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“Lately, I find the truth has become so elusive, often imaginary. But, in the end, it’s all that we’re left with, isn’t it? What is real, what you can taste and touch and feel. The words that pass between us as we look each other in the eye are all we have to hold onto. The truth. I hold it dear.

  • Person who never had acne in their life: You should just wash your face every morning
  • Me: 👏Wow👏never👏thought👏about👏that👏before👏thanks👏for👏sharing👏your👏wisdom👏def👏gonna👏try👏that👏shit👏thank👏you👏god👏bless👏

It’s pretty tragic when this is one of the biggest moments your ship has.

Wow, he glanced at her. Incredible. Sakura’s face looks all dramatic but Sasuke looks pretty indifferent. 


How many millions of fucking times have Sasuke and Naruto stared into each other’s eyes

When they’re not staring at each other, Sasuke looks at Naruto constantly. The only reason SS shippers make such a big deal of this so-called “eye porn” is because they have nothing else to work with. Give it a rest. 

Tae finds a piece of Jewellery ft proposal-


-Taehyung helps you find an important piece of jewellery that you’ve lost and it turns into a proposal.

Taehyung had just walked into your apartment after an afternoon of shopping to see you crawling around on your hands and knees in the living room. ‘What are you pretending to be a dog or something…?’ He asked curiously, literally having no idea what you were doing.

Your head shot up and glared at him, ‘don’t try and be funny.’ You replied sharply. Taehyung s face scrunched up at your sudden unusual attitude.

Wow someone forgot to have their cheerios this morning…’ He said before flashing a smile at you in an attempt to soften you up.

'Shut up and help me!’ You groaned lying flat out on the floor and sticking your head under your couch.

Taehyung complied and lay down beside you replicating your position. 'Are we hiding or?’ You sighed and shoved his face away from you.

'Tae this isn’t funny! I lost my ring you have to help me find it!’ You sat up on your knees and rested your head in your hands. 'I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t find it… I took it off yesterday while I was painting the kitchen and I forgot to put it back on after I cleaned up…’

Taehyungs face dropped when he saw how distressed you were. He knew exactly which ring you were talking about because you never took it off. It was a gold band with a ruby red stone that you wore on your right ring finger, that once belonged to your mother.

'Don’t worry I’ll find it I’m always here to save the day!’ Tae immediately began looking around on the floor beside you. You both continued to look around your apartment, turning every room upside down in the process.

After a few minutes you sat up on your knees and let out a deep sigh. 'I give up…’ You mumbled to yourself. You raised yourself up and flopped down on your couch in defeat. You began unintentionally pouting to yourself, how could you lose your mothers ring. She gave it to you on your 18th birthday, just like her mother before her had.

Your pouting continued for a few minutes until Taehyung returned from looking in your bedroom. He had a strange expression on his face, for some reason you were suspicious.

'What’s that face for? Did you find it?’ You asked seriously hoping he had. Taehyung flashed you that signature boxy smile of his before standing in front of you on the couch.

'Y/N… don’t be mad at me, but I took your ring…’ You were completely dumbfounded and angry by his words.

What? Why did you? What…’ You had no idea why Taehyung would take your ring. 'Don’t smile at me like that! Give me my ring back!’ You demanded, you couldn’t believe he’d had it the whole time.

Taehyung sighed and threw his head back before speaking. 'I saw it on the kitchen bench yesterday, so I took it, I took it out with me today so…’ He continued to speak before rummaging around in his pocket and pulling out your mothers ring and sliding it on to your finger. He continued rummaging in his pockets before bringing out a small red velvet box.

'I took it with me today, so I could get your ring size because I have something important to ask you…’ Before you even had the chance to process his words, Taehyung was kneeling on one knee before you. 'I had planned to make this more special but I couldn’t handle seeing you so upset about the ring…’ You were completely speechless at what was happening.

Taehyung carefully opened the box and held it up to you. 'Y/N will you marry me?’ You were froze like a rabbit in headlights.

Had your boyfriend really just proposed to you on a Monday afternoon in the living room of your apartment while you were wearing a pair of shorts and one of his hoodies? Yes, Yes he had.

'Y/N?’ Your thoughts were broke by Taehyungs voice saying your name.

You finally processed what had just happened before covering your mouth with your hands. 'Oh my god…’ you whispered, 'Yes Tae, of course I will!’ You replied reaching a shaking hand out for him to slip the ring on to your finger, your previous anger at him for taking your Ruby ring was gone.

take this burden - part 4

[ cold is the night - the oh hellos ]

(This is the song the title came from. I’ve been forgetting to add songs.)


‘So, what’s up with this?’ Jian Yi asked He Tian as they heard the shower start.’

'So, what’s this about?’

Jian Yi asked He Tian as they heard the shower start.

‘What do you mean?’

‘He Tian, I just finished a 13 hour shift. I will not hesitate to punch you in your face.’

‘Wow, attitude. What did Zhengxi tell you?’

‘That you sent him a vague text telling him to where to meet you and giving him five minutes to get there. You haven’t actually told either of us what’s going on.’

He Tian sighed, feeling silly.

‘I was walking home and I stumbled across him getting his ass kicked by, i assume, his boyfriend.’

‘And you intervened.’

‘Of course I did, who wouldn’t?’

‘Most people.’

‘Yeah, well…’

‘Obviously, you did the right thing, but why didn’t you just leave it to Zhengxi when he got there.’

‘I genuinely have no idea. A moment of unforeseen heroism?’

‘Sure, we’ll call it that. What did Zhengxi say?’

‘That I have been of absolutely no help to him, and that I’m an asshole.’

‘So…just your daily conversation.’

‘Just about. He also said that they booked the guy for, yet another, count of public intoxication because Mo Guan Shan doesn’t want to press charges.’

‘Why not?’

‘He’s probably afraid of him.’

Jian Yi frowned.

‘That makes sense. And this guy…’

‘She Li.’ He Tian filled in.

‘She Li didn’t say anything about you?’

‘Nope. I guess he’s just smart enough to realize if he does that, he’s going to end up facing the actual charge.’

‘Makes sense. What happens now?’

‘No idea, but you said it yourself, there’s no way he’s going back to that.’

Jian Yi nodded, checking his watch.

‘God, it’s almost four. I’m going to head out…unless you need me here?’

‘Nah, it’s fine. Probably.’

Jian Yi chuckled.

‘Well, that’s probably not true.’

‘What’s your schedule like tomorrow?’ He Tian asked, ignoring the stab at his competence.

‘I have the day off, by some cosmic mistake.’

‘And Zhengxi?’

‘He gets off in three hours but isn’t working tomorrow. If it wasn’t for you, we could potentially go one day without dealing with criminals or the injured.’


Jian Yi smiled, giving his hand a squeeze.
‘Get some sleep, I’ll be back in the morning.’


Jian Yi didn’t live far. Five doors down, to be exact.

He sat his gear down by the door, kicking his shoes off and bending down to pet the dog.

‘I hope your day was better than mine.’

He told her, making his way to the kitchen.

If she could have talked, she would have told him about the squirrels that had been causing all kinds of havoc in the trees and the bird that had hung out on the window sill for awhile.

She wasn’t sure what kind of day he’d had, but it couldn’t possibly have been more stressful than hers.

He grabbed himself a drink and stripped his clothes dumping them in the washing machine and reminding himself, for once, not to start it until AFTER he showered.

Jian Yi tried not to even look at the bed on the way to the bathroom, knowing he’d be too tempted to lie down just for a second.

He turned the water on, as hot as he could handle it, and stepped in.

He thought about He Tian.

He wasn’t the type to ignore a fight, and felt almost obligated to break them up.

But he wasn’t the type to bring home the losing side like a lost kitten.

If it wasn’t for Jian Yi and Zhengxi, he’d never spend time with anyone, save for the occasional one night stand.

Even then, they never stayed the night.

He’d even gone so far as to give this dude his bed, with no apparent plans to sleep with him.

He must be missing something here.

Jian Yi stepped out of the shower, drying himself off and finding comfortable to wear and going back to the kitchen to make food.


An hour later, Zhengxi and Jian Yi curled up in bed, exhausted.

Zhengxi told him about She Li. The charges against him, the fact that he’d be spending the night in the drunk tank but they’d be releasing him in the morning.

‘This is going to be interesting.’ Jian Yi stated.
Zhengxi scoffed.

‘To say the least.’

Calum //Highlight// inspired by @clummyhood

He’d be watching you do your makeup with a curiosity so fixated it made you giggle every time you glanced over to see him staring in the mirror. His head would be ever so slightly tilted to one side as he watched you tediously applying your usual amount of makeup. He’d have his lips parted open and his eyebrows softly scrunched together, as if he really was studying everything changing on your face. When you’re done with everything else, you reach over for your favorite highlight and put it on the desired places of your face. “Oh wow-” Calum comments in awe. “What’s that stuff supposed to do? Just make you sparkle?” You turn to him with a smile, “I mean, yeah I guess. It gives you a glowing appearance.” By the look he was giving you and the way he looked at the product in your hand, you could tell he wanted to try it on himself. “Do you wanna see what it’d look like on you?” You ask him, knowing all too well he’d probably be too embarrassed to ask for himself. He simply nods with a smile at the ground as he pushes his hair back with one of his hands. You lift his chin up using a couple fingers and can already see a faint blush on his cheeks. Not wanting to point it out and make him uncomfortable, you sweetly smile at him as you brush a few fly away hairs from his face and kiss his cheek. Using a brush, you start to dust a gold tone highlight to complement his skin color over his cheekbones. However, almost immediately, he bursts into a wide smile that reveals all his beautiful wrinkles. “Sorry, it tickles.” He chuckles turning his head away to settle before coming back to your brush against his face. He closes his eyes with a little grin on his face, either from still being ticklish from the brush- or from actually enjoying the fact you’re putting highlight on him. After applying the highlight everywhere else you thought essential, you finish with brushing some down the bridge of his nose and at the very tip. You tell him when you finish and he walks over to the mirror for the reveal. He laughs at first as an initial reaction to seeing himself differently than usual. But he calms down to move his head around, watching how the light reflects off his skin in different ways. He looks like he likes it but also isn’t sure what to make of it. “This is so weird” He smiles as he turns back to you. He wraps you in his arms before giving you a sweet little kiss. You don’t see him willing wearing it out and about but at least he gave it a shot to see what it looked like.

I think we all agree that vhope has been canon ever since this happened.They were only suppose to kiss ONCE 

Will Solace Headcanons

Just a bunch of random Will Solace stuff

  • It was actually Will Solace whose got the dirt out of everyone though he won’t use it against you unless you piss him off or hurt someone important to him. For someone who stays at the infirmary on a daily basis, it’s hard not to pick up details here and their from his patients and putting them all together.
  • Also, he’s really persuasive and had a way with words that can rival that of the Aphrodite cabin. He’s so good, the Aphrodite cabin probably had prectically adopted him as their own.
  • He probably sings in the showers
  • He may not be the best Apollo kid when it comes to literary arts and music but no one can rival him when it comes to other artsy stuff. He can paint, sketch, draw, sculpt and make really detailed coffee art.
  • “Will, did you just draw Nico’s face in detail on your latte?” “Maybe?””Okay, wow”
  • Aside from his supersonic whistle, he can also do ‘leaf music’. He can work up a tune, to simple rhymes and sometimes even a whole song with just a single leaf as an instrument.
  • Needless to say, Nico was really fascinated by it. Not that the son of Hades would admit it to anyone but Will.
  • Will had to tell him that no, it doesn’t work on just any kind of leaf so Nico should probably stop picking random leaves and asking Will to play a tune.
  • When he had been younger and still living with his mom, he had been cast as an extra on a country music video. It only lasted for five seconds and all he did was play around on a pile of leaves with the other kids.
  • Nevertheless, Naomi is still proud of her son.
  • Aside from being the best physical healer at camp, he can also take someone’s emotional pain away though he never really get to use it with the campers since emotions fell under Aphrodite.
  • The only times he would use it without hesitation is when a fallen camper is about to die. Because even if he can’t save the demigod, at least he can take the emotional pain and the regrets away and have the camper feel more at ease and peaceful.
  • Downside? The emotional pain needs to be absorbed by someone else and Will Solace, being the selfless being that he is would never burden someone else and chooses to take the pain all to himself.
  • To everyone, he would be the sunny and cheery son of Apollo but deep down, he’s as broken or even a bit more shattered than them. He never told anyone and kept it all to himself mostly for the entire Apollo cabin whom he leads and the other demigods who looked up at him.
  • They look up at him. He needed to be strong.
  • Nico still saw beyond his facade though and confronted Will about it. They almost had a fight but Nico is so sure that for once, Will should stop being so selfless and start thinking about himself. And maybe, Nico is right.
  • That night, Will Solace finally broke down.

IDK it started sorta happy and then….