wow addiction

Confessions of a Recovering WoW Addict - Off the Wagon

By C J Dee

It was recommended that I should write out some of the adventures and discoveries I have in World of Warcraft. I feel like the best place to start is by giving a bit of my playing history.

Okay, the title might be a little bit overdramatic. I played World of Warcraft a LOT for several years. Any time I didn’t have other commitments, I would play WoW. Not long after the Cataclysmexpansi…

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i lied i miss you so much and all of my poems are about you but you flow out of my mouth and onto paper violently uncontrollably leaving a putrid taste with me wiping the corners. i am left heaving as the moths in my stomach crawl to the surface scratching my throat causing me to gasp out harsh ‘i love you’s’ that mean as much to you as i do. bent over quaking my spine juts out of my skin and i remember the feel of your lips pressing against the bend as you held me close. your acid tears ate away at me the night you told me you were still in love with her. a foreign voice that is supposed to be mine haunts me as it tells you that it will all be okay and i care for you because i did and i still do. but this spirit is constant thriving in this empty shell it calls a home and overpowering my own. i see with bloodshot eyes that tint everything scarlet which is exactly the shade of the hair that my fingers would catch in on mornings in which we were left to the couch. those mornings came after nights of trying too hard to forget her and even harder to remember me. my lips crack and ache for the touch of yours alone recalling the night that you pulled me in close igniting the fire in my lungs with smoke but it wasnt the nicotine that i became addicted to. you are the toxin that took over and i cant get enough of you.
—  your addiction is to her as mine is to you. [h.k]

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I've never been able to get into pc gaming. I've always done consoles. But wow has always seemed interesting to me.

I like PC gaming just because it’s more convenient; my parents aren’t big fans of me playing anything so it’s easier if I can do it in my room or whatever. Plus there are some great games. WOW is… addicting. I spend more time on it than I should.

I’m catching up on my DVR shows. Have you seen this solarium in the English Tudor house of Rehab Addict? Wow! From the leaded glass windows to the restored tile floor… YUM! Plus I love how she styled it. I give it an A+! Not that my opinion matters. #rehabaddict #home

The Sugar Tooth Fairy | This is an online store providing unique, customizable creations. These cupcakes will be ideal for any and all occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, holidays or thank you gifts). Flavours rotate weekly so you’ll have to contact Tania to find out what’s available. Just looking at these cupcakes…it’s got the WOW factor.
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3.All Hail Cookie Dough | Vanilla cake with chocolate chips topped with cookie dough frosting and garnished with a chocolate chip cookie.

4. Death by Chocolate | Chocolate cake topped with chocolate ganache drizzled with chocolate sauce and chocolate garnish.

5. Hostess Delight | Dark chocolate cake filled with vanilla fluff, dipped in chocolate ganache and topped with an icing in a swirl pattern.

6. Cookies & Cream Kiss | Filled with chocolate ganache, topped with cookies and cream cream cheese buttercream and garnished with an Oreo.

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Okay… I guess I’m confused. Maybe it’s cause I’m not that far… But how does WoW become addicting to some people? I’ll admit it’s fun, I’m just confused.

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Do you watch kdramas hehehe

YES I DO LOVELY ANONNNNNIE :D though I haven’t these last few months but when I was in college I lived off kdrama and Running Man.  Running Man actually saved my life because during sophomore year of college I was so, so, so stressed I couldn’t sleep at all.  AT ALL.  like when you hear ppl say they can’t sleep, they would have at least have slept like three hours in one week.  I didn’t.  I almost fell into a coma man.  Sleeping pills weren’t working either.  So when I was rolling in bed, unable to sleep, I searched up comedy dramas but you know, watching a whole drama from start to finish takes commitment and since I wasn’t sleeping, my brain didn’t want anything to do with commitment.  So I watched an episode of Running Man xD.  And wow, I got addicted and within a week I was sleeping again.  ~cries and bows to Running Man cast, producers, and directors~  So if anyone needs a good laugh, try RUNNING MAN!!!!!!!!!!    

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If you haven't been to their youtube channel here it is youtube. com/user/CartoonHangover/videos


So i just binge watched that whole first season wow thanks for the addiction