wow idk what happened

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wow idk what exactly is happening but those anons are rude and you're a wonderful lovely person who deserves good things and I've half a mind to track them down and very politely tell them how wrong they are ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You’re sweet x don’t let it bother you though; they’re just projecting some of their own issues I guess

idk what happened but I’m suddenly very productive and inspired artwise ?????? like ???? who knew I could both be inspired and manage to draw at the same time and space ??? I’m shocked and scared of the consequences

i might even post a wip tonight ?

so idk what happened but the ask i got from @godhatesgoths got deleted :^/

so im just gonna answer it in this post.

“sun: what makes you feel like you?”

overlypampering my old cat, sporadically deciding to organize stuff or to work on things, and…hmm..watching the office over and over again (p.s im watching it for the 8th time now)

(thanks so much for sending it in!!! 💕 i hope you had/have a good day)

So it’s 2am and I’m just here in my bed thinking of zooey deschanel for whatever reason and then I start thinking about bridge to terabithia which I’ve come to realize is one of the movies I loved most as a kid. Haven’t seen it in years, but suddenly I just start actually sobbing because of how sad it is. I didn’t really get just how heartbreaking it is when I was younger but now I’m crying because of it and wow idk what’s happening but I love that movie so much

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im still not over chris' video. he looked amazing, was doing something for an great cause, was so sweet with dodger (who was trying to help!) and was just a total dork ^-^ i love him so much

yassss its all for such a good cause its amazing, !! cause hes amazing a pure and too good, like i love chris so much and dodger was just your on my level pay attention to me !!, cause same dodger same and i just i cant even fully put into words how much this video has given me life like its too muc h my go d , listen hes good with dogs,, he has a beard he loves nature all the things i want basically i should just date chris evans, but i love jenny so its okay

compliment: elizabeth i love your blog !!! its so good so marvel so great,, also im in your friends tab on your about page ?? im honored omg so nice of you !! and i totally just did stalk your edts cause your gifs are a plus okay, dont mind me and your so nice !!

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Mama k, fuck yes I want someone who looks like a pastel Disney fairy to do my life saving surgery. <3 but anyway good luck you can do this and make it through it and I'm proud of you go mama go! (Also I found a new anime on Netflix I'm hyped) visit often!!! <3 -sunny anon

If you leave that is. (Please don’t but idk what’s gonna happen ok wow This ask is already a mess) I love you and all the other admins

Lollll I adore you, you’re absolutely precious.

Let’s all just assume that I’m staying on the blog for now ;) I think it’s easier that way. I don’t want to get anyone’s hope up that I’m leaving and then you guys realize you’re stuck with me later lolz

And omg what anime????

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