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Running From Myself (4/?)

Pairing: Reader X Father Tony X Avengers

Warnings: None

Rating: General

Part 3


You could hear you alarm going off and the curtains drawing up, but all you needed was sleep. You looked over at the clock. 4 hours was all the sleep you would get today. Your mission last night went later than expected. Nat had promised that you would be home by eleven, but eleven turned into twelve then one, until you finally got home at the reasonable hour of 5 in the morning.
  You slowly lifted yourself out of bed trying to ignore the pain. New bruises were beginning to emerge from last night’s mission. You knew Clint would say that maybe if you trained more people wouldn’t be able to throw in as many punches. You slowly changed into your workout clothes and headed towards the kitchen. Your stomach rumbled when it was met with the smell of food. When you finally managed to get to the table, you put your head down trying to get as much sleep as possible. You heard someone coming from the kitchen but didn’t bother to see who.

“Kid what are you doing. I just had that washed, and I don’t need your gross face all over it.”

  “Wow good morning to you too dad.” You mumbled into the table. You looked up to see Tony grinning at you. He always teased you but did it out of love. He took a seat next to you setting down his plate with waffles and bacon. You quickly stole the food on his plate because one, you were too lazy to get your own and two, Tony himself being lazy wouldn’t get up again to get you any. Tony began to whine as you took bite from the waffle you had just stolen    

  “What are you doing! Those are mine!”

“I had a long night. The least you can do is let me steal food from you.” Tony got up from his seat to grab more waffles and make you a cup of coffee.

“I thought you were supposed to get home by eleven.” You shook your head no while Tony walked back over giving you the cup. You took the beverage from his hand. Chugging the drink, you looked back to your father.

“We didn’t get back till 5.” Tony, sitting a little further away so you couldn’t steal any more food, looked at you with a stern look.

“(Y/n) you are supposed to call me when you are going to get home late, even if you think I’m not awake. You know the deal. If you are going to work with the Avengers, then I get to know when you leave for missions and get back. Also, where you are at all times on a mission. If you’re going to be late your supposed to, at the very least, text me.” Tony looked over at you with a concerned look in his eyes.

“I know but between fighting bad guys and trying to save hostages I couldn’t find a moment to text you.”

“Just don’t let it happen again okay?” Tony let out a deep sigh. You always got a little annoyed when he was like this, but you knew it was because he cared. He was your dad, and he would always worry about you in one way or another.

“I won’t dad, promise.” You both continued to eat but in silence. Once you were both finished, you began to get up.

“What do you have on the agenda today?” Your father looked up from his phone calendar noticing there was nothing on there with information about your schedule. “You forgot to update your schedule on here, again.”

 “Crap I was going to do that when I got home. Well, I was supposed to be training with the Hawk about thirty minutes ago, but I’m going to be late, no surprise there. After him I have lunch, then I’m supposed to train and go running with Spangles to build up my stamina, but it will just build up my hatred of how fast Steve can run and pass me on my left even more. I’m free after that. Maybe you and I could do movie night? We haven’t hung out in awhile. We could order some shawarma and eat in the screening room?” Tony got up to clear his dish and smiled at you.

“Sounds good to me. And don’t forget to update your schedule please.” You continued towards the elevator to get down to the gym.

“You’re turning into Capsicle more and more dad. I hope you know that. With all this nagging maybe you will become him.” When waiting for the elevator, you could hear Tony laugh to himself.

“You are definitely my daughter.”


Once on the training floor, you headed towards your personal gym. You hated to use it because it was so secluded from the other Avengers but when you needed to focus it was the perfect place to train. You had hoped that by some miracle Clint had forgotten about your training session. You opened the door and low and behold there was an angry Clint perched on top of the pull-up bars. You silently shuffled in and grabbed your towel and water. You walked over to where Clint was and put on your best innocent face.

“Look I know I’m late, but my mission went a lot later than I was expecting and I was going to text you to move up the training but then I forgot and then I fell asleep before I could remember to text you and well here I am thirty minutes late.” Clint laughed and jumped down from the bars.

“Don’t care, you know the punishment for being late.”

“Anything but that. I will do your laundry, clean your room, anything but that.”

“A 5 mile run with Steve will do you good (y/n).”

“But I’m already supposed to train with him today!” Suddenly the door opened, and none other than Captain Rogers himself walked through.

“Just in time Steve, unlike someone else I know.” Clint walked past the Captain and walked out the door but not before shouting back at you. “When you’re done get ready for the hardest training session of your life. And you still have to train with Steve later!” You groaned to yourself and walked over to the cubby to put your stuff back.

“So Rogers how many times do you think you’re gonna pass me today?” You grabbed your running shoes and plopped down on the mat. You laced up your shoes and could already hear your feet begging for mercy.

“Well Stark, today I’m going to go for my record of passing you. So eight? But no helping me out.” You rolled your eyes and stood up heading towards the elevator.

“Wouldn’t dream of it.” Running with Steve wasn’t always bad it was just the running part that made it crap. Steve would actually tell some interesting stories about the war when he decided not to out run you. Bruce thought it would be good for Steve to talk about his glory days.  He thought it would help with Steve’s transition to the new world. And for the most part, it had. Steve loved to talk about life before the war and the experiments, but he always seemed to have a hard time talking about Bucky. Steve would sometimes be talking about something from the past and bring up how Bucky did this or loved that. But once he realized who he was talking about he would always stop the conversation and switch subjects.
  Once you reached the lobby, you stepped outside and felt the heat swarm your body. You looked up to see a cloudless sky with the sun out in full force burning your skin. Running in the summer was by far your least favorite thing to do. Honestly, you would rather be getting punched at then having to go for a run.    

“Come on (y/n) I said no help!” You looked in front of you only to realize the Steve was already across the street running. Under your breath, you mumbled,

“I swear Steve if you say on my left once, I’m going to hit you where the sun doesn’t shine.”

Part 5

Before I go, since I can’t make the actual event, here’s my contribution to Ace Day! I’m ace/aro and glad to finally be comfortable with my own identity. :)