wow someone actually wants to do that

Consider… for just a moment… chubby Katelyn…. Like her vixen outfit is a little tight and no thigh gap,, soft tummy,, soft girl,, listen:

- her fingers aren’t long and slim and she bites her nails until they bleed, but her hands are?? Adorable?? something about them that Aaron just loves,, what great place for a diamond ring, hmmm??,, ,
- she has the cutest dimples when she smiles tbh
- and right after a game,, when shes a little more out of breath than the other girls, and her cheeks are red, and her hair is falling out of her ponytail and sticking to her forehead,,
- wow im weak, what a beautiful and talented girl, I’m in love
- Aaron works out extra hard so that he can be Strong and carry her all day and give her piggyback rides because she deserves it
- once everything settles in the minyard vs minyard situation and its okay for her to hang out with the foxes more, she becomes the new designated innocent child that everyone dotes on
- The girls will take her clothes shopping and sometimes things don’t fit right and she gets sad and a little embarrassed because allison is in the dressing room with her trying to get the dress to zip up in the back but it’s just not happening
     - allison pops her head out the door and says something to Dan and then looks back and goes “this is absolutely fucking ridiculous, this dress is so cheaply put together, it’s not made to fit anyone, I bet even I couldn’t pull it off,”
     - Dan knocks and allison opens the door to take a new dress from her (it’s a little bigger) and she gives it to Katelyn while still ranting
     - “you know you almost have to go a couple sizes up just to account for the poor craftsmanship!!”
     - Katelyn knows that allison is being overdramatic to spare her feelings but she’s highkey grateful for it and this new dress?? Fits great??? And it looks hella cute on her?? So it’s a win/win
- hear me out,, I’ve learned some tricks for feeling good about yourself when you’re a little bigger and I’m here to tell you that Katelyn’s hair is long. like it frames her face perfectly and ends somewhere below her boobs, and its just kind of all over the place and in the way all the time but she doesn’t have the heart to cut it anymore
- she goes walking with Neil some mornings, and one time they walked passed this guy who started harassing her about her weight and she tried to just ignore him but Neil was NOT HAVING IT, he had to explain his bruised knuckles to Andrew later
     - Aaron overheard what happened and now he doesn’t hate Neil quite as much

- anyway yeah just,,,, consider chubby Katelyn,, please,

what i thought when i watched  “ a date with markiplier “ video

  • wait … we can choose our story 
  • wow … i actually have a valentine date this year 
  • that chef does not look friendly 
  • romance or horror ? you mean love or death right 
  •  looks like i am gonna spend the rest of the day finding all the endings
  • oops i accidentally killed mark
  • well looks like dark is my date now
  • wait .. is that Tyler with mark on his face ? 
  • wait whAt ?!? nooo i wanted to marry mark for real 
  • could you imagine dating mark ? 
  • nice pony tail mark 
  • LET . HIM . DIG . THE . GOD . DAMN . HOLE 
  • it litterily 10 min of this , help 
  • “ let me see what in your pants “ “ excuse me ? “ 
  • wow i actually killed someone 
  • “ looks like you choose wrong “  “ naaah i’m good “ 
  • sooooo are we gonna talk about tyler’s ass ? 
  • oops killed mark again 
  • FIRST RULE OF HORROR MOVIES : never . split . up 
  • am i the only one who tapped the screen like an idiot 
  • did i mention i killed mark 
  • wait , i am  allergic to peanut butter AND tuna , HEELP 
  • DAMN IT ! i knew i was a dog all along 
  • *sigh* what the hell was in that dinner 
If you’ve had 4 glasses of wine and you keep checking your phone with that 1% of hope that he’s as drunk as you and he’s going to text you, you’re not over him.
If you find excuses to drive through his neighborhood, you’re not over him.
If he still crosses your mind every time you post a snapchat and you check to see if he watches it, you’re not over him.
When are you going to learn that telling yourself you don’t care won’t work?
Why is it so hard to accept the fact that something is over and grieve it then forget about it and move on?
What are you going to do when you get drunk and break down and tell him you miss him and he doesn’t respond?
You can pretend you’re over it as much as you want but you’re not actually over it until someone mentions his name and you can honestly say “wow I haven’t thought about him in a while, I wonder what he’s up to.” And until that point, it’s all acting. Just because you don’t talk to him anymore or you stopped throwing yourself at him, it doesn’t mean you don’t still want to. That’s the difference between pretending to be over him and actually being over him. You have to genuinely not want to care about this person anymore. And that’s the impossible part.

One of my least favorite things about our love-and-sex obsessed culture, is that I can’t actually hang out with anyone. If I go “hey wow you’re cool do you want to hang out sometime,” it always sounds like I’m asking them out. And as an ace person, I’m not?? i really don’t want to? please don’t date me I just want friendship??

So, I propose that we scrap the idea of asking strangers on dates, and institute “friendship dates.” You give out your number to someone who looks cool (wearing a geeky t-shirt, overheard them talking about something you like, etc) and then you invite them out with some other friends of yours and have a good time.

Am I wrong, or can we please just have some, like, platonic relationships? For once?

I feel like having a lack of empathy is misunderstood by a lot of people. I still feel my own emotions as strongly as anyone, but with other people, it’s more that I can just sort of recognize their feelings rather than feel for them.

I wish I could feel empathy, I wish I could flip a switch and turn it on and off as I please, because as it stands now, I can’t really connect with people. All I can do is analyze behavior and mannerisms, and even when I figure out their emotions from that, I don’t know what to do next. If it’s a situation I can relate to, I can go, “Oh I remember how that felt for me, so wow this must be rough for you,” but beyond that I’m kind of lost. I’ll feel sympathy for someone, I can feel sorry for them, but I don’t actually feel sad for them. I won’t lose any sleep over it, I’ll just go, “wow sucks for them, if I can help I will but if I can’t then oh well.”

People say they don’t want your pity, but there’s really nothing more I can give them.

I don’t think people understand why we’re collectively angry about the way joseph’s route went. Honestly, it would have been nice for an actual christian whose an authority of the church to come to grips with his sexuality and decide that yeah that’s ok and that he can still be a christian regardless. 

Also, none of the twists make sense narrative wise. Up to this point, we’ve been lead to believe that Mary is not only a neglectful drunk but is also a cheater (while not physically cheating flirting with anyone is still considered a form of cheating my dudes). So, why would you paint her as the victim in the end. 

This trope has been played here and back and it’s not only boring, but it makes no sense for the character to be this way. You can say “Oh you’re taking this too personally”, well damn right I am and here’s why:

1) The way Mary was initially depicted reminded me quite a bit of my mother. Someone who cheats on her marriage without any regards to how her family might feel and seems to be very distant and emotionally cold to them. Do you know how rare it is to see a woman like that depicted in a negative light. Call it me projecting my anger, but I was looking forward to a woman like this getting her comeuppance when women actually being abusive and manipulative is so often glossed over and they so often get away with it. I wanted this to be a thing for once

2) I’m so tired of seeing the “wow you thought this person was actually nice lol we’ll show you. That’s what you get for trusting people” trope played to death. This twist came out of left field. It’s also majorly ooc for a guy we seen had been absolutely adoring and caring of his family and patient with his wife. 

3) This is fairly damaging to people like me who grew up in a conservative household with a mostly religious family who were of course kind of homophobic. I thought it would be nice to see representation of a religious man whose lgbt and still decides that he can be lgbt and still be religious. Do you realize how impactful that would have been.

But no instead of a positive narrative about a kind and cool youth minister whose coming to grips with years of internalized homophobia and learning to slowly accept himself and work through realizing that yeah his family is not perfect and he needs to go after what’s best for him and his kids we got whatever this was. But yeah sure judge us for flipping our shit over this crappy twist and all the implications it holds.

V/Jihyun Normal End

Hey y'all sit the fuck down and let me educate you on why Jihyun Kims normal end isn’t that good of an ending(in my opinion) and why it shouldn’t be glorified and specifically WHY IT’S NOT the good ending cause I’m tired of seeing people saying they wish the normal end was the good end cause it’s so much better when it really is n o t

We learn in Jihyun’s route that he actually wanted to be an artist/painter but he was never confident enough to pursue these dreams, and Jumin suggested photography to him. He was also trained by his father to believe that he WAS going to take over as heir to their business. From a young age, this boy was deprived of a loving family and made into someone with little to no confidence. As we know this affects him into adulthood.

If you couldn’t tell, Jihyun goes through A LOT of character development in his route. Especially through his good end. More on that later though. The normal end may look “cute,” well to me it’s not cute, but if you think of character development and look at that end you would see, oh wow, there’s little to no development in a positive way.

Jihyun doesn’t know how to love in a healthy way. Repeat that with me, Jihyun does not know how to love in a healthy way. Even in the normal end. ESPECIALLY in the normal end actually. 

Someone, please remind me when Jihyun Kim EVER mentioned wanting to be a musician? Because I swear, no one ever talks about that. Jihyun never says he wants to be a musician, he never says he wants any career based upon music, and neither does anyone else ever mention it. We do however, see a lot/learn a lot of his passion for art/painting/drawing in specifics. Why do you think in his good end he starts painting? Cause that is what he really wanted. Because he actually has the CONFIDENCE to do it.

In his normal end- he is a musician. He is STILL not doing what he wants. He still isn’t confident enough to paint/draw, and share it with people. He still feels like he CAN’T. 

Even in his normal end- there’s a point where he says, “I know I don’t really deserve you,” 

Which is so fucking sad to me- Like no. The Good end has him telling you, “I want to love you, as I LOVE MYSELF,” Which means so much; he is telling you he LOVES himself, and he realizes it’s not a point of WORTH, but a point of loving you, and himself.

He says, “I believe in you. I will. I should believe in you. Who else should I believe?” Like baby- you believe in yourself also. He shouldn’t feel like he has to force himself into believing in what you say- because he doesn’t know who else to believe- I just…

Another thing in his normal end that stuck out to me is when MC asks him, “What is our relationship?” and Jihyun responds with, “We’re in love.” And yes, he says more then this, such as “We treasure each other as much as we treasure ourselves,” etc, etc. But the point is- is MC had to ask this. You don’t even get an option to not ask “what is our relationship?” You have to ask- and he already has it all set up in his head. 

“We’re in love.” “We seek true happiness together.” “We treasure each other…” 

It is similar to how he would remind himself, he DID love Rika, and they were IN LOVE, and she was his HAPPINESS. It’s instilling what he wants to think- it’s just like how he and Rika fed off one another, and forced themselves into believing things cause that was all they knew how to do. 

There shouldn’t be a question as to what relationship they have. It shouldn’t be a question- but in the normal end, it is, and it’s a question you can’t refuse to ask.

Also I believe he still goes by V in his normal end? In his Good End, he wants to be known as Jihyun. He is Jihyun Kim, a boy who is confident, and does what he wants because it’s actually what he wants, he isn’t hiding anymore. He is Jihyun Kim the Painter.

The good end shows you that Jihyun KNOWS what he wants- and he isn’t forcing himself into anything. He becomes a painter, and does what HE wants because he feels confident enough in himself. Those two years in between were what he NEEDED. He took the time to figure himself out, to actually learn to love himself, and in turn love others they way they should be loved. He loves MC as he loves himself, it is so good, and such good character development I can’t even begin to fucking tell you oh my god.

This fandom literally is so thirsty that they prefer the ending that gives them the most, quote on quote, fluff. Ffs.

TL;DR, The Normal End is not the Good End because where is all that character development? It’s barely there- and I’m tired of people wishing it was the Good End because of a fucking CG and some “fluff.”  Thank you and good night.

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Hey Viria, don't take this the wrong way cause you're probably my favorite Tumblr user but, you could be a little nicer to your followers. They simply ask for a request you could just do one or two here and there instead of being incredibly rude. I get it, it's your blog do what you want with it, I'm just saying. It's seems like a lot of people are getting mad at you about it. Don't take this the wrong way please, I love you Senpai!

uh. sorry, if my answer will seem rude to you, but UH.

Of course, for my followers it’s very simple to ask for a request. Or two. Or a dozen. considering how many messages I get sometimes try to understand that really many of them are actually requests. And the fact that people think that drawing is so ‘simple’ just seems so..okay, honestly, kind of offensive. like you said I ‘could do one or two here and there instead of being incredibly rude’.

But, I have a question for you. Why do you think denying people is rude? Grasp the idea that I absolutely do not own to draw anyone anything. Selfish thing to say, but I draw to please myself, on the first place. It’s incredibly nice when someone compliments you for it, really. And I appreciate it. But you know this thing when someone compliments you a lot and then completely naturally the message just transforms into a request?

Like, wow I love you and your art so much and you’re so incredible can you please draw me a simple picture of a certain character thank xoxo

I don’t know how, but I came to the terms when it makes me very..upset and mad at the same time. ESPECIALLY, when I refuse and I get people saying me that there’s no need being so ‘rude’ and telling me that it’s not even so hard to draw this person a picture.


just. AGH. it makes me angry even thinking about it.

Back then, whenever I drew anything for anyone (and wow there were the times I actually DID requests), it was always super stressful for me. It’s one thing when you draw for yourself and you screw up, but completely different when you draw for someone else and you just have to make it better, and you want this person to actually like it, and THAT’S A WHOLE DAMN LOT OF PRESSURE when you think that THEY MIGHT NOT LIKE IT in the end and get disappointed with you. That’s the last damn thing I want to do and feel, I get enough stress from studying and life, thank you.

I do not want to draw for people I don’t know, I do not want to draw the characters I don’t know and therefore do not have any emotional connection with, I do not want to spend my personal time on it. I do not. want. to do it. And it’s normal.

you do not come to a seamstress you admire and just ask them to make you a free simple dress, do you? That would be a rude and disrespectful thing to do, wouldn’t it? THEN, WHY. IS IT. DIFFERENT. WITH ARTISTS?

I’d understand people’s frustration if they were asking for requests and there was literally zero information about it on my page, and whenever I get mad I’d understand why they are upset on me reacting this way, because they didn’t know it and just asked, and I blew up on them for nothing.

But there is information about it, though no one ever seem to bother to actually open it and read it. Or, I don’t know, they still think that asking ‘won’t hurt’.

I know a lot of people ask about it very nicely, and I really do understand where it’s coming from, but if someone doesn’t do requests, then do not force your opinions about it on them. If they chose not to do them, for whatever reason, just leave them alone and accept it without calling them rude because they, WHOA, decline people’s wishes. how awful of them.

If you think someone is better than you in something, it does. not. mean. it’s easy for them to make something that impresses you.

phew, sorry for the huge rant but I had to let it out. And, I guess, sorry for being rude…again. *It wasn’t all directed to you specifically, don’t take it this way, it’s generally the ‘message to people’. *

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Oooo, can you talk about how the Lion switch reflects the relationships between the paladins who originally owned those Lions and the new ones?

Okay so let’s start with Allura and Blue vs. Allura and Lance.

Allura’s impression of Lance at the beginning of the series was not favorable. While it’s hard to put specific words to it, she has a kind of dismissive attitude for a lot of Lance’s behavior- it’s not important, she has big important things to worry about right now like, y’know, the loss of her entire planet and Sendak potentially coming to kick the door down.

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More gay divorcee au pls bc I wanna see how it goes when Tony meets his Army neighbors (also I want someone, preferably Pepper/Tony, punching Ty)

Tony was trying very hard not to cry.

Last night he’d gotten a call from Ty—from Stone. He’d been too scared to pick it up, had let it go to voicemail. When he’d finally gotten the courage to listen to the message, it had been nothing but vitriol, telling him that he was nothing, that he’d regret leaving, he’d never make it alone and he’d ruin Peter just like Howard had ruined him. Tony had saved the message with shaking fingers and sent a text to Pepper about it to tell his lawyer for the restraining order, because she—she was being an amazing friend and handling that for him while his world fell down around his ears.

With the voicemail, he hadn’t been able to sleep well. He’d tossed and turned with nightmares of Stone getting custody of Peter, of Tony only being allowed to see him sparingly, of seeing bruises on Peter’s little body and Peter’s accusing eyes, as if to say ‘you could have prevented this.’ And then those nightmares were interspersed with memories of the gaslighting Stone had had made him suffer throughout their entire relationship, telling Tony he was being silly or overreacting and laughing about it, and memories of the times Stone had hit him and then apologized and made Tony feel like it was his fault, like he’d been asking for it.

Then Peter had woken up with an earache and Tony had had to give him medicine and Peter hated taking medicine. Peter would spit out pills if they were given to him, and any attempt at giving him liquid medicine ended up with more of the dose on Peter’s clothes than in his mouth. Tony had finally had to cave and mix it in with some chocolate milk, and Peter had eyed him suspiciously the entire time he drank it because he knew he wasn’t supposed to have chocolate milk except for as dessert.

Once he’d set Peter down to play in his playpen, Tony had realized that he hadn’t done any yard work the past two weeks and stressed about that until he could put Peter down for his nap. He didn’t like to leave Peter alone but he knew he’d never be able to get anything done if he had to watch Peter outside, that dread that someone was watching them and reporting back to Stone always leaving him short of breath and with a cold sweat.

And now the fucking lawnmower wouldn’t work and Tony should have been able to fix it but he just couldn’t figure out what was wrong and Peter would surely wake from his nap soon—Tony took a shuddering breath and lifted his arm to press the back of his wrist against one eye, fingers covered with oil and muck. He would not cry. It was just a fucking lawnmower. It was just fucking yard work. He had bigger problems, like his divorce and getting custody of Peter and designing the next big thing for green energy.

“…Why me,” Tony whispered to himself, deciding that he could feel sorry for himself just for a minute.

“Hey!” someone called, and Tony leapt to his feet, skittering backward. He took a moment to wish he had his handgun to protect himself with and nearly crumpled with despair at the thought, because he hadn’t—he hadn’t used to think of protecting himself first thing, especially not with deadly force.

The blond guy from across the street stared at him, wide-eyed. “Oh my God, I’m so—I’m so sorry, I thought you heard me coming up.”

“Oh.” Tony hunched his shoulders, embarrassed, wanting to scuttle back inside and hide. “No, I—I didn’t.”

“I can see that,” Blond Guy said, still looking very apologetic. “I just noticed you’d been out here a long time and—Oh, is this Colonel Rhodes’s lawnmower? It hasn’t worked in months.”

“O-oh?” Tony asked hopefully, because he’d worried he’d just—been too stupid to figure it out. Logically he’d known better, but after years of Ty telling him he was—well.

“Yeah, he’s been borrowing ours,” Blond Guy replied, shrugging.

Tony could probably fix it, if he had the time to worry about it instead of worrying about when Peter would wake up and if Ty had sent anyone to keep an eye on them. Hell, if he’d known about it before Rhodey left, he would have been able to fix it while Rhodey kept an eye on Peter. Tony sagged a little, feeling defeated. He didn’t have the mental stamina to deal with this now.

Blond Guy frowned at him for a long moment before thrusting his hand out. “I’m Steve, by the way. Steve Rogers.”

“Tony.” Tony held his hand out, saw the oil still smeared on it, and shame-facedly began to draw it back. “Oh, uh, sorry—”

Steve grabbed his hand anyway to shake it. “’s fine. I’ve had worse on my hands. It’s not like I wow that was a bad idea this is so much oil.”

“Yeah,” Tony said, reluctantly amused.

“My friends tell me I’m uselessly impulsive,” Steve offered. “Listen, I usually mow Colonel Rhodes’s lawn for him while he’s gone anyway. I’ll just keep doing that, okay?”

“Oh, um, okay,” Tony said, torn between the desire to insist he could do it himself and the relief that he didn’t have to worry about this particular responsibility. “I, um—Rhodey left me some money, I can pay you—”

“Nah,” Steve said immediately. “No, it’s fine. I was gonna do it anyway. Colonel Rhodes lets me sketch his hydrangeas sometimes so I figure it’s only fair.”

Tony stared at him for a moment. “Is. Is that a euphemism?”

“What,” Steve said blankly, and then turned as red as a blotchy tomato. “Oh my God, no! I mean, no. I’m an artist.”

“Oh,” Tony said, because he never would have guessed. Steve looked more like someone who punched Nazis in the face and then bench-pressed a wheelbarrow full of kittens with each arm when he was finished than a guy who liked to draw flowers. Tony found that… rather charming, actually. “I see. That’s nice.”

“Yup, I love working on florals,” Steve agreed proudly. “My boyfriend has some of my handiwork on his body, too!”

Oh, a boyfriend. Steve looked so happy. Tony felt a jealous pang, sick and bitter, at the bottom of his stomach. Tony wished he could be happy like that. Looking back, he’d never been as proud to say ‘my boyfriend’ or ‘my husband’ when he talked about Ty as Steve did talking about his boyfriend right now. Maybe he’d known, even then, that Stone wasn’t good to him. Maybe Howard had damaged him more than he’d thought.

“I—” Tony cleared his throat. “I have to go check on Peter. Maybe—maybe you’d like to do art together sometime?”

Tony wanted to throw up as soon as he’d suggested it. Steve was—Steve was probably busy. And he was an actual artist, not someone who finger-painted and drew stick figures. Steve was a young handsome guy with a boyfriend. Why would he want to spend time with a soon-to-be-divorcee and a toddler when he probably had an equally handsome boyfriend and an apparently lucrative art business? God, Tony didn’t even want to be friends with himself right now.

“Sure,” Steve said brightly. “I love doing art with kids. They’re so creative.”

Tony couldn’t help a smile. That was so nice. “Yeah, Petey-Bird’s the next da Vinci.”

Steve raised his eyebrows, impressed. “Really? Wow. Peter must be really smart.”

“Y-yes?” Tony fought the urge to shrink again. He thought Peter was smart, but he was his dad, it was probably—he was very biased.

Steve beamed at him. “I’d like to meet him sometime. Just let me know when a good time is and I’ll see what I can do!”

“Okay,” Tony agreed cautiously. “…Okay, yeah. Not—not this week, but, um, maybe next-?”

“Sure! Just go ahead and give us a knock when you decide on a time, okay? Bucky might answer and he’s got a bit of a resting bitch face but he’s actually—well, no, I’m not gonna lie, he’ll probably be a little gruff when he answers the door. He’s got a gooey caramel center in there somewhere.”

Tony did not say ‘that’s horrifying’ but only because he was literally too horrified to do so. “Okay.”

“Great!” Steve enthused. “I’ll talk to you later, then!”

Tony smiled awkwardly, nodding, before putting the lawnmower back together as best he could and shoving it back in the garage. He promised it that when this was all over and his life wasn’t in shambles anymore, he would spend some time fixing it.

Tony was giving Peter some peanut butter crackers when he heard the roar of a lawnmower. He smiled. “Steve’s mowing our lawn, Pumpkin Eater.”

“D’eve!” Peter garbled around the crackers, throwing his arms up cheerfully.

“Yup, Steve,” Tony repeated, walking over to the window so Peter could see him and put a name to a face.

He choked when he saw that Steve had foregone a shirt in the heat. Jesus Christ that was a lot of muscles.

Bucky sighed and flopped onto the couch face-first.

“Hi,” Steve said, looking up from his sketchbook. “Long day?”

“Fuck off.”

Steve frowned and set his sketchbook aside to walk over to him, beginning to rub his back. “What’s wrong?”

“Fucking Rumlow tried to hire me to keep an eye on his asshole client’s husband.”

“You don’t work with Rumlow anymore,” Steve pointed out calmly, still heated about how Rumlow’s checks for Bucky’s prior work kept conveniently getting lost in the mail. “Tell me you turned him down.”

Bucky jerked his head up. “I said he tried, not that he got me to do it.”

“Good,” Steve began, then frowned. “Oh.”

That meant he didn’t have a job then. Rumlow was doing his level best to make sure no one else hired Bucky as a private investigator. Bucky was the best at what he did but when he realized that Rumlow was using his information to hurt other people, he’d stopped working for him. Rumlow hadn’t taken that particularly well. Steve’s comic was selling pretty steadily but without Bucky’s paychecks their monthly budget was getting kind of tight. Bucky would probably be pissed that Steve had turned down Tony’s offer of money for the lawn—

“No, I got a job,” Bucky grumbled. “It’s from Natasha though. She’s the only one that hasn’t hopped on the ‘Barnes is a menace and a liar’ train.”

“Well,” Steve began, then stopped awkwardly. Sometimes Natasha and Bucky were the best of friends and sometimes they were at each others’ throats. He didn’t really understand most days, and he didn’t know what their relationship was right now. “Well,” he said again. “That’s something, right?”

“Protection detail,” Bucky whined. “I’m supposed to keep anyone her client’s husband might hire away from her client’s house.”

“Oh,” Steve said. Bucky hated protection details. He had been to jail for protection details and had sometimes failed to be bailed out by his clients. “Oh, well—you can, you can still say no—”

“No, I took it,” Bucky sighed, sitting up. “I need to do something. And Natasha said it’s for a personal friend of hers. If she thinks one of her friends needs protecting, then…” He tilted his head a little. “Well, she’s paying me good money for it. And she said she’ll owe me one for it on top of that.”

“Oh wow,” Steve said, because Natasha owing them one? That would be good for a rainy day, honestly. “Okay. Who are you protecting? How long is the detail? Will you be gone long?”

“Honestly after the shit day I had I was kinda avoiding looking at it,” Bucky admitted.

Steve got up to grab his satchel and pulled the thick case file from it. “Gotta love how thorough she is.”

“I guess. Can you read it to me, hon’? I’d really like to just lie here a little while longer,” Bucky sighed, flopping back onto the couch.

Steve nodded. “Yeah, sure.”

“You’re the best, babe,” he murmured, smiling a little. He waited a few minutes for Steve to start reading to him, then frowned when he didn’t, opening his eyes to look at him. “Steve? Doll? You okay?”

Steve stared at the file a little longer before dragging his eyes up to him, horrified. “This—this is Tony. The neighbor that Colonel Rhodes wanted us to keep an eye on? Because his husband’s a huge dick and might go after him because of his divorce?”

“Gimme!” Bucky barked, holding his hand out for the file, and didn’t bitch when Steve tucked his chin on his shoulder so he could read it too.

Tony Stark owned an electronics company that was branching out into green energy, a very lucrative business. He also had various stocks and bonds left to him by his parents’ estate, and an adorable two-year-old named Peter of whom they’d just finalized their adoption. Tiberius Stone had signed a prenup, and when Tony had served him with divorce papers, had decided to do his level best to drag it out and drain every inch of money he could from Tony, finding a judge either sympathetic enough or easily bribed enough to entertain it.

Natasha had been brought in by Pepper Potts, Tony’s assistant-slash-business-partner-slash-best-friend, the moment she caught wind of it. That was good, because Natasha already hated Rumlow, Stone’s lawyer, and loved going at it in the courts with him. Bucky felt his heart sink in his chest a little, because for all intents and purposes, the only thing Tony had ever done wrong was marry the wrong person, but Rumlow was going to hire someone to get information to make Tony look unfit and awful—Bucky knew that from experience.

“I’ll just hafta stay on my toes, ‘s all,” Bucky decided firmly.

Tony had enough cards stacked against him, but if Natasha thought he was worth protecting? If Colonel Rhodes thought he was worth protecting? He’d do it. Natasha was morally gray sometimes but she was freakishly protective of her friends, and Colonel Rhodes was a good man—if he thought Tony was worth protecting, Bucky believed him.

Besides, Steve had already told him how much Tony obviously loved his son. Bucky had always been pretty weak when it came to parents that loved their children anyway.

Let’s talk about individual fans (not solo fans) and no i’m not using stans because stans is the shortening for stalker fans for everyone who didn’t know. Let’s begin.

Namjoon Fans:

Quiet af. Barely notice them in the comment sections of videos but when they show up, they always have this long ass paragraph informing y’all that’s he’s the best and that there wouldn’t be a bts without their leader. Full of praises.

Nothing bad to say. Don’t have time for the bullshit drama. Can be deep af and confuse people like their bias. 70% of the time knows what’s happening in the videos. Keeps up with namjoon with all the books and reading. (How?) Brain for days.

Yoongi Fans:

Same as Namjoon fans but can be loud af when they want to. Agust D is their God. Highkey inherits their biases savageness. Doesn’t have time for the fandom drama unless someone brings up yoongi’s rap skills. Seems hard on the outside but are really soft on the inside. Actually teddy bears (some of the time). 

They’re like namjoon fans, y’all barely hear them but when you do - kills you-  like wow. (Other fans take notes) No complaints.

Jungkook Fans:

Loud af. Is literally everywhere. Puts Jungkook on that high af throne but truly knows what a soft hearted sensitive person he is. Knows the stress he goes through because of people always having high standards of him. 

BUT also have a set of toxic fans that wants jungkook on top of everything even when he’s not. Doesn’t care what anyone says, jungkook is this best.

And ps. There’s a difference when you say he’s the best in the group and he’s the best for me. Y’all know he ain’t the best so stop fighting jhope and jimin fans and say that he his. Just say he’s the best for you and move along. He won’t be the top in everything. chill.

He has extremely soft fans ‘bunny’

and the extremely hard fans ‘daddy’

Seokjin fans: 

Started becoming loud as of 2016 to as of date. More than half of the mv’s of bts are now filled with “Give Jin more lines” Highkey ruining everything for everyone else. We get it, jin needs his lines but we are not bighit. We have said countless time to email them, we even gave their email. We’re not saying y’all can’t complain but ya’ll are doing more complaning than appreciating his vocals for crying out loud. Stop jumping down everyone’s throat when they tell y’all to chill a little!

Y’all were literally the nicest people. Now y’all are going around tearing down the maknae line like what? yes, I see everything y’all do. 

There is literally barely any hard fans on their part. Y’all are too innocent or are y’all hiding.

Jimin Fans:

On the damn quiet side as well but y’all need to speak the fuck up. Everytime time one of you speak up, y’all get shut down by the toxic fans and let them walk all over you. I feel bad for y’all.

It’s literally like ‘Jimin’s voice is heavenly!’ and the replies ‘Can you appreciate the other members too.’‘Jimin is not the only one in bts.’‘Jimins voice is terrible how can it be heavenly. (like woooow)

And y’all know who i’m talking about. 

And jhope fans, stop fighting with Jimin fans for the love of God, they’re both great. I saw a Jimin fan say that although jhope was great, Jimin was the best for them (not the best but the best for them) and y’all literally jumped down their fucking throat, some even degrading like why? 


PS. Don’t fuck with the jimin protection squad. They exist. Presidents are Jungkook and Taehyung. 

Hoseok Fans:

Were once quiet (hah. They don’t know that word.) LOUD AF. WILL LOUD YOU THE HELL UP IF YOU TRY TO DISRESPECT. If jungkook fans have the ‘Golden Maknae’ they have the ‘Golden hyung’ 

Will go from soft and innocent, worshipping the sunshine that is hoseok to immediately getting a boner as soon as he starts dancing.

They’ve been slowly following the ‘need more lines’ train. Got you wondering if they share biases with jin. Makes alot of ‘JHOPE APPRECIATION’ post. Other than that, they’re not a problem. They good. 

Have a decent amount of hard and soft fans.

Taehyung Fans:

Sorry to say but y’all need to chill the hell out. For some damn reason, The toxic ones that do the most hating on the other members are from the bad side of y’all. From saying that Tae is the visual or should’ve been the visual, not jin to saying that Tae should be the main vocal instead of Jungkook and laughing at Jimin’s voice in house of cards (I SAW Y’ALL under the comments on Taehyung’s focus.Not even lowkey abou it.) That’s not cool or funny. 

Praise your bias but dragging the members down when they mess up saying their awful or not that good looking is putting a bad image of yall. Not to mention, most toxic vkook fans are from y’all side. (yes, I know jungkook’s side has too but damn.

Now, don’t get me wrong y’all are sweet and love tae for all his weirdness. Praise him when it’s needed. Y’all will dominate the internet but y’all need to get a handle on them toxics because they got too cocky and they’re not painting a good image for y’all. 


ALSO. THIS HYUNG LINE VS MAKNAE LINE FAN DRAMA NEEDS TO END. Y’all fighting for what? More drama happens in this fandom than outside of it. 

P freaking S: I’m aware every side has their fair share of toxics. Some more than others. I’m not talking about the few or one and two, I’m talking about the more prominent ones so don’t come butt hurt for what I said.

Have a nice day 😇  

anonymous asked:

Keith and 70, something fluffy please hihi (love your blog btw! hope you have a great day!)

Shsjjsjsksksks this is kind of bad but it was written very quickly because I’m trying to be a bit more active!!

Also someone please draw this I’m begging

“Listen, Keith, I don’t think this is a good idea! Why don’t we just wait for Allura and she can do it!? I’m sure she’ll know what to do a lot more than us!” You held your hands to his biceps, and pleaded.

“Y/n, calm down.” He pinched the bridge of his nose and resisted snapping at you, he was becoming frustrated.

“Wait! Maybe Coran knows? I know very well the others don’t! Actually, let’s wait for Shiro I’m sure he has experience in this!”

“Do you trust me?”

“Of course I trust you Keith.” You sighed, rolling your eyes.

“Then let me do this, okay?” He put his hands up lightly at you, waving them a bit, and he sat you down on a stool.

You crossed your arms across your chest and huffed, tapping your foot lightly against the ground and groaning.

You heard a snip and tried your best not to flinch. Keith’s hand came into view from over your shoulder as he held a chunk of your hair in front of your face.

“Ohhhh nooooo, I already regret this!” You grasped the hair and held it in your palm, pouting and pouting.

You began to become a bit more relaxed, but so help you if you look into the mirror and Keith gave you a mullet you will forever despise him.

It took about an hour or two to finish, at least that’s what it felt like. But Keith covered your eyes with his hands and led you over to the mirror.

Your eyes were shut very tight, so even when he removed his hands you still couldn’t see a thing, and you were very afraid to see it in the first place.

Keith sighed, explaining to you that everything would be fine. But before you actually gained the courage to open your eyes, Allura came in.

“Y/n, the search for those herbs and plants you needed is complete, just let me know if you nee- OH MY!”

Allura gasped, her eyes wide as she stared at you.

Immediately, you breathed out, turned on your heel toward Keith, and stared him straight in the eyes.

“You have 5 ticks….to get out of my sight…” Your eyes were shut, trying to calm yourself as Keith backed up and fell to the ground after slamming his heel against the stool.

“No wait! It’s not bad! Don’t hurt Keith, it’s fine really!” Allura shouted a bit too loud, causing everyone else in the castle to come in.

“Wow! Might as well invite the rest of the universe in!”

You turned again and stared in the mirror, pure shock and wonder running through you because how in the hell, did he do this?!

“Okay, wow, uh, Keith, what the hell?”

“What? Do you not like it?” He titled his head.

“No, actually I love it! Just, since when could you do this?”

“I lived alone for a good chunk of time, Y/n,” he stood from the floor and dusted his legs off.

“I didn’t want hair down to my ankles.” He chuckled and wiped some strands of hair from your shoulders.

You smiled and hugged him, later on going along with the rest of your day as usual, getting an occasional compliment from someone.


Lance fucking chuckling like no tomorrow in the back and just,,,, “he can do that to her hair but not his own,,, fukcingn mullletT.” And Shiro just elbowing him like shut the fuck up he did his best

fandoms-stoll-my-life  asked:

Can you do the RFA + V with an MC who CANNOT sleep in a house alone. Like she's paranoid about someone breaking in, watching her in her sleep, etc. So by the party she's sleep deprived and close to passing out.

Wow look at cat mom actually doing stuff!! Much productive such write!! Sorry for not being active lately due to some personal matters and overall crappy health, but I promise to try my best from now on.

Onto your request: Yikes I want to wrap this MC in a blanket and put her to sleep like omg who gives a damn about this party lol. Anyways, here you go, love! I ignored everything that happened in each party because that would’ve changed… well, your entire request, especially in certain routes. Just think of it as a neutral party? Taking Jaehee’s route as an example.

- Admin Cat Mom.


  • the moment is perfect and this baby boy is more than ready to become a Manly Man and give you that well-deserved kiss you both have been waiting for.
  • and he’s going for it, he wraps his arms around you and leans in for a kiss, but right before closing his eyes he notices how drained you look.
  • the bags under your eyes can be seen from space oh dear god.
  • of course the stupid kiss doesn’t matter anymore.
  • and he beats himself up for not noticing it before?
  • immediately starts interrogating you.
  • sweetie you’re not helping let poor MC at least process the questions.
  • instead of answering any of them, you mumble something unintelligible and hold tightly to his arms.
  • you got like two hours of sleep last night, your eyelids are heavy and your whole body feels like jelly so you’re thankful for the extra support.
  • but while your busy letting yourself go in his arms, he straight up freaks out because—are you passing out right now, MC?
  • oh god oH GOD PLEASE DON’T.
  • once he takes you somewhere quiet, gets you a chair, and makes certain you’re somewhat more stable, he squats down in front of you and holds your hand, stroking it softly as he listens to what’s been troubling you.
  • if only he would’ve known sooner…
  • “I’m so sorry you had to go through that by yourself, MC.”
  • you can see true anguish in every corner of his face.
  • after a brief discussion with the rest of RFA, he offers to take you home and promises to stay with you until you feel better.
  • and even though he doesn’t say this out loud, he would gladly, ahem, sleep right next to you if it’ll make you feel safe and sound.


  • this place is so crowded and noisy and holY SHIT you look like you’re dying, MC, what the hell happened?
  • he’s eavesdropping on you and it’s quite evident you’re trying your best to make conversation with guests but you’re so disconnected from everything, stuttering and fidgeting and spacing out.
  • so he approaches you and carefully places a hand on your shoulder to help you out a little and pull you back to earth.
  • and… you startle at his touch and screech, he screeches as well and backs up, everybody goes quiet, things get awkward, suddenly the concept of spontaneous combustion sounds nice and fitting.
  • in order to avoid making things worse, though, he smiles for the guests, suggests them to try the food and takes you somewhere less crowded.
  • it’s not really a pleasant talk because you feel so dizzy and you’re afraid he may start nagging you for not getting enough sleep.
  • yet not surprisingly enough, he gets mad at everyone but you.
  • he’s mad at seven and v for leaving you all alone in someone else’s apartment and refusing to reveal your location
  • what was the point of that anyway?
  • he’s also mad at himself for not being there for you.
  • and while he rattles on and on about RFA’s irresponsible and careless members, your legs start feeling heavy and your vision gets blurry.
  • whoops, there goes MC who is now all passed out on the floor.
  • OH SHIT.
  • nope nope nope he’s getting you out of there rIGHT NOW.
  • not a chance he’s letting you stay at the party, you need a good ol’ beauty sleep to recharge and get better.


  • she’s been in your position more times than she can count.
  • it’s pretty obvious she recognizes all the signs of a sleep deprived individual.
  • and she’s honestly the sweetest and most caring of them all?
  • like honey, you’ve done more than enough for this huge success of a party, you’re even trying to socialize and interact with guests while struggling to stand and walk.
  • everything’s been taken care of and the guys are handling the party just fine, you don’t need to worry and you’re going home right. now.
  • because having you wander around while close to passing out could do more harm than you leaving early.
  • when she mentions driving you somewhere nearby rika’s apartment so you can get some sleep, your face immediately drops.
  • oh…?
  • she’s quick to pick up your reaction and asks for an explanation.
  • after you provide her one, she deadpan nods and grabs you by the arm.
  • okay then it’s settled, she has no choice but to take you to her place.
  • when you both arrive, she puts you to bed and offers you a warm cup of tea to help you relax before heading out.
  • except she barely makes it two inches far from her bed because there’s something desperately pulling her sleeve.
  • she hesitates for a moment and urges you that you’re safe here, there are no bomb threats or possible intruders or hackers slash kidnappers waiting for the right time to take you away.
  • plus they’re expecting her at the party.
  • but… you’re persistent and you seem genuinely distressed thus she can’t just go on with her day knowing you’re feeling unsafe.
  • so she lies down next to you and lets you rest your head on her chest, and she promises to stay by your side until you wake up.
  • her heart is pounding like crazy and her cheeks are bright red, poor thing may explode at any given second but it’s okay it’s all good, it feels nice having you this close.
  • you soon fall asleep together and it’s the cutest thing.


  • as soon as he arrives, he eagerly starts looking for you.
  • an alluring being among the crowd he simply cannot wait to meet, where can they be? you can tell how anxious he is just by looking at his left cuff.
  • he’s fidgeting with it nonstop.
  • he asks about your whereabouts to every RFA member and guest he encounters without any luck.
  • until he bumps into seven and pops out the same question yet again.
  • “there,” he answers while pointing at his back.
  • five seconds later you crash into him, both of you losing balance for a moment.
  • “are you drunk, MC?”
  • though harsh and quite direct, he tries to be discreet about it.
  • and in his defense, you do look a bit drunk and disoriented.
  • this isn’t how he imagined getting to meet you.
  • still, he’s a gentleman resolved to help you avoid embarrassment and discomfort, and instead of dwelling on the reasons behind your current state right there, he escorts you outside to have a talk.
  • what? what do you mean you’ve barely slept in the past two weeks?
  • he refrains from lecturing you because 1) you look like you could faint at any minute and 2) he doesn’t want to upset someone who’s already upset enough, it’d be no help.
  • “you should’ve called, why didn’t you? I would’ve kept you company.”
  • you know it’s serious when executive director jumin han is willing to sacrifice his sleep and tight schedule just to make sure you’re having a good night’s sleep.
  • but since “it’s no use crying over spilled milk” his words and he has zero fucks to give, he suggests fleeing from the party.
  • no worries he ends up calling jaehee to let her know you’re feeling unwell.
  • after getting into his car, you fall asleep on his shoulder.
  • he stays still and watches you sleep in silence, a cute, barely noticeable smile across his face.


  • oh noes.
  • he’s seen that “do i want death or am i already dead who the hell knows at this point” look you’re pulling off.
  • where, you may be wondering? oh, that’s right, in the fucking mirror every goddamn night for the past fifteen years of his life.
  • you look like a zombie wandering around the room, you’re bumping into people and making a mess your way.
  • you haven’t even realized there’s a wine stain on your pretty clothes.
  • otherwise, he’s afraid you’ll pass out cold and the last thing you need right now is a concussion, so he comes up to you and greets you with one of his dumb jokes in order to lift your spirit.
  • it kinda works but you’re still looking… well, dead, and moody.
  • a moody zombie? yeah, that’s about it.
  • refusing to give up on you just yet, he grabs your hand and promises to stay by your side throughout the whole night so you can lean on him, literally, whenever you feel like you’re about to faint.
  • what was that? do you want to leave early instead? that’s cool too, jaehee will take care of everything don’t you worry, my brave soldier.
  • defender of justice seven zero seven’s got your back!!
  • you eventually leave the party together but you don’t go very far, instead, you lay down on a park nearby to contemplate the sky.
  • he’s telling you stories about the clouds idly passing by when he hears a sweet little snore.
  • it’s you!! you’ve fallen asleep on his chest, aw.
  • all the blood in his system gathers on his cheeks and he is now all red, you can’t tell his hair apart from his face.
  • and in order to keep you warm and well protected, he embraces you with both arms and kisses your head.
  • later on he falls asleep too because he’s just as sleep deprived as you.


  • surprise surprise! much to everyone’s expectations, lovely boy has decided to show up to the party!
  • and he’s so excited to meet you after hearing so many positive things about you and how you’ve put every ounce of energy into RFA’s party.
  • he needs to thank you properly!!
  • spotting you amidst the guests isn’t really hard as there’s a bunch of people gathered in the center of the room making commotion.
  • apparently, someone has fainted? he can hear yoosung screaming and asking people to make some room, zen is yelling something about CPR, and jaehee is rushing to the crowd while dialing what it seems to be 119.
  • what in the world…?
  • determined to do some damage control, he hurries to reach jaehee and tries to find out what the hell is going on.
  • “it appears MC has passed out and we don’t know the reason.”
  • no need to say more.
  • he kindly but firmly asks people to stay back so that you can get some air, and he also sends yoosung to get you a chair to sit on.
  • zen is in charge of bringing you a glass of water because boy needs to calm the eff down.
  • five minutes later he manages to sit you upright in a chair, away from the crowd and where you can get some fresh air.
  • six pairs of concerned eyes are piercing right through you while you try to regain consciousness, only one of them hidden behind sunglasses.
  • you may not see those eyes clearly, but they carry the most guilt out of all of them.
  • in his usual soft caring voice, he does an attempt to ask you what’s wrong, and as he gets the answer he was expecting, he frowns and strokes your hair.
  • “why didn’t you say anything? we could’ve helped you.”
  • were it not for the mess he’s sunken in thanks to rika, he would’ve gone to the apartment himself to make sure you were getting some sleep.
Foreigner {1}

Jackson Wang X Reader


Word Count: 1,256

Anon asked: OMG! The dating Jackson one was so perf! <3 Could we maybe get a little Jackson fluff? Like maybe you are new to Korea and he’s one of the first people you run into and he’s just super sweet and helpful…or whatever you want!

Summary: You moved to Seoul, Korea only to find out that everything is so different than back home. Seeing you struggle to navigate, a man walks up to you to provide help but soon realizes you’re much more than a confused girl on the sidewalk (✿´‿`)

A/N: First off, I really like this request! Second, I’m in love with this gif. Third, I’ll update the next chapter sometime tomorrow!

(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ Requests open for got7 ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)

Originally posted by kpopeyton

Part 1 ~ Part 2  ~ Part 3

As you walk down the streets of the new community in which you now live in, you find yourself a tad lost. You take a deep breath while the cold air rushes past your body and you try to relax after getting frustrated with yourself. 

“Excuse me, Miss? Do you need help?”

 You jumped at the sudden interaction and turned towards the voice. It’s a fairly tall man with nicely styled blond hair.

“Uh, I’m not quite sure actually.” You breath out, silently laughing at yourself. “I’m just kind of wandering around, trying to get a feel for the place.”

“Oh. Are you visiting someone?” He asked with a small smile.

“Nope, I moved here yesterday from out of the country.” You explained.

“Wow, really? Well, I’m not doing anything. I could give you a quick tour.” The man smiled brightly.

“No, I wouldn’t want to burden yo-”

“Nonsense, anything for a pretty lady like yourself.” He interjected.

Keep reading

  • CY: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ YESSSS LET KYUNGSOO BE THE MC THIS TIME *laughs getting constantly hit by satansoo*
  • DO: *cringe k watevs* (does a lil of interviewing WHEN.....)
  • DO: Kai-sshi how are you?
  • KAI: *smile* Haha I'm great!
  • DO: Kai-sshi, show us what you've prepared.
  • KAI: (aiiish this hyung) ㅋㅋㅋ
  • DO: Fans are very curious if EXO would like to collab with someone this year! Xiumin-sshi, what do you say?
  • XM: I'd like to collab with *sunbaenim* I really like his works.
  • DO: Ooh Chen-sshi, you?
  • JD: I'd like to try some solos or even some sub group with the members itself! [(YoU goT cbx mY BOY ❤❤❤)]
  • DO: Kai-sshi, what about you?
  • KAI: I'd actually love to collab with hyung..
  • DO: *literally cannot hide his happiness* Oh me? W..why?
  • KAI: I really love hyung's voice and everytime you sing I just be like wow how can he sing so beautifully? Actually, I want hyung to rap too. *giggles*
  • DO: *mentally:IM SO CURIOUS YEAHHHH* What type of music do you wanna try with me Kai-sshi?
  • KAI: heh anything is fine
  • DO: *bends down and blush blush* so the next question
  • SH: Hyung, we've not answered.
  • DO: Oh heh okay umm... *scratches his head cutely*
writing prompts
  • “we’re at a bookstore and you and I seem to have similar taste in books have you read this one? How about this one?” au
  • alternately, “we’re at a bookstore and you and your friend(s) are looking at all of the books I love but I’m intimidated by your gaggle and I don’t want to approach but that’s my favorite book” au*
  • “you look like you need help and I’m a professional roller/ice skater but I don’t want you to feel bad about how much you suck but wow you suck” au*
  • “You ordered your food before me and they gave you a drink you didn’t want so you gave it to me” au*
  • “We’re sitting at adjacent computers in the library and I’m taking extra care not to look at your screen out of respect but what the fuck do you keep laughing at” au
  • “as a joke I yelled out “happy birthday to someone!” in this store and you called back “thank you!” who are you” au
  • “I’m the understudy to one of the leads in this show and you play the lead but I’ve never actually performed like live in this show and okay technically I should be totally fine but we’re supposed to kiss and I have a giant fucking crush on you” au
  • alternately, “we’re supposed to kiss twice in this show but I’m pretty sure you hate me oh my god lets just get it over with” au*
  • “You heard me talking about a TV show in class the other day and now you’re passionately yelling at me about how good it is we’ve never actually spoken before” au

(asterisked* ones are based on real-life experiences)

anonymous asked:

I know this is kinda Stangty, but can you draw Stanley and Stanford in their toxic versions of them selves? Like from Rick and Mortys toxic forms. Any age would work.

I considered doing this. I had an idea for it. It was a good idea. But then I discovered that you also sent this SAME ask to multiple other artists.

That kinda hurts, dear anon. I get so few anon requests for art that when I do it’s pretty special. “Wow,” I think, “someone likes my art enough that they want to see me draw MORE?” It’s a very large compliment in my mind. Or at least, it was.

Now, I can’t help but have suspicion about every ask I receive.

And that’s because of anons like you.

“Are they asking me this because they actually like my art and genuinely want to see how I would interpret an idea, or are they just trying to squeeze a free commission out of as many unassuming people as they can?” Any more I have no way to know. Asks like this make me feel like you think I’m an emotionless robotic drawing machine rather than an actual person. And I’m sure there’s others who feel the same.

Please, next time you’re interested in seeing art of an idea- DON’T send an identical ask to multiple artists. It’s rude as hell and tells us you only care about getting art whatever way you can, not the actual artist. Just pick one artist. And if they say no, then that’s that.

As a future note for my followers, because of anons like this my requests are now closed. Don’t ask me to draw anything for you. If I want suggestions I’ll ask YOU for them first. Thank you.

anonymous asked:

Are you saying partner instead of girlfriend because we can't assume his sexuality (which we shouldn't)? Wow, I don't know how to ask this without sounding super ignorant, so please forgive me if I do sound so. But he has said a couple times before that he's not gay. (And to be honest I wouldn't even think anything of it but remember that one radio show when he said later he wanted to marry a woman and Shinee members were like wow that's a surprise - maybe later on you'll be allowed to choose).

there’s certain conversations that i would rather not have here because: this is a fan blog that relies on source and not everything can actually be sourced. despite this: as someone who is a member of the lgbtqa+ community i try to keep everything as inclusive as possible, regardless of what information that we may have. my personal opinions are my own and i prefer to keep those in areas that aren’t here. i also try to remain neutral.

jonghyun and his sexuality is a topic that i would prefer not to talk about here, regardless of what how i actually feel on the topic itself. one reason for this is: despite what has been said in the past jonghyun, shinee and all other idols are members of an entertainment industry where they could be put as risk or lose their careers altogether if they were to seriously hint at or admit to being anything but cisgender or straight. so, of course all of the members have said that they’re straight or played into heteronormative stereotypes and standards - even though jonghyun himself is known for frequently using gender neutral terminology when writing lyrics. hetronormativity is the plague, anon, sad to say. and that’s the last time i’ll be discussing this topic here.

I want Lance and Shiro to swap beauty tips.

Lance being like “wow your skin really suffered while you were captured, here’s some moisturizer and toner” and “dude you need to relax, do a peel with me it does wonders for your complexion” and he gets Shiro to do a little self care.

And Shiro actually really enjoys it. And then does Lance’s eyeliner because that boy would slay with winged eyes.

And they just have a good time taking care of themselves, looking pretty and bonding.

For Her

Requested: Yepper pepper!

Summary: Bill has old drawings of Beverly and still sketches her when he feels like drawing the Losers Club and Reader gets upset after finding a book filled with the sketches. Little does she know that Bill personalizes books for his buds because he doesn’t want them to forget their friendship together.

Pairing: Bill Denbrough x Reader

Warnings: angsty boys

A/N: I’m literally excited to write this holy shit


Your hand brushed against the spiral notebook colored orange, your fingers barely grazing the cover. It was Bill’s privacy and most importantly, it was your boyfriend’s privacy. You wouldn’t want to see his face if he saw you looking in it. He’d be heartbroken. But, the cover said to his dearest, and that spiked your interest. It must’ve been for you, but the rest of the cover was scribbled out by a sharpie.

You contemplated a minute before giving in to your worry and picking the book up, sitting against the bed headboard with twitched eyebrows. You worried that if he saw that you’d read it, he’d get upset or worse, break up with you. He knew you were an emotionally unstable person who had uncontrollable anxiety when it came to potential threats to any relationship.

As your hands shakily flipped the cover while you squeezed your eyes shut to brace yourself for the reveal, you were met with nothing but a harmless note taped to the first page. Your relief was washed away and crashed once you read who it was directed to.

‘Dear Beverly, thank you. For being the one who’s stuck with me beyond and through the whole ride of Losers Club. I know I mess up and leaving you to let Ben have a chance ruined our relationship, but I just want you to know that I don’t regret my days with you. Forever a loser, Bill.’

Your eyes stung the more you analyzed and read the note to the end. Tears built up behind your glossy eyes and you sniffled while rubbing your nose of the now clogged feeling. A lump rose in your throat as you read it over and over to think to yourself. Was this really how he felt? He didn’t regret their short but strong relationship together a year ago? 

When did he plan to tell you that he’d still loved her? Possibly long enough so that you’d find out yourself and leave him be with the girl. But she was with Ben, so how could his attempts work out? Maybe it could be an affair, maybe it was an affair. Bill was good at hiding things and he could keep a secret, so your mind made you believe he was still in love with her and only used you to get over her for a year.

Were you his Plan B?

As tears escaped your eyes and you sniffled once again, breathing became hard once the lump in your throat seemed to grow in size. It practically devoured you and you opened your mouth to breath, only to let out a cracked sob. After that one slipped cry, you began to freely sob into your hands. Tears trickled off your cheeks and dropped onto the notebook. 

You didn’t want to, but your body and mind directed you to look further into the book. Your shaky hands flipped the page and tears flowed like water pipes after you took in the sight of beautifully drawn sketches of Beverly. Her hair colored red like fire, and her eyes like the ocean. Your breath hitched and you screamed to yourself while gripping on the book and chucking it across the room. 

The spiral hit Bill’s desk and fell to the floor, the pages of Beverly sketches sprawled open faced against the floor. You sobbed into your hands and brought your knees up to your chest. How could he have done this to you? Backstab you and leave you to find out yourself? Your heart begged you to deny it but your mind knew better, he didn’t love you.

“(Y-Y/N)?” Bill’s stuttering and nervous voice interrupted your body racking cries. He popped his head into the room, his room, actually. Once he saw your curled up body on his bed with your head between your hands, he panicked and threw open the door. “(Y/N)!” Bill ran over and reached out to you before you raised your head sharply and smacked away his hand.

“Don’t touch me!” Your voice was strained from the harsh screams from your crying, your eyes almost as red as the blankets upon Bill’s bed. His face contorted into a somber and heartbroken, twitchy frown. He looked scared as his hand lowered down to his side. You glared at him as angrily as you could get out of your broken expressions. “Don’t you dare touch me.”

“Wuh-wuh-what’s wroh-wron-wrong?” His stutter became worse the more he noticed the tears rushing past your cheeks and onto your shirt. You felt a pang in your heart as his eyebrows raised into a scared look. “Wah-whatever I duh-duh-did, I’m suh-sor-sorry. Plea-please. I-I’m suh-so suh-sah-sorry.” His voice cracked the longer he tried to speak while looking you in the eyes. 

Your heart broke a second time as you saw his baby blue eyes gloss over from the building up tears. You bit your lip before speaking without processing your next words, “You’re sorry?” His eyes scanned your eyes while flicking back and forth for a sign that you weren’t real and that it was a dream, a bad dream. “It doesn’t seem like you are, William. I… I read and saw all of it. The book of Beverly? You really didn’t try to hide it from me, huh?”

His hands gradually became shakier by his sides as your voice became louder and louder. Bill didn’t think of it as a big deal, he’d told you the reasons of why he’d do that. Did you just hate him for it because he didn’t show you? Was it his fault for your anger and sorrow? Most likely.

“Whuh-what do yuh-h-you mean buh-by thah-that?” Bill’s eyes slowly began to release tears and you felt a harsh pang in your chest from his childlike eyes. He looked like a toddler crying from losing a loved one and it wasn’t something you enjoyed. But that regret and empathy disintegrated as you analyzed his words. Did he want to act like that much of a victim?

“You know what I mean, Bill! You love her! You- I’m Plan B! Do you know how that makes me feel? God, it’s like, wow, I never knew you were such a fucking asshole, Bill! I thought that for once, someone actually loves me! Yet, here you are, acting like the fucking victim when I’m the one being hurt,” Your voice became a yell while you glared at the shaky boy in front of you. The fire in your eyes didn’t fade until you heard him start breaking down in front of you. Tears freely flew out of his eyes like rain in a storm. 

He whimpered with a cracking voice before falling to his knees and his head lying against the bed. He held tightly onto your arm and shook with sobs. “I-I’m suh-suh-sah-sorrry. I’m suh-so sah-sorry,” His voice was barely able to make out from the muffling the blanket beneath him did. The rage and anger fell apart once he looked up with red eyes, tears still streaming down like a river. “I… I thought yuh-you knew… thah-that I was uh-uh-ove-over her. Thah-that book, it’s from lah-last year, I just… I thuh-thuh-thought you wouldn’t-wouldn’t muh-mind.”

Your eyes widened once you’d processed his words. It took you a minute before you held his hand and squeezed it tightly before sliding off the bed and holding the bawling boy in your arms. He wrapped his arms around your chest and gripped the back of your shirt tightly. You traced patterns into his back before he was calm enough to speak better. He raised his head and winced when you held a hand to his cheek. 

“Bill,” You started with a for once calm tone. “I’m sorry. I thought… I just thought you still loved her. I’m sorry for what I said, and for making you cry. I was scared you’d leave me.” You always knew he was able to smile in the worst of times, but this time, his hopeful smile surprised you. With tearstained, red cheeks and wet eyes, he leaned forward and kissed you on the nose before lying down on your lap.

“I’m sorry for making you think I loved her,” Bill coughed and wiped his tears away onto his flannel. You sniffled and leaned down to hug him tightly while you let a few tears fall. 

“You’re too forgiving.”