking fakiru daughter out or something and her just being like

works as a duck or a girl either way preferably if she is super short like ahiru

“ There were a lot of people who were kind to begin with. No, they were probably good people but, I don’t want to see the disappointment in their eyes anymore.” - Natsume Takashi, Natsume Yuujinchou

anonymous asked:

prompt: everyone in μ's tries to hook nicomaki up bc theyre both stubborn ppl who can't admit their feelings to one another, hence (maid) kotori giving them a lover's drink in the wonder zone song, rin's sly remark about a nicomaki japanese unit in their yukatas, and that weird date in s2e1 where they were out together, etc

“Gross, you were looking at me, weren’t you.”

“What do you mean ‘gross’? You should feel honored I even deigned to glance at you!”

“Hmph, not even denying it, I see.”

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timugamaileilani  asked:

Do you have/can you please do any prompts for two friends who like each other but don't want the other to know, and so they make up excuses to be near make physical contact and claim for it to be a 'just friends' kind of thing? [Thank you!]

Sure! Also thank you for your request!


- Person A is in the kitchen or near a desk with Person B and reaches around them ‘to get something’ causing Person B look surprised at them but Person A tries to keep a calm look.

- “Oh what are you-”, “Your hands were cold so I thought I’d warm them after all what are friends for!” they said with a nervous smile.

- Person B claims they are doing a project or experiment on how people will react to physical contact to Person A and asks if they would be their test subject to which Person A agrees.

- “Oh there is a large crowd over there we should hold hands so we won’t lose each other.”

- “You’re (arm, shoulders or hand) is aching here let me massage it for you, after all that’s what any good friend would do.”

- “Wow! Your cheek is so smooth, here you can feel mine- Right yours is much smoother!”

- “You have new earrings let me move this strand of hair to see. They look amazing!”

- Person A is being handed something by Person B and is trying to brush their hand over Person B subtly.

- “You have a strand of hair covering your face. I’ll move it out of the way. You were saying?” they added whilst blushing

- Person A gets hurt or bumped into and Person B runs their hands on their shoulders and upper arm asking if they are all right.

- Person A and B are talking with someone. To which Person B gently puts their hand around Person A’s shoulder to show ‘what great friends they are’.

- “Oh your hair is out of place- Here let me fix it for you. There!” after about 3 minutes of running their hands threw the others hair.

- “You have an eyelash on your face let me get that for you.”

- Person A is afraid of heights but has an idea and goes on a high ride to hold Person B when their scared. Person B knowing of this fear lets them. So for Person A it is both good and bad.

- You have some sauce on your lip, let me clean it off for you.” as they put their finger close to their lip with love-struck eyes but get out of their daze. “T-there.”

- One of them pretends they’re asleep and ‘just happened to fall asleep on the others shoulder’.

- “You look unwell, let me check your temperature.” then puts their hand on the others forehead then cheek “Hmm. No you’re okay!”


I hope you enjoy these prompts and have a simply splendid day!