wow someone actually wants to do that

what i thought when i watched  “ a date with markiplier “ video

  • wait … we can choose our story 
  • wow … i actually have a valentine date this year 
  • that chef does not look friendly 
  • romance or horror ? you mean love or death right 
  •  looks like i am gonna spend the rest of the day finding all the endings
  • oops i accidentally killed mark
  • well looks like dark is my date now
  • wait .. is that Tyler with mark on his face ? 
  • wait whAt ?!? nooo i wanted to marry mark for real 
  • could you imagine dating mark ? 
  • nice pony tail mark 
  • LET . HIM . DIG . THE . GOD . DAMN . HOLE 
  • it litterily 10 min of this , help 
  • “ let me see what in your pants “ “ excuse me ? “ 
  • wow i actually killed someone 
  • “ looks like you choose wrong “  “ naaah i’m good “ 
  • sooooo are we gonna talk about tyler’s ass ? 
  • oops killed mark again 
  • FIRST RULE OF HORROR MOVIES : never . split . up 
  • am i the only one who tapped the screen like an idiot 
  • did i mention i killed mark 
  • wait , i am  allergic to peanut butter AND tuna , HEELP 
  • DAMN IT ! i knew i was a dog all along 
  • *sigh* what the hell was in that dinner 
If you’ve had 4 glasses of wine and you keep checking your phone with that 1% of hope that he’s as drunk as you and he’s going to text you, you’re not over him.
If you find excuses to drive through his neighborhood, you’re not over him.
If he still crosses your mind every time you post a snapchat and you check to see if he watches it, you’re not over him.
When are you going to learn that telling yourself you don’t care won’t work?
Why is it so hard to accept the fact that something is over and grieve it then forget about it and move on?
What are you going to do when you get drunk and break down and tell him you miss him and he doesn’t respond?
You can pretend you’re over it as much as you want but you’re not actually over it until someone mentions his name and you can honestly say “wow I haven’t thought about him in a while, I wonder what he’s up to.” And until that point, it’s all acting. Just because you don’t talk to him anymore or you stopped throwing yourself at him, it doesn’t mean you don’t still want to. That’s the difference between pretending to be over him and actually being over him. You have to genuinely not want to care about this person anymore. And that’s the impossible part.

I want Lance and Shiro to swap beauty tips.

Lance being like “wow your skin really suffered while you were captured, here’s some moisturizer and toner” and “dude you need to relax, do a peel with me it does wonders for your complexion” and he gets Shiro to do a little self care.

And Shiro actually really enjoys it. And then does Lance’s eyeliner because that boy would slay with winged eyes.

And they just have a good time taking care of themselves, looking pretty and bonding.

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sterek prompt: derek/stiles sees the other in a gay bar with someone else hitting on them and derek/stiles looks uncomfortable so the other goes and pretends to be their boyfriend to save them (sorry if this isn't good or you've already done something similar oops)

i hope u like it! also, it’s on ao3 as a part of my tumblr fics … fic. check it out here

Derek doesn’t usually do this. He’s actually very good at staying out of other people’s business and making do with just being there for himself and his friends. But somehow, this complete stranger has him captivated. From the way that he moves his hands to emphasize his points to the way that his moles look like constellations, shining even in the darkness of the bar. Every part of this man has Derek’s heart beating fast. 

And wow, of course, there’s someone who wants to ask him out, flirt with him, do the things Derek’s too shy to ask for. And so he turns away when a blond sit himself down in front of Derek’s little crush—well, according to Laura at least.

It’s a couple minutes later when Derek begins to turn around to catch a quick glimpse of the man at the bar, out of sheer curiosity to see if he even stands a chance, that he notices that the man does not look comfortable at all. In fact, he looks extremely miserable, his body angled away, his upturned nose scrunched up.

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Please consider
  • Keith actually being really easy to talk to
  • But nobody approaches him because he gives off an unfriendly vibe
  • People always get the wrong impression
  • But sometimes people actually have to talk to him and when they do they realize that he’s not such a bad guy???
  • People getting flustered and embarrassed when they see what Keith is really like
  • Cause he’s actually really nice and sweet and “wow I can’t believe I ever thought this guy was an asshole”
  • “it’s been an honor flying with you boys” yeah how can this guy possibly be an asshole
  • Him giving people advice and genuinely wanting to help but people taking it the wrong way
  • Being really confused when people he doesn’t even know not-so-subtly try to avoid him
  • Oblivious Keith who doesn’t realize people actually do wanna talk to him
  • And when people try to talk to him he thinks it’s a joke because rarely anybody does that????

i really hate those posts that go “its so creepy seeing 18-20 year old girls dating men in their 40s like why cant they get a girl their own age.” because these are adult women who are able to make their own decisions, if they want to date someone 20 years older, let them? have you ever thought that maybe these 20 year olds are attracted to people older than them? it just really makes me angry when people see a younger girl (thats at least 18) with someone much older than her and they automatically assume that the guy is some evil manipulative pedophile that’s only attracted to her because she’s young. its shocking, but some girls are actually interested in people older than them!! its almost like… maybe they…. are the ones that go after older men sometimes?? wow… crazy…. anyways let legal adults do what they want with each other as long as they both consent

s4 predictions

Here goes. Why not…

[in no particular episode order or sequence]

Also SPOILERS? for some setlock-y type info I guess.

- Mary knows she’s a goner, hence the trip to Morocco - a last ditch attempt to save herself. Someone wants to kill her and she knows it; eventually John shows up and confronts her there and they have a re-do of the Christmas forgiveness scene except John’s like, wow sorry things turned out like this but also not sorry cos this whole thing was really shitty.
- Alternatively: Mary is Moran or Moriarty and has been assigned to John and also has a secret professional connection to Mycroft. I actually like this version way better and I hope they did that instead of making Mary a random assassin like whatever.
- Bubs is also a goner, though hopefully in a not-horribly-cruel way. My insane wish fulfilment would be if it’s all a dream sequence (or MP, though *sighs* enough is enough) or babbu gets taken away by her real dad and lives a charmed, non-violent life. I don’t think John would abandon the baby or feel any less in love with her if he found out he wasn’t bio dad, but perhaps that’s where some of the heartbreak comes in…idk.
- Mycroft or Mrs. Hudson die. I’m sorry, really really sorry, but one of them gotta go. My bet’s on Mycroft.
- Culverton Smith does something tremendously horrible that’s like, actually really disturbing and gross. Weirdly I have this fantasy about truth serum? Which is so ridiculous but what’s up with the scary nurses riddle me this.
- Sherlock tells John he loves him - maybe the ‘I love you’ in the weird bunker scene? But thats it, not more explicit like ‘I’m in love with you in a sexual and romantic way’ but now casuals are like waaaait, what? And John does not initially return the sentiment because he’s got loads of shit to deal with at the moment and he thinks Sherlock is high or ill or otherwise fucking about but then! John does the Soul Searching and his own Fucking About in a way that looks kinda shitty at first but then the audience cottons on and figures out oh yeah, John really does love him too! In the good ol’ more-than-friends way.
- Love Confession (dear god above) will be either realllllly brief or like 40 pages of monologues. My money’s on the shorter the better.
- That 26 page scene with John, Mycroft, and Sherlock will be the climax where everything is explained for Realsies, with maybe some low-key Garridebs or Mycroft deathbed stuff going down.
- John has a secret. He’s more than he’s let on. I think initially he’ll be framed for one of the crimes or made out to be a baddie and Sherlock will discover this and be utterly shocked/confused and perhaps he WILL have done something morally fucked up but he will justify it somehow and then obviously not be a baddie. Maybe he will sacrifice his freedom/reputation/whatever to try and protect Sherlock but it won’t work somehow because this is BBC Sherlock and we can never have anything nice.
- The estrangement is a good thing. A good thing! Narratively, you want the romantic leads to be finally alllllmost there and then things get fucked up. Case in point: TRF. John was like, Ready and then Sherlock jumped. We’re gonna do that again except hopefully with better payoff this time.
- Things will get way worse before they get better.
- See a pattern here?
- Since Sherlock left John, and then John left Sherlock, and then Sherlock left John, now it’s John turn to leave Sherlock again. This is where the estrangement comes in. Sherlock will be blamed/look heartless/etc over some action or inaction (WOW MUCH DETAIL I know) and John will struggle with that.
- Moriarty had better be dead. I love Andrew, but it’s time.
- ummm we find out Anthea’s real name?
- I thought of some other ones but this post is already so long that I’m stopping
- its imperfections will make it perfect




I figure that since he’s not a follower of Illidan, he would have had no reason to actually give up his eye sight, but the Fel poisoning that ultimately “ended” his life, took the sight in his right eye. Therefore, when he uses Sense Demons, he closes his left eye. And he hates it when people approach him from the right. He’s not responsible for any broken bones if yoU DON’T LISTEN TO HIM THE FIRST TIME HE TOLD YOU. Or, you know, you call out to him so he knows you’re coming, then he won’t be so…. break-arm happy.

Oh yeah, last thing! I am obsessed with asymmetry in designs, so Vol’jin’s demon hunter tattoos are only on the right side of his body (save for the one’s on his neck), and his armor is mostly on his left (since it’s his guarding side– IDK BRUH IT MADE SENSE TO ME). He also probably most definitely has a bow. And shoots magical arrows of fel and light and shadows BECAUSE FUK ERRYBODY ELSE—

Of course! I’m gonna assume you just want SFW. If you want NSFW, feel free to send another ask! (Since I’m attempting NSFW headcanons now, haha…)

tbh i love both of them and i would marry both of them. oh wow who’s metal lee’s mother? spoiler alert it’s me


-Lowkey loves it when his S/O plays with his hair.

-He’s surprisingly good at doing people’s hair??? He does Hana’s and Hinata’s hair sometimes. He complains, but he actually likes doing it. If his S/O has long hair, he’s gonna braid it.

-Likes having his head in his S/O’s lap. Or having his S/O’s head in his lap. Either one. Bonus points if his S/O plays with his hair/he plays with their hair.

-Boasts about his S/O constantly. “Wow, that’s so cool that _____ can do that! But hey, did you know that (insert S/O’s name) can do that exact same thing except BETTER?” (Of course, he might put it a bit more tactfully, but not by much.)

-He can flirt without trying, but when he tries it’s a disaster.

-Used to try to get all the white dog hair off his black clothes. He was really meticulous about it. But about 2 weeks in, he gave up entirely.

-Tsundere as hell. Not physically violent or anything, but the second someone is like “Hey, do you like (insert person’s name)?” or anything along those lines, he turns bright red and starts yelling “NO I DON’T SHUT UP I’LL KILL YOU.” Or like, “Aw, that’s so sweet, Kiba!” “NO IT ISN’T. UGH. GROSS. WHO DO YOU THINK I AM.” He yells a lot when confronted with Sentimentality™.

Bonus: Akamaru is Kiba’s wing man but he sucks at it. So Kiba tries to get Shino to be his wing man. But Shino sucks at it too.


-His S/O will be his work out buddy. No arguments. Even if they can’t keep up, he’ll still drag them along. His S/O can watch him work out or he’ll use them to work out. Like, he’ll use his S/O as a weight or something.

-Tries to get his S/O to wear The Jumpsuit. No matter how many times they refuse, he will persist.

-Lee has a requirement for himself that he must be holding his S/O’s hand at all times. Unless he’s working out, but even then he might try to hold their hand.

-Constantly praising his S/O on their “youthful glow”, whatever that means.

-Lee is that kind of person who likes cold showers. They help wake him up and they increase his endurance. Just… don’t ask. Let him do his thing.

-He is wild and crazy, but he’s actually really organized and tidy. He needs everything to be symmetrical.

-His S/O gets flowers every time he sees them. EVERY. TIME. Even if he’s caught off guard and the two bump into each other randomly, he will run off at the speed of light and go buy some.

Bonus: Doesn’t believe he needs a wing man, but Tenten likes to be one for him. But Lee really does need a wing man. And Tenten is not the right person for the job.

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I don't know what your beliefs are, but I do want to say thank you. Thank you for being someone who is standing firm in your beliefs; questioning people; challenging people's beliefs (nicely :), might I add) - you are literally Katherine. I just want to say I appreciate you <3 I love seeing people like you on this site.

Oh wow!!! Thank you so much for this kind message! I can’t believe you actually think I’m like Katherine! I mean, I’m trying to be, but in real life I’m quiet and shy and don’t like debating because I can never think of what to say fast enough. I made this account so I could hide behind my hero, Katherine, and pretend to be as brave as she is. I suppose that it’s brave in itself to put your honest thoughts out there, no matter how, or maybe it’s just insane? Honestly, it feels really good, even though some of my beliefs are unpopular. I try to be kind to everyone because that’s how I’d like to be treated. Thank you again so much for the wonderfully kind message! It encourages me so much to keep striving toward being Katherine in real life!


Imagine Joker breaking up with you to protect you, but he tells you that its because he hates you, so after a year, the next time he sees you, its with your new boyfriend

Joker: I hate you. And do you know why I hate you? Its because you’re a stupid, lonely, worthless bitch who no one could ever love or want to love. You’re ugly and pathetic and weird and while I  may be the Joker, the real joke is that you actually think that you would be wanted by someone.

Joker: *thinking* Is that Y/N? Wow, she looks beautiful, and sad, but still as beautiful as ev- wait who is he? WHY IS HE KISSING HER?!

Joker: Well. Guess that the real joke was on me….

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Ok been stalking u for a while now and I'm just sorta like in love like u draw like I want to draw, seriously. Like u draw how I picture things on a page and it's just so great to see that someone talented has actually put how I feel on a page bc I am too awkward and have to left hands and can't represent it myself so thanks yeah ok byeeeeee Also, you have drawn so HP stuff before (absolutely amaaaazing) and I was just wondering have u ever drawing Severus Snape?

Wow ok you just gave me all the feelings. MY HEART. IT BURNS WITH JOY AND AFFECTION FOR YOUR KINDNESS. And yeah I’m totally down to draw good old Severus, it’s more just a matter of having time 😬but I do want to draw him at some point!!

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HII, PISCES HERE, I JUST WANTED TO SAY THAT YOU'RE AMAZING ♡♡♡ 💕💕💕💐💐💐🌼🌼🌼You spend sooo much time answering people's asks and you have no idea how happy it makes all of us!! You give incredible advice and it helps us and cheers us up A LOT more than you think it does. Hun, I'm surprised you haven't taken more breaks. What you do can be exhausting! You spend so much time helping others' problems, make sure you take care of yourself too! Xoxoxo ♡♡♡

This is honestly so nice tysm !!!
 I’m like so happy whenever someone actually wants to hear my opinion or asks me for an advice because people usually don’t do that !? Or when someone tells me they like my personality ? Like ?? This potato human me ? Wow.

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Dating Neal Caffrey Would Involve...

¤ Going out on dates when he’s not working. Most of them being at semi-fancy to fancy restaurants
¤ Going to a museum at least once a month and Neal correcting all the mistakes in the tour if he knows it’s wrong
¤ Sometimes you walk him to and from work and on those days he’ll buy you food from a stand whether it be french fries, a hot dog, a smoothie, etc.
¤ Tying his tie on more than one occasion not because he needs help but because you want to
¤ He lets you wear his fedora every once in a while “How do I look?” “Beautiful.”
¤ Moz not liking you at first but eventually he talks to you and the two of you become friends “Did I ever tell you about the time Neal accidentally stole a service dog?” “He what?!” “Yeah! So we were…”
¤ When Peter met you he was surprised because ‘Wow Neal actually someone really good for him.’
¤ You and Elizabeth go out at least once a week when Peter and Neal are at work “You’ll never believe what Peter did the other day.” “What did he do now?”
¤ You got hurt once because of one of Neal’s cases and he became super overprotective after that but you reassured him you would be fine
¤ Him having multiple artworks focusing on you whether it be sketches, various forms of painting, or just plain photographs. He never lets you see them because he says he can’t do your beauty justice
¤ Having date nights in where you two just chill on the couch while you eat take out and watch tv
¤ Between the both of you, you guys have a huge collection of books. There’s not enough room on the shelves anymore so you stack them on the floor and some on the tables. “We need to invest in more shelves.” “We don’t have room for more shelves!”
¤ Being close with June because you hang out with her when Elizabeth and Neal are busy
¤ When you two had your first Christmas together, you told Neal you wanted to decorate a bit early prior to the holiday. He let you and when he came home from work he was surprised how nice it looked. He thought it would be over done and super tacky but it was kinda subtle. Christmas lights around the place, a Christmas tree, and some little odd and ends here and there. There was already gifts under the tree. “Do you like it?” “It’s amazing.”
¤ Whenever you talk about something you’re passionate about he looks at you like your the only person in the world
¤ Someone almost always interrupting your dates. “What do you need, Moz?” “I was wondering if you wanted to go and check out that new exhibit at the museum?” “Moz, I’m in a middle of a date.” “Well, bring (Y/N) along.”
¤ Going on late night walks through Central Park and sharing stories. “Did I ever tell you about the time Moz accidently stole a service dog?” “He what?!” “Yeah! So we were…”
¤ Neal is the kinda guy who would give you his jacket when you’re cold no matter how much you protest
¤ The mornings where your hair is as mess, your wearing one of his shirts and your making breakfast are the moments he lives for. He’ll wrap his arms around you and say something like “Morning, beautiful.” “Neal, I’m a mess right now.” “Even more beautiful.”
¤ Whenever Peter comes by to get Neal you always offer him something whether it be coffee, muffin, or simply water. He usually declines but the coffee at work isn’t the best according to him and Neal.

Omg wow okay last night went better than expected. POT paid me full amount plus the $200 for panties… and when I went to give him the panties he said he didn’t actually want them! He was like “what am I going to do with those? I just said I wanted them so you would meet with me” Part of me was like wtf I could have sold these to someone else… and another part of me was like whatever! Extra $200 for nothing in my pocket 💁

Man, the way some shippers talk, I feel sorry for them. Like, you don’t have friends you’d do tough shit for? You don’t have friends that would do tough shit for you? That sucks. My bff lives on the other side of the ocean, but if her life were in danger, I’d go through fire to save her. If someone was planning her doom or say wanted to falsely imprison her, I’d do what every it took to stand in the line of fire to protect her. And yet, somehow, I actually wouldn’t want or expect to fall into bed with her afterwards, cause, like, I love her like she’s my sister. If you don’t have friends like that - y’all need to get new friends. Just wow.

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wanted to draw so so much but draw very bad :P got any advise ?

wow i’m not really someone who’s actually good in giving advice but i’ll try my best!

draw,draw and just draw.

- seriously, i do this all the time when i feel bad about my art. use references of pictures or just draw a bunch of junk until you feel satisfied. even if you draw a blob or anything, -just draw!

take a pose from a book that you like,(that’s how i make progress at least)

-i used to read a lot of manga and i’ll just try and draw some of the poses and really, just try and draw,whatever the outcome is,just continue doing it!

here’s a comparison of my drawing for the past 4 years:

-kinda similar but obviously an improvement haha i was emo back then

short advice: just keep drawing and you’ll see the difference later. After a few days,months and years and i promise you that you won’t regret it!! :)

also, drawing digitally or traditionally doesn’t make any difference at your drawing at all. appreciate the materials you have and make the best of it! Good luck 💖✨

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☠ ♥ ♦ ♢ ✮☄ ☯ ☀ ☁ ☂ ☢ ☣ ❀ ✧❥ ❦ ❧ ✖ ♒❣

☠ What does someone have to do for an instant unfollow from you?

Start public shit on my dash. I literally cannot handle it. I don’t want to be involved. I don’t want to see it. I’ve been a part of it before. I’ve screwed up and started it myself before, and at this time in my life I’m avoiding it like the plague.

  ♥ What’s the WORST thing that has happened to you rp wise?

Oh my god. Uhhhhh. Wow so okay the thing I actually regret rp wise is losing one of my favorite partners due to something really stupid that could have been handled WAY better on both sides but it’s really helped me to handle things better as a person. Still, I regret losing that person as an RP partner, and I probably always will. 

♦ What was a mildly annoying thing that has happened to you rp wise?

I mean the really big thing that messes with me is because of character bleed. When people just leave Atem. It really messes him up. Or when any relationship he’s in just ends. It’s like he has no closure and it messes with me to have to deal with his pining ass. 

♢ Has anyone ever tried to steal your blog? Your headcanons? Icons? All that jazz

In short Yes. I’ve been around possibly the longest at the point and I’ve seen a lot of my hcs migrate to other Yami/Atem blogs, but it doesn’t bother me. I’m flattered, besides most of them aren’t so far fetched that people couldn’t come up with them on their own. I will however flip shit over my icons Masaya90 made them for me as a commission and I will absolutely fight someone over them, but you know how I feel about stolen art anyways <3

✮ Have you managed to stay away from drama?

AHAHAHAHAHAHA. I’m sorry give me a moment. Honestly yes. Other than the drama I have caused for myself in the past? All and all I am very careful about who I interact with. I just don’t deal with it. I ignore the “discourse” and just do what I’m here to do. That’s all I can do. 

☄ Have you ever been in the middle of drama?

Yes. I have been in the middle. And I’ve handled being in the middle badly, and I’ve tried my best to rectify my mistakes which is all anyone can do. I’ve made amends to the people I feel like I needed to make amends to and as a general rule I just ignore drama altogether now. 

☯ Have you ever tried to bring peace to a situation?

I have. Sometimes I succeed, others I have failed miserably. I’ll tell you this. I will generally always try to bring peace to things. I don’t like being at odds with anyone. It’s too much work and I’m too lazy to hold a grudge. 

☀ What’s your rp pet peeve?

Oh this is a tie, between people just putting Atem in a situation he would NEVER be in, in a starter (without discussing it with me prior) or people who don’t cut their posts and use mobile as an excuse. I am on mobile some times and I just make a new post and mention my rp partner in it so we don’t clog the dash. It’s not rocket surgery. 

☁ Have you ever forgiven a partner when you shouldn’t have?

I don’t think so mainly because if two people can work through something I think they should. I used to not think that but I’ve learned a lot and some times people just fuck up you know? So no. I don’t think I’ve ever forgiven someone when I shouldn’t have because everyone deserves another chance. 

☂ Have you ever been forgiven when you knew you shouldn’t have been?

Again, see post above <3

☢ What fads/trends are you so over?

CONTAINER BLOGS!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I have fucking unfollowed people for this shit. I understand that you want your blog to be pretty, but holy shit. Just font that’s a size 7 and I have to blow up the page like 9 times in order to read anything and most of them have the practically non existent scroll bar and AUTO PLAY fucking terrifies me. Like just please know every time I have to go on your blog and music starts out of no where you are giving me a HEART ATTACK. Just I know you think it looks pretty but before you decide on the things like that go on your blog and look at it. USE it. User friendly is a REALLY important thing guys. 

☣ Have you ever rp’d with someone you knew for a fact was abusive but tried to give them a chance/to make up your own opinion on the roleplayer? Did they change or did you understand what people were talking about?

Due to past personal experiences I like to make up my own mind about people. Honestly the best relationship came from that. Making up my own mind. A lot of really good friendships have come from that so yes, I always try to give people a chance no matter what I’ve heard, because what you hear is probably only half of the truth to being with. 

❀ What has made you completely lose your chill?

People being shitty to others on the dash publicly. And yes before anyone points a finger, I have been in on that once and it was an awful stupid idea. It doesn’t help anything. It literally doesn’t. Tearing someone up in public makes you look like a giant asshole. We have Inboxes and IM systems and a plethora of other social media so if you have an issue with someone you can talk to them like they are a person and explain your grievance and if it’s THAT big of a deal just unfollow them and block them if you need to, but there’s no reason to be Captain Asshole on the dash. No one really wants to see it and it makes everyone’s experience really uncomfortable so bottom line? Just don’t call people out publicly. 

✧ Do you agree with reblog karma or is it forced interaction?

I’m up in the air with this. I have WAY too many followers and it’s extremely frustrating to reblog a meme get 30 reblogs off said meme and get literally not one thing in my inbox from said meme. But I remind myself timezones, and maybe people don’t feel like that will work for our muses but here’s the really easy thing that you can do if that’s the case. REBLOG FROM THE SOURCE. Then people don’t get the hit that basically looks like “I don’t WANT to interact with you.” and it makes everyones lives a little better. But I REALLY support sending memes in. I have days where I will just make a post that is MEME HOUR which is if you post a meme as long as I think Atem would be down, I will send you in an ask for it. It’s really fun and it makes up for the times when I’m not on to spam peoples assboxes. 

❥ Has someone ever ruined an FC or character for you? 

Honestly someone has ruined every character for me at one time or another lol but FC I’ve got a good one. Now it wasn’t from RP but Gina Torres who is one of the prettiest people imho was RUINED for me by the show Angel. Because (SPOILER ALERT) She’s a giant pile of maggots okay? And she’s in some of my fave shows: Firely, Any Day Now, Suits. But I cannot unsee her face on Angel. She just shows up in shit and I scream. She popped up on Criminal Minds once and I just shut it off. She’s in Hannibal and I REALLY want to watch that. DAMMIT. 

❦ Has someone been jealous of you? 

Maybe, but I wouldn’t know why…I mean I’m just me. Oh! Maybe when I go to cons and meet awesome people? I’d be jealous of me then too. 

❧ Have you ever been jealous of anyone? 

Yes. There are people I get jealous of. People who get more interaction, people who are here all the time, people who are in a better time zone. So yeah, happens. 

✖ How has Tumblr RP changed since you started?

Like I said before, I think I have been here longer than most in this fandom at least the rp side and HOO BOY, things have changed a lot. Remember when we had to tag a post on the side? Remember when Missing E was the extension we all had? No? That’s because I’ve been here forever. Before this I was in the SPN fandom. So yeah. I feel like I’ve stuck around a lot longer than a lot of people. What kills me is that things have changed but not really improved? When are we going to be able to lock a post so people’s art can’t be stolen? When are we going to be able to delete a post and all clones of that post are deleted as well so someone who made a mistake 6 years ago and LEARNED from it doesn’t have to wake up with hate in their inbox every morning? 

♒ Thoughts on the fandom you’re currently rping in?

I actually really love both the fandoms I’m in right now, though both have some issues. Voltron is fucking unhinged about some shit I won’t get into because no one really cares in this fandom but HOO BOY I’m glad we don’t have that here because we literally have the same thing going on here. HA! I just thought of that. But yeah age gaps man. Just fuck everything about it. Okay done ranting about this before I get my first hate mail <3

❣ How salty are you feeling right now?

Ask Sophie she’s had to listen to me rant for the last hour about everything on this list. I just screamed about the SPN fandom confusing reality with porn for 20 minutes and then the Josh Keaton thing with his kids so yeah, pretty fucking salty that people can’t just get the fuck along.