wow you're such an idiot

  • NieR Automata: hey there, I see you got Ending A! Well done, but you're Not Finished Yet!
  • Idiot: wow, that was it? what a stupid game and unfulfilling ending
  • NieR Automata: Linda do you fucking have eyes
  • Average Tumblr user: wow you're an asshole
  • Tumblr Idiot: Um, excuse me? How dare you pick on a [insert physical/mental illness], [insert sexuality], [insert racial background], [insert gender]. I'll have you know that I've [insert tragic sob story]!
  • Average Tumblr user: Yeah, that still doesn't mean you aren't being an asshole here.
  • *1st Month-ish of Dating*
  • *topic of sex comes up*
  • Me: so like I don't know it just...doesn't click with me? Like I think I'm a wall where most people are doors, like that whole "swinging one way" thing and I...don't think I even have a door.
  • Bf: are we...are you still talking about sex?
  • Me: was that not clear?
  • Bf: Uhm, no...and okay.
  • Me: But everything's been kind of confusing since I started liking you.
  • Bf: Huh...okay. Well we don't have to talk about it now.
  • Me: Err...okay?
  • *Four Months Into Dating*
  • Bf: so can I ask something?
  • Me: Yeah?
  • Bf: That wall thing from a few months back...?
  • Me: ...Yeah?
  • Bf: Are you still a wall, or..?
  • Me: I...don't think so? I think I'm more of a door, with a lock...and you've got a key?
  • Bf: Huh...okay. I was just thinking about it, we don't have to talk about it so soon, especially if you aren't completely sure yet.
  • Me: okay..?
  • *Now, six months into relationship*
  • Me: So yeah, about that, I'm like 99.99% certain I am a door with a lock and you've got the key.
  • Bf: So demisexual?
  • Me: ...Yes. How did you..?
  • Bf: I did like a shit ton of research when you first told me. You were explaining asexuality, but you said you weren't sure then, so I looked up other parts of asexuality. You're demi, is what you're saying, right?
  • Me: okay with that?
  • Bf: I'm okay with anything, so long as you're okay with it.
  • Me: Huh...well...okay long have you..?
  • Bf: Mainly it was just a guess, I didn't want to ask if you were and upset you and seem like an idiot.
  • Me: You're not an idiot., okay...You sure you're okay with that?
  • Bf: I would've been okay if you thought sex was disgusting. I love you, duh.
  • Me: Hah, I love you too.
  • MORAL IS: It's okay to be dating someone and confused about your sexuality. If they really love you, they'll accept you no matter what.

you don’t sound as cool as you think you do when you offend an actor’s looks you know

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"Jesus is my lord" wow you're an idiot.

“For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.” - 1 Corinthians 1:18

If this was meant to insult me, it didn’t - you’ve just confirmed what the Word of God says. I’m happy to be called an idiot for serving Christ as my Lord.

People can’t be this dumb, right? I haven’t verified, but I think what’s happening here is the artist posted 2 different angles on ONE tattoo, and this genius assumed it’s his two arms next to each other with identical tattoos? Because that happens? What planet is this? I need a drink. Noting that, for once, I’m not calling this a “bad” tattoo… just pointing out the stupidity of the author.

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Prompt: Dex walking in on Nursey soflty singing in the morning and it may just be the most beautiful thing he's ever seen/heard. (BTW you're writing is amazing!!!!!!)

wow thank you so much!!! here’s some idiots in love for u!!!! (ps the song nursey’s singing to is the twenty one pilots cover of can’t help falling in love, because i am trash and nursey is trash and it’s something that would happen, ok)

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  • Erza: Where is that idiot?
  • Lucy: Wow, you're gonna have to be waaaay more specific.
NT Moments - Idiot
  • INTJ was telling a story about how he just fired an agency that did subpar work for him.
  • INTJ: My company has been using them for years, but I just fired them anyway.
  • ENTJ: Wow. Harsh. You seem scary at work.
  • INTP: He yells "you're an idiot!" at people.
  • ENTJ: Really...
  • INTJ: If you're an idiot, then you ARE an idiot. No other way to say it.

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I'm just saying lmfao they it's really pathetic how your fans act. Oh now a bunch of rich little white girls are cutting! Oh how original your nirvana and plaid shirt is! Wow you're favorite song is American idiot! Oh no, you're "suicidal" Like bitch kill yourself then! It just cracks me up cause they're little sluts that do it for your attention nth what they don't realize is no one would give half a shit, like you probs wouldn't even know. It cracks me up how fucking dumb your fans are XD

get the fuck off my blog and do not talk about them like that ever again