wow you wouldn't believe

you know what would totally happen? when jungkook unwraps his christmas present he takes the bow off and sticks it on yoongi’s head and tells yoongi he’s his present and that he looks cute with the bow on. and yoongi would leave the bow on his head for the rest of the day just for jungkook

People who are basically like “oh you’re so young I’m not sure your opinions matter yet” couldn’t we just reply with “oh you’re so old are you sure your opinions /still/ matter after all this time???” Because that’s pretty much the same logic.


Such Great Heights // Prologue // Coming before the end of the month

Listening in carefully, Harry tried to make sense of what was being said and what exactly was happening, but it was far too confusing for him and his six-year-old brain. Instead, he glanced around the room to see if there was anyone else he knew — a few older ladies from some of his favourite places, like the bakery and the library, were in his sight, but the second he spotted another young girl around his age and how she was practically bouncing in her seat, she was all that took his focus.

what is this I don’t even ugh

Do you have any idea how much do I want Carlos and Earl to meet in the desert and fight the Smiling God? (No. No, you don’t.)