wow you idiots

Heard a Trump supporter make a joke about how everyone’s protesting today over “fake sexual assault”

She thinks the only reason the Women’s March is happening is because of Trump’s “grab her by the pussy” comment

Let me repeat

A female Trump supporter thinks these women are marching all over the world

Just because of one (disgusting) comment made by Trump

  • Me: being pregnant sounds terrible and i have no interest in ever going through that ever
  • Some asshole: but at the end you get a beautiful baby!
  • Me: looks directly into the camera like I'm on parks and recreation

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"Jesus is my lord" wow you're an idiot.

“For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.” - 1 Corinthians 1:18

If this was meant to insult me, it didn’t - you’ve just confirmed what the Word of God says. I’m happy to be called an idiot for serving Christ as my Lord.

In the Remus and Sirius raising Harry au thing, I really love it when they are BOTH father figures and not hahahaha Moony is the mother (not mad at that last post, that pun was on point) and has to make sure that Sirius isn’t spoiling Harry rotten, like have you met Remus? Remus would be all omg I’m gonna be in the background not sure if I’m allowed to be closer or not and if James and Lily were still alive would be like wow you loveable idiot, yes, please love my child, thanks. And Sirius is King of conflicting emotions and abuse and not just Irresponsible Child with No Concept of Anything but Fun like they would totes be a team and balance each other out because that is how they interact in the canon and it is so fucking beautiful because they need each other and they need that balance and also fuck established gender roles okay no one needs to be the mother figure and the father figure.

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you seriously believe that demisexual is a thing?? wow you're such an idiot, it was made up by a 14 year old!!! lol

All demisexual is, is not feeling sexual attraction to someone unless you have a strong emotional connection to them. There’s no reason for me to believe that it doesn’t apply to some people.

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So you post all the stuff on a blog online and on Pinterest and then complain that your pictures are copyright and you don't want other people sharing them isn't that the point of what you're doing is trying to get your stuff out there your BS and it's BS there any of your stuff is copyright on a site called Pinterest where the point is to pin stuff you like on your boards you should be happy that you're getting attention on your posts you idiot

Wow. How stupid is this comment ? Some of the pics I post are reblogged from other blogs I like, some are found on the internet and theres no source so I just post it myself
And some are my pics. I never complained because of people posting my own pics without giving me credit, i don’t give a shit and don’t post anything on pinterest 🤣. Stop being a coward and come out of anon so we can have fun 😗

Imagine you and Natasha going to train when you catch Steve and Bucky in an awkward position when they’re sparring so you take pictures

And then you and Natasha text it to the rest of the Avengers who start teasing them for the rest of the week to which Steve and Bucky awkwardly have to defend themselves

Bucky: Dammit Y/N you’re lucky I love you and Steve is too much of a gentlemen or we would’ve punched you and Natasha in the throat by now.

Y/N: …I lo-



Tony: Language

Steve: Wow you guys are all idiots 

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“ wow, you look like shit today. ”

“Unless you’re volunteering to work the bar for me so I can go sleep and try not  to feel like shit, shut the fuck up, Herne.”

“So… it’s my birthday. It’s my birthday and you are here, and you are made of sunshine and stardust and everything that’s good in the world, and I am so happy and you are so perfect.” He rambled, brightly coloured cocktail in his hands as he swiveled in his chair, pink-cheeked and grinning.