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Count it (Tyler x FemReader) jealous fluff

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Request:  OK SO I WANTED TO DO A BEAUTIFUL REQUEST FOR A BEAUTIFUL PERSON (that’s you) Could you maybe do a one-shot where Tyler (obvs the jealous type) gets jealous and lots of fluFFfffFfFFFF i WanT FLufF

Warnings: swearing and stufffff





Some idle things were whispered from Mark to Ethan. Next to each other, in a hollow living area, they giggled like a pair of school boys.

Ethan nodded enthusiastically to what was said; peering at Mark with giddy eyes.

Mark threw him a smirk and tossed an extra look to where I was standing, which was off in the corner grazing my phone. Even though I was preoccupied, their not so subtle actions were quite obvious in thick air.

I could see Mark quickly countdown from three in silent hand movements.



“So-!” he then said “(Y/n) was dressed actually pretty adorably today, don’t ya’ think?”

Ethan seemed to nod soberly “Yes, she was dressed quite cutely. It is honestly almost a shame that she decided to change for this.”

“Isn’t it?”

I believe it was pretty visible; my head peaked with sudden interest. I was basically alerted by the call of (Y/n)’s name. The fashion in which the boys were speaking about her didn’t help much either.

Did Mark just call her adorable? Did Ethan say cute?

“Ah, what-?” I began hoarsely, my words dropping short.

“Well don’t get too down about it, Ethan. This is a dinner out. She might be dolled up even prettier.”

Pardon me.

“That’s true- that’s true.”

What are they getting at? (Y/n) is my date, not theirs. I’m the one that claimed dibs when we litterally first met. Do they not recall?

I let my jaw hang loose, and tongue run dry. Not one word was good enough to describe how much this time with her meant to me.


Fucking assholes. They’re just trying to get me jealous, aren’t they?

I’ll show them jealous.

“Well since it’s going to be just (Y/n) and I,” I started forcefully. With meaning, I walked my way over to my two friends and spun them each around- to face the exit.

“I don’t think you’ll need to stay here much longer. You can go to your rooms, masturbate together- I don’t care. But stay away from my girl.”

I had just finished my demand when Mark gasped loudly.

“Your girl?”

As I shoved them out the doorway to the living room, I said ‘adieu’ and shut the door heavily.

I turned to be greeted with (Y/n)’s heavenly smile.

Oh lord…

“Your girl~?” she repeated sweetly, tilting her head in adorable question. Her hooded eyes gave away her taunt like reasoning.

“Wow.” I said in a huff tone.

I was now directing (Y/n) to the front door instead- with gentle pushes on the shoulders. She began to giggle and fidget while we walked. I opened the door softly for her.

“I never said I was yours.” she laughed jokingly, stepping out the door with a big dopey smile falling into her features.

I grinned down at her kindly. There was a reason I loved her this much.

“Well now, you’re mine.” and I shut the door with a happy click.


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William Nylander #2

Anonymous said: Could you make one where you met William nylander family for the first time?


A/N: apologizes for any spelling or grammar errors, as usual i wrote this at some god awfully late time. but hope you all liked it!! :)

Word Count: 2,759

If your boyfriend thought you were just casually going to up and meet his family then he was crazy. And after walking into the suite you normally sat in during Leafs game, it was confirmed - William Nylander was freaking crazy. Cause staying around was his entire family, visiting from Sweden, and looking at you as if you had two heads.

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Masquerade 2.2: The Reunion (Jimin x Reader)

Will things have changed after 10 years?

These 2.somethings will consist of little drabbles related to the characters in Masquerade II. (Mostly, Red Mask, because he is a complex character and there is still a lot to tell about his story, but the other characters will probably get their own drabbles eventually too ^_^)

If you haven’t already, please read Masquerade II first !!

Summary: The continuation of Masquerade 2.1 (<- please read before this drabble). Jimin journeys to his high school reunion, albeit unwillingly, to deal with the demons in his past. Will he be able to battle them head on or will he be swallowed up like before?

Jimin x Reader ft. other characters ;)

High school reunion au

Fluff, some slight smut, & some slight angst

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           "I can’t believe you have work…“ Jimin exhaled. "I need you there with me! This is going to be horrible.”

           "I’m sorry, sweetie.“ You cupped his face, knowing he had been dreading this day for a long time now. But last minute, the lead of your show came down with a sickness so you were called in to fill in for her, even though it wasn’t your day to star. You couldn’t turn it down and forsake the show. "I believe in you, Park Jimin. Hold down the fort until I get there okay?”

           "Okay.“ He pouted, but you kissed him to placate him.

           "I love you.” You grinned, trying to ease him. “And who knows? They may have all matured like you kind of started to.”

           "Gee, I love you too.“ He rolled his eyes.

           You giggled and kissed him again. "Be good until I get there, please. Just stand by the refreshments and stuff your face.”

           He exhaled. “Break a leg on your show.”

           You smiled and grabbed your purse then with a last apologetic look, you left.

           Jimin groaned, lugging himself around the apartment you two shared, debating on faking an illness so he could get out of going. But he knew you would see through it immediately and drag him there regardless.

           He had whined and complained as much as he could since he received the invitation. He even told you his embarrassing past that he had never divulged to anyone in hopes that you would sympathize with him, but adversely, it only fueled your determination to have him go. You had said something about “showing off”, but he didn’t feel confident enough to flaunt at all. He had avoided reconnecting with anyone from high school because it reminded him about times that he would rather forget, but with one measly piece of paper, all his efforts went down the drain. You had convinced him by banning sex until he agreed to go, which was insanely unfair, but he knew that you were only doing that to force him to face his inner demons. And that this reunion was the only chance he would get to do so.

           Nervously, he parked his car in front of the hotel where it was being held. He handed his keys to the valet and before he could compose himself, someone called out to him.

           "Is that…Park Jimin??“

           He bit his lip and turned to greet the group of people warmly.

           "Yes, it’s me, Park Jimin!” he chuckled, trying to be as lighthearted as possible.

           "Oh man! You look good!“ They chimed. "And wow, what a car!”

           Jimin smiled and nodded, recognizing their faces. They definitely were people in his high school class.

           "Let’s head in dude!“ One of the guys slapped his back and threw an arm around his shoulder chummily.

           Jimin gulped and followed the crowd of his old classmates, who were chatting happily. Everyone seemed to have stayed in touch because they were asking pretty detailed and personal questions.

           "Hey guys! Names please.” The secretary of your student council back in the day greeted the group.

           "Check it out, Secretary. It’s Jimin!“ One of the guys beamed and presented you, as if he was showing off his son or something. "He used to chubby and small, but look at him, so built and fit! Still a bit on the short side, but he looks great!”

           Jimin smiled awkwardly, not enjoying the attention for once. He wasn’t sure whether to be offended or pleased by his classmate’s comments.

           "Park Jimin? You mean the playboy of our high school?“

           "Yeah he’s right there, see?”

           "I told you he looked good.“

           "He must definitely still be a playboy with that look.”

           People inside murmured excitedly as he stepped forward sheepishly.

           "Yeah, it’s me.“ he scratched the back of his head.

           The old student council secretary smiled warmly, and checked off his name on the list. "It’s good to see you, Jimin. You and your guest will be in Table 9.”

           "Thanks.“ Jimin bowed and walked in.

           He hadn’t felt intimidated like this in such a long time. He headed straight for his table, throwing off his coat. He recognized the people he was seated with as some of his old dance club members so he greeted them cheerfully. Once he took his seat, they all began catching up and time passed relaxingly.

           But just when he thought that everything was going well and that maybe it wasn’t such a big mistake to come, he felt arms wrap around his neck from behind. He knew it wasn’t your touch so he tensed up, wondering who in hell was embracing him so openly.

           "I’ve been waiting for you Park Jimin.” A female whispered into his ear and he stood up abruptly, alert and flustered.

           The entire table hollered excitedly.

           "Playboy Jimin is back at it! Ow ow!“

           Jimin frowned and turned around to see who it was that was teasing him. His eyes widened when he came face-to-face with the woman he had randomly slept with out of spite for the Temptress; the first victim of his descent to Red Mask.

           "Let’s dance, Jimin.” she smirked as she grabbed his hand tightly, dragging him to the dance floor.

           He stood there, exasperated as she pressed her body against him. It was painfully obvious she was trying to rile him up and seduce him, but he felt indifferent to her advances. Stepping away to create distance between their persons, he sighed.

           "What exactly are you doing?“

           "I thought we could pick up where we left off back in high school.” She twirled his tie and fluttered her eyes flirtatiously. “I’ve been wanting to reconnect with you for some time now. I’ve heard how great you were at pleasing women, and I wanted you to jog my memory of our time in the classroom.”

           She licked her lips and leaned her face forwards towards his. Jimin furrowed his brows and grabbed her shoulders to halt her movement.

           "I’m sorry.“ he plucked his tie out of her grip. "But I have a girlfriend, and I wasn’t ever and still am not interested in you.”  

            She burst into laughter. “Really? Who are you lying to now? You don’t have a girlfriend or standards. I mean, who could love a playboy like yourself? You were even notorious in your college and word got around to mine.” She hummed and reached out to touch his face. “Or are you rejecting me because you’re still mad that I spilled our little secret?”

           Jimin exhaled, pulling her hand away from his cheek. But before he could emphasize that he was telling the truth, the ruckus by the entrance interrupted them.

           "Damn. Check that girl out! Did she go to our highschool?“

           "Dude, if she did, I totally would’ve banged her!”

           "Did she come to the wrong place?“

           "Who cares? I’m going to talk to her.”

           "But man, she’s so hott. Can you really walk up to her casually?“

           Jimin glanced over curiously and immediately perked up when he saw you waltz in, as gorgeous as ever. Surprisingly though, you hadn’t worn the outfit you originally picked out for the event. And boy was he glad you had decided to be bolder with your outfit choice. Instead of a simple, elegant black dress, you wore a skin tight, long, red dress with a high slit to expose your toned legs.  There was a gold plate around your neck holding up the fabric and a gaping hole to expose just hints of your bra-less breasts.

           In your case, you figured the more seductive attire would make up for abandoning Jimin in his time of need. And besides, you knew you needed to flaunt yourself a little. You wanted Jimin to feel confident again, especially in a place where he felt most vulnerable. If there was anything you could do to ease his worries, it was to put your charms to use. Luckily, that was your forte.  

           "Excuse me.” Jimin pushed the woman in front of him aside, much to her dissatisfaction, and swooped in beside you before any other guy had the guts to approach.

           "Hey, babe.“ He kissed your cheek. "Perfect timing.”

           You smiled and patted his tie gently, hearing the relief laced in his voice. “Been rough, huh?”

           "Unbelievably.“ he breathed. "Aaand here they come now.”

           "Jimin! My man!“

           Some guys he had never seen before came up and attempted to perform some handshake he didn’t know. It ended up as floppy hands and weird wailing noises that didn’t match the rhythm; all for the purpose of appearing close with him.

           "How have you been?”

           "Good, good.“ Jimin answered hesitantly, knowing exactly what their objective was.

           "And who is this pretty thing you’ve got on your arm?”

           "This is my girlfriend, Y/N.“ Jimin introduced and you shook their hands amiably.

           "Pleasure to meet you guys.” You smiled infectiously.

           "How much did he pay you to come with him?“ They half-jested.

           You glanced at Jimin, trying to get a sense of how he was feeling about the situation. You saw he was a bit uncomfortable and tense, so you squeezed his hand gently to reassure him.

           "He pays me in fantastic sex and expensive dinners, like any boyfriend should, right?” You grinned genuinely and everyone immediately stopped laughing. A small smile splayed on Jimin’s face, amused. What had he expected from you?

           "Oh yeah. I heard he was a bit of a playboy in high school. Bet he hasn’t told you that.“ One of the guys nudged you playfully, still trying to sway you.

           Your lips curled up and shrugged. "Oh I met him in college. I know pretty much every person he’s slept with.”

           You leaned over and whispered. The guys crowded closer, magnetized to you already.

           "But I’m also not so innocent.“

           You winked seductively, and Jimin visibly saw them fall weak against your charms. You truly were a dangerous woman.

           "Well, let’s get you some dri–” Jimin tried to interject, wrapping his arm around your waist.

           "I’ll get you one! What would you like?“ one of the guys volunteered hurriedly.

           "A nice glass of champagne would be nice.” You smiled sweetly, and they all scrambled towards the table to grab you one.

           While they were off bickering, you chuckled and kissed Jimin deeply. He was taken aback by the sudden forwardness, but welcomed your affection happily.

           "What was that for?“ he hummed.

           You wrapped your arms around his neck, grinning cheekily. "Aren’t you glad I’m yours?”

           He laughed as he caressed your cheek, staring at you fondly. “I’m actually a bit scared to be honest. How far do your seductive charms go?”

           You chuckled and whispered into his ear. “Would you like to see?”

           Jimin gripped your waist tightly. “Let’s save that for later, hm?”

           You moved daringly closer to his face to softly claim, “I decide that.”

           His eyes sparkled with glee. The banter between you two always made him feel like home, and he loved how you could tease him wherever and whenever shamelessly.

           "I like that outfit choice by the way.“ Jimin grinned as he stepped back to admire you fully.

            You twirled around playfully and smirked. "You know how much I like red.”

           He bit his lip seductively as he pulled you by the waist in order to plant a chaste kiss on your lips. “I would’ve never guessed.”

           Chuckling lightly, you ran your hands through his hair as you looked at him lovingly. It still amazed you that he was all yours. But your alone time was interrupted when the guys returned and a bunch of champagne glasses were thrusted at you simultaneously. You unlatched yourself from Jimin, giggling, and chugged a few glasses coolly.

           Jimin stepped back, permitting the crowd of his classmates to surround you as he watched you enjoying yourself, amused. He was really grateful that you had come, despite probably being exhausted from your performance. You kept him level-headed, and your presence was a living reminder of how far he had come. He smiled to himself happily, feeling a wave of contentment wash over him.

           But then suddenly, something completely unexpected happened.

           The sea of men parted to make way for someone that froze him where he stood. Without a doubt, it was Temptress walking towards his girlfriend, marching towards you. She hadn’t changed much from his memory. Her face showed a few signs of aging, and she wore thicker make-up than she did back in the day, but she still had a gifted body, and an air of seduction about her.

           But it was odd.

           Although she looked almost the same as she did in high school, his heart no longer raced when he stared at her. He no longer felt magnetized to the way she combed her fingers through her hair or the way she strutted so confidently forward. He didn’t even feel anger. It was odd… but he felt nothing.

           He had worried about this encounter for years, and spent weeks being chilled with anxiety over being in the same room as Temptress once again. Then most of the reunion he made sure to avoid being in the same vicinity as you. But what was this? His heart flipped at the thought that he was no longer bound by her words, by her actions, by her name, by her existence. He felt relieved; a sense of freedom embracing him, as if a heavy burden had just been lifted. He had truly moved on from his past.

           "Yah.“ Temptress stood in front of you, boldly sporting a strapless dress, which seemed to be clutching onto her breasts for dear life.

           You blinked, wondering who this woman was. You noticed the men gawking at her nervously and in awe.

           "Yes?” You replied, standing up straighter.

           Jimin swallowed as he watched. Why had Temptress approached you? Was she going to fight you? Did she not like that someone else was getting all the attention, all the men? What should he do? He worried frantically.

           But his brain completely flat-lined at what he witnessed next. Unexpectedly, Temptress pulled you forward and locked lips with you aggressively.

           "Holy shit!“ The guys bellowed excitedly.


           Jimin’s eyes widened as he saw you push away almost instantaneously, also flabbergasted. The men cheered enthusiastically at witnessing two hott women kissing in front of them. Jimin’s heart thumped in his chest as he scurried to pull you away from her, hiding you behind him. Never in a million years had he expected that to happen.

           You were shaken up behind him, touching your lips with a stunned expression.

           "That was my girlfriend you just kissed.” Jimin defended.

           "Park Jimin?“ Temptress perked up, recognizing him immediately. "You…and her?”

           You grabbed onto Jimin’s hand, standing beside him, as if to reassure her that you two were in fact together.

           "Oh wow. I’m so happy for you.“ she smiled warmly. "You truly were my greatest student.”

           "Is that her?“ You whispered into Jimin’s ear, and he nodded subtly.

           "I’m sorry for everything I said and did to you back then. I was really messed up…I still am.” she scratched the back of her head. “And I’m glad you didn’t end up like me.”

           Jimin furrowed his brow. “But you came with someone.”

           "Oh that guy.“ Temptress snorted. "I didn’t want to look lame, coming alone. I hired him to escort me. I don’t even know him.”

           Jimin blinked. “Wh-what…?”

           "Yeah…“ she blushed sheepishly. "I’ve been wanting to apologize for awhile now. I was so insensitive, and I took advantage of your naivety and toyed with you. I thought I was entitled and amazing, like I was doing you a favor by doing those things with you, but I devalued your feelings and hurt you. So, I’m sorry….”

           Jimin glanced around as a bunch of eyes were waiting for his reply. You smiled and squeezed his hand encouragingly. He really didn’t expect this at all.

           "Um it’s okay. It’s the past.“ He found himself saying surprisingly. He had envisioned the many things that he would say to Temptress if ever he had a chance to, and needless to say, all of the conversations he had imagined weren’t nice at all. But now, he faced her and he didn’t have a single mean thing to say. What had he even been so mad and worried about? "But I don’t know if I can forgive you for kissing my girlfriend.”

           Temptress blushed.

           When did she learn to look embarrassed and timid like that? Jimin was overwhelmed. He didn’t remember this side of her at all. She was always so sure of herself and so poised.

           "I’m sorry. She was just so beautiful, stunning, and confident. It was so alluring. I couldn’t help myself.“ Temptress confessed.

           "Aww, thanks.” You cooed, quickly dropping your guard at her compliments.

           "Well yeah umm…“ Jimin coughed, trying to maintain the upper hand. "But you still shouldn’t go around randomly kissing strangers…”

           He caught you glance at him with an amused expression. He knew you were thinking that he had no right to tell someone not to kiss strangers randomly, when he had done so plenty of times himself. But that was beside the point here, he was trying to look tough and angry.

           "Well…if you and she don’t mind…would you be willing to share…her?“ Temptress squirmed, eye-ing you intently. "I really…haven’t been so taken and attracted with someone in such a long time. And I mean, you’ve become so handsome yourself, Jimin. I’d be honored.”

           Jimin grabbed your hand tightly and stepped in front of you, blocking her eyes from raking down your body ravenously. “Sorry, I don’t plan to share her. She’s mine alone.”

           "I envy you.“ she smiled sadly, accepting his rejection of her suggestion with an audible sigh. "I spent so much time hating on love…that I let a lot of good guys slip away. Now I have no idea what it was that got me so worked up about empty sex that I ended up swearing off any sort of emotional connection. I’m glad you found it despite being widely known as a playboy back in high school and through college.”

           "Thanks…I guess…“ Jimin awkwardly stated. ”…for everything too.“

           "No really.” You chimed, beaming widely. “Thank you for everything.”

           Jimin glared at you, knowing you were taking a jab at his skills in bed. Temptress blushed and grinned at your sincerity, making Jimin want to cover you up immediately. Did she really just fall for you? The woman he had scorned and hated on for years. The very woman that had tainted his purity and shown him the cruelty of falling for the wrong person. That same woman was envious of him, and was vying for you, the person he loved. It was difficult to wrap his head around the peculiar turn of events.

           "Well at least save a dance for me, Jimin’s girlfriend.“ Temptress winked playfully.

           "Y/N.” You grinned. “And will do.”

           Jimin pulled you away from the crowd, feeling as if his legs were about to give out at any moment, plus he didn’t want to think about what would happen if you ended up liking Temptress too. Regardless of how things unfolded, he had faced his past head-on and realized that he had overcome it. None of his classmates held anything against him nor did they think ill of him anymore. Temptress apologized and although it was a little mean of him, it was great seeing her jealous of him, jealous of him having love, of him having something she couldn’t get. Smiling to himself, he knew he had done something right, and that was not letting go of you.

           After that, the night progressed relatively well. He finally loosened up and was able to catch up with more of his old friends. He spoke candidly about what he did and used to do as a career, even telling everyone about how you two met and ended up getting together. Needless to say everyone was impressed by your unique love story.

           And while he conversed, you spent your time dancing, gathering as much gossip as you could about how Jimin was back in the day. As you promised, you saved a dance for Temptress and you were able to get to know her a little better. Surprisingly, you two got along really well. She wasn’t as bad as Jimin had portrayed her to be; she was actually a kind person underneath her intimidatingly bodacious appearance. Much like you and Jimin, she had just made plenty of wrong decisions that spiraled her into a dark place regarding relationships. You had been there and done that, so you truly empathized with her.

           All in all, it seemed to have been a successful reunion for everyone, and you could tell Jimin was in high spirits once again. You had missed him being so, since he had been clouded with worry and anxiety the weeks leading to the reunion. He hummed happily as he drove back home, and you watched him endearingly.  

           "Jimin.“ You called.


           "I was totally down for a threesome by the way.“

           "Seriously?” he choked out, coughing frantically, at the sudden confession.

           "Yeah. I mean, if she TAUGHT you what you know now then she must be really be something.“ You explained lightly.

           "She didn’t teach me everything!” he huffed defiantly.

           "Mhm.“ You half-hearted hummed.

           "She didn’t! And I don’t like sharing!”

           "You’ve never had a problem in the past.“ You eyed him skeptically.

           "You’re different. I don’t like sharing you.” He pouted.

           You blushed and chuckled at his words. You loved how protective and possessive he was over you; it was cute and it fluttered your heart more than you’d like to admit.

           "Do you still have feelings for her?“ You inquired.

           "No, absolutely not.”

           "Are you sure?“

           "Of course. I wasn’t worried about seeing her because I thought I’d fall for her again. I was more afraid about being less successful than everybody else. I was afraid she would still be above me, still have power over me, would still make me feel small and worthless. I was afraid to be average again…” he squeezed your hand. “But I realized something.”

           "What? That with me and Temptress combined, you would become average?“ You teased.

           Jimin groaned, "I’m trying to be romantic here!”

           "I’m sorry sweetie. Keep being romantic.“ You chuckled as you kissed his cheek to appease him. "What did you realize?”

           "I was going to say… until you ruined the mood… that I realized that with you, I’m never going to be average again, because together we’re extraordinary.“

           "Aww that’s so cheesy. Who are you and what have you done with my Chimchim?” You grinned.

           Jimin blushed and kept his eyes glued on the road, embarrassed.

           "Can you pull up over there?“ You pointed randomly.

           "Why? You need to pee?” he questioned.

           "Want to have some hott car sex?“ You suggested flirtatiously.

           Wildly and abruptly, Jimin swerved to the side of the road.  He parked the car and stared at you exasperatedly.

           "What did I say about talking dirty when I’m driving?! You know it’s dangerous!”

           "Well, can I talk dirty now that you’re not driving?“ You smirked as you crawled your fingers up his arm seductively.

           "No. Wait until we’re home.” he grumbled rebelliously as he turned back to grip the steering wheel.

           "One kiss?“ You pouted. "I did a good job today and I want a reward!”

           Jimin sighed, “Alright. One kiss, but no funny business, okay?”

           "Kay.“ You giggled and unbuckled your seatbelt eagerly.

           Before he could protest, you crashed your lips onto his and began palming him through his slacks roughly. He groaned and tried to push you off, albeit lightly, in fake resistance. You smiled, knowing he couldn’t refuse you at this point. You broke the kiss and he fluttered his eyes open, a bit dizzy from the surprise attack.

           "Park Jimin. Don’t ever let anyone tell you or make you feel like you’re average.” you whispered to him intently. “You’re fantastic at everything. Except for cooking…certain things, but you’re improving.”

           "Thanks.“ Jimin rolled his eyes, but you gently placed your hands on his face, forcing him to stare at you.

           "I mean it. You’re a wonderful boyfriend, a fantastic lover, a great friend, and beloved boss. If those things didn’t happen back then, we probably wouldn’t be where we are right now. You wouldn’t be the Jimin in front of me, and it probably wouldn’t be me escorting you to your high school reunion.” Your lips curled up affectionately. “So don’t let the past haunt you anymore because you’ve built such a great present and future for yourself.”

           Jimin smiled gratefully, “Will my future have you in it?”

           You grinned, “Will you keep me in it?”

           He nodded, laughing as he leaned forward. “I plan to keep you for a very, very long time, love.”

           Sweetly, your lips found each other and perfectly melded together.

           You would’ve gone further had it not been for the cop car that pulled up behind you guys. Immediately, you parted yourselves and pretended to be on your phones.

           "Is everything okay here?“

           "Yes, sir.” Jimin smiled as soon as he rolled down the window.

           "We were just looking for directions Officer…“

           You paused as you looked up from your phone to find none other than Jeon Jungkook, grinning widely at you from the driver side window. Immediately, you gasped giddily and beamed at his presence.

           "Oh my lord. My little Kooks –You’re one hott cop!”

           "Why, thank you Noona.“ he chuckled and bowed playfully.

           "Hey, hey. No googly eyes at my girlfriend.” Jimin scolded.

           "I know, I know. Rule #1.“ Jungkook grinned. "I recognized your car and license plate while I was on patrol. Knowing you two, I figured I’d come see the action, you know.”

           Jungkook winked.

           "You little.“ Jimin pinched his cheeks harshly. "You’ve been wanting to see us in action since day one.”

           "Hey, I’d learn a lot, you know, if I got a demonstration instead of an explanation.“

           "Oh trust me, Kooks. You’re quite gifted. You’re good.” You gave him a thumbs up.

           "YOU WATCH HIS MONITOR?“ Jimin bellowed.

           "I watch EVERYONE’S monitor!” You argued.

           Jimin hesitated. “Who’s bigger?”

           "Oh my god. I’m not having this conversation Jimin.“ You rolled your eyes.

           Jungkook giggled as he tapped Jimin’s car lightly. "Well, I have to get back to work. Rule #13 hyung.”

           Jimin cracked up and fist bumped Jungkook. “You’re right.”

            “Have a good night!” Jungkook saluted you two suavely.

           "Night!“ You waved and he soon disappeared back into the road to complete his patrol. Not long after, Jimin pulled back into the main road, continuing the route home once more.

           "What’s Rule #13?” You questioned.

           Jimin chuckled, “You’ll like this one.”

           You raised an eyebrow curiously.

           "Rule #13: It’s not about the package, it’s about the delivery.“

           You and Jimin laughed hysterically all the way home.

           Once you arrived at your apartment, you scurried past him to get inside first. He curiously glanced your way, wondering why you had rushed through the door. But you simply smirked.

           "Well Mr. Park,” You threw your jacket onto the couch and posed. “Would you care to show me how you deliver that package?”

           Jimin’s eyes darkened as he licked his lips. Roughly, he grabbed your waist to pull you against his body, your faces just mere centimeters apart.



vampire!hoshi soonhoon au

- when jihoon first steps into his dorm room, a freshman at his university, the whole room is dark
- like, pitch black dark.
- the curtains are drawn, the lights are off, and it looks like no one is in
- he flicks the lightswitch andBAM theres a boy lying down on one of the beds, head buried in the pillow
- is he dead
- “uh, are you ok?”
- the boy immediately sits up and… is he glaring at jihoon???
- “i knew it was too good to be true. i swear, i requested to be in a single room.”
- wow,,,, what an ass
- “you don’t need to be so obvious about your distaste over me being here. i’m your roommate now, so can we just get along?”
- the boy just goes back to lying down and ignores him, and jihoon immediately knows this is going to be hell.
- over the next few days, jihoon starts to settle in
- makes new friends and actually has had his first lecture (it was good, his professor for music production is nice and actually teaches)
- just… the only problem is soonyoung is still a very cold asshole to him
- and it’s super unpleasant to go back to your room and feel like your roommate is glaring holes into your back
- so basically he spends as much time as he can in other people’s rooms and only returns to sleep
- the first time they actually properly interact is at this party thrown for all the freshmen
kind of like a big “congrats! this is your last chance of freedom before the school year goes into full swing!”
- originally jihoon didn’t want to go, but got convinced to in the end
- two hours in, all his friends have abandoned him to go drinking or hooking up or whatever and he’s a little bit tipsy and very very bored
- he’s about to leave when he sees his roommate - is his name soonyoung? - drunk out of his mind
- and of course, he has half a mind to leave soonyoung here to rot since he’s such an asshole, but looking at him… yeah he’d probably destroy himself better not
- at first it was just soonyoung leaning against jihoon as he tries to drag him back, then he gives up because this boy is such a burden when drunk, it is literally easier to piggyback him back
- which he does btw
- soonyoung wakes up the next morning with a pounding headache, cursing whoever said vampires can’t get drunk
- and on his desk is a fresh glass of water and painkillers
- he downs them immediately, and then just sits there, trying to remember everything that happened last night
- his roommate… right! jihoon brought him back, and was probably the one who left the painkillers for him
- which makes soonyoung feel really bad, considering that he was an asshole to jihoon and yet he still helped him
- even though it’s something really small, it kind of gets soonyoung thinking, because jihoon’s really done nothing to warrant such treatment at all
- he can’t keep pushing everyone in life away,,,
- when jihoon gets back from lesson, soonyoung thanks him and that throws jihoon into some hyper-alert mode with him being a wary mumbling mess
- he’s asking?? about my day???? and now we’re comparing schedules????? he wants to have a study session with me?????????? uh… ok?
- jihoon immediately leaves the room after that, and soonyoung plants his face in his pillow, knowing that he probably came off too strong and scared him off again
- but true to his word, jihoon shows up at the library that saturday
- and okay, maybe kwon soonyoung isn’t so bad
socially awkward, yes, but actually not a terrible person?
- jihoon stops avoiding him, and they actually start talking
- which leads to them actually becoming rant buddies because wow they’re both filled with hatred for the world as the school year progresses
- they also start to study together and help each other out too
- soonyoung just has this magnetic personality, and after slowly letting his guard down, he just crashes straight into jihoon’s heart
- he can’t help but trust soonyoung?? there’s something about him that makes him feel like he wouldn’t hurt anyone, that makes him feel safe in soonyoung’s presence.
- and i mean, nursing major too
- except, he doesn’t really know much about soonyoung
- he’s a very secretive person, and every time they talk about their childhood or anything, soonyoung tries to change the topic
- but maybe that’s because he experienced something traumatic in the past, so jihoon lets it slide
- what he won’t let slide though, is that one day, he gets curious about what exactly is in soonyoung’s side of the room
- he’s usually not one to be so nosy, but come on, can you really blame him for being curious? soonyoung’s so secretive and closed off, anyone would be intrigued!!
- at least, that’s what he tells himself as he snoops through soonyoung’s stuff, looking at the spines of books on the shelves (just textbooks, nothing special) and he has this “bright” idea of looking at what’s in the mini fridge
- like, maybe that could be some clue to soonyoung’s lifestyle?
- when he opens it, it’s just mason jar after mason jar of red liquids, with dates on them
and jihoon’s just so confused, because there is no explanation to why someone would have so many small mason jars of the same thing. there’s around five full jars, and even more empty ones inside
- maybe it’s red wine or something? but why would anyone store it like this?
- the only logical thing at this point to him is to open it up, and he does.
- it’s blood. it’s all blood, and he’s freaking out, because what the actual fuck? does he call the campus cops or something??
- suddenly, he can hear the beeping of the lock for the dorm, and he knows soonyoung is back
- “kwon soonyoung, what the hell? why are you storing blood?”
“you’re looking through my stuff??” crap-
“i literally just wanted to put a chocolate bar in your mini fridge, not end up as the lead of a csi miami feature!” he says, grabbing a mars bar from his table
- soonyoung just sighs, and he… he looks like he wants to cry?
“i just- fuck, man. listen to me explain, okay? and trust me.”
- he spills it all, about how his family is just vampires, about how a sunbae, jeonghan, found out when they were in middle school and has been trying to get near expiring blood from the hospital for him so that he doesn’t need to keep feeding on animal blood, about everything.
- “i’m tired of hiding. every single time jeonghan gives me blood, he keeps reminding me that it’s near expiry so that i won’t feel too guilty, but still- it’s human blood! i’m drinking human blood, which is so messed up.”
“you… i mean, you can’t help it. you’re, well, a vampire.”
- they’re quiet for a while, and it’s painful. as if jihoon’s judging him for everything. he should’ve just moved out from the start, and everything could’ve been-
- “i don’t mind giving you my blood.”
- “what????” his mind is screaming no, because what if he accidentally loses control? what if he kills jihoon? or turns him??
“look, if it’s ever too much for me, i’ll push you off or something, alright? don’t worry about me, worry about yourself. you said it yourself, you feel bad for taking blood from the hospital. so now, i’m giving you my consent and everything. since you know i’m okay with this, will you feel better about everything?”
- it does help, actually. so he agrees
- he only has to drink once a day, but the amount he usually drinks at one shot is almost too much for jihoon the first time, and he’s left lightheaded after it, so now he breaks up the feedings into two, once in the morning and once at night
- jihoon also asks a lot of questions about the whole vampire thing, but they’re all genuine questions with no ill intent behind them, so he’s more than happy to answer them
- it feels so much better to 1) not have to keep taking blood from the hospital 2) not have to hide everything from his roommate anymore, and nowadays he’s more relaxed
- by the end of freshman year, they’re basically best friends. at the end of every year, you’re given the option to switch roommates, but naturally, they both reject it.
- the start of sophomore year is a series of discoveries for jihoon- the main one being that he may or may not have a crush on kwon soonyoung, after getting overly jealous of some girl who walked him back all the way to outside of their room
- and this sucks!!!! love sucks!!!!!! especially pining after people
- this slowly develops into love, and by the middle of the year it’s a full blown “i think i love him” scenario
- one afternoon, soonyoung’s taking a nap, and jihoon is just so tempted to steal a kiss
- he’s sleeping, so technically he won’t know,,,,,,
- he does it.
- but soonyoung isn’t exactly asleep
- you see, vampires don’t sleep. that day, soonyoung had a migraine and was trying to ignore everything happening around him and bAM- a feathery light kiss on the lips from jihoon
he’s muttering something about wishing soonyoung knew, and soonyoung’s doing his best not to scream because did he really just get a kiss from lee jihoon???? something he’s dreamed of for ages????????
- but this is just proof that jihoon likes him back, and the ball is now in his court
- he’s the one with the power to decide whether they stay friends or if he should make a move, since jihoon is definitely too shy to do anything
- jihoon ends up coming back the next day to soonyoung holding a bouquet of flowers, waiting nervously to ask him out.
- and of course, he says yes.
- nothing much really changes except for that now they go on dates and kiss and stuff
- and that now when soonyoung draws blood from jihoon, instead of biting his wrist, he bites him on the lip simply because he can
- soonyoung’s actually a very clingy boyfriend??? he suffocates jihoon in hugs anywhere, everywhere, and whenever anyone else sees it, they’re all super shocked
- is that really kwon soonyoung??? clinging on to his boyfriend in a backhug??????? the exact same kwon soonyoung who could probably scare a small kid into crying with his aura??
- one, yes.
- two, no!!! he does not scare small kids!! in fact, at the start of sophomore year, he actually changed from nursing to specializing in pediatrics, and the kids at the hospital he volunteers at love him
- jihoon also goes to visit him on shift because they’re now ~boyfriends~ and it is a valid reason to visit your boyfriend at work just because you miss him
- he likes watching soonyoung interact with the kids because he’s so easygoing and gentle around them, it’s a complete 180 from what he’s like on campus aka stone cold
- sometimes jihoon also performs songs for the kids, stuff like disney songs and even sings lullabies
- just soonhoon making kids in the hospital feel safe and loved and cared for !!
- soonyoung also never finds out the real reason why jihoon was looking through his stuff, and jihoon never finds out that vampires don’t sleep LOL
- but it’s ok they’re in love~

anonymous asked:

Can you please do a headcanon where the RFA meets MC for the first time and realizes she's shorter than they thought? (I'm 4'11 in/150 cm and 19 yrs old, so I get insecure about looking younger than I am >///<) Thank you!

Sure! Also, I apologise for not having responded to any asks lately, I’ve been super busy. My ask box is flooded, so hopefully there’ll be a handful of new posts soon!


  • Yoosung is 171cm (5′7´´)
  • He really didn’t mind your height at ALL
  • He thought it was super cute and was a flustered mess when he saw you for the first time
  • You were so adorable and sweet and adnsajfasjfnasf
  • He loves holding your hand A LOT
  • And cuddles!!!! Definitely
  • He’ll sulk on the couch by himself when you’re working until you give in and join him
  • ‘’MC! Hey, MC! Come cuddle me.’’
  • ‘’I’m busy, Yoosung.’’
  • ‘’Pleeeeaaaase?’’
  • if you dont think he uses his puppy eyes, you are wrong
  • ‘’In a minute! Let me finish this email…’’
  • ‘’…’’
  • ‘’Fine!’’
  • he gets it his way every time because you can't say no to that face
  • He loves falling asleep with you in his arms - and falling asleep in your arms too (he actually really likes being the little spoon)
  • He adores your heigh so much and is really happy that he still gets to be the tallest, despite him not being very tall out of the other guys he knows
  • He’s just so happy that you chose him and that you fit in his arms, like you two are a puzzle, two pieces that fit perfectly together
  • Like you were made to fit
  • Like you were meant to be


  • Jaehee is 165cm (5′4´´) and is pretty used to being one of the shortest
  • So when she saw you at the party, she was so surprised (and also a bit flushed because damn you were looking good)
  • She started watching you, admiring your features and just you
  • Everything about you, you as a person
  • The way your eyes lit up as you talked about something that you were clearly passionate about
  • How your pretty hands illustrated what you were saying
  • How you laughed and the general sound of your voice
  • ‘’Wait… Jaehee? Hi!’’
  • You were waving enthusiastically with a big smile on your lips, trying to get her attention
  • She had been so busy staring at you and admiring every part of you
  • hat she didn’t introduce herself or even say hi
  • !!!!!!
  • And now you were talking to her???? of all people???
  • She grew to love your height so so much as you interacted more
  • But honestly though?? you are so cute???
  • The perfect cuddle size for the perfect cuddle woman
  • She loves hugging you and just being around you, touching you
  • Holding your hand, her hand resting on your waist and…
  • She just loves you a lot in general
  • And she would totally be the one to kiss your forehead fight me


  • Zen is 182cm (5′11)
  • He honestly didn’t have any expectations about your height
  • He just pictured you as a lovely, charming and kind human being (which is true! you are amazing but anyway okay on with the post)
  • He had trouble spotting you at the part LMAO
  • He was looking everywhere for you until he finally saw you a few meters away, talking with some of the guests, a champagne glass in your hand
  • And oh god
  • You were everything he had imagined
  • And your height was perfect, he did have a thing for people shorter than him
  • But up close you were shorter than he had expected??
  • Not in a bad way, but wow
  • ‘’MC?’’
  • ‘’Oh, hi Zen!’’
  • All was going well until he accidentally blurted out:
  • ‘’You’re so short!’’
  • He shouldn’t have said that
  • He realised that he shouldn’t have said that when you looked away and started fidgeting with the hem of your outfit
  • Operation Save My Ass Before I Ruin Everything™ had been put into action
  • ‘’You’re so cute! I could pick you up and carry you around all day!’’
  • He knew it had been successful because you blushed and laughed a little
  • dat save


  • Seven is 175cm (5′9´´)
  • There is a height difference, but he doesn’t mind at all
  • He teases you a lot about it and loves to surprise you from behind and tickle you until you curl up on the floor, a giggling mess
  • Sometimes he charges at you in full speed and swoops you up from the ground and carries you around bridal style
  • He adores you
  • When you two first met he was honestly so blessed by even looking at you
  • You were so smol and cute and it was almost too much
  • you nearly put him in cardiac arrest
  • He likes to mess around with introductions a lot
  • ‘’…And this is my tiny adorable girlfriend, MC!’’
  • ‘’I’m not that short!’’
  • You fought back every single time
  • And he loved it
  • He loved you

(made this extra long for me dad @gigi-the-faunus !!! ;)) enjoy)

  • His height is 183cm (6′)
  • Which equals an obvious height difference, but he doesn’t mind at all
  • Frankly, it seems he doesn’t really care
  • He didn’t have any expectations about yours, and hadn’t even thought about it
  • He had thought about you, but not necessarily your height
  • He didn’t even mention your height difference when you first saw each other
  • He didn’t even talk about it
  • You had been a bit worried that he didn’t speak about it because it bothered or embarrassed him, so you didn’t bring it up either
  • The thought of him not liking such a big part of you was nagging you constantly
  • You could have a good time together of course
  • But then he’d do something to remind you of your height difference, like bending down to kiss you
  • That made you uneasy, worried and a bit sad
  • But you didn’t want to bring it up in case he hated it?? what if he did??
  • ….What if he left you?
  • But then, one day - you’d had enough of silence
  • Yet you didn’t want to be too straight-forward, so you played it subtly
  • ..after he had gotten some wine because that makes him more calm lmao
  • ‘’Hey, Jumin? Can I ask you something?’’
  • ‘’Of course. What is it?’’
  • ‘’What… What do you think of my height?’’
  • There was a moment of silence and you held your breath as he kept quiet
  • You were worried that you had opened the dam and now the water of troubles would flood out, unstoppable
  • You regretted having started the conversation and was about to turn around and walk away
  • …when he responded
  • ‘’Your height?’’
  • ‘’Y-yes, my height. What do you think of it?’’
  • ‘’It’s alright? I’m not quite sure why you’re asking me this.’’
  • ‘’Wait… So, you are fine with me being this short?’’
  • ‘’Of course I am. Your height is a part of you, and I would never change you. You are perfect.’’
The Inner Thoughts of an AoS Fangirl - 4x18

Got to watch AoS after all (thanks to @bioforensics)…

Thoughts while watching (not in perfect order):

  • yes hair is the real priority here completely agree *eye roll*
  • Leopold freakin’ Fitz has Jemma bloody Simmons on his mind and no matter what he tells himself and no matter what his crappy trash of a father tells him, he can’t stop thinking about her.
  • hell Fitz apologize to her you just slapped your bff good god
  • ummm Ward go away vs. Ward I love you can they make you an LMD in reality
  • I think we can all agree that telling Mace is a bad idea Simmons
  • Radcliffe is my spirit animal even though he’s the very reason they’re in this mess
  • so like Simmons and Fitz both corrected someone that they were doctors
  • psychically linked even in a vitural reality and one has no idea the other is psychically linked to them
  • Please be Tripp please be Tripp
  • Coulson you’re so presh –
  • TRIP.
  • can Tripp trip on his shoe just because its funny don’t actually hurt him because TRIPP
  • i feel i forgot to mention Tripp
  • “that’s because I am troubled” “A woman?” Yeah her names Jemma Anne Simmons she screamed at him from across a field and now he can’t stop thinking about her and old Fitz is coming out because he killed an innocent woman in cold blood and Jemma made him feel guilty for something that normally would never bother him but her voice and eyes he just CAN’T “Is it that obvious?” Yes.
  • oh his dad seems nice maybe he’ll give Fitz good advice
  • Well you can put Fitz’s dad on my list of fictional characters I intend on murdering in every fanfic
  • “oh golly who knows what kind of man i’d be without you dad i might be an actual nice person like who the hell needs that”
  • Side note: TRIPP
  • did Fitz just
  • It wasn’t him it wasn’t him it wasn’t him it wasn’t him i hate AIDA and dad fitz it wasn’t him it wasn’t him
  • the fact that our presh Fitz still is Fitz but is basically forced to be an evil, twisted murderer because of AIDA and his dad peer pressuring and emotionally abusing and manipulating him kills me slowly
  • Holy crap did that work
  • Holy crap it worked
  • does this mean that we just need Simmons to look at Fitz and nonchalant just be like “UGH FITZ just snap out of it”
  • #hating everything right now
  • deah of characters that never reach their full potential in their character arc is my reason for crying on a regular basis
  • that and fitzsimmons
  • oh look what a nice sinister smile AIDA has as Fitz bonds with his abusive creep of a dad heyyy i mean murder am i right
  • “did you watch Days of Our Lives the other day son” “no dad I missed it (cause Jemma Simmons was screaming at me “no”)” “well it was a good one cause Raph killed Pheobe” “That’s awful” “…” “I mean wow what a great thing to fill your mind with and tell yourself its okay”
  • radcliffe was a better father figure even after he freakin betrayed him
  • #pretending Mace didn’t die by Fitz’s hands and he’ll forever have to live with Mace AND Agens’s blood on his hands for all eternity
  • im chill im totally chill as a dead body because i’m dead inside
  • Mother and Daughter Goals
  • Radcliffe totes heard this whole thing
  • this is what dreams are made of
  • If Daisy gets her powers then its only appropriate for Tripp to be in the episode right (just a little morbid there Whedon)
  • next episodes gonna be LEGIT
Jeffrey’s Hill (M) Part Eight

SUMMARY: “Don’t go to Jeffrey’s Hill,” he warned. “A lot of shit goes on there. Even the police ignore crime reports that surface from there.” You rolled your eyes. “What is everyone so afraid of?”  

Your brother sounded grave. “The power of the Chimera.”

GENRE: violence, angst, a little bit of humour (because it’s me) and the occasional tonsil-hockey.


PARTSintro |  1  |  2  |  3 |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7 |  8  |  9  |  10 |  11  |  12  |  13  | 14 | 15 | 16

DISCLAIMER: Any GIFs, external images, etc. used are not mine unless specified otherwise. Credits go where they rightfully should. The GIF used below is mine (it’s literally been used thrice now oops). 

AUTHOR’S NOTE: It’s finally here!! Thank you, VIXX, Taeyang and Ailee for helping me with this. Much love to you! 

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He winced as his eyes adjusted to the bright light, and then he glanced around the room. Seokjin and Jongdae were sat next to him, both asleep and in uncomfortable positions. Slowly, he registered the steady beeping next to him and he realised where he was.

And what had happened.

“Shit,” he attempted to move to the side, but felt searing pain shoot up his abdomen, forcing him to lie down. The sudden movement woke Jongdae, who immediately said, “What the hell are you trying to do?”

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The City (Part 8)

Dean X Reader 

Warnings: Swearing 

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7


Alyssa is already gathering her stuff, before I can even utter a word.

“Alyssa, you don’t have to.” I stand in place, unsure what to do.

“I know I don’t silly. I want to!” She is almost done packing. Do I even want her to come?

“Really Alyssa, you can’t. What about your parents? They will be heart broken! Besides I have no plans, we will have to slum it for a while.” There that will stop her.

“First, my parents will be fine with it. We have discussed the day I would go alone or with someone else, they have always left the choice to me. Second, I have my own supply of credit cards and such, we will not be slumming it, trust me.” She rolls her eyes on the last part, like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

I want to say no, that I do not want her to come, I want to be alone; but the truth is, I do want her to come. I want a friend by my side. I don’t want to be alone, constantly reminded of my two best friends I left behind.

“Okay, lets do this.” Maybe leaving them will be easier than I thought. Suddenly I remember the bunker. “Oh, can we go to my house real quick? I need to get the rest of my stuff.” We would have to leave now to ensure that we make it there before the boys.

“Are you sure you don’t want to just buy new stuff?” She looks at me, probably thinking I will have a break down if I go back there.

“Yeah, I have to.” I deliberate on saying the next part. “I have some stuff my parents gave me that I have to get .” A look of sympathy and sadness take over her face. She just nods though, not saying anything. I sigh in relief; I hate hearing people say how sorry they were for my loss. I hate it so much; I stopped telling people.

We don’t talk as we grab our bags and head out the door. I follow Alyssa down the corridor to her parent’s room. She knocks slow and quite. I watch her muscles tenses; this is clearly harder for her than she made it out to be.

The deadbolt clicks, and the door opens to revile an alert, but sleepy couple. “Alyssa? (Y/N)? What are you guys doing here? Is everything all right?”

“Yeah we are fine. Um so… (Y/N) and I, are going to hit the road. We have decided to hunt together now.” Her parents shake their heads at the announcement, but don’t seem to be mad.

“Okay, if that’s what you want honey.” Tears fill their eyes as they say their goodbyes.

Alyssa’s parents gave us the keys to their car; apparently they will just go buy another. We crank the tunes as we head out of the city, both of us leaving behind the last of our families.

Deans POV:

I can’t believe (Y/N) was scared of a spider. A small chuckle leaves my lips at the idea of holding this over her for the rest of her life.

“What are you laughing at?” The blond girl, whose name I don’t remember strokes her hand on my chest.

“Nothing, just the T.V.” Yes, the T.V., definitely not the beautiful girl next door. Why are these girls still here? “Okay girls, sorry but its time for you to go.” Both girls awe in protest. Sammy gives me a look like ‘really man, right now’ but he knows better than to argue with me.

Finally the girls are completely clothed and on their way out. Kissing me, the blond slips her number into my hand. I crumple it up as soon as the door shuts.

“What the hell man! Why did you kick them out?” Sam stands there, pissed his efforts were ruined.

“Sorry man, but its late and I’m tired.” Climbing back into bed, I shut my eyes, hoping I get a dream with (Y/N) in it.

I can hear Sam moving around. Grumbling I flop over onto my stomach and fold the pillow around my head. Sam sees I’m awake and decides to make more noise. “Really man! I’m trying to sleep!” After spending years in motel rooms with me, Sam is unfazed by my attitude.

“We should hit the road Dean, we have already spent an extra day here.” Rolling my eyes, I roll out of bed, huffing profanities at Sam, who just ignores me and continues to pack.

Sam and I rarely take anything out of our bags, so it was just a matter of collecting random things, like Sam’s laptop and my boots; so we were done and out the door in under five minutes.

Stepping out into the hallway, Sam decided to say goodbye to the Calvin’s while I get (Y/N). Nocking on the door, I get no answer. Odd, I know (Y/N) is a heavy sleeper, but she normally would wake up if someone knocked. Hitting the door a little hard, I still get nothing. Digging my phone out of my back pocket, I call her, hoping her phone is not on silent.

Sure enough, I can hear (Y/N)’s ringtone for me, the song “Carry on my Wayward Son”, playing in the room. She doesn’t pick up. Panic starts to set in, is she okay? Maybe she just went to get breakfast and forgot her phone?

Just as I was about to kick the door down, Sam reappears around the corner. I can tell immediately he was not only sad and mad, but also anxious.

“What’s wrong?” Sam is having trouble making eye contact with me.

“So apparently (Y/N) and Alyssa left this morning around two. They decided to go hunt together from now on.” As Sam finishes anger fills his features.

“What! What the fuck do you mean she left? Where did she go? Why didn’t she say anything!?” My fist slams into the door, forming a small crack.

“I don’t know. But she must have had a good reason. Did she seem upset at anything? She was fine after the hunt.” This wasn’t my fault, was it?

“I mean, she was upset we had girls over last night, but that wouldn’t be why she left.” I shrug at the last part.

“Wow, I did not think it was that bad.” Sam scratches his head, not elaborating any further.

“What? You didn’t know what was that bad?” My fist clench, waiting for Sam’s explanation.

“Well, (Y/N) feelings for you.” Again he stops.

“What the fuck are you talking about Sam? What feelings?” My anger is starting to become rage.

“Oh come on Dean, like you never noticed.”
I give Sam a death stare. If I have to ask one more time what he means, I am going to beat the shit out of him. Taking the hint, Sam continues. “Seriously? (Y/N) is in love with you. Always has been.” The hallway is deafeningly silent. Sadness and regret well in my chest, how did I not notice? I begin walking; I have to go find her. “Dean where are you going?”

“To find her Sammy. I can’t let her leave me, not when I just found out she loves me too.” I can feel Sam following me, but he says nothing, probably too shocked at my declaration of love.

Arriving at the concierge desk, Sam starts the check out processes. Playing on my phone, I suddenly remember (Y/N)’s phone, she left it behind, and I have to get it. Walking up to the desk, I have no idea how I am going to get a key for their room.

“Hi, um I was in room 545, and I left something behind, can I have an extra key?” The lady looks at me incredulously.

“Aren’t you with him?” she points to Sam, who is checking out of a different room.

“Oh no.” I laugh nonchalantly. “He’s my brother. My girlfriend and I were staying the other room. She went to grab some coffee, while I came down with my brother so he can check out. He has to leave earlier than me. Business meeting.” I put on my most charming smile. The girl is buying it.

“Okay, the name the room is under?” Shit, would it be under her name or her parent’s name?

“It should be under Calvin.” Maybe she will just accept the last name.

“And first name?” Okay, there goes that hope. Taking a shot in the dark, I answer.

“Alyssa.” Tapping on her keyboard she looks up,

“Okay, I’ll grab a key for you.” Smiling she hands me a new key card.

“Thank you.” I say, already walking to the elevators.

Entering the girl’s room, I don’t see (Y/N)’s phone anywhere. After almost giving up, I get a text from Sam.

Just checked out. Going to the impala, meet me there.

I don’t respond to Sam, instead I have a brilliant idea, and I call (Y/N) once again.

Flipping over the pillows I spot her phone. Picking it up, I hit end call. Sliding the screen I yell in frustration, I need a password. Mulling it over for a while, I try something. If (Y/N) loved me, as much as I loved her, maybe I already knew what the password was.

I hit the numbers slowly, not wanting to mess up and waste a try. 3(D), 3(E), 2(A), 6 (N). The phone springs to life. I smile, the only way I knew that was because she was my password.

Scrolling through her messages I see nothing of interest, except a couple to Liz.

 I’m just so angry, he kicked me out of my room to sleep with some random girl! So fucking rude!


I know, he did not mean it to hurt me, but that doesn’t stop it from hurting.

And worst of all

I don’t know. I think I am just going to leave. I can’t be here anymore with him. It kills me everyday. I’m going to leave in the morning and be on my own. Hell maybe I will even come visit you, now that I’m free.  

My heart rate quickens, and my stomach starts to hurt. She did leave because of me. Taking the phone I try and call Alyssa, maybe she will let me talk to her.

“Hello?” I can hear the wind whistling, they must be in a car.

“Alyssa, its Dean. Is (Y/N) there?” my heart beats even faster in anticipation of hearing her voice.

“No, she’s not. She said she had something to do, and left me a few hours ago.” There was no hesitation in her voice. Either her and (Y/N) practiced this scenario or, (Y/N) really did just up and leave.

“Okay, any idea how I might reach her?” I try not to hold on to hope.

“Her cell phone?” Alyssa seems slightly annoyed at the question, like it was an obvious answer.

“She left her cellphone behind, that’s what I’m calling from.” I was too heartbroken to be mean to her about it.

“Oh, I’m sorry Dean, but no. I have no idea how to reach her then. I’m sorry, but I have to go.” The line goes silent. All of my hope is lost. The girl I love has left.

 She has gone under the radar, and I will not be able to find her, unless she wants to be found. I know because I taught her how. My only hope is maybe one day our paths will cross again.

Authors note:

Okay everyone, thats the end of The City! I hope you liked it, I know I had a lot of fun writing it! I am definitely willing to write what happens in the future for these two, so if you want to see a continuation of this, please let me know! Thank you so much for reading, and if you have any requests, please just let me know! Xo

anonymous asked:

I feel like a lot of these Ikkaku roleplayers are getting too OOC, I mean, he's a meat head, and that's pretty much it - dumb, loud, violent, slob. Let's not look too far into things. Is there a reason why people are so into him? I wish I could see it, but I don't. Help?

Alright, since you’ve invited me to, allow me to tell you a thing.

Ikkaku able to cry, Ikkaku as ace/demi, Ikkaku showing a ‘soft’ side, Ikkaku being less than the complete asshole that people like to see on the surface… Why do I think all that can be written/roleplayed easily without making it OOC?

Pack some clean socks - you’re in for the long run, so I can hook and drown you on one of my favorite sweeties.

So, to prove to you that this dork isn’t a flat or shallow character, let’s just hear a complete rundown of my Ikkaku headcanons, backed up with canon examples and pictures. Yes, because I am just that obsessive. I even had to update this post because this little shit keeps developing more and more.

Yes, Ikkaku is a rough-and-tough fighter who eats nails for breakfast without any milk. Lean, mean, fighting machine, yada yada, but he’s not heartless. He’s got layers, okay?

On the surface, Ikkaku does put up a tough guy veneer, but it’s plain to anyone with a brain stem that he’s sensitive and still has his doubts about himself. I mean, although it’s subtle most of the time, it’s definitely not subtle if you hit him in his sore spot, because then he’ll stoop to fighting with children. Exhibit A: 

(Read all panels right to left. It’s manga, so I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but…)

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Two Smoking Guns 5

Summary: AU: First Day of your new Job, first day of class, should be all peaches and cream, except for the fact that your new Boss and your Professor are the most attractive men you’d ever met, and they won’t stop staring at you.

Author: @i4z-0892-imagines

Pairing: Sam x Reader, Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,2,94

Warnings: You guys know me, if it was anything serious it’d be in the tags!

A/N: I might have a migraine coming on so I may or may not write more tonight, I WANT TO! I WANT TO SO BAD! But it just might not happen, SO to make me feel better you should send it what you think about this series! Tell me your favorite parts and what you hope happens! Feeeeeeddddd meeeeee!!!!!

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 -

“Holy. Shit. Y/N! Wow! Really?!” Jess squealed. You hushed her cramming the pillow down on her face, both of you giggling as you did.

“Yes but you can’t tell a soul or so help me God I will burn you alive.” You said. She went stiff and serious, sitting up and holding up her hand.

“Scouts honor, cross my heart hope you get some from your boss and your professor!” She taunted.

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Chapter Sixty Five Part Four


Harry looked smiled wide as he stepped into the living room and saw Emma perched in a chair and playing on her iPad. She was all ready to go in the pretty pink formal dress that she would be wearing that evening. Her long blonde hair was pulled half-up, half-down so it would stay out of her face, but still looked age appropriate.

“Hello my darling Emma,” he chuckled as he finished fastening his cufflinks before walking over to her and pressing a kiss to the top of her head. “You look beautiful, Princess.”

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Anon prompted (shortened): Mpreg!Kurt verse in which Kurt and Blaine announce the name of the baby to their family and friends. 

I changed your original prompt a tiny bit, anon, I hope you don’t mind. <3



“You really think that’s necessary?” Blaine asks as Kurt tapes the note to the door. 

Kurt sends him a glare. 

They’ve been home with Finn for a week and it’s become apparent that the baby sleeps like an angel but screams bloody murder for up to an hour if he wakes up before he’s ready for it. The Chinese delivery boy, the sweet lady from next door and the UPS guy have all been told off for (unintentionally, of course, but that’s a minor detail) waking the little boy and the last seven days have brought the two new dads to a point where they need the naps more than their child. 

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New Plan: A Zude Fanfic...

Rated: not for anyone under 18 for sure… Even if it isn’t too graphically sexual… Still not for eyes under 18 years of age.

(These characters are from Hit The Floor. An awesome show in VH1!)

An Anon requested this… So hear it is… 

Disclaimer: I am sorry if this sucks… I am not great at writing smut… and the idea of someone calling someone “daddy” in bed makes me super uncomfortable. I have no idea why it bothers me so much, I just think it is super awkward… Spoiler Alert… Zero is a lot like me in general… So he might share my view on this… But I don’t know. I haven’t written it yet, and when I write I never know what is going to happen next, so we’ll see. Let the writing begin…

New Plan: No “Daddy” in Bed:

           “Right?” Jude was fishing around in his pockets for his keys. “Everything will be just fine Lionel, we are not going to lose the team.” Finally finding his keys he was able to enter his apartment. As he did so Zero emerged from the shower sopping wet and no towel was present. Jude stopped dead in his tracks staring at his boyfriend. It amazed Jude, how easy it was for Zeros naked body to still turn him on at the drop of a dime. Zero smirked and held his arms out like he was asking Jude, “What are you waiting for?” Lionel was ranting on the phone about something, but Jude had missed everything she had just said. “Ummm… Lionel… Something just came up, I have to go.” Without waiting for a response he hung up on Lionel.

           “You just hung up on Lionel?” Zero said nonchalantly, “She is going to be pissed at you.”

           “Where is your towel?” Jude’s eyes ran over Zero’s body, mentally ravaging him.

           “Well, you see, the thing is, they’re all dirty.” Zero stepped toward Jude, “But if this is a problem, I could just get dressed.” That teasing smile playing at his mouth.

           “Well that would be counterproductive, I would just have to take your clothes right back off. This is good, less work.” Jude bit at his lip as his eyes traveled up Zeros body again. When they found Zeros glistening lips he lost all resolve. “Come here.” He grabbed Zero and pulled him closer. Their lips met but not long after Jude was trailing his kisses down Zero.

           “Oh, God!” Zero exclaimed as he melted around from even the slightest touvh from Jude. “What are you doing to me?” He glanced down at Jude whose eyes translated a playful smile.

           Shortly after Jude found Zeros mouth again, as Zero tore at Jude’s clothes longing to touch his boyfriend.

           Once the dreaded clothes were strewn about the room Zero wasted no more time, he moved Jude to the bedroom as quickly as possible, nearly shoving him onto the bed. Jude let out a laugh as he hit the soft surface, “What…” Zero asked as he climbed on top of Jude leading his lips up toward Jude’s mouth. “Is so…” kiss on the thigh, “funny?” Then the kiss that unraveled Jude completely was placed just below his stomach where lining of his pants would have been, had Zero not ripped them off of him moments before.

           “Gideon!” Jude panted, “I need you… Now!”

           Zero loved it when Jude said his name, especially like this. “Your wish… my command.” Zero smirked that damn smirk that could destroy Jude’s heart so easily, in the best way.

           As Zero granted Jude’s wish, Jude’s hands gripped the pillows above his head, needing some kind of leverage to keep him from moaning to loudly. An effort that did not quite work out.

           In the midst of pleasure Jude’s mind was never fully one-hundred percent good at working out exactly what he wanted or should say. Usually he would just moan and say Gideon’s name, but Jude was so into the pleasure he was not paying any attention to the words leaving his mouth, until one word he never wanted to say in the heat of the moment escaped him. Zero was doing what Zero does best and fulfilling Jude’s every desire when Jude shouted, “YES! Daddy!”

           Two things happened in that moment. Jude realized what he said and turned bright red, and Zero stopped moving and just stared down at his flaming red boyfriend. The two just stared at each other for a long minute before Zero spoke, “Did… Did you just call me…” he paused for a moment, trying to get his mind around the word. “daddy?”

           Jude tried to mask it as best he could, “No, I said, umm… Gideon.” But failed horribly.

           Zero started laughing, “My God, Jude. You really do have daddy issues.”

           “Shut up!” Jude hissed at Zero, then looked around for any excuse to get out of this situation. “Oh my, look at the time, I need to get going to that… thing… for Lionel…”

He tried to squirm away from Zero, once again unsuccessful. “No, you are not going anywhere. We are not finished yet. At least I know I wasn’t.”

“You still want to have sex, even after I called you daddy?” Jude was puzzled as to why or how Zero could still be turned on after that horrific moment.

Zero gave him his, “isn’t it obvious?” stare. “Let’s chalk it up to I am just so good, your brain turns to mush, and your mouth has nothing to look to for guidance when I am busy with your body.” Jude laughed but nodded in agreement, “Oh and you should work on that issue, because I have a new plan, No “daddy” talk in bed.”

           “Agreed.” Jude said as he pulled Zero down for a kiss.

2 hours later… (Because I believe Jude and Zero can go at it for quite a long time.)

           Zero plopped down beside Jude, both breathing heavily with huge smiles on their faces. Jude looked over at the dresser and noticed a pile of freshly folded towels, “Zero?”

           “Huh?” He looked over at Jude, then followed his gaze toward the towels. “Oh, wow. When did those get there?” The sarcastic tone evident in his voice.

           Before Jude could say anything else his phone rang. He ran to the living room where he had to search for his pants just to retrieve it. “Hello?” He was still panting.

           “Is this Jude Kinkade?” The woman on the other end of the phone sounded like she was ready slap the hell out of someone.

           “Yes ma’am, how can I help you?” Jude was hesitant to actually help this woman at all. He just wanted to get back to Gideon.

           “First of all, it is only 4pm. Kind of early in the day to be screwing, dontcha think? My son just got home from school when he heard some guy shouting, ‘Yes Daddy.’ Do you realize how hard it is to explain that to a child? He is five Mr. Kinkade. He thought you were having an argument with your father, which I let him believe. Then shortly after that my seventeen year old daughter came into my room saying, and I quote Mr. Kinkade, “The two hot guys next door are screwing again, loudly.” Oh and all of that is not even what took the cake Mr. Kinkade. Do you want to know what did?”

           Jude was blushing so very much, “Not really, but I presume you are going to tell me anyway.” Zero was watching Jude from the bedroom, trying to figure out what was going on.

           “Your damn right I am going to tell you. Look above your boyfriend’s head, at your window.” Jude turned around and saw his neighbor standing there on the phone waving at him. Jude’s eyes widened, as he realized she was staring at his naked body. “That’s right Mr. Kinkade. You forgot to shut your curtains.” Zero looked above him to see what Jude was staring at. When he saw the woman he just smiled and waved. “My goodness… Mr. Kinkade. That’s who you are calling daddy? I never realized how good looking he was. I applaud you.”

           Jude trying to cover himself, replied, “Thanks! I have great taste, now can I go?”

           “Yes, but all I am asking is that when you have intercourse with your godlike boyfriend please keep it down.” Before Jude could say anything else he saw the lady hang up her phone. Then she winked at him.

           Zero sensing Jude’s embarrassment closed the shutters and curtains, “So what was she saying?”

           “That you have a godlike figure, and that we need to be quieter. And her son heard me call you daddy… he thought I was arguing with my father.”

           Zero burst out laughing. “Well she wasn’t wrong about me being godlike.” Jude grabbed a pillow and threw it at Zero, smacking him right in the face.

I haven’t written fanfic in about four years. Fourteen year old me wasn’t terrified of writing other people’s characters. Current me is, would never normally touch anyone else’s characters with a ten foot pole, but @littlefists had to bring up that trope for that ship and goddamn I am weak and also owe a lot of my interpretations of those characters to Salt so this is some vague attempt at a thank you I guess. Unedited bc I will lose nerve and not post it otherwise but anyway I’ll shut up now here’s the thing.

Like Spun Glass

The gunfire is so persistent, peppering the air and the dirt with a constant irregular drumming sound, that if Wash closes his eyes he can almost pretend that it’s raining. He can’t, of course, would never close his eyes in the middle of battle, but it’s a nice thought.

It’s about the only nice thing about their current situation.

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Love and Affection

Member: Jimin

Type: Angst, Fluff

Word count: 2K

A/N: The idea for this came from a thought I had about the way people in true love look at each other. Read until the end. I believe someone out there needs this. My favorite so far.

                            Maknae spam  ~~  Main Masterlist


If there was one thing you knew, it was life is unfair.

No matter how you approached it just was.

In most ways life was good. Stable job, caring friends, supportive family but love is what always messed it up.

At 26, you had already been on more dates than you bothered to remember. You weren’t a serial dater, at least not in your mind, but between blind dates and oh-why-nots to charming men you met it never worked out. In your life you had only had two serious relationships. The first was in university, freshman year. You had dated a guy named James for the entirety of that school year, having met at orientation. However, that relationship ended the same way they all did. He left you for someone else.

It was true. Every time you felt a connection to someone they always seemed to get snatched away from you.

The second was Park Jimin. You counted him as both the most meaningful and worst heartbreak you had ever experienced. The relationship lasted 3 and a half years, which shocked you every anniversary. That handsome man you felt honored to call yours was there for so much.

College graduation, best friend’s wedding, Aunt’s death and everything in between. After all this you thought he would be yours forever. You were ready to give everything to him if he gave you his last name.

But instead he gave you distance. For a while you tried to push the signs away, mistaking them for your paranoia and insecurities because he still treated you nicely. But the day you saw it was the beginning of the end. You knew.

The look.


“I don’t get why I have to be here.” Yoongi complained, tipping up his cup for a swig of bourbon.

Laughing, you took it from him. “Because this is your agency.”

You smiled but you wanted to be here less than he did. BigHit’s company parties were always nice but you weren’t feeling well after working so much lately. But it was for Jimin. You especially weren’t going to miss it after how aloof he has been lately. The reminder shocked you. If he hadn’t mentioned it you were going to pretend you hadn’t remembered.

“Who is that?” you asked as your eyes landed on a rather pretty girl speaking to Jin.

Yoongi raised his eyebrows, looking in the direction you gestured your head in. “Ah, that’s Kwon Kyung Ja. She is debuting soon.”


“Actress.” he spoke uninterestedly but his eyes never left her.

You wanted to inquire more about the new face but someone called you. It was your friend Min Seo, one of BTS’ outfit coordinators. You considered her a good friend and she gave herself title of “Your eyes when you aren’t around”. She was interesting.

With a smile, you approached her, walking straight into a hug. “I haven’t seen you in a few weeks with BTS’ break.” You nodded. She glanced behind you before pulling someone beside you. “Kyung Ja, this is who I was talking about.” Hearing the name you look over.

‘Wow’ you think ‘She’s way prettier up close.’ Trying not to be obvious, you got a good look at her. Her eyes were gorgeously brown, eyeliner framing her monolid nicely. Her perfect smile was one that left an impression. You figured it was because it was so white. Had this woman heard of a cavity? The color of her hair was similar to Red Velvet’s Joy during Ice Cream Cake promotions but cut into a trendy bob with one side pushed neatly behind her ears.

It took a second before you realized she had spoken. You weren’t fully paying attention but you could hear slight distaste.

“Yes, Jimin’s girlfriend.” Min Seo confirmed what you guessed the other woman had asked.

“I have heard much about you.” Kyung Ja said, turning to you.

With this you couldn’t help but smile. Knowing he spoke about you made you feel special.

“Kyung Ja.” Jimin’s voice called before you could even say anything. He stood in the tight space between the two of you.

Min Seo swatted at his arm. “Why are you over here. I am trying to introduce my friends to each other. “

“They are my friends too.” You weren’t just his friend but you decided against mentioning it as he flinched from another hit.

“Any way, Y/N, I was about to say that Kyung Ja-”

Min Seo spoke but you couldn’t hear her. It was on purpose. It was because you saw it.

Kyung Ja’s eyes on Jimin and his eyes on her.

You couldn’t be certain but it made a familiar uncertainty rise in your gut.


3 months later you were back in the company building looking to get the name of the shampoo Min Seo recommended for you. You hadn’t bothered to memorize the name knowing Jimin would bring you a new bottle. But by this point he had been your ex for almost a month.

Min Seo told you to wait by the cafeteria so you leaned against a wall off to the side. Being in the building where he worked didn’t bother you. It was the voices you heard.

“Jimin, you have a schedule at noon.”

“I know.” his voice was soothing. “I just want to be with you a little longer.” You heard her giggle. Not even realizing what you were doing, you looking around the corner to see them looking at each other. Their eyes stayed glued to each other while their free hands moved mindlessly. One of his hands occupied at her waist, one of hers relaxing on his bicep. Even from where you stood you could see what you always dreaded.

That look.

The look no one had ever given you.

Love and affection.

After three and a half years you thought you were starting to see it when he looked at you but you fooled yourself. What he gave you was what every other man had: fondness.

It was nice but it wasn’t the same.

Fondness wouldn’t get you a wedding ring. Or home together. Or even a public relationship.

As painful as it was it took your friend’s gentle touch to pry your eyes away.


Whenever you thought back to any of your relationships there was something you hated.

Your inability to hate.

You hated your situation. The one that was always the same but you couldn’t hate the people or their love or that look. That damn look.

After being scorned so many times you tried to hate them. Maybe it would be easier to but you couldn’t. Love and affection was something pure and uncontrollable. At least that’s grandmother explained it. She said that real love is pure and natural. No matter where you find the person the way they look at you will tell it all. Even after all those years and bad experiences, you couldn’t help but feel happy for anyone who managed to find that kind of happiness.

But that didn’t leave you in any better of a position.

Today was the second try at dating since Jimin. Your best friend set you up with someone she worked with.

He didn’t seem the slightest bit interested in you. More into your waiter than anything else.

Only 7 o’clock and already time for your defeated after date walk home.

The restaurant was on a familiar street. It wasn’t until you spotted the close couple ahead of you that you realized it was the street BTS’ dorm was on.

Despite the break up, you still heard about BTS meaning you recognized the tuft of brown he now sported next to Kyung Ja’s faded orange.

Normally you would take the sight and push it out of your memory as you took a different route home. Maybe it was that fresh feeling of familiar disconnect or the cold air that nipped annoyingly at your exposed numb ears but you followed them. Debates ran wild in your head, most pleading not to follow but your feet kept going.

As they entered the building, you quickly deviated from their path, taking the stairs. They had already began walking to the door when you stepped into the hall. You feet wouldn’t move anymore.

“Why!” It took a moment before you realized the noise came from you. It wasn’t a yell but it was a plea loud enough to make them turn around.

It was more of a statement but Jimin answered anyway through his shock. “Why what?”

You blinked rapidly, lost for words over your mindless actions.

He gives a weary look to Kyung Ja that she returns as he takes a step toward you.“Y/N.”

“Why did you do like everyone else? Why is life unfair? Why” you paused, blinking back tears. “Why doesn’t anyone love me?”

The words had come before you even had time to hate the thought. His alert eyes softening to look you over.

You looked almost buried inside your coat with your scarf hung loosely around your neck. Your ears were a shade of red that matched your nose. He couldn’t help but feel sorry at how sad you looked. Closing the gap, he held your face. “You’re freezing. What are you even doing ou-” It was then he noticed your makeup. He sighed sadly before reaching to adjust your scarf. You stood numbly, looking into space as he covered your nose and ears as best he could with the fabric. “Your ears are red as red bean paste.” he tries to joke but your quiet sniffle into the scarf has his lips falling. “You should really wear the ear muffs I bought you.” It is quiet for a moment. Kyung Ja watching from the side and Jimin unsure of how to proceed.

“That look.” You finally say, swallowing a sob. “That look you give her. It’s such a beautiful thing.” You notice Kyung Ja smile sadly from the corner of your eye. “I have never had that. Only two people have ever bothered to even offer me a look anything close to that. And they still left me.”

He knows he is one of those people. “That doesn’t mean you won’t find it?”

You stare at the wall, voice barely a whisper. “Maybe I just don’t deserve it.”

“Y/N.” Jimin’s voice is steady. “Don’t ever think that. I’m so sorry for how I ended things and why.” he looks to the ground on why. “But it had nothing to do with you. I love you, I do but not in the same way. You made my life wonderful for nearly 4 years and I thank you for that. You deserve all the happiness in the world and more. You deserve someone who will love you so much more than I did. Look at me.”

You looked to meet his eyes, more tears still building. “Don’t stop looking for that love. There is someone out there for you. I promise. He will find you and love you unconditional. The way you deserve!”

His words held such conviction and sincerity. Your eyes widened a bit at how serious he was. “You don’t hate me?’

He looked surprised.“What? No! I wanted to stay friends but I figured you wouldn’t want that. Do you?” He smiles hopefully.

You shake your head. “I can’t do that.” His smile falls again and he nods. “But I still support BTS.” You lift the collar on your jacket revealing the button with their latest comeback album cover on it.

He smiles widely, eye smile appearing in the way you always adored. You smile too.

WIth nothing else to say you bite the inside of your cheek. “ I should go.”
“Do you want to come in for a drink.” Kyung Ja offers, stepping to Jimin’s side.

You smile at her but shake your head. “I have work tomorrow.”

They nod in understanding. Quietly you walk back the way you came. Reflecting on his words you become embarrassed of what you just did but feel relief at his words.

Part of you still wanted to find that person before you could believe anything he said but his words had given you a hope to find that person.

I got emotional writing this because of how I imagined it.

Depth over distance pt.2

[A/N: Let me just start with saying, THANK YOU, to all the sweet messages i got. it really warmed my heart! It got more positive feedback then i ever thought it would. It made me so glad. This all very new to me, writing. But it’s amzing to know people actually liked it and can’t wait to see what happens, it’s just really cool that you guys actually enjoyed it! So here’s part 2! Part 3 will be up sooner, think it might be..Monday?

Big thanks to storey-time You’re the best! x

Part 1 for those who haven’t read it.

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As soon as Rae got home she went straight to her laptop. When she logged into Facebook she found two friend requests, one from Archie and one from Arnold “Chop” Peters. “His name is Arnold?!” Rae thought out loud. She started looking at their photos, inspecting and exploring who these new two people in her life were. She had gotten a pretty good understanding of who they were by spending a whole day with them, but there was something about looking at a Facebook page that revealed things about people that you may not have noticed before. For instance, Chop had a girlfriend. Her name was Izzy and she had long, flaming red hair with a face that could light up any frown. Rae noticed that if the two weren’t smiling beside each other in a picture, they were almost always snogging the life out of each other. “They look so in love” Rae gushed, leaning on her hand as she continued looking at his page.

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Based on this imagine: X

Sam and the reader have some chemistry, but her older brothers aren’t happy about it. 

I kind of got carried away with this- I wasn’t expecting it to be so long, but it’s over 3,000 words!  

Let me know if you’re interested in a part two and/or have ideas for it.

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“(Y/n), we’re back!“  Caleb calls as he pushes the motel room door open.  You’re sitting on one of the beds in your shorts and t-shirt, barefoot, with your knees bent up to support the newspaper you’re reading.  You barely glance up when your brothers walk in.

”(Y/n).  We have company,“ Josh scolds.  

You look up again to see that two men have followed your brothers into the room.  They’re both tall, though one is considerably taller than the other and has much longer hair.  Both of them are dressed in cheap suits, similar to the ones Josh and Caleb are wearing.

"This is (Y/n), our sister.”  Josh gestures to you.

The shorter guy grins at you.  "Hey,“ he says with a wink.  You roll your eyes, unimpressed.

The taller guy clears his throat and gives his companion a warning glance and subtly nods to Josh and Caleb, who are glaring at him.  They’re way too protective, and it annoys you to no end.

"I’m Sam,” the tall one says, holding his hand out to you for a shake.  "And this is my brother, Dean.“

Something sparks inside you as you grasp his warm hand and look into his eyes.  You can’t quite place the color, but they’re kind and gentle, especially in comparison to his imposing stature.

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clawissa said to gotsevenluckystories: Hello can I have another Mark scenario (sorry he’s my bias!) with him being a cocky guy trying to win you over but him being too cocky isn’t really working in his favor, you know he’s just trying to act all cool in front of his friends. So he asks you out on a real date but it was hard for you to say yes, and on the date you get to see the real side of Mark and that’s when you start feel something for him.

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HmmM this is a little difficult for me to imagine Mark doing something like this, but I tried to meet this while being as realistic as possible! AU: High school. Hope you enjoy it!

“Bro, do you realize how creepy you look right now?" Jackson’s words startled Mark, puncturing his thoughts. "What are you talking about?” Mark answered, still a little absentminded.

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