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"lyk n rebl0g if u want 2 destroy all starbucks windowz 2 piss off fascists and billionaires." All that gon do is piss off latte sipping liberals. Fa's don't drink that shit and billionaires have insurance. But thanks for showing the world you're an idiot.

you don’t sound as cool as you think you do when you offend an actor’s looks you know

Altar-nate Ending

Words: 1374
Steve Rogers X Reader
Request: “Hi! Can you make an imagine where Steve and the reader are getting married but first he is not into wedding preparation and she feels like he doesn’t want to get married but then he starts helping but on the wedding day he stoods her up bc a mission at the end fluff and happiness pls! I would really love to read this! btw i love your imagines!” -Anon

“Steven Grant Rogers!” You barged into his office without waiting for an invitation. Natasha and Sam were with him. The three of them were bent over a splay of tactical plans, until they looked up at you who had stormed in unapologetically.

“Someone’s in trouble.” Sam chuckled. Nat and Steve glared at him simultaneously. “What? We were all thinking it, but suddenly I’m on trial for actually saying it? Whatever she’s mad about, I’m on her side now.” Sam pointed at you before shrugging his shoulders and walking out of the room.

“I’m going to take a coffee break.” Nat excused herself gracefully, leaving only you and Steve in the room.

“Please explain to me how you can spend weeks planning for a mission, but you cant carve out five minutes of your time to help me pick out flowers, or a dinner menu or literally anything for this wedding.” You sighed in frustration. “Do I need to remind you that a wedding is supposed to be a celebration of our union? Meaning both of us becoming one team? I know you know what being part of a team is, so why can’t you just, be there for me?” Steve left a long pause hang in the air. He wanted to make sure you were finished lecturing him before he spoke.

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  • Me: being pregnant sounds terrible and i have no interest in ever going through that ever
  • Some asshole: but at the end you get a beautiful baby!
  • Me: looks directly into the camera like I'm on parks and recreation

devil town



written for the @1dbigbang

thanks a Billion to @jessimond for the Beautiful fic header and to my Amazing big bang artist @oonicorn for the Beautiful Art!!!

a southern US au

“Mmm,” Louis hums, tipping his head slightly in acknowledgement. “You know what I reckon all the baseball games you’ve seen have in common?”

Harry rocks on his heels, uncertain, drifting. If it were daylight, if he could see Louis’ face, maybe he’d see where this was going. As it is, he hazards a guess, smiling beseechingly even though Louis probably can’t see him very well. “That I didn’t know what was going on?”

“I reckon,” Louis says, taking the cigarette from his mouth and flicking the ashes to the ground, “you only ever paid attention to baseball when it involved paying attention to me.”

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On Haru and Makoto ending up in Tokyo

This was originally a reply to an ask, but since I’m a fan of read-mores I am giving it its own separate post instead! 

The tl; dr of this is that in my eyes, Haru and Makoto ending up on the same state does not undermine all the character progress they went through; and neither does it negate the fact that they are, indeed, taking separate paths.

I have to start by saying that usually keep to my side of the fence; so while I’m prone to address misconceptions about my own pairing, I try to not give much thought to how others may interpret their own and the happenings surrounding it. It makes being a shipper and part of fandom a lot easier lol

But since this does seem to be a gripe that many have about the outcome, I will make an exception because I feel that by zeroing into the simple fact that they’re both in Tokyo, something truly important is being missed. 

(everything in this post is only my opinion)

Haru and Makoto are separating.

While the physical aspect of separation does play a role (and we may have been led to believe it was the crux of it), the storyline about their separation has always been about more than just physical distance. In fact imo it was never even mainly about that!

It’s about the fact that they’re going into different worlds. That they have dreams that they can support each other in but not actually effectively share.

Haru is going into the world of “wins and loses”. Into competitive swimming.

Meanwhile, Makoto chose an altogether different road:

Their lives will take different paths; they will reach different destinations. They are effectively aiming towards different things.

We saw just how hard the mere fact of being part of different clubs (!!!) hit them in High Speed! 2; so this? This was huge. For the both of them!

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Heard a Trump supporter make a joke about how everyone’s protesting today over “fake sexual assault”

She thinks the only reason the Women’s March is happening is because of Trump’s “grab her by the pussy” comment

Let me repeat

A female Trump supporter thinks these women are marching all over the world

Just because of one (disgusting) comment made by Trump