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Dating Peter Parker Would Involve...

[a/n]: no request but i sense lots of thirst for peter and wow same. so i decided to post this really quickly while im writing my next request

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Dating Peter Parker Would Involve…

  • Him being a fucking dork all the time
  • Him always wanting to watch “that really old movie, Empire Strikes Back”
  • idk about you guys but I would not mind possessive!peter
  • Him loving to show you off at school because he is actually so confused as to how he even got someone like you
  • Peter getting jealous easily because he thinks that someone else could give you so much more
  • You having to tell him that you don’t want anyone other than him
  • Like I’m dead serious a guy would just be talking to you at school or some shit and he’d get scared that he was going to take you away from him
  • “Don’t you dare ever even think about her again. You have no idea who you’re dealing with.”
  • Date nights consist of eating pizza and cuddling while watching a movie
  • Having to tell Peter to be careful when he goes with Tony
  • Him still getting flustered when you tell him how cute he is
  • But him giving you constant compliments like his life depends on it
  • Since his hoodies are too big you pull the sleeves into your palm and make sweater paws while he plants a kiss on your nose and tells you that you look much better in his hoodie than he does
  • Him loving the way you scrunch up your nose when he kisses it
  • Sometimes you just glance over and he’s looking at you with his head tilted to the side, eyes filled with pure admiration 
  • Making him take selfies with you
  • Bugging him about the selfies so much that eventually he’s just done and so he crashes his lips to your’s, snapping a picture
  • “Post that one. I like that one”
  • You posting it and him being happy because he loves how everyone can see you’re his
  • idk guys I just think that Peter would love and treasure his girl more than anything else in the world
  • fuck now i want a peter. where can i get one?
dan and phil play keep talking and nobody explodes: a summary

hoodie!phil i am immediately enthralled and this video isn’t even a second in yet

“you da bomb of our lives”

they keep clothes fans give them which is nice shoutout to that lucky son of a gun


phil is insistent on everyone seeing speed

supportive boyf dan has his back

dan nudged phil’s arm in a bro-esque manner

they mentioned escape rooms finally i can relate as i have now been to one too

“i think we’re a lot nerdier than we think” why do they think we refer to them as nerds all the time

“rest in peace environment” / “fuck you trees”

“i’ll punch you if you look at this” going to provide no context there have fun

“DAD…. playing halo with me” nice save dan

the wholesome howell blanket is always on hand

“they’ll see if we do a single glance…”

how is dan going to go a whole extra seventeen minutes without glancing at phil i think he’s going to implode

they already did the tutorial but didn’t show us yet phil can’t remember the title of the game wow rip nerd!phil fic trope

“this is going to be a mistake”

“i can’t speak if i’m under some kind of situation” mister english degree back again

phil spinning dan around with those sweet sweet seconds of skin to skin contact (hand to arm)

also lowkey hand porn

look at his hands

the curly hair and shaved sides from the side profile makes my heart warm

sassy hand clicks from danny


five seconds in i am already stressed for them why is this already the most intense video of this game i’ve ever seen i’ve watched like six different channels play it

“there’s, there’s-” “no phil, i’m guiding you.” someone likes to take control don’t they

during the wire puzzle you can slowly watch dan get more stressy look at his pursed lips and expressive strict hand gestures

“there’s an alien man with a triangle head and he’s got a T coming out of his neck” their best friend mind meld really needs to come in handy here

i’m still really enjoying dan’s side profile i can’t get over it

“that’s you selecting the module you dork”

“guys we’re nailing this” i was going to make the obvious joke but i won’t we’re classy here

“shut up shut up SHUT UP” stressy dan is here to stay

they did one wow who says youtube gamers can’t game screw you comments

“what everyone out there is thinking now is we need you to get the manual, phil” i think dan honey you just want to be in control again i know that was hard for you

getting their last glances at each other in before they can’t for at least five minutes

opposite sides again why has this happened two videos after one another this is weird what is the post-baking video universe coming to

“this is weird. now you’re the person with the really bright face… wow it makes my hair look so much less white now that i’m here”

“it makes my hair look grey… i promise i don’t have grey hair” honey you’re thirty years old it’s going to happen inevitably sometime soon best to break us in gently

i’m hyped for side profile phil

dan quoting the marriage mantra of something old something new etc…. foreshadowing perhaps who knows with the way 2017 phan is going

phil looks so confused he’s like me facing every exam i’ve ever taken

i’ve been cheated out of side profile phil ffs dan get your hands on him and spin him around i feel attacked

“oh shit new stuff” literally everyone every few days when they upload a new gaming vid with no warning????? they know our struggle????

phil looks so focused i’m entranced


“oh god it’s hurting my brain so much”

stressy phil is a new experience but i’m digging it

dan being the little shit he is just laughs all the time

“stop freaking out!” stressy dan is still here despite having the opposite role

they did two attempts and won them both wow

they high fived yes for more skin to skin contact

phil is reeeealllly making up for lost time by shamelessly staring at dan

like seriously that was at least a solid six seconds of him staring

oh and more glances

i get it you’re in love

“kept calm under presh”

more staring seriously phil are you aware the camera is still rolling

“i hate to alarm you phil but what is your catchphrase on this gaming channel?”

*awkward silence whilst phil realises he’s being spoken to thus has to tear his gaze away*


*resumes staring*

seriously what is with him today subtlety ain’t in his vocabulary

p h i l i get it you’re in love

oh now dan’s at it

dan just got super close to the camera and did that creepy smile he has i was unnerved

“i’m frickin terrified as diddly heck”

they’re back on their own sides balance in the universe has been destroyed do you reckon they’re as insistent about which side of the bed they sleep on

side profile dan is back welcome back old friend i missed you

i thought he dabbed for a second but it’s okay he didn’t

they’re determined as fuck but i can already see dan’s stressing

yep there’s the hurry up hand gestures

“i’m going to explode…. literally” because of the intensity or because he can’t stare at phil i don’t even know anymore u decide

dan’s eyes just got really really wide they were like bulging

“is the button yellow?” “no it’s blue i told you it’s blue!” welcome back stressy phil i hope you had a nice break

phil’s little “ooh” is so cute i want it as my ringtone

“we did it? oh christ”

stressy dan is really coming out to play in this symbols puzzle isn’t he

phil’s expressive hand gestures aka he’s beginning to panic too

dan’s doing some kind of gang sign okay boy you do you

aaaaand there’s the deafening dan scream for this video i can’t believe we lasted a whole 17 minutes and 40 seconds without one

rip headphone users it was nice knowing you

stressy dan has never been more present

phil is surprisingly calm(er)

“dan come on” all of us all the time

oooooh they couldn’t last five minutes without a quick glance at one another could they jfc get a room

they managed with three seconds to spare

phil is giggly and dan is….. well, dan

dramatic as ever my little actor that never was

phil initiates skin to skin contact again why am i not surprised anymore

“i was winding you up” dan says as he adds flames on top of himself in editing i am nodding furiously

the camera pans back out and phil’s hood is up who even is he

“we could have died!” “but we didn’t” *dan adds a halo above his head aka can’t relate*

“see if i worked in bomb disposal, i’d be cheeky like that” your colleagues would throw a bomb in bed with you

“i’d be like ooh what’s the timer steve???” the danxsteve fic coming atcha real soon

dan’s in an obnoxiously good mood now he has won a game and can freely stare at phil again

“we could be bomb disposal experts” again expect the fic coming atcha real soon

“what you just saw was two nerds that grew up playing puzzle games that have a psychic connection because they have no other friends defusing bombs” they literally said they go to escape rooms for their friends birthdays but alright i’ll take the exclusivity

they’re considering coming back in hard mode YES I NEED THIS

again i could have made the obvious joke there but i didn’t

let them know how you felt throughout that video type out long essays i dare you

“subscribe if you’re happy you didn’t explode”

“if you want to see us do that more challenging version where we might blow up… or not 'cause we’re the best… disposers ever”

“subscribe to us, have a good day, don’t explode” the best advice comes in threes



With All My Heart - Part 8

Word Count: 3003

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Medical Situations

A/N: Tags are closed. Unbeta’d. All mistakes are mine. 

Feedback and constructive criticism always welcome and encouraged

With All My Heart Masterlist

“You sure you’re gonna be ok with me gone?” Jensen asked for the 500th time. He was packing his bag to leave for PhoenixCon and while you didn’t really want him to go you knew he couldn’t disappoint the fans to stay behind with you.

“Yeah, it’ll be fine.” You reassured, wrapping your arms around him from behind and resting your head against his shoulder. “Emma will be here and Gen is gonna come by when Emma has to work so I’m pretty much covered. Plus, the dogs will keep me company.” You glanced over at Oscar and Icarus, who were both staring at you intently.

Jensen spun in your arms and put his arms around your neck, checking your face to see if you were lying. “Sorry the doctor said you couldn’t go. I really thought she’d say yes. You’re doing so well.”

“Yeah. Me too.” You sighed. “Plus, I’ve been getting a lot of people asking me on Twitter and stuff about singing since I did it in Rome. I was actually kinda hoping I’d get to do it again…”

“Wait.” Jensen stopped and blinked, pulling away from you while he continued to pack his clothes. “You actually…were planning on singing with me? Like on stage?”

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I Don’t Dance - Jughead x Reader

A/N — This isn’t a request, but I’ve been having some inspiration lately to write this little Jughead x Reader for a while now. So I hope you enjoy this because it’s going to be some cute fluffy, flustered Jug!

Words: 1120

Warnings: None

(Y/N) , (H/C) , (E/C) , (F/C) — Your name, hair colour, eye colour, your favourite colour.

English. Wasn’t your favourite school subject, but it got you through the semester. The only reason you get by in this class is your crush, Jughead Jones.  So familiar with his black hair tucked under his signature crown shaped beanie also makes you smile whenever you see him. Okay, the only downside of your friendship is that you think that’s all you’re ever going to be.

Friends. Or so I thought.

You see, you and Jughead have always had this thing. Since you met in middle school, you’ve had a thing with passing notes through class to each other. Sure, it was pretty childish, but since you two both are it makes their day somehow.

She sat there quietly in her seat. The teacher’s words slowly fading into the back of her mind as she focuses on her sketches in her English book. Something snapped (Y/N) suddenly out of daze. She looked up from her desk to find a smirking Jughead looking at her from the seat in front.

Of course, it was another one one of his notes.

(Y/N)  smirked back and fidgeted her fingers around the small piece of paper opening it carefully.

Hey there, Juliet. Daydreaming again?’

She looked up from the note, a scoff escaping her lips as Jughead bit his. She pulled out her own pen, flipping the note over and replying back to him.

‘Pfft, what? Never.’

(Y/N) folded back up the note, throwing it at the back of his head, a chuckle escaping his mouth which broke the silence in the room. A small giggle escaped hers too, but they both quickly shut up as the teacher gave them a steady glare. They quickly went back to their work, until about two minutes later another slip of paper landed on her book. She slowly once again opened it and read it carefully, a blush rising on (Y/N)’s soft cheeks.

‘Stay back behind class. I gotta talk to you.’

Jughead wrote, adding a smiley face to the back of the note. A smile crept onto her face. (Y/N) pushed her (H/C) hair back and wrote back straight away.

‘Is this an invitation or a demand, Mr Jones?’

She quickly slipped it into his hand, just as the bell for the period to end rang. The class quickly stood up from their seats, eager to head off to go home from a long stressful Monday of school. A couple minutes later, the rest of the students including the teacher left the room leaving Jughead and (Y/N) alone. He adjusted the satchel that slung over his skinny shoulder, leaning against his desk as he watched her close her bag and throw it over her shoulder.

“Hey stranger. I can see you didn’t focus in class very much.” Jughead chuckled to himself earning a glare from (Y/N).

“Hey, if it wasn’t for you passing your notes to me every five seconds I wouldn’t have gotten one of Mrs Stone’s dirty glares.” You pouted at him, standing up from your seat and walking to him.  “But seriously, it’s a Monday and I should be heading home but with your persuasion of you wanting me to stay, I’m eager for what you are going to say, Mr Jones.” You smirked at him.

“Well, I know you might have plans tonight, OR you might be going, I don’t really keep track on school events much since..y’know.” Jughead paused.

Jason.” You finished his sentence, knowing exactly what he meant.

Yeah. Anyway, if you didn’t have anyone taking you already… um, I was hoping you could go to the dance with me tonight, (Y/N)?” He looked up from the ground and gazed straight into your (E/C) eyes. It felt so strange hearing these words come out of Jug’s mouth. He never seemed like the type to go to a school dance, until now, you wondered.

The school dance was every girl’s desire at Riverdale High. Proposals in the most outrageous ways were done all around, little things from spelling it out in cupcakes to full out marching bands with the guy singing to their heart’s desire. But the way he asked her, it was simple, it was casual, it was perfect.

Wow, Juggie. I didn’t think you were a dancing kind of guy.” You nudged him playfully.

“Well, I’m not. I-I don’t dance… ever.” Jughead blushed to himself.

“Oh come on, I doubt you’ll be that bad!”  She reassured him. He just shrugged, a blush crawling onto his cheeks once again with a small smile, stuffing his hands in the pockets of his black jacket.

“Okay, well, if you accept I’ll try and give it a shot, just for you. Please?”  His green eyes stared into yours, making it your turn to now blush.

“Fine, okay, yes. Of course I’ll go with you, dork.”

In a million years, she never imagined that her crush, Jughead Jones, a dancing type, yet again a type to ask another person to a dancing event. Everyone always thought Jughead was asexual, so did you, although you kept crushing on him. Jughead smiled to himself, spinning around on his heels and walking out the door. You bit your lip closing your eyes, adjusting the strap on your bag once again and followed him out the door.

The dance was starting in about an hour. You were sitting at home finishing the final touches of your makeup and hair for the dance. It wasn’t too crazy, just simple, that’s how you enjoyed it. (Y/N) pulled into place her (F/C) dress to make herself comfortable, before looking in the mirror at herself one last time before heading downstairs. She took a deep breathe out, grabbing her clutch bag and heading out the door. As soon as she reached the bottom of the stairs, she received a message as her phone vibrated in her hand. Her eyes scanned over the message, making (Y/N) smile as she walked towards the front door and opened it, finding a smiling Jughead in a black suit standing there with of course, his famous crown shaped beanie.

“You ready to see the rest of the school grinding up against each other?” Jughead asked sarcastically, making a snort escape your mouth, soon later making him laugh too.

“Let’s do this,”  You smiled, closing the door behind you. Jughead held out a hand as an invitation or you to take. “Is this an invitation or a demand, Mr Jones?”  You smirked at him, stating a quote from earlier that day, making him smirk too. You placed your hand in his and walked to his dad’s truck parked right outside your house.

A/N — I hope you enjoyed my first imagine, I’d love to write a part 2 to this imagine as I found it so cute, so if you’re up for it please send me an ask or message! Thanks for reading!

Avengers x Reader: Storm

Originally posted by science

(Author’s Note: Heyo, Rainy here!  Just a little something I wanted to post in between requests.  I was feeling kind of lonely last night and came up with this idea just because.  Just some silly fluff to cheer you up if you need it!   Also, gif is not mine. Credit to original owner!)

   It was an ordinary day in Avengers Tower.  No villains.  No evil plots or schemes to sabotage.  It seemed that the crappy weather had taken care of that.  Gray clouds seemed to cover the entire city of New York, and what little patches of sky were visible were dark as well.  Raindrops covered the windows and tap-tapped on the roof.

   Steve and Bucky sat on either end of the leather couch in the hangout at the top floor of Avengers Tower.  You stretched out across them, head resting on Bucky’s lap and legs dangling across Steve’s.  Both soldiers watched rather boredly as you flipped through the TV channels, one arm draped across your forehead dramatically.  It was a miserable day, and what better way to be bored than with your friends?

   Footsteps echoed on the smooth floor, signaling Tony Stark’s entrance.  The eccentric billionaire donned a t-shirt and pair of ripped jeans instead of a suit, which meant he had been busy working in the garage on his Iron Man tech.  He paced over to the bar to pour himself a quick glass of water, most likely parched from his work.  He gulped the clear liquid down, pausing to stare at the three of you in between gulps.  You, Bucky, and Steve stared back at him until, finally, he set the glass down and spoke.  

   “Yeesh, what’s going on in here?  You all look miserable.”

   “Thanks. It’s really nice to see you too,” you quipped, giving him a look.  

   “Yeah, I could tell by your faces when I walked in the room.  They just lit up.”  His retort earned a snort from each of you, and he stuffed his hands in his pockets, sparing a glance out the window.  “Weather’s got you down?”

   “I had plans to go out for a jog,” Steve explained, resting his chin on the palm of his hand.

   “And I wanted to visit the store.  We’re out of plums,” Bucky grumbled, arms folded.

   “Not to mention I was going to head down to Central Park for a relaxing afternoon out,” you added.  “Basically, the rain messed up all our plans.”

   “So we’re just here being bored together,” Bucky finished, eyes fixed on the TV screen which had gone static.

   Tony rolled his eyes unsympathetically, walking to stand in front of the TV screen.  “Okay, first of all, Steve, there is a very expensive workout room that I had built into the basement of the Tower, complete with a running track.”

   “It’s not really the same, you know?” Steve shrugged.  “I like being out in the morning air and seeing the sun come up.”

   Tony gave him a look, but moved on.  “And Bucky, are you really going to let rain come between you and your plums?  Man up, put on a trench coat, and go out.”


   Lastly, Tony’s gaze rested on you.  “_______, you do realize this is Avengers Tower.  We have an indoor pool, food, a library, food.  That sounds like a pretty relaxing afternoon to me.”

   “I’ve done all that stuff already,” you stretched your arms out and yawned.

   “Whatever.  It’s not like I invested a whole lot of money in-”  The pounding of rain on the windows increased until it nearly drowned out his voice.  A deafening boom of thunder sounded, and lightning flashed.

   “Wow.  That doesn’t sound too good,” you mused.  “We should turn the lights off.”

   Tony looked at you as if you had suggested everyone dress up as clowns and go running through the streets of New York..  “Why?”

   “To watch the storm.  I like feeling all safe and cozy inside while that craziness is happening outside.”

   “Me too,” Steve agreed.  “That’s a good idea.  Let’s do it.”  

   Even Bucky’s usual scowl was replaced by a smile at the idea.  “I like the sound of that.”  

   That was yet another reason why you got along with them so well.  Tony and the others were so reliant on technology, that they sometimes forgot to sit back and enjoy the simpler things in life.  Steve and Bucky enjoyed technology and its benefits, but like you, they were a bit old-fashioned and liked to step away and take time to appreciate other things.

   “Come on, Stark.  There’s more to life than heated pools and tinkering with robots,” Steve went on.

   “Even most of your library is digital,” you pointed out. 

   “Yeah, pfft, electricity.  Who needs that?” Tony joked, waving his hand dismissively.  “Excuse me for taking advantage of modern conveniences.  Sorry I’m not a tree-hugging, bird-watching nymph like all of you.”

   Bucky snorted, and you laughed.  You sat up and went around the room, shutting off lights along the way.  Steve jumped to his feet and took care of the last set of lights before the two of you rejoined Bucky on the couch, you snuggled in between them.  The room was very dark, save for the dim light from the gray sky that seeped in through the windows.

   “Come sit,” you motioned for Tony to take a seat.  You could see his outline hesitate before shrugging and walking over to sit down on Bucky’s other side.  “There.  Isn’t this nice?” 

   Thunder continued to boom, lightning flashed, and the rain thrummed against the windows harshly.  It might be a scary thing to witness, but snuggled in between two very good friends that you trusted, you felt safe and warm.

   “You know,” Tony broke the silence in the conversation.  “This is actually really nice.”

   “Yep,” you agreed with a nod.  “But something’s missing…”

   “We need a fort,” Steve chuckled. 

   “Exactly.  See, this is why we’re friends.”  You jumped up and hurried out of the room before anyone could protest.  “Be right back!  I’m just going to grab some materials!”  You headed straight for the nearest closet full of sheets, towels, extra pillows, etc…And started gathering everything you could carry. 


   “I have to admit, when you mentioned a fort, I thought this would be stupid,” Tony confessed.  “But this…This right here is awesome.” 

   “It’s perfect,” you agreed, tossing a couple of flashlights inside.

   Bucky was making the finishing touches, setting down a stack of books to hold a sheet in place.  Even you hadn’t expected it to turn out so cool.  It really was an impressive fort.  

   “We good?” Steve asked. 

   “Yeah, this should hold up just fine,” Bucky replied.  You dropped to your hands and knees and crawled in to bury yourself in the pile of blankets and pillows.  Bucky ducked in, chuckling as you rolled yourself up like a burrito. 

    “Steve! Tony!  Come on in!” you called.

   Steve crawled in, following by Tony fumbling his way in.  Both of them found their own blankets and pillows and got comfortable.  The four of you turned your attention to the little window the group made so you could see the storm.  A loud boom of thunder sounded, and you rolled over to snuggle against Bucky’s side.

  “Comfortable?” he asked, unable to hide a small smile.

   You grinned up at him.  “Very”

   Tony shifted so that he was lying obnoxiously across your stomach.  “Me too.”

  “Dork.” You ruffled his hair.

   “Hey, not cool.”

   “Oh my gosh!” a new, but familiar, voice exclaimed from somewhere outside the fort.  “Is that a fort?”

   “Clint, care to join us?” Steve called.

  “Heck yeah!”  He bounded over to scrambled inside.  A few of you had to move over to make room.  “Wow, this is so cool.  You guys watching the storm?”

   “Yep, it’s actually more fun that I thought it would be,” Tony replied.

   “Nat would love this.”

   “Love what?”  The read-headed agent appeared at the entrance of the fort suddenly, making all of you jump in surprise.  Clint screamed.  “Calm down,” Natasha told him.  “It’s only me.”

   “And me.”

  “Bruce?” you questioned.  “Is that you?”

  “Oh gosh, we seriously are going to need more room,” Clint commented.  The next thing you knew, everyone was squeezed in beside each other in the fort.

   “This is ridiculous,” Natasha said, but you could see the smile on her face.

  “Rogers.  You wouldn’t mind getting your elbow out of my shoulder, would you?”

   “Well maybe your shoulder needs to get off my elbow, Tony.”

   Most of you were chuckling and playfully shoving each other.  Except Bruce, who was struggling with the fact he was in such a small space.  It was such a silly and fun time, a nice change from all the high-stress situations the lot of you were usually in.  Meanwhile, the storm went on outside. 

  You thought it was unfortunate that the rest of the team couldn’t be there to enjoy it, but they had their own missions to deal with.  Your group spent the rest of the stormy evening talking and laughing over just about everything.  After the conversation died down, you all fell into a comfortable silence.  You were pretty sure you heard Tony snoring.  That guy almost never slept, so this was probably good for him. It was so calming that you felt your eyelids growing heavy.

   “Go ahead and sleep, doll,” Bucky told you quietly, patting your shoulder. 

   “Yes.  Sleep.  Just please don’t snore.”

   “Shut up, Barton.”

I didn’t know [any of them]. My manager actually asked [after my audition], ‘Were any of them cute?’ And I was like, ‘Nah. Not really.

Kaitlin Olson on her Sunny audition (x)

I love this. Not because she ended up marrying one of them, but imagine what little dorks rcg came off as. You go into an audition for a show, meet the showrunners/bosses, and something like this being one of the first things you see.

The three of them, not even 30 years old yet, just got their show picked for series. We all know how much time they spend laughing at their own show now, even in the audition video their laughing is pretty prominent.

I’m not saying they looked bad, just one’s first thought probably isn’t “wow, what attractive guys” 

Most of their pictures are laughable, and I love them for it.

Reasons to love Dragon Age Origins cast

You guys seemed to like the DAI one (for whatever reason)…

Which is here:

So heres more garbage below, if you feel like wasting your time :”)


– Thinks Blight is like a party

– Until it actually goes wrong

– Thinks of his mentor like a father


– (Actually you cant.)

– Wow game, you are an asshole

– Is really sweet and precious

– And a dork

– Stfu Alistair you know I´m right

– Just wants to be accepted and not made fun of

– Says the sweetest things and makes non single women compare their boys to him probably

– Compares you to a rose

– „Why cant he be real???“

– Bish, he is too good and innocent for this world

– Afraid of responsibility

– Like #relatable I get you man…

– Doesn´t want to be the king unless you tell him to „go for it boo“

– Loves dogs but would probably deny it.


– Much sarcasm

– Some of the smartest dialogue

– Can make you look stupid without putting effort into it.

– Could also kill you

– Changes into animals

– But her true form is still the best

– You probably like her outfit one way or the other

– (Cant believe hers is the only concept art that made it into the game…)

– Likes jewelry

– And deserves all of it.


– Makes fun of Alistair.

– And everyone else

– But you just can´t hate her

– Hates love

– Until you romance her

– Holy shit she´s great at it then.

– But the ending hurts.

– It´s okay, she´ll be back

– Protect her from her mom


Ohhhh boi, here we go

– That accent

– It makes even the straightest people go gay for him

– Smooth as fuck and he knows it.

– Thinks he doesnt deserve to be loved

– Is actually a precious cinnamon roll

– „I feel terrible and I wish to cry. May I rest my head in your bossom“

– Sure why not.


– What do you mean I´m playing as a guy. This guy has love to give for everybody

– Flirts with everyone, it´s great

– Tattoos

– Ugh that accent is still great

– Actually the most loyal romance tbh

– And cares about you

– Like a lot.

– So much so that if you die, he doesnt love anyone again.

– Deserves all the happiness


– Wants to help

– Because she had a dream about the end of the world

– Thinks the god sent her to help you

– Actually believes it


– Likes your hair, even if you´re fukin bald

– Sweetest

– And her voice is sweet too tho

– Asks about your current boyfriend/girlfriend

– Best sis you could ask for.

– Doesn´t wantto kill anyone

– Not even an assassin sent after her

– Or the person who sent them.


– Doesnt want to be like her ex and wants to move on

– Loves you

– So so much



– Doesn´t like you

– Or anyone

– Or anything

– Haha got you. He actually is the sweetest later on.

– Calls you „kadan“ how cute is that dude

– Tol but precious


– Also took cookies from a boy because he didnt want him to get chubby

– Played „I spy“ with himself while waiting to either starve or get eaten

– Sad because he lost his sword


– He named it „Asala“ which means „soul“

– Has cute dialogue with your dog

– Literally so clueless but so smart you cant understand him if you tried

– Makes you sound dumb for asking questions

– „I should have stayed in that cage“

– So done with you.


– Holy fuck a dwarf

– Finally

– Tough little badass

– Dont call him little though

– Could kill you

– So drunk

– Worst dwarf ever, it´s great.

– Actually the best cause his town is full of assholes

– Probably drunk all the time and if he stopped hed be like „how did I get here“

– Loves the surface tho

– „It´s sodding great. No one has any idea who you are or what you´re doing“

– Love him

– „That dog. Sodding thing took my pants“
– Oghren, you´re wearing your pants


– Loves his wife even if she did bad things. And left him. And cheated on him. And went crazy.

– He´s too good. It´s sad

– But is still a smooth mofo with Felsi

– Let him be happy.


– Calls you an „it“

– How does this not insult me

– Has a „nickname“ for everyone

– Is a rock

– jk, is a golem

– Trolls everyone

– And hates squishy things

– And pigeons

– And anything that has feathers and wants to take a crap on her

– Gives no crap herself

– Actually genderless

– Don´t question it

– Too good for you

– Wears crystals into fights


– Also has a boner for Sten

– You know it´s true

– Also makes you look stupid, its great


– Ayyy mama of the group

– Nah, she´s actually pretty cool

– And saves your sorry ass whenever you take her along, admit it

– Was a healer before it was cool.


– She´s too good, even Oghren and Zevran tried to go for it

– Scolds you about your relationship, but then later on totally ships it

–  Asks Alistair if he knows where babies come from

– Like, Wynne why


– Could probably tell you anything about wine


– Is a dog

Happy bark

Disapproving whine

– Could tell Zathrian was a (semi) bad guy before we could

– Just wants to play

– But ok, am i the only one who is afraid to take him along sometimes?



– Actually makes Morrigan break her tsun act for a few moments

– Is a tsun himself kinda

– But loves you above all

– Protect him

My thoughts about the when the world's collide

Oh my gosh I absoulotly love this two eps !!!!
We see mona and Sal commander again yay !!!🤓
Lol I can’t stop laughing at that monas face !😂
Utroms are so kind they helped the poor guy ….☺
Dang newtrolizer!!!!😤
Awwww….poor Raph he misses mona but he won’t admit it  ….😔
Donnie and april are just so cute , girl admit it you love Donnie is so obvious….😉
My OTP!!!! I always imagined that Leo and karai train togather in the dojo and it finally happened!!! Thanks tmnt crew!!!🙏
Wow karai said she likes Leo !!! Am I dreaming ??? Is this heaven wha…..😇
That smile of Leo you dork😍
Is that renet ??? I love her hair so much !!!😍
But what about shini???😔
Mikey just gathered all the hot girls around him self!!He has the best taste in girls among all the turts !!!😏
Raph actually plays so good with drums !! Nice !!
Holy space apples!!!
Awww he is so happy
Demotion x !!!
Yaaaaay Romana!!!😍
Leorai is pure gold !!! 😍Just look at this two dorks😍😍😍 karai said the exact same thing that Leo did before lol 😂Leo looks at karai at put his arms like her  Lol karai founds out that she has a hot for Leo as well😏
Monas blushing 😍😍😍
I can’t stop laughing at them lol 😂
okay we get it you guys are so in peace 😂✋
And…..newtrolizer ruins everything…😐
Raph and Mona again 😍
Lord dreg attacked them ???😐
Nooooo Mikey!!!!! Oh yeah and Sal commander sorry 😅
We are friends….yo (my stomach hurts 😂😂😂)
Newtrolizer again 😑
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I never get tired of watching these two togather 😍😍😍
Leeeeeo!!!🤓 She loves him is confirmed 😋
April being badass 😎
Relax have a drink!!! Love that line!!!
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I thought that april gonna be jealous that Donnie and utrom Irma working together…😆
Somebody stops this guy he is everywhere😲
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Mona and karai being badass togather 😍
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Mikey is back !!!you were awesome in this episode  😍
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Leo and karai love parties lol😂
Yeeeees mona is staying on earth with the mighty mutanimals!!! So that means she gonna stay with karai and shini too !!!!😲😲😲😲😲
Lol Mikey takes Leo hands to cover his eyes😂 april fangirling😍 and Donnie is like 😕 and karai is like Iam done with you sh*t guys 😂
Thanks for reading all of this !😅
I apologize for my bad English 😆
I hope you enjoyed it ❤

anonymous asked:

Hia! Could you do headcanons for the guys realizing they love their s/o whe their s/o just does something absolutely dorky like tripping and getting up only to trip again, or laughing so hard that they violently snort. And the guys are just like "Holy shit I'm in love with this fucking dork" thank you I love your blog


It’s going to be over something like S/O tripping over their feet from trying to race Scout. The realization is gonna smack him like a pile of bricks. Seeing his S/O on the ground, laughing at their own clumsiness, that would just get Scout’s heart pumping faster than a Bonk caffeine rush. The realization that, hey wow he’s in love with this person would be a huge wake up call to Scout to start taking his relationship seriously if he wants to keep S/O.


Soldier’s love for his S/O would definitely be realized on the battlefield. No doubt it’d be over a S/O making a morbid pun relating to minced body parts. Soldier isn’t one for witty word play, but seeing his S/O covered in the blood of the enemy and giggling at their own joke is enough to get his heart pounding!


Pyro at one point would catch their S/O snuggling it up with Balloonicorn. They look so peaceful and adorable sleeping with Pyro’s beloved stuffed animal! Pyro would not be able to resist giving their S/O a quick kiss on the forehead. And in that moment - Pyro realizes they really like-like someone.


Demo realizes his love from witnessing his S/O in their hangover. Demo would be doing the aftercare after all, sobering up for S/O’s sake. He would be there to cook breakfast (he isn’t so bad at scrambling some eggs), massaging his lover’s back, and pulling back their hair when they need to vomit. It was surprisingly…nice! The relevation that there’s something deeper going on between him and another human being is just enough to literally make his head spin.


He catches his S/O wearing his construction hat, after spending half an hour searching for it. Seeing them childishly trying the hard hat for size - it was ridiculously oversized too, covering half of their face! - has Engie realize how much he wanted - no, needed S/O to be his. 


Sometimes, Heavy’s S/O asks him to tutor them the Russian language. Heavy is more than happy to oblige. He is incredibly patient with his lover, despite them stumbling over grammar and mispronouncing many words. But Heavy absolutely falls in love when he hears his S/O attempt to say to him in Russian, “I love you with all my heart.” (They nearly ended up saying, “I love bear meat with my soul”, but it was still enough to make his heart melt.)


Medic discovers his S/O’s lack of domestic skills, when he finds a trove of his missing laundry missing over a week ago. But his lab coats are pink. Sheepishly, S/O finally confesses that they may have accidentally threw in Medic’s surprise gift - a hot pink sweater - among his pile of dirty laundry in the washer. Thus, a laundry disaster. Seeing his S/O so flustered kinda just flipped a switch in Medic where he finally realizes “well shit, i can live with this dorky person for the rest of my life.” (He spends an entire month parading both the pink sweater and lab coats.)


Sniper is already an awkward dork by himself. Combine that with his sometimes dorky S/O, and there are more adorable encounters bound to happen. And it just so happens S/O discovered Sniper’s weak point - his ticklish armpits. They get into playful tickling fights sometimes. It gets so rough one day, S/O nearly falls downstairs. Sniper tries to stop them, but ends up falling down with them. They land at the bottom, unhurt. S/O is tight and safe in Sniper’s strong arms. They both lie there, kind of stunned and looking at each other. Also, Sniper just didn’t want to move. He just couldn’t help but marvel at the fact that ‘i actually have a human being in my arms who wants to be with me.’


He decides to visit his S/O earlier than initially planned, after all, there should be spontaneity in a relationship. He buys a bouquet, gets some jewelry, and a plane ticket. Spy arrives at S/O’s place - but finds they’re not home. Asking around, he discovers they already left a day ago. Spy immediately jumps to the worse conclusion - were they visiting some secret lover? Tense, he calls S/O for the fifth time - and they finally pick up. It turns out, S/O and Spy both left their homes to visit each other for a surprise. Spy collapses into chuckles, then snorts over the phone. God, he’s done it now, hasn’t he? If he’s totally willing to travel through an airport twice a day for a person, maybe he has deeper feelings for them more than he’s willing to admit.

anonymous asked:

(Dexydex) congrats on mills! Also diner date prompt for ya!

Thanks, yo! @dexydex

There are two things a diner at 11 ‘o’ clock at night can be; boring and empty, or chock-full of interesting characters.

Dex and Holster are used to catching people’s attention when they’re in drag, it’s unavoidable, and when Nursey and Ransom are out with them, they’re going to be noticed, too.

Nursey and Holster are both completely relaxed being the center of attention, happily eating their burgers. Ransom is less comfortable in the public eye, and Dex is just pissy.

“Want a fry, babe?” Nursey holds up one of his French fries for Dex.

Dex scowls. “No, I can’t,” He whines, “I can’t eat when I’m wearing this!” He gestures to the corset that hugs his torso tightly.

Holster swallows a big bite of burger and points at Dex. “That’s why I don’t wear a corset, dude. Who cares if my figure isn’t ‘hourglass’? If I’m gonna rock a crop top, why not show off this sick bod?”

Dex sticks out his tongue. “I guess we’re two, very different drag queens. One of us cares about looking good, and the other eats greasy burgers while wearing lipstick.”

“Don’t be mean! You’re drag mother didn’t raise you this way!” Holster gasps in mock-offense.

Dex just sips his orange juice and raises his eyebrows.

“Want a fry, babe?”

“Nursey, I already said no!”

“Oh, sorry, I forgot.”

Holster turns to Ransom. “Should I get a corset, dude?”

Ransom shakes his head. “It would look so weird, bro.”

Nursey nods in agreement. “You’re too big.”

“Wow. Thanks, guys.” Holster deadpans. “Also, just take the corset off of it’s bothering you, Scarlet,” He tells Dex.

Nursey rests his chin on Dex’s shoulder, flashing his bedroom eyes at his boyfriend. “But baby, you said that I could take it off for you.”

Dex flicks Nursey’s forehead. “Later, dork. When we don’t have an audience.”

Nursey giggles and snaps his teeth playfully at Dex.

“Oh, right!” Holster shuffles through his purse and pulls out a thick wad of cash. “Scarlet, dude. How much did you make tonight?”

Dex reaches into his bra and pulls out his own stack of money from where one might expect to find breasts. He and Holster count their earnings separately.

Dex smirks. “Six-hundred fifty two, thanks to your cult following.”

Holster snorts. “Weeeeaaaaaakkkkk. Eight-hundred, twenty one!” He fans himself with his stack of bills.

“Some of our money should go to Chowder, though,” Dex points out. “He did tell a lot of people about our show.”

“Yeah…but…” Holster frowns. “…Fine.”

“Hey! I should get a cut, too!” Nursey says indignantly.

Dex raises his perfectly drawn-on eyebrows. “And why is that?”

“I taught you how to do your makeup! And my physical appearance draws the crowd in.” Nursey appeals. “So technically, I should always get a portion of your profits.”

“You don’t need it. You’re a silver spoon kid, Nurse.” Dex fidgets, trying to get the corset to stop digging into his hips.

Nursey leans heavily against his boyfriend. “Well, I would use the money to buy you gifts like heels and corsets and shit.”

Holster perks up. “What about me? I love heels! I love gifts!” He holds out some of his earnings. “Wanna buy me a gift with this, Rans?”

“Dude, hell yeah.” Ransom stuffs the money in his jeans pocket.

Dex sighs. “That defeats the whole purpose of a gift,” He says, sounding very put-upon.

Ransom shrugs. “If ya don’t get it then ya just don’t get it, man.”

“Check out what Rans bought me for my birthday.” Holster lifts up a leg to showcase his neon orange pumps. Unfortunately his leg is sticking out into the aisle, and a distracted waitress bumps into it, dropping a plate of food. The ceramic dish shatters on the linoleum floor, and Ransom, Nursey, Dex, and the rest of the customers all cringe.

“Are you okay?” Dex gets up to help the waitress collect the fragments of plate, but the corset prevents him from bending over too far without being in serious pain.

Holster joins them, waving Dex away. “Don’t worry, Scarlet. I got this. ’S my fault anyways.”

Dex plops back down on the vinyl seat, looking pained, tired, and fed-up.

Nursey rubs Dex’s back assuredly. “I think that’s a signal. Maybe we should head back.”

“Good idea.” Ransom gets up and stretches, yawning. “I’m gonna pass out soon, anyways.”

Holster nods from his spot on the floor. “Good deal. I’m paying.”

Dex huffs and opens his mouth to disagree, but Nursey quickly places a hand on the small of Dex’s back and steers him towards the door. “Thanks man, we’ll be outside!”

Ransom, Holster, and the frazzled-looking waitress finish picking up all the pieces of broken plate, and Holster asks for the check. When she comes back, receipt in hand, Holster makes sure to tip her very generously.

glitterific-karen  asked:

"Weather It's Him Or You Or Both Someone Is Going To Get Hurt" "We'll See" OKAY But I Think Viktor Being A Sweetheart Come That Situation Viktor Would Sacrifice Himself So Yuuri Wouldn't Get Hurt?? Also Viktor Taking Pictures Of Yuuri WithOUT Him Knowing TILL HE's CAUGHT!? Perfect? Such Wow? My God You're A Blessing In My Life.

I think that’s true! :D
If it came down to something like “It’s either you or him!”
Victor would do whatever he can to keep Yuri safe o3o

Lol, yeah, Victor is such a dork XD
On a “date” with this guy he just met for like 5 seconds and he’s already taking pics >w>

years and years ago when i got in my first Serious Lesbian Relationship ™ i decided to come out to my dad. he said ‘hey, wow, okay’ and then he went away but then he came back and said ‘um. are you sure? because when you were a teenager you were kinda boy-crazy i mean you had all those posters all over your room of Prince and Adam Ant and that vampire-looking guy from Rocky Horror… and. oh. wait.’ it was adorbs.

sissysage3000  asked:

Hi! Thanks for the lottery! I was wondering what you guys think Kakashi would be like around Asuma's baby, or how he would behave around any infants. Thanks!

Wow, this took forever to get to you. I’m so sorry! I tried for a lighter tone on this instead of focusing on Asuma’s death, so I hope that’s alright! ~Admin Axel

[Reluctant][Rated G] Kakashi’s First Meeting With A Baby

Originally posted by prism17

Kakashi was squatting behind a bush. 

Normally, he would have found a more dignified hiding place, but tough times call for tough measures and this particular bush was one of the only ones in this part of Konoha that had stubbornly hung onto its leaves after the first cold snap of the approaching winter. Pulling his ever-present orange book from inside of his flak jacket, Kakashi resigned himself to crouching here on the ground until his pursuer either moved on to a new location to search for him or gave up. Whichever came first, he wasn’t picky really.

Eyes darting over dog-eared page of  Icha Icha Tactics, Kakashi read a particularly racy scene that he could recite by heart. Aika, the busty heroine, had just snuck out of her village to have a late night rendezvous with the lover her family had forbidden her from seeing.

Kakashi allowed himself to get absorbed in the story to wile away the time and distract him from his chilled fingers, and maybe he did it a little too well, because suddenly he found himself blinking in the harsh sunlight like a startled raccoon as the limbs of the bush were yanked apart by a familiar pair of hands.

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Every episode of Power Rangers
  • *some conflict over friendship or something*
  • Bulk and Skull: Wow, NERDS. You guys are DORKS and we're BULLIES.
  • Bulk and Skull: *get humiliated in some way*
  • Rita: HAHAHA! I have a fool proof plan to defeat the Rangers!
  • Zordon: RANGERS. Rita is up to something! Go stop her!
  • Rangers: *go fight without morphing for some reason and lose the fight*
  • Zordon: You can do this with the power of teamwork or this new power I just decided to mention!
  • Rangers: YEAH!
  • Rangers: Finally morph and call their Zords.
  • Rangers: *lots of arm movements with sound effects*
  • The Bad Guy: You'll never defeat me! *becomes really big*
  • Zords: *become megazord*
  • Megazord: *beats up villain*
  • Goldar: We'll meet again! *disappears*
  • Rita: *angry yelling*
  • Rangers: We won by working together!
  • *some meaningful lesson about the power of friendship as the conflict from the beginning of the episode is resolved*
Big Bang reaction to their sister dating an other member


Originally posted by royalseunghyun

This man child was a bit surprised and confused whenever you and Daesung made him talk to the two of your privately. He was conflicted with certain emotions whenever the two of you had admitted that you had been dating for a few months. He would understand why you had been so private about it but he would be a bit hurt that you never told him at the beginning of the relationship. He would be very supportive of it because he would rather you date one of his band members than some sleazy guy that he didn’t know. “You have my approval, you dorks!”


Originally posted by fantastic--babies

Youngbae would probably be a bit weirded out by it because one of his best friends and sister are together. Like all the times he walked in on You and Seungri hanging out in the past you could have probably just been doing something nasty and he didn’t know or notice. He wouldn’t disapprove or anything he would just be a bit awkward about it. “Wow…okay…cool. Just don’t like ya’ know do all that lovey dovey stuff in front of me.”


Originally posted by biggerthanbang

Jiyong would be very conflicted, on one hand he was happy that his sister and his friend have found someone to love but on the other hand he didn’t like it because what was he going to do if the relationship failed. He would be very iffy about it because he wasn’t very fond of the idea of you with Seunghyun but he would try to be respectful and mature about. “I might not think it’s the best thing but as loong as both of you are happy then I approve.”


Originally posted by y0226d

This angel is all for it, he’s all smiles and laughs once he finds out. He’s just bouncing around in his seat, exclaiming that “I’VE SHIPPED SINCE THE VERY BEGINNING” or “I’M GONNA PLAN THE WEDDING. I BETTER BE THE BEST MAN. NO SCRATCH THAT, I’M GONNA BE THE PRIEST THAT OFFICIAL BONDS YOU TWO TOGETHER FOR LIFE.” He’s just getting all excited while you and Taeyang just share these confused looks with each other, wondering how you can calm him down. 


Originally posted by jeffersonhairpie

This maknae didn’t like it at all. When you and Jiyong told him that you two had been dating for about four months now he just simply got up, shoved past the two of you and went for a walk. He didn’t want his noona to be dating one of his hyungs but he knew he didn’t have the right to tell you who you could and couldn’t date. Once he cooled off he went back and apologized to the two of you. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have been childish like that. You two are grown and can date whoever you want meaning yes, you’re going to date each other whether I like it or not. I just hope you two are happy together.”

(To the person that requested this, I’m sorry I took so long to post this and I’m sorry that it sucks.)

Cowboys and Angels

The reader leaves for college with a broken heart but comes back to find that it wasn’t what she thought it was. 

Dean and Reader, Sam and Jess, Mary and John, Bobby and Ellen, Jo

Warnings: angst, partial cheating, sweetness, fluff

There are more parts to this, not sure how many but I will give it my all

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Cowboys and Angels by Dustin Lynch      God Made Girls by Raelynn

Originally posted by sevastisaurus

           I was walking to the barn, looking for my boyfriend to spend one last night with him before I left for college. I opened the door to see my cousin Jo and him in a heated kiss. I sobbed out, having them snap their heads my direction. I turned and ran into the house, I had never felt so heartbroken, not since Uncle Bobby had come to school one day to tell my parents had died in a car crash.

           I walked into the house and collapsed on the floor sobbing uncontrollably. Ellen rushed over and held me as told what I had seen. She helped me off the floor and led me to my room and just held me as I cried my heart out.

           I could hear arguing down stairs but I didn’t care, I knew Bobby was mad, but he let them have it. “Why would he do that? I thought he loved me” “I don’t know honey, but I’m so sorry” “I think I’m going to leave tonight, I can’t face them again” “I understand honey”

           Once I knew they were gone, I went downstairs and hugged Bobby then Ellen. I promised to keep in touch and left my home with a shattered heart.

           It’s been eight years since that night and it still hurt, at first, they were blowing up my phone with calls and text messages but I never answered. I went to college and worked my ass off, getting straight A’s and graduating with honors. Of course, the day of graduation they showed up, Sam and his girlfriend, had come with Bobby and Ellen. He always told me how proud of me he was. He also kept telling me that I needed to talk to them.

           After college, I didn’t go back home, I traveled the world seeing everything there was to see. I decided to go back home after that, I missed my family and I missed my friends. I wasn’t sure if anyone would recognize me though, I had filled out in that last eight years, I had more curves and more weight, I loved my body.

           I pulled up the driveway, and saw nothing had really changed. I got out of the truck and walked up to the door and knocked. I was beyond nervous, but when I saw Ellen opening the door, I started crying for simple fact of how much I missed her and Bobby. “Oh honey you look so good, we missed you so much.” “I missed you more”

           “Come on, let’s go surprise Bobby” I nodded my head as she grabbed a pitcher of iced tea and some glasses to take out to the guys. As we walked out she told what had happened after I had left. “Jo was really torn up about it, and Dean, they stayed away from each other. There were a lot of nights he cried in arms over doing that to you, Jo left six months after that night. She went to Los Angeles to be a singer. She always had a beautiful voice” “It still hurts so much, Dean was the love of my life. I haven’t been with anyone since”

           “That boy wrote a letter to you every day, I think you should read them” “Ok” She smiled at me as we walked into the barn. Bobby was underneath the tractor, Sam and Dean were trying to fix the engine. “Brought you boys some iced tea and a surprise” They all looked up to see me standing next to Ellen, Sam rushed over first giving me a bear hug. “I missed you, y/n/n” “I missed you too moose”

           Dean hadn’t moved from his spot but Bobby held on to me the longest. “I missed you so much” “Me too Uncle Bobby” “You made it in time for the annual spring extravaganza, but you knew that didn’t you” I smiled at his insinuation and shook my head, but he knew the truth.

           After a welcome home meal, I decided to go for a ride. I grabbed one of the paints named misty, I got her saddle and other gear put on. I then got on, deciding to go to my happy place. The sun was just setting when I had come to the place. The closer I had gotten I noticed a few blankets with a cooler, I was the only one who knew about this place, so who was here?

           I got off misty and slowly walked over to see who would be here, I then saw Dean come out of the trees with a single white rose in his hand. This can’t be happening, I never even told him about this place. The only person who knew was Jo. “Y/N honey please say something?” “Like what? You broke my heart, the one you promised you would never break” “I know I broke your heart, until the day I die I won’t stop apologizing for what I did. Let me make it up to you every day of our lives”

           I still loved him, I never stopped, but was he telling the truth? Ellen told me he was angry at himself for that whole time. “You have a lot of ass kissing to do Winchester” “That’s been my plan darlin’” We finally reached each other, he reached wrapping his arms around me and pulling me to him. “God, I love you” he whispered as his lips hovered over mine. “I missed you so much” as my voice cracked at the end.

           Then he kissed me, not a chaste little kiss, but a slow burning start your skin on fire type of kiss. He led me over to the blankets, he got down first and held a hand up to help me down. I took off my boots and socks, enjoying the warm spring night. I laid down flat on my back looking up into the clear night sky, stars twinkling and the moon full. I looked over to see Dean on his side just watching me with love and desire in his eyes.

           I pulled him down to me, kissing him again, missing the taste and feel of his lips on mine. I was always told that make-up sex was the best, I guess tonight I will find out. He fit his hips in between mine making up for lost time. He turned the radio on, classic rock filling our ears as we kissed and chuckled at each other. We slowly undressed each other, relearning each other and rediscovering the spots that made us weak.

           We were down to nothing but skin on skin, he slowly pushed in as I felt the stretch that I always felt when I was with him. Once he bottomed out, we stayed that way for what felt like eternity. When he started moving it felt like heaven, I was cloud nine. We took our time, the whole night, just him and I.

           When morning came, I was hesitant but he quickly kissed those bad thoughts away every time. We both rode back to the ranch together, to see Ellen and Bobby ringing the bell for breakfast. “I’m hungry, how about you?” “I know I worked up an appetite sweetheart” I laughed at his dorky grin he had. Once we put the horses away and kissed me one more time before heading in for food.

           Everyone was thrilled to know that we had fixed things, I was always told that we belonged together. We sat down with everyone else, catching up on what happened those years I was gone. Since tonight was the extravaganza, Dean, Bobby and Sam went to help set up while Ellen, Jess (Sam’s Wife), and I made food for the pot luck before the dance and carnival.

           I made my mom’s special bourbon pecan pie, well two, one for Dean and one for the party. I then went to get dressed, putting on my outfit for the night. Since I had a couple minutes, I called Jo getting things out and just coming back together like family again. I told her that we were working on getting back together and she was thrilled to hear it. We said our goodbyes and hung up ready for the night to get started.

           “Y/n come on! Time to go!” “Coming” I ran downstairs and Ellen whistled at my outfit. “He’s going to go wild when he sees that” I giggled and shook my head, Jess and I were becoming great friends over the days I had been here. I grabbed the pie and headed out to see both women waiting. “Let’s go party!”

           Once we pulled up to the place, it was beautifully decorated and ready for the party it was going to be. The Winchester’s always held the party on their land, well, all our property. John and Bobby bought this huge piece of property together so it was both theirs and ours. I walked into the house and visited Mary and John for a few minutes before looking for Dean.

           John walked out with me showing me the new layout of the party they had come up with. “I’m glad you came back, he hasn’t smiled in the last eight years you’ve been gone” “I haven’t either, I hope we can fix things” “He’s smiled more in the last two days than he has that whole time, things are already getting fixed”

           I saw the band rehearsing and the rides being prepared, I wondered if I could sing a couple songs with the band tonight. I walked over to see Dean, Chuck, Gabriel, and Michael warming up. I heard whistling as I walked up to the guys that I hadn’t seen in like forever. “Calm down boys, I only belong to one man”

           “Wow! You’re trying to kill me, aren’t you?” I giggled and shook my head. “I was wondering if I could sing a couple songs with you?” “Uhm Hells yeah” Gabriel was such a dork, he also had the biggest sweet tooth other than Dean. “That would be awesome, the usual?” I whispered in his ear and of course he agreed quickly to what I had asked.

           I started walking away, when a pair of arms wrapped around my middle. “You look stunning sweetheart” I turned in his arms to see him in a grey Henley and dark blue jeans with black cowboy boots. I leaned up kissing him and whispered in his ear “You don’t look so bad yourself” I didn’t know how long we stood there but I felt completely whole being in his arms again.

           Once the party had started, Dean had disappeared and I was beginning to worry when I heard the band start up. I walked over and saw Dean checking his guitar. “Hey guys, so as you know y/n has come back home and I have never been as happy as I am now so baby this is for you.” The beginnings of the song started and automatically started tearing at his song choice. As he sang he only had eyes for one woman, me.

           As the song ended everyone there were on their feet applauding, Dean had an amazing voice but didn’t share it very often. “Before we go any further, y/n can you come up here please?” I was nervous about what was going to happen but I walked up to the stage, reaching a hand down to pull me up. “Y/n, Since the day you left my love hasn’t changed one bit, I love you with everything I have and would be honored if you would marry me”

           “Yes! Oh my God Yes!” He slipped the ring on my finger and kissed me with passion and love, I knew I made the right decision to come back home. “Hey now! I feel so unloved” I saw Jo walk through the crowd. I got down and ran toward her, hugging her tightly. Both of us were crying and happy that we could move on from this.

           I walked back to the stage with the plan I had put in motion earlier. “So, I have a song that I may need some help with. Rob wanna start it up?” The notes started and Dean automatically started laughing. I just serenaded him as he smiled wide making his eyes crinkle, he even started singing with me. I finished the song and held him to me, happy that things were finally fixed and that we had a bright future ahead of us.

Dinner time

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Pairing: Clint Barton x reader

Request: Could you do an imagine where the reader is Tony’s twin sister and her and Clint are secretly dating and Tony finds out but he’s kinda okay with it. Please and thank you💖

Author’s note: This is so short, but I kinda like it in this way :) 


You and Clint were dating for two months and you still didn’t tell it anyone. Well, you were sure, Nat already knows it, because she is.. Nat and closest friend of both of you. But the rest of team and your brother Tony don’t have a clue. And it was kinda comfortable.

Today, whole team had collective dinner in Stark tower. Everything was fine, food was delicious and you really enjoyed it.

“Clint, can you please hand me that glass??” you asked.

“Sure, love!” Clint responded with a smile.

‘Oh no’ you thought.

You turned back and found your friends staring at you in disbelieve.

“So, you two are actually a thing, huh?” Tony said in neutral tone.
You blushed and nodded slowly.

“Oh, I knew it!” Wanda squeaked excitedly. Natasha gave you thumbs up and Steve smiled widely.

“Are you gonna kill me?” Clint asked your brother carefully.

“Actually,not. You know, you are huge dork, but you are good guy after all. Besides that, Y/N would break your neck if you hurt her.” Tony said with a smirk.

“Wow, when did you become so commonsensible, big bro?” You grinned.
He just rolled his eyes and turned to your boyfriend again.

“I have one advice for you. Don’t you dare steal her ice cream. I did it once, she almost killed me.”

“That’s not true! Well.. maybe, but you must understand. It was my last Cookie dough!” you defended yourself.

“Yep, there it is. Good luck with this girl, man!”

Hope you like it!! Please, leave me some feedback. Love you <3

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