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 (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧  THANK YOU FOR 1100 FOLLOWERS!💖

i’m really grateful, and those of you who i’ve talked to are always so sweet to me! i appreciate all of you! c:

uh i didn’t really prepare a speech or anything like that i’m just hhH really happy! ty again wow! so yea! have a nice autumn, everyone! ✌(^ w ^)✌


“am i a bundle of nerves? maybe i am, maybe i’m not – i can’t really tell. but what i do know is that my head is completely clear, and i am well aware of what i need to accomplish here.”

for my dear tas!

yaariv  asked:

I'm really excited about your new series! I literally live off of your sketches you post on your instagram, they're very funny and cute <3. I'm really glad you're doing this, it always makes my day 100% better when you post something. I especially like Taemin's sister, she seems so cool and sassy lol. I hope you post more about the new characters, and wish you have a nice day!

Oh wow, you are so sweet, thank you so much for your kind words and support! It really means a lot that you like my content ;;-;; thank you thank youuuuu //HUGGG ♥♥♥

I’m also very happy to hear you like Temmi’s sister (they both have the same styleeee hehhee)! Yes she is super sassy but she is also very kind (not to Taemin tho) – also, Taemin refers to her as “Demon Witch” and she calls him a “Demonspawn” in return :D

Here are a few sketches >v< ♥ (She’s not really a boss … yet >:D - she just has the boss lady vibes haha ~ she just manages something etc etc more info soon about her [and the two other ladies below] hopefully hehe)

P.S. Taemin and the other kids are not MM fancharacters anymore!

hiitstay  asked:

I swear this is the first time I ever seen you're blog and I already fell in LOVE with it. OMG The way you draw my precious son Hunk and My girl Pidge is so amazing like I literally went down your blog and I was like I have to tell you this but at the same time I didn't wanna go back up to tell you this. Lol basically what I'm trying to say is I really appreciate and LOVE your art so much. I tend to ramble when I love something so much. Lol ok I'm done Love you. You're the best😁

Wow, thank you!! That’s incredible, I’m happy you enjoy my blog so much :’D

Here, have a doodle ~

The Types getting confessed to (By someone they also like)
  • ESFP: What? Wow! I never saw this coming! This is great because I really liked you too! I was going to confess later in the day actually! Let's go out, bae ;)ENFP: WOW WHAT??? Oh my gosh! This is so unbelievable! Did you know I liked you since grade 4? This is so awesome! We get to do all the cool things I've always pictured myself doing with you!
  • ESTP: No way! I like you too! This is so great, let me take you out, I'll bring you to this super awesome amusement park. I'll be your best first date ;D
  • ENTP: I mean I'm not surprised ;) Let's go out, like right now, I got tons of ideas of where to go. Do you have a preference for go karts, paintballing or waterpark?
  • ESFJ: *Smiles* I like you too! For a long time actually, I was just kinda unsure about how you felt...but this makes me so happy! You wanna go out sometime soon?
  • ENFJ: *Saw this coming but kept denying it to themselves* Woah are you serious?! I had a feeling but I didn't think I was reading it right. That's so awesome! I'll treat you so well <3
  • ESTJ: Oh wow that's...really great actually. You free this Friday night? I'll pick you up at 7pm, wear something nice ;)
  • ENTJ: *Mentally fits having a relationship into their busy schedule* You know what you're signing up with right? Perfect, I'll call you sometime to arrange a date<p/>
  • ISFP: *Is overwhelmed but excited* I really like you as well! Wow is this fate or something? I think this may be destiny ;)
  • INFP: ME TOO!!! *hugs* Sorry I'm just really happy, I was hoping you'd confess first :P
  • ISTP: me? Never saw that coming, since I think you're really cool as well :) We should go out sometime, you free?
  • INTP: Wait what....what. You mean like...romantically? Like you wanna date me? O.O Would've never guessed...well uhm, so what do we do from here?
  • ISFJ: Yes! finally! *hugs* this is so great, I've been really shy to show you all the love and appreciation I feel for you. I'm happy to finally be able to make it official :)
  • INFJ: No waaaaayyyyy *actually could tell since last week* we should really get to know each other some more, I'm really interested in spending some time with you if you want
  • ISTJ: ...I'll treat you right, I promise. I'll do my best to make you happy and make this work. I really like you.
  • INTJ: Are you sure....? Because I thought I was interested in you too, but I don't have much experience in this area. I think you and I should get to know each other a little bit more and come back to this

TFA valentines for everyone you love…EVERYONE

The Last Jedi

Eyyy happy 19th bday to these awesome dorks <3 (yeah i know it’s a day late but better late than never, amiryt?)

Oh wow they’re 19 now Oof™ 

Btw me and an awesome internet friend of mine share the same bday as the twins so yEEt we’re 1 year closer to death :D excuse me while i enjoy some bday cake and my 15 yrs of existence


∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ Hey frog!!! I was the chubby Jolyne anon that got confidence from ur cute jojos awhile back, I’m so glad I came across your art without I wouldn’t have met such cool jojo peeps at the con and had such great fun! (I was really surprised at how many people asked to take my picture!)So thanks frog Keep on being great!!!! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✨

OH MY GOD! YOU LOOK SO GREAT THAT COSTUME IS SUPER WELL MADE!! i’m so glad you had a good time!!!! you look amazing tysm for sharing these

anonymous asked:

This is really bad, but I relate to Janis a lot. When I got pregnant, I was on drugs and not ready at all (my bc failed). When my son was born and they handed him to me, I told them "get him off me" I was so awful for real. He's 2 now, and I love him so much I would do anything for him, but so much of her story is so real to me. It's really hard becoming a mother in that lifestyle. Idk, I just wanted to tell you. Thanks for your art.

wow thanks so much telling me, I’m so happy you’re doing better and that you and your son have a relationship now! I'm alway’s trying to make my stories and characters “real” and It’s crazy someone can relate
Thank you for following my art  <3