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not-so-fun fact

ben platt has to go to physical therapy twice a week to keep him from physicalizing evan too much and adopting more of evan’s mannerisms (since he already started biting his nails and developing hunched posture because of the role).


The only look that matters



you know when you remember that old otp of yours and you suddenly get a bunch of feels and it ruins your life?
well it’s kinda one of those days so take this as i go cry under my bed for two hours


did some facial ref practice with the vento aureo gang also @ davidpro part 5 when????

Always Together (M)

Pairing: Taehyung x reader

Genre: Smut

Word count: 3.5k

Warnings: Rated M, graphic sexual descriptions

A/N: something that had been sitting in my drafts for over a year and edited a bit, might as well post it since i’m probably not going to finish the entire story anyway! :) 

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NCT Dream (My first and last) - Encore stage
170214 - 1st win

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Doyoung’s honesty bringing out Taeyong’s laughter once again ❤️

Dionysus is that uncle that slips you wine under the table at family parties (because “I don’t believe in putting age limits on the little things in life”) and takes you to concerts with headlining bands you’ve never heard of (because “It’s music, kid, you don’t need to know it, as long as you feel it”) and goes to your first pride with you (because “The world is queerer than they’ve lead you to believe”) and when you have a problem he might not know how to fix it but he’ll sure as hell sit there and listen to you rant until suddenly you find yourself laughing and you know it’s thanks to him (because “Life only brings you down when you let it”) and he’s a little bit best friend and a little bit protective older brother and a little bit mentor and a little bit partner-in-crime and sure sometimes it feels like he’s the only one on your side but with a guy like him, the whole “you and him against the world” thing doesn’t feel so lonely.