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So, here’s my most recent RP horror story. It was actually a twitter RP so don’t let this scare you off of twitter rps, they’re usually great lmao. But anyway, so my girlfriend adminned this group that she took over bc the admin had ditched out, and there were a few members in it. She had this Calum Hood fc who was shipped with the Luke Hemmings fc, and first off just let me say that the Luke fc was actually so badly written. Like, gay male self insert for the writer all the way lol. But anyway, so the Luke fc was constantly cheating on my girlfriend’s character and shit, and honestly just treating the character badly, even though ooc the girl was like….weirdly into the ship for someone who’s character wanted to sleep with everyone?? So Hannah got tired of it and was like wow I really do not ship this shit, you should join so I created this cute flowerchild Ashton fc to ship with him and I joined, and everyone who wasn’t involved in the ship was cool with it and excited to meet my character……but the Luke rper and her clique immediately began to bully tf out of my character, and you know how sometimes something is happening ic, but you can legit tell it’s based on ooc feelings? Because that what’s was going on, I’m not kidding you. It was like, ic the Luke and Louis (who were OOC in the same clique) had no real reason to hate on my character so much, but ooc they did bc…well the Luke rper was bittttterrrrr. Like bitter as all hell. So, they bully the fuck out of my character holy hell, and absolutely make the rp a horrible place to be, like holy shit, and somehow??? The Luke RPer?? Was still like “omg our characters are soulmates” abt Hannah’s character, and she drew FRIGGIN HEART DOODLES WITH HANNAH’S CHARACTERS NAME ALL OVER IT. LIKE HE WAS A REAL BOY IT WAS RIDICULOUS OH MY GOD. And ohhhh my god it was so embarrassing bc actually Hannah and I’s ship is otp and they have so much chemistry and they just connect and have talked IC about actually being soulmates. Anyway so there were these two other members, an Ariana FC and the Harry FC, oh, like, I won’t even get into how bad the Ari FC was. But basically Hannah’s Zayn fc broke up with the Ari FC (bc she was clingy and weird and annoying and tbh there wasn’t any chemistry) for the Harry (bc admittedly there was a TON of chemistry) and the Ari rper got SOOOO BITTER, and at some point I shit you not said “I hope my character’s next boyfriend doesn’t turn gay on her :////” bc I guess that’s how sexuality works when you’re into yourself that much. But anyway so my girlfriend makes friends with the Harry fc, and at first its cool she seems fine, until one day the Luke rper and Harry rper decide to just like…turn on Hannah for now reason bc tbh the Luke rper is a horrible, manipulative person and they had a crush on the Harry rper, and they start making up shit, like she’s too pretentious, and talks about herself too much (SHE WAS LITERALLY JUST TALKING ABOUT HER DAY I DON’T KNOW WHAT WAS WRONG W THEM) and yah they literally get off on making her miserable and they’re horrible people and it’s ugly af lmao. Also we think they’re dating now. Hannah and I haven’t even given it a year, because they’re both just gross af and two people who are that self-involved can just not date for very long lmfao. 

Your turn!

someone just posted a photoset from the if you’re wondering if i want you to (i want you to) video in the weezer fan club and it reminded me that i actually watched that video way back in ‘09 and i was like “wow that girl is really pretty like REALLY pretty like that is a REALLY PRETTY GIRL” and i watched it all the time and like… i really do think weezer did have a hand in my gay awakening

JojoWeeks infos

wow, first post on this blog and i feel super nervous! i hope this project will go well!! so, here’s the thing: on my main blog i proposed to make a fugo week because i noticed that he isn’t very loved in the fandom but someone also made me notice that more underrated characters actually need MORE love so i thought “why not make a specific week for each one of this characters?” i know, its cool. anyway, i want this to happen BUT i need YOUR help!

  • send me messages on THIS blog with MAX 10 names of underrated characters that you’d like to see featured in the jojo weeks
  • they can be from ANY part of the jojo series, steel ball run and jojolion included
  • by saying 10 names i dont mean 10 characters from each series (wowie that would be too much) but 10 characters in total 
  • PLEASE specify the series for each character, since I’m still reading Stone Ocean (even tho i already read sbr and jojolion) and i’m still not very familiar with the characters! also it’ll make it easy for me to write the names down
  • if something isnt clear SEND ME A MESSAGE and i’ll reply! english isn’t my first language, but i’ll try my best.
  • after i’ve collected enough names, i’ll make a survey poll so that we can start picking up the characters and the order for each week. i’ll give more details in the future (also because i still have to think about it eheh)
  • the first week is gonna be about fugo tho, since i first made the post on my blog with the intention of doing a fugo week;; 

please reblog this post so more people will know about this project!!

ALSO, i need someone to help me running this blog because exams are coming up soon and college is killing me. any kind of help is appreciated!


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yO have you watched will d-arbyshire's video "sunday"? it's just a video of his day in london with arden but it's just so sweet and it's the cutest thing 💕 it was posted a week ago i think but i watched it again and since most people think tronnor would come out with an artsy video, i just thought that if they were to do it that way, it would be like will's video.. idk just a thought x

wow im honestly speechless, this video is so beautiful and just the perfect image of love and the simplicity in life that makes you happy, especially with someone you love. if connor and troye did something like this i think it would be perfect as a possible way of ‘coming out’ as a couple without actually saying they’re a couple but it would confirm it nonetheless.

i want this kind of collab more than anything now, it’s right up troye&connor’s alley and i think this is absolutely beautiful and perfect, i hope they do this omg

Oh my fucking god I just got asked out by the dude whose bike I just fixed.

Like, he called the shop after he left to ask if I’d wanna hang out sometime.

Basically the conversation went:

“I know this is probably really forward and I don’t know if you have a boyfriend or anything, but would you want to hang out sometime, with a dork like me?” (actual words)

“Wow, um. Okay, listen. It’s really, really disrespectful of you to ask me something like that while I’m at work, first off-”

“Oh geez, I’m sorry you feel that way-”

“Not done! Also, it’s not me feeling that way, it’s exactly that way. It’s really rude to ask out someone when they’re at work, doing their job, which involves having to be nice to people while they help them.”

“I, um. I’m sorry.”

“Right! In any case-” and then I proceeded to give him our store times in case anything else went wrong with his bike.

I could have just been like, sorry, I have a boyfriend, but frankly? That’s none of his business, and he needed to learn that asking out clerks on the job is super fucking awful, which he wouldn’t have if I’d just brushed him off with a comment about my boyfriend. Because that would be him respecting the idea of Ren’s existence rather than the fact that women on the job are not ever flirting with you.

I’ve played

  1. Runescape (very sparingly, its…a thing)
  2. Maple Story (graphically superior to Runescape in that its just got decent graphics, but still boring and grindy)
  3. Everquest (one of the granddaddies of all MMORPGs, with more than a dozen expacs. Has not aged well despite being free-to-play these days)
  4. GW1 (thoroughly enjoyable, I just came in really late to the game and it was hard to find someone to help me figure the game out)
  5. WoW (literally everyone plays this I don’t need to say why its fun/what problems it has)
  6. GW2 (you know, its got some things better than GW1 but its uh. Buggy. #Whenitsready)
  7. FFXIV (ENJOYED IT MORE THAN I THOUGHT I WOULD. A+ catboys, would train in a million jobs again)
  8. Tera (holy shit no)
  9. Neverwinter Online (it wants to be very good very badly. Its getting there. Between lag spikes and the lack of anything to do right now though…)
  10. Rift (actually decent, and can keep you busy for a long time, just suffers from Free-to-Play syndrome in that you reach a point where you can either grind and be bored for hours or you buy stuff.)
  11. Ragnarok Online (holy grind batman)
  12. Lord of the Rings Online (eeeeh. Ehh)
  13. Dungeons and Dragons Online (same thing as LotR, not completely offensive, just ..really slow.)

So yeah, that’s it. I think I have a handful of games I would put in a list and call it top ANYTHING. I dunno, suggest something to me if you don’t see a game on here you’ve played and really enjoyed and I’ll try and find it.

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"Black lives mattered" back when you fuckers were slaves. Now you're all just a fucking nuisance. -new-change--new-start(.)tumblr(.)com

Wow this is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen in my inbox ignorant racists like you are a nuisance. if you would stop fucking killing us for no damn reason we wouldn’t keep rioting and doing whatever you think is a “nuisance” I can’t even wrap my brain around how fucking dumb you are like wow just because we don’t wanna put up with all the constant bullshit we receive and want to stand up for ourselves because we do in fact matter (way more than racist assholes like you which should be fucking extinct seriously please don’t have children) we’re nuisances? new-change–new-start (tbh I’m not even sure if this is ur actual url cause like if ur gonna put ur url why go anon?? it could be someone framing you and not wanting to put their actual face behind their shitty words so if you didn’t send this I’m sorry but I’m just going off of what I was sent. But, if you did in fact send this i want everyone to know what a racist pile of trash you are and unfollow you immediately)

i lost a ton of followers after making posts about my coworkers being shitty and it’s fucked up that someone wants to be like “wow this privileged kid has no right to be judging these grown men that don’t want to do their job and make his life harder wow he’s so much better off i can’t believe he’d fire someone” my job is to represent the company by making sure the job is done correctly and to our high standards consistently as i was taught by both owners. my job is to do my job and make sure everyone else is doing theirs as well. if i let shit like this go on i’m putting my own job in jeopardy and that’s completely fucked to think that’s the right idea at all especially when i have a dozen applications from people who actually want to work hard 

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Like I think cas would absolutely give up his grace willingly for dean but if s took it by force I think he would be kind of traumatized? Like worse than when metatron did it because this would be someone he though cared about him. I'm so sorry, god this is so horrible why do I actually want this wow. I just think it be an interesting thing to see Sam doing something unforgivable for dean just like dean did for Sam last season.

Oh, wow, ouch?  

But yeah totally, like, I feel like he would definitely be traumatized, like imagine someone cutting you open and taking everything that made you human, none the less someone who you thought cared about you *shudders*

And, yeah, I feel you.  Like, to see the tables turn would be interesting…But still, ouch????

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[Oh! Oh! Do my url! Pleeeeease? ]


  • Do I Follow Them?:  bAE
  • Why Did I Follow Them?:  I actually loved his character in the film and  you suddenly popped up on my dash with someone else and I was like “Uh, fOLWLow”
  • Do We Role Play?:  No, but I’m dying to
  • Do I Want To Role Play With Them: UGHghGYYESS
  • An AU Idea For Our Muses: I don’t even know. Ultron takes him to the hospital after cutting his arm off or something
  • A Song For Our Muses:  wow
  • Do I Ship Our Muses?: this is awkward maybe
  • What I Think About The Mun:  You are bae tbh. That’s all I have to say
  • Overall Opinion: Amazing blog, epic character, precious mun. Gooo
  • Blog Rate: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10
Learning about nuclear war in social studies

Teacher: *shows us the biggest bomb in the world and how much devastation it would create*

Boys: oh wow! That’s so cool!!!

Teacher: *shows us the biggest bomb the us has and how much devastation it would create*

Boys:that’s it??? That’s so small! We need a bigger bomb so we can bomb alk the terrorists

(They actually said “what! That’s it!?” Yes that’s it! Why do you want a bigger nuclear bomb!? Do you not understand what would happen if we nuked someone?? A nuclear war would start and we’d all be dead you dumbasses.)

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Hi wow I just read your personal post you wrote last night and it's exactly how I've been feeling these past few months more intensely... I've actually been trying to explore my own Asian American identity and eventually I hope to make a film out of my experiences from traveling, but that's besides the point... The point is, just wow, I hope that if you ever want someone to reach out to and rant about fucking white people you know I am here with you :)

thank you so so so much for reading, for your kind words, and for your support.

it’s not easy, closing in on these things and reading into them, especially since doing so forces you to think back on the pain it’s caused you, and even how those experiences might have shaped you to be who you are now. it’s even harder talking about it, especially in a white/western environment, but messages like yours are what inspire me to keep talking about it when i can because – even if the struggles make you feel like you’re alone in the world – someone out there will be able to relate to it, no matter how small or great the degree. it might even help someone to come forward and talk about their own experiences.

it’s so hard to remember this, but you’re more than your struggles. much more. it’ll always be a part of you, but doesn’t necessarily have to define you.

by the way, if you (and any more of my asian and asian american followers reading this) haven’t already done so, i highly recommend heading over to the angryasiangirlsunited blog. the mods are awesome, the community is wonderful, and it’s helped me a lot. i’ve learned so much from what i’ve read there, and wish i’d followed it sooner! i feel alienated all the goddamn time when it comes to this stuff so i tend to keep it in, but sometimes just scrolling through everyone’s submissions helps me to feel better. i mean, on the instances when people’s rants/articles aren’t fueling my anger, of course – but sometimes, that’s good too. anger keeps me awake, keeps me motivated, productive, and all the more determined to not only speak out, but louder, too.

anyway, i wish you the best in putting together your project. and i’d love to hear/see it when both you and your story are ready! i still have some of the travel clips you emailed me before, remember those? :)

again, thank you so much. stay strong honey. keep fighting. and if you ever want to talk about this stuff, have questions, or just want to rant, my ask box is always, always open. i want to help, and i don’t want you or anyone to feel like they’re alone in this battle, ever.

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Hi! Followed your blog for a while and I'm a huge Sousuke fan like you and saw you wanted anons' opinions, but I decided to ask anyways! What's it like living so close to the Arctic circle in a town at 65 N latitude? Does it get depressing in the winter time from lack of sunlight, or do you just tolerate it? It's always cool to find someone from a unique country!

Aaaaaah this is such a nice question!! And it’s cute that you actually checked where i live? Wow! (I didnt even know my towns latitudes)
So I guess we just tolerate the dark winter? I dont know how to explain this but ppl get really passive during winter bc there’s almost no sun at all (and for weeks you might not see sun at all) but I love winter and dark so i dont mind but the BEST PART about sunless winter is SPRING WITH SUN that follows after ir. People become more outgoing and active and everyone seems happy and hyped about summer! And during summer the sun doesnt SET AT ALL especially here in the northern finland so sleeping can be hard. So we tolerate the sunless winter bc we get all the sunlight we want during summer!
Aaah loved this curious ask! Thank you!! And sousuke is a fucking huge dork and a babe. Love him sm.

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52, 73, 80 😘

52, 73, 80
52- who have you given up on and why?
other than myself? Umm pretty much everyone tbh like I stopped trying and so did they idk why.. Lol
73- what is something sweet you want someone to do for you?
marry me lol jk I could really use coffee and a life coach
80- when was the last time you said I love you to someone?
and actually meant it? Umm other than my mom which I told to like 1 day ago 2 years ago I really meant it lol

Wow I’m reading back on this and dang this is sad.. Lol
Thanks for asking Bruh!

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Dear girlfriend

I don’t have a girlfriend.. But I could do dear future girlfriend??

Dear future girlfriend…wow I actually have a girlfriend you must be crazy to want to be with someone like me. I just want to make you happy and to make sure that you’re ok, I will look after you and give you all of my heart. I will make sure that you never have to sleep alone at night ever again you can always rely on me. Your voice will be my new favourite song and that I will always be there for you even on our bad days. With the good there will always be some bad but we will be okay I know it, just I’m in it for the long run with you I just hope you will be too.

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You are seriously so important. I followed you because your url is Yesung (he is my bias) and then because of your blog I'm really into Bangtan now. Thank you. ^-^

OH   my heart is honestly doing this thing right now???? is this true bc i’m kind of freaking out here!!! woW i’m glad i got you into bangtan through yesung omg i actually don’t know what to say i haven’t received this kind of message before like :( :( :( thank you for taking the time to tell me this ily i hope you have the best day ever!!

anon hour

me: hey I know we haven’t spoken in a while but I just wanted to check up on you and see how you were doing

“best” friend: I’m doing good! just saying if you ever have any issues going on you can always talk to me. How are you doing?

me: well I think I’m doing okay. I think I’m failing my class but my health s pretty good. I’m just lacking a lot of motivation

“best” friend: never responds


wow really shows how much you are there for me when I need you doesn’t it?