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Harry Potter fancasts

Weasley Family (Ron/Ginny)

Anton Walbrook behind the scenes of ‘The Red Shoes’, 1948.

it’s aromantic awareness week. be aware of aromantics. they are out there. they probably want to be your friend.

toastyhat  asked:

burnerswap: "YOU WERE LIKE A FATHER TO ME", Red making faces apart from "keymashing rage" (what's his deal anyway), Number Two!! Tennie?? I'm getting carried away. pls feel free to disregard any of these.

Red’s just an angry boy.  Here are some alt. Reds tho! >:O  I actually endeared him to myself considerably more by drawing these haha.

He’s hot-tempered and violently self-destructive but also……..weirdly pure……?  He wants to protect people but his first reaction to a bomb is to throw himself on top of it, not defuse it, and his first response to conflict is VIOLENCE UNTIL THEY GIVE UP.  

He does his best.

Duke has an awkward crush on Babs.  which is not a surprise because I ALSO HAVE AN AWKWARD CRUSH ON HER.  Pretty sure everybody does.

I can get you a Tennie from four or five years before canon!

But not a more recent one.

RE: your first request It’s a good thing Mike isn’t actually invested in Kane Co’s agenda, because if he was it would be an issue that he knows she has a son.  It took him a couple months of hand-to-hand training and awkward emotional bonding with Abraham, but he did figure it out.

…….which was a security hazard, so Julie told him never to talk to Abraham again, and never told Abraham why.  Which understandably caused some tension.  TuT  

so why does tumblr not really talk about Colin Firth?

I mean we obviously already have a middle-aged-men fetish

or at least an above-30-years-old one

so seriously just look at the guy

like hello, man who should’ve been the next James Bond

gorgeous and talented

he’s been in everything from Nanny McPhee

to Pride & Prejudice

to Mamma Mia

and of course The King’s Speech

I mean come on tumblr he’s got the cheekbones

he pulls off a scarf

he was lovely when he was younger too

and he’s British!

really where is the Colin Firth fandom

knock. Knock. On the bathroom floor and you looked up from your hunched over position next to the toilet and closed your eyes knowing that you would have to face the angel and your bothers at some point. “Y/N, are you alright?” Cas asked and your groaned in response. “Come on, your worrying me know”

“I’m fine, I think I ate something dodgy” you lied “Screw Dean and his junk food” you complained and pushed yourself up from the floor to open the door. Cas looked worried and rightly so, your skin was pale and draw and your breath smelt of vomit. “Wow, your attractive” Dean smirked as he walked past the bathroom to the kitchen. You shot him a sarcastic smirk back at him but grimaced a little as the sick feeling welled up in your stomach again. “I’ll fine once I’ve cleaned my teeth” you smiled trying to comfort your boyfriend before shutting the door on him and glaring at your reflection in the mirror. 

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My shirt says “Whatever floats your goat,” which is a thing that I say which I picked up from a friend a few years ago, and which is also a thing that I had no clue any other person in the entire world said and yet apparently it is a common enough saying that I found this at JC Penny when I wasn’t even shopping for myself

I seriously don’t understand when people are trying to criticize makeup and they say stuff like, “You just wear it because you think you look bad without it” Like that seems like an extremely legitimate reason to wear it?  If you have trouble liking certain parts of yourself, and makeup allows you to feel less shitty then hell yeah, wear makeup!  Do the thing that makes you feel better about yourself!  You deserve to feel nice!