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how would monsta x react to you surprising them on set filming a mv by bringing them a cute homemade lunch during break time? thank you <3


“Did you really take the time to make this? I’ll eat it well.”

He would be really happy that you took time out of your day to make the lunch and personally bring it over to his group’s music video set. He would pet your head and compliment how sweet you are before he dug in. You would notice how more energetic he would be after the break was over.


“You just keep giving me more reasons to love you.”

This man would be so touched with the effort you put into making him lunch, and he would eat it with a content heart. He might even stammer a little while thanking you because you gave it to him while his members were there, too. After he finished eating, he would give you a kiss.


“Of course, you’re the best. I love you.”

He would love it so much that he would probably boast about it to the other members. When he sees you give him the the homemade lunch, he would hug you tightly and let you know how much he loves you. Then, he would share the food with you while he was on a break.


“And you packed all of my favorites, too…”

You can find him blushing a lot when he sees you walk onto the music video set with lunch in your hands. He would probably hurry over to you and ask what you were doing there, but once you answer him, he would just be smiling so wide the whole time, appreciating the lunch.


“Were you just trying to find an excuse to see me? Haha.”

He would most likely joke with you as soon as you arrive, telling you that you just wanted to take a peek of their comeback. Really though, his eyes would light up once he sees the food. He seems to watch his weight, but once he locks his eyes on your lunch, he would be ready to eat.


“Can I eat this? Can I really? Oh wow, it looks so good!!”

This cutie pie would take the first few seconds to stare at the lunch as if wondering if this was real life or not. Afterwards, he would look up to meet your eyes and thank you while using his aegyo. Opening up the lunch box and seeing the contents, he would once again shower you with praise.


“Just on time! I was getting really hungry.”

He would be quite surprised and maybe even shy to see you show up at his workplace, but once you tell him that you made lunch, he would realize how hungry he was getting. Leading you to the room where his members had lunch, he would be happy to eat. He’d even ask you to feed him.

Thank you for requesting! Make it an awesome day/night, cutie~ ♡ 

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Hello! So uhm my dad loves EXO and his bias is Chanyeol and mine kyungsoo, so we both ship Chansoo >.< can you spam some GIF's or pictures of them together? We realy love ur blog! My dad reads your facebook storys he is waiting for another one! Love❤

Wow, that’s something I’ve never heard before! Well say hi to your dad for me and there’ll be a new Facebook story up tomorrow! =3 Thank you for loving my blog too, you’re very sweet!! <33

Okay, so Chansoo spam…. I can do that, I think:

Let’s start off with some cute moments, yeah?

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Am I the only one to notice how at that end of the hand holding scene daryl runs his thumb down Beth's finger, it seems so comforting and sweet, wow am I stupid to notice something so small haha

This is at the same time where he fully clasps her hand. And Beth/Emily does the same with her thumb :)

Oh no you’re not stupid, after watching it enough times you start to notice these things, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched ‘Alone’ lol