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A smile and a blush you say? That's more than I ever asked for love. My intentions was to only make you smile and have your heart beat fast. Never to turn you on. I respect you too much to do such thing. But dare I say, your lips– my, my. Your lips are my drug that I never had the privilege to touched and yet, I'm addicted.

Wow. Who are you babe? 🌚👀

let’s ruin it for you too:
1) 3: i thought it’s about counting for fun (like madhuri dixit’s ek do teen) but apparently it’s about a threesome
2) if you seek amy: if you thought it’s about amy on drugs, i just feel sorry for you. there are pretty obscene messages if you just listen to it instead of reading the lyrics and that’s what britney intended to do, what a fucking genius
3) gimme more: strip club song
4) toxic: very sexual
5) womanizer: pretty self explanatory 
6) piece of me
7) i’m a slave for you: bdsm song

i probably liked her songs because i was secretly a sex addict wow. and a lot other songs were pretty sexual like hold it against me, i wanna go, radar (my personal all time favourite), circus, i got that boom boom, til the world ends.

how was she considered appropriate for teens/kids o_O

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Oh wow that is something new to me (defending substance abuse) and I thought those assholes couldn't surprise me anymore. I'll have to look into that more then.

Here’s one to get you started:

And one defending cigarette smokers with the same flawed logic:

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I need the next WoW-chapter!!!! I´m addicted... Feel hugged and loved

Aw sweetheart! I wish I could have it up earlier bu it will be up on Wednesday! But once we’re done with FAA I can have it up more often! ♥

People reviewing Glory

Track 1: SO good. Total bop. Love it 11/10

Track 2: WOW this track SLAYED me honestly wow 9.9/10

Track 3: SHE DID THAT!!! 13/10

Track 4: honesty this completes the trinity 100/9

Track 5: consider me SNATCHED 10000/11


I got Overwatch a few days ago, and holy wow, it is addictive.

I take great pride in being an exclusively Mercy player.  I haven’t actually tried anything else, and I don’t plan to.

Yes, I know.  Playing other characters would give me better understanding of them and make me a better Mercy, but right now it’s the principle of the matter.

Though it can get frustrating doing a pvp match, and finding myself alone with an enemy player with a dinky pistol and lackluster aim…

…Still worth it .

Book Review: Threefold & The Tenant by Sotia Lazu

Book Review: Threefold & The Tenant by Sotia Lazu


Threefold by Sotia Lazu

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Wow; addictive; unforgettable!!!


His motto was, “if the pleasure is more than the pain, it’s worth it.”And he didn’t mind a bit of pain anyway. by Colin

Colin was a player with a big ego. He dated model like women that made him feel powerful. When he met his best friend new girl, he had no idea why he couldn’t get her out of his mind. She was everything…

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i have a headcanon that rafe is asexual but im too scared to voice it cause everyone paints him as the sex addict

Oh wow okay. I get where you’re coming from with the whole “sex addict” thing though. 

Now that I think about it - I like the idea of Rafe being asexual. Asexual Rafe who prefers romantic touch to sexual touch? I’m down for that.

It makes that Scotland scene so much more important. Like it changes Nadine and Rafe’s relationship slightly. He was more fond of Nadine than Nadine was of him (Nadine betraying him was a shock to him). That Scotland scene becomes a lot more intimate. I guess it also plays into the whole of Rafe’s character a lot better. That whole need to better himself and to be appreciated? 

But also the idea of Rafe and his significant other spending late nights drinking coffee and discussing the stock market and business plans is something I want more of. 

It’s Rafe Adler Headcanon Hour. Send me headcanons.


I decided to reinstall DAI on my laptop even though it doesn’t run for shit, but since my husband has become re-addicted to WoW, I never get to use his computer to play it lol. 

So this is my rouge, Gianna Trevelyan. I don’t know who she will romance yet (*cough*Cullen*cough*) but I think she turned out pretty cute ^_^

Modern day slaves

Let me tell you a little something about myself … I find great pleasure in reading the most obscure texts on the net or watching totally dubious Youtube video clips. For most people who have respect for their brain cells most of the things that I am occasionally interested in insult intelligence. Not that I particularly care…but sometimes I wonder why I do it?

WoW addiction is a perfect example . A bunch of mentally handicapped people who can not think for themselves and thus they can not live the way they want . They are the perfect example of modern day slaves . They are slaves to the standards set on how to live a good life .
You want to sit around all day and play the fucking game ? Then why do not you do just that ? What ’s stopping you? Who the fuck cares for a girlfriend, wife, family, career or social life ? All you want to be is a Dark Elf ? So be it .


You do not want to sit around all day and play the game. Then why do not you just quit ? There’s no fucking addiction! You can become addicted to heroin not to a fucking foolish video game . Just delete the fucking program and it’s over. It’s that easy .

But no. These monkeys enjoy giving interviews for fucking web portals and YouTube channels . They want to help . They want to warn you . They want the whole world to see their moronic face .

Fuck. I know that I enjoy watching them. The feces of the human race .


It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here and the reason for that is simply because, well… I’m bad at remember to post things. But anyways, I’ve been more or less been busy with WoW. I have a new goal set to get all classes on horde side up to level 90 before the new expansion launches. I have a long way to go and with Paladin out of the way and a few others almost there, I’m sure I will make it in time. Another thing, when I get the expansion I am going to be spending the 90 boost token on a monk since that is the best choice right now for me. 

Anyways, I have a new character I’ve been working on that’s a shammy and I got her to level 38 with more level to come today. Whew, I hope this goal is well worth it. Haha. Welp, I am going to end this off here and continue working on my goal.

- Mystic Teruziel -