wow would you look at that i actually drew something for the first time in months

Imagine Chris and the Avengers cast talking about you on Jimmy Kimmel.

You settled in your hotel room bed and turned on the television just in time to catch your husband, Chris Evans, and fellow cast members; Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo and Jeremy Renner live on Jimmy Kimmel. You were meant to be at the interview with them but your commitment with your new movie sent you to London instead, and so there you were watching them answer the questions you were suppose to as well about the movie you all had acted in six months ago.

The interview started and the cast took their seats. You smiled at how handsome Chris looked in the outfit you had told him to take with him; everyone else looked great too. Seeing them made you miss their company and you wished you had been able to join them on the couch.

“It is so great to have you guys here tonight,” Jimmy addressed them with a wide grin. “The movie isn’t even out yet and everyone’s already excited to see part two.” The audience cheered their agreements. “Thank you all for coming out. I know all of you are very busy which is why we’re missing a few cast members tonight.”

The cast nodded in acknowledgement of your absence as well as a few others.

“Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan, as well as your wife, Y/N,” Jimmy said to Chris and Chris nodded again, this time with a cute pout. “I heard she’s currently in London filming her next movie.”

“Yeah,” Chris chuckled. “She actually left for London like- a week after we wrapped up Infinity War. I headed home to relax and she went on to her next job, it definitely says a lot about our level of demand in the industry.” He joked and you chuckled softly. “No, I’m extremely proud of her. She’s up for an Oscar, did you guys know that?”

“How can we not? You talk about it all day every day,” Robert rolled his eyes as he pretended to be annoyed with Chris. “Even Y/N doesn’t talk about it as much as you do.” The room laughed. “No, seriously though- he talks about it all the time. Doesn’t he, guys?” He asked the cast for confirmation.

“All the time,” Scarlett and Jeremy nodded.

“Even Y/N tells him to shut up about it,” Mark chuckled.

“You’d think he was the one getting nominated,” Chris H added.

“He’s a proud husband,” Jimmy defended Chris.

“Yeah,” Chris laughed, “just leave me be.”

“He’s a lovesick puppy, that’s what he is.” Robert teased, glancing back at Chris. “Ever since the second he laid eyes on Y/N, he’s been head over heels for her.” The cast nodded and Chris blushed deeply, dropping his head. “You should have seen him the first time she walked on to the set, his eyes popped out of his skull and he became a huge blubbering mess.”

You giggled to yourself, remembering the day Robert was talking about. You’d been friends with Robert for quite a while now, having met on the set of ‘Sherlock Holmes’ in 2009. He was the one who took you around on your first day at the Marvel Studios and introduced you to everyone, including your husband. Chris was a huge mess the first time he met you, mainly because he was already a fan of your work and you were drop dead gorgeous in a black lace dress; he was a bit of a sucker when it came to lace.

“Yeah, okay,” Chris chuckled, “I’ll admit I was a bit of a mess when I met Y/N.”

“A bit?” Chris H scoffed then chuckled. “We were all embarrassed for you, dude. You’re lucky she’s ridiculously nice and ignored your rambling otherwise you wouldn’t be here with that ring on your finger. You lucked out with her, my man.”

“Oh trust me, I know.” Chris chuckled. “She reminds me everyday.”

He was joking- while you did remind him occasionally, mostly as a joke, sometimes when you were fighting- he didn’t need a reminder when it came to you. He knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you even before the first date.

The two of you clicked pretty much immediately and every day on set became like a scene out of a romantic comedy. It got to a point where Joss had to keep you two apart because you and Chris couldn’t be in the same room without flirting and/or ending up in a fit of giggles.

Your relationship with him progressed with MCU film franchise. You met and started dating on the set of ‘The Avengers’, by 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier’, you’d moved in with him, he’d proposed during 'The Avengers: Age of Ultron’, and by the time 'Captain America: Civil War’ came around you’d been happily married for almost a year. The end of 'Infinity War: Part 1’ called for your first pregnancy- which the two of you were planning on keeping a secret until the three month mark. And by the end of 'Infinity War: Part 2’, your little miracle would have been born and introduced to the world.

“I know we’re here to talk about the movie but can we just discuss your personal life for a moment?” Jimmy asked Chris. “You and Y/N have been married for a while now, do you think we’re going to see little Captain Americas and little Agent 25s running around anytime soon?”

You pressed your lips together when you saw Chris’ reaction. He looked like he was definitely dying to tell someone but the two of you made a promise and neither of your families knew yet so he kept his mouth shut and let Jeremy made the first comment.

“He’s enough of a child for the both of them,” Jeremy joked. “You should see them out and about, they paint the town red till the break of dawn. It’s no wonder they work together 'cause I don’t think anyone else can keep up with them.”

You laughed, suddenly glad you weren’t there to be teased.

“You two like to party?” Jimmy asked, chuckling.

“Why do you think they don’t have kids yet?” Mark chuckled.

“So they’re the ones you guys call to have fun, Chris and Y/N?”

“Definitely.” Robert nodded. “Those two are absolutely hectic.”

“Mm hm,” the entire cast nodded with all their thumbs pointed at Chris.

“Nooooo, we’re not going to do that!” Chris held his hands up in surrender. “We’re on TV, guys! Our parents are watching this. C'mon, if Y/N sees this she’s going to lose her mind. We promised her no embarrassing stories, so c'mon!”

“If she doesn’t want any embarrassing stories about her then she should settle down,” Robert said. “Hear that, kid?” He addressed you through the camera. “Become a mom and everything embarrassing you’ve ever done is wiped clean off the slate.”

You chuckled and picked up your phone, texting Chris the following words.

Just break the news, babe. We’ll call our families after the interview. I know we said we’d wait but it’s happening so we might as well tell people. I know you’ve been dying to tell them anyway so go ahead, you’ve got my full support. ❤️️

After sending the text, you turned your attention back onto the TV screen. Chris flinched and you knew it was from the buzzing in his pocket. He subtly pulled his attention away from Jimmy and the rest and took his phone out of his pocket to read the text. You saw his smile and you couldn’t help but smile back. He looked up at the screen and winked, knowing you were watching.

“Hey guys, um-” Chris cleared his throat and drew the attention onto himself. “I’ve got something to announce. Y/N and I have been keeping this a secret for a while now and um- she actually just decided it was time we break the news. She just texted me telling me to announce it right here on Jimmy Kimmel.”

“No my God,” Scarlett gasped and turned to Chris a knowing smile. “Is she-”

The rest of the cast turned to Chris with widened eyes and excited smiles, waiting for confirmation.

“Yup,” Chris nodded, smiling. “We’re expecting our first child.” He said and the whole room gasped.

“Wow!” Jimmy clapped. “That is- congratulations, you guys. Y/N,” he looked into the camera. “We wish you could be here with us. Congratulations, you two are going to make wonderful parents.” He said and you smiled.

“No way!” Robert’s jaw dropped, his excited grin visible as he turned from Chris to the camera. “I knew it,” he pointed to the camera and you chuckled. “I’m so proud of you, kid. I can’t wait to meet your little one.”

“Congratulations, man!” Jeremy slapped Chris on the back excitedly.

“Yeah, welcome to the dad clan. You’re one of us now,” Chris H shook his hand, grinning.

“I’m so happy for you guys,” Mark told him, smiling. “You’re both going to make amazing parents.”

“Thanks guys,” Chris grinned. “I’m very excited as well.” He turned his attention back onto the camera, speaking directly to you. “I couldn’t have asked for a better person to experience parenthood with and- I’m ready as long as I’ve got you by my side, sweetheart. I love you and I can’t wait to see you.”

You smiled, feeling your eyes water as you picked up your phone and texted him your response.

I love you and I can’t wait to see you too.


 WARNINGS -  smut  NSFW Gifs 

Disclaimer - None of the gifs used are mine . 

Words - 2988 

A/N - Taw @supersoldierslover had an amazing dream  . And so we thought why not make it a story  . I hope ya’ll get such amazing dreams too .Taw I didn’t send you the draft because I want you to enjoy this . I hope you like it  . 

FUUUCK . You didn’t know what to do . You had been walking around the house aimlessly for the past hour . You couldn’t sit , you couldn’t watch TV , you just couldn’t do anything . Your mind was preoccupied . You did what had to be done , but now you have started regretting it . 

You called Steve , your best friend in the whole wide world to watch the game at your house . But the problem was , you didn’t just see him as your best friend . But you weren’t sure if you weren’t sure you were anything more than that to him .

In the beginning when you met Steve , he was the most nicest human on those planet . He was sweet , alarmingly good looking and had this voice that made you weak to your knees. So obviously it wasn’t a choice when he stuck to being just your best friend . It wasn’t like you didn’t try . But that guy couldn’t catch a clue . Like heck , you shamelessly flirted with him , praising his biceps , his thighs and his blinding smile . But he just thanked you in the sweetest shiest smile . That is when you thought maybe he doesn’t like you . 

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More than friends ♡ Grayson (smut)

Request: ‘’Can you make a smut imagine where the reader and Gray are friends with benefits and they slowly start to fall in love with each other?😄 Ily💕 ‘‘

Word count: 2.334

‘Just friends. Friends with benefits.’ That was the deal to which you had agreed to. That was the thing that Grayson said to you after the night you guys had kissed for the first time. Well, he may had gone a little farther than just kissing, but no very serious things were included.

And from the moment that he said that to you, you knew you were in love with him. And as the months passed by – when you guys started having sex and such - you realized that you couldn’t avoid those feelings. But you knew that Grayson wasn’t into you like that. You just knew. You weren’t his type of girl.

Even when he moaned your name and told you that no one could made him feel like the way you did, you knew that it didn’t really mean anything. He just said that so he could get laid the next time you came by. You also knew that he fooled around with other girls as well.

But alright, let’s pretend that he did like you. Grayson would never admit that since it could ruin your… Yeah, let’s call it friendship. And neither would you, so what exactly was the problem?

The problem was that you wanted Grayson to call you his, that you cuddled in bed, that he made pancakes for you, that he showed you off to his friends… Just the romantic shit. The ‘’goals’’ everyone was always talking about. But unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

In these last few weeks you came to the conclusion that you just couldn’t do it anymore. Sex with Grayson was great, no doubt about that, but it almost physically hurt that he just did it for the sex and nothing more. You thought that he only wanted to have sex for the pleasure and it happened to be that you were the girl he did it with so he could get what he wanted.

But you were done now. Enough was enough, you decided. It only made you sad that he didn’t want you the way you wanted him. So the last few days, when Grayson called you, you rejected him.

And it was hard – it really was – but you had to stop the pain that you let him give you. Because it hurt; it hurts when someone doesn’t care about you like you do about them.

As you were lying in bed, reading, you hear your phone ringing on the left side of you. You pick it up to see you had an incoming call. From Grayson. Should you take it or just ignore it? Like always your feelings won and you swipe to answer it. ‘Hello?’

‘Y/N… I need you. Like, right now,’ Grayson demands, almost begging. ‘Gray, you’re just being horny. Jerk yourself off,’ you respond with an annoying voice. Of course Grayson noticed that. He chuckles. ‘Wow, okay princess. If that’s what you want…’ You sigh. ‘Sorry, I just… can’t. And I’m thinking about ending this… this thing that we have.’

‘What? Why?’ Grayson asks, his voice louder now. You’re surprised. You didn’t think that he would react so… shocked. ‘I don’t really want to talk about it. I have my reasons.’ That wasn’t a lie, but it also didn’t explain anything.

‘Okay… But - can you just visit me? For one last time? I have a surprise,’ he asks in a sweet tone. ‘A surprise?’ you chuckle in disbelieve. ‘Yes!’ Grayson responded very excited. ‘So you’re not just saying that so I come over?’ ‘No Y/N!’ And when you say nothing, he adds: ‘I promise. Please.’ That was it. You couldn’t say no to that voice – or to a surprise, right? ‘Okay, then. I’m on my way.’

Of course you had mixed feelings about this. On the one hand you felt guilty on giving in, but on the other hand you were really curious about this surprise-thing. You let yourself in to his apartment. You hear nothing except soothing, calming music that was coming from upstairs. ‘Grayson?’ you say uncertain. No response. You hang up your coat and decide to walk up the stairs.

What was going on? Since it was really dark in the apartment you just notice the rose petals that were put on the steps of the stairs. What was this? You hope it wasn’t some kind of joke, because you could literally burst out into tears if he was planning on doing something romantic… without an actual meaning.

You follow the rose petals. With a nervous feeling you make your way over to his closed bedroom. You softly push the door open and there it was… your surprise. ‘What the…’ you start, but the last word got stuck in your throat.

The floor of the room was covered in rose petals, a cute little radio was playing music in the corner and the only light came from several candles that were put on different places in the room. But the one thing that really drew your attention was a shirtless Grayson that was lying on his bed, his big arms resting under his head. On his pretty face he had a sexy, seductive smile.

You open your mouth to try to say something, but Grayson holds up a hand, gesturing you to be quiet. ‘You don’t have to say anything. Come here…’ When you don’t move he gets up from the bed and walks up to you, his arms spread. He slowly grabs your jaw and places a chaste kiss on your lips, but you pull back immediately.

‘This is not what I came here for, Gray. What is this?’ you ask, raising your hands in confusion while looking around. Grayson’s cheeks suddenly turn very red and he looks down, avoiding eye contact. ‘Well?’ you fold your arms against your chest. Grayson sighs and looks at you. A deep and intense look, which causes you to get those familiar butterflies.

‘I have something to tell you, Y/N. For a long time I didn’t know if I should because there could be consequences, but you deserve to know what I feel for you. I like you… No,’ he corrects himself, ‘I am in love with you.’

It is a quiet for a moment. What could you possibly say to this?! ‘Please… say something. Anything,’ Grayson begs, biting his lip. ‘You’re joking right?’ you ask unconvinced. 

‘No, I’m not! I thought it was so obvious that I liked you, but you clearly have no idea,’ Grayson says. ‘What about all those other girls?’ you ask. He raises his eyebrows. ‘What other girls? Oooh, wait. Y/N, I was just messing with you. Believe me.’ You narrow your eyes. ‘Really?’ Grayson sighs and puts a step closer to you, putting his hands on your hips.

‘I promise. I choose you. And I’ll choose you over and over again. Without a pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat. I’ll always keep choosing you. And I mean that, from the bottom of my heart,’ Grayson says so genuinely that you just had to believe him.

You lay a hand onto his muscular chest, feeling his heart beating really fast. It takes a minute before you had collected all your thoughts and look into his beautiful dark eyes. ‘Grayson… I love you too. I have for a very long time, actually.’

He smiles and puts his warm hand onto yours. You sigh, feeling relieved. ‘I’m so glad you told me this. I thought that everything we had… That it meant nothing to you.’ ‘Well, it did. Trust me, it meant a lot.’ Grayson said, his voice full of adoration. ‘So… what do we do now?’ you ask seductively, bringing your body closer to his.

Grayson presses his body against yours, his hands stroking your upper back. ‘Oh, I know exactly what I want to do right now.’ ‘And that is?’ you whisper with a goofy smile, looking up to his face. ‘Make you feel good,’ he responds smirking and puts his soft lips onto yours.

You giggle when he puts his strong hands under your butt and lifts you up, carefully walking back to the bed. He sits down on the bed with you sitting on his lap and pulls back so he could remove your shirt.

‘And this has to go, too…’ he whispers amused while he unclasps your bra. You feel very vulnerable when he stares at your boobs, two body parts you were a little insecure about since they were really big.

He leans in and kisses the top of them, which was when you started getting really turned on. He goes further down and licks your nipples, which caused you to let out an embarrassing loud moan. He chuckles and starts circling around them with his tongue.

You moan softly in pleasure and stroke your hands through his hair. Just when you feel yourself getting wetter, Grayson pulls back. He lifts you up without any effort and gently places you to the side. ‘Go lay on your back, baby,’ he whispers with his hands on your thighs.

His deep voice was filled with lust. You lay down in a comfortable position while Grayson looks at you with so much admiration that it felt like your heart was going to pop out. 

He hovers over you and starts kissing your arms, slowly going down to your belly, tracing the skin with his fingers. With a loving smile he studies your body like he has never seen it before. Then he trails down to your thighs and you sense his husky breath against your skin. With his warm hands he gently spreads your legs. He looks up with a goofy smile and you can’t help but chuckle loudly.

‘What are you smiling at?’ you ask. ‘I don’t know. It almost feels like this is the first time I touch you. It’s heavenly,’ he adds, cheeks getting red. You bite your lip to stop yourself from smiling like a fool. He pulls down your panties and throws them next to the bed. Suddenly you get a bit nervous; Was he going to do what you thought he was going to do?

It would be your first time. Grayson licks his lips and starts kissing and lightly sucking your inner thighs, leisurely going to your crotch. He tilts his head when his lips are an inch away from the place where you wanted him the most right now.

‘Is this okay?’ he asks sweetly. You nod and your heart flutters at the way he was treating you; so gently and carefully. He always did, but this time it felt even more special. Grayson places his hands on your tummy to get more comfortable. Then he leans forward and puts a pure kiss onto your crotch. And another one. ‘Gray… Don’t tease me like that,’ you whine. Grayson chuckles. ‘I’m sorry. I have never done this before.’ ‘It’s okay. You’re doing fine,’ you reassure him.

It always surprised you that a boy who was so beautiful and kind like him could be this insecure. His hot breath on your heat made you even more desperate. You needed him. Finally Grayson moved his tongue in between your folds, starting slowly.

He licks you up and down and then sticks his tongue inside of you, using both of his lips as well. You gasp when he enters you and Grayson takes this as a hint to start sucking. You let out a deep sigh from the pleasure he gave you and you start to grind your hips.

Grayson starts sucking with a great amount of pressure on your very sensitive clit. He looks at you while you close your eyes and quietly moans his name, throwing your head back in the pillows. Just like you he was enjoying every second of this. He absolutely loved the power he had over you and seeing you struggle to keep your legs apart.

Within a few minutes you got that familiar feeling in the pit of your stomach as Grayson moved his tongue deeper, curling it as it grazed over your g-spot. Your breaths were getting shorter with every second that passed by. Heavenly shivers went down your spine when he stroked his fingers up and down your thighs.

You were a moaning mess by this time and you knew you were getting close. You dig your nails into his scalp instinctively to warn him but he just sucks faster and faster, growling quietly against your core.

‘Grayson…’ you cry out, arching your back. Your head was spinning. As your walls clenched around his mouth, him having no mercy, your muscles tense when you receive the most powerful orgasm you ever had. It was magical.

You let out a deep sigh as you come undone and grab Grayson’s hand that was laying on your stomach now. He strokes your hand with his thumb to stop it from shaking while slowing down his movements.

After your orgasm had ebbed away Grayson strokes two fingers against your crotch. He looks at you intensely while he licks your juices from his fingers. A pleasant shiver goes along your back. You had never experienced something this intimate and erotic. You loved it, though. With blushed cheeks you let go of his hand. ‘That was amazing,’ you thank him. Your legs still felt like jelly.

He smiles and hovers above you, gently pressing his body onto yours. ‘You’re amazing,’ he simply says. You cup his face with your hands and place a long, passionate kiss on his plump lips. ‘Will you be my girlfriend?’ Grayson whispers after he pulls back. He looked very serious, like there would be any chance you would say no to this amazing human.

‘Of course I will. I love you,’ you answer happily. Grayson smiles. ‘I can’t even explain how much I love you right now,’ he whispers and looks into your eyes. You giggle and pull him closer so you could kiss him again.

People Like You (Jared Kleinman x Reader)

“A Jared x reader fic where the reader is new to school and slowly comes popular and knows that liking Jared is suicide but she can’t help herself?”

Request by: @fabdom-girl

Warnings: Explicit language, using the word “slut” as an insult, and people drawing a boy’s non-no parts on Evan’s cast.

She had only been there for 3 months and (Y/N) (Y/L/N) was already one of the most popular girls in the school.

No, she wasn’t a snob. However, most of the people she called her “friends” were.

She didn’t realize this until she watched three of them trip a girl in the cafeteria, laugh at her, and walk away while kicking bits of mac and cheese back at the poor girl. (Y/N) hesitantly helped the girl back up and handed her a napkin.

She was being watched by nearly anyone, and everyone who was anyone knew that to get to the top of the social pyramid she had to make a choice. Be popular and rude, or be nice and gradually sink down to the bottom of the chain.

“You don’t get anywhere by being nice.” Her friends, the Heathers, would remind her. But that’s how she was.

Smart, pretty, kind, and talented. That’s what everyone thought of her.

Everyone except for Jared Kleinman. Sure, he thought, she was pretty. But,

“Do you think she put the mac and cheese on the ground back in that girl’s food? Like to make her sick?” Jared asked the only person sitting with him, Evan Hansen.

“No, I think you’re over-thinking this, and she’s actually a nice person.” He responded, playing with his mac and cheese with his plastic spoon.

“Bullshit, Hansen.” Jared hissed, “No way in hell is there a person with so much power, that decides to be that nice.”

“She doesn’t have ‘power’, Jared. We’re literally in high school. This isn’t some kind of weird, student-lead, monarchy.” Evan protested. He thought that (Y/N) was nice.

“The only reason you’re on her side, is because she helped you write an essay last month. What grade did you get on that again?”

“An A-” Evan replied, still holding his head high like he was proud.

“Exactly my point! Why not an A+? Why couldn’t ‘little miss perfect’ get you a perfect 100? Because she maybe didn’t have the time to spend with people like you!” Jared was shouting at this point, and people at nearby tables were starting to notice him.

“What do you mean, ‘people like you’?” Evan asked, defensively. He began to stand up with his tray, slowly.

“God, Evan, you’re so dense.” He laughed to himself. “People that nobody notices.” That had done it. Jared’s offensive and slightly morbid humor had gone right over Evan’s head this time. Evan stood up and walked out of the lunch room.

In the hallway, (Y/N)’s friends were waiting on her to finish up in the bathroom. One of them saw Evan walk out of the lunchroom and approached him, taking notice to his cast.

“Mind if I sign?” She asked, pulling out a green sharpie.

“U-uh sur-e.” He stumbled over his words. She signed her name, and a drew a rather inappropriate picture underneath it. Right as she was walking away, Evan took a look at her “signature”.

He read what she wrote down aloud, “Heather Du- hey! Oh uh- ah okay…” Evan noticed her walking away, laughing with her friends. He felt powerless. Why couldn’t he just stand up for himself? He felt his eyes water and his nose felt tingly.

“Hey- um, Evan?” (Y/N) approached him cautiously. He looked up and she was slightly taken aback by his red eyes.

“Oh- hi.” He replied, looking down again.

“Is everything okay? What did they do?” Without looking up, Evan showed her his cast. Heather’s name and the gross pictures that defaced it.

“Wh- I am so sorry. I have no idea why they have to be such…” she paused to find the right word,” “shit-dicks sometimes.”

Evan laughed, “Why do you even hang out with them?” (Y/N) took Evan’s hand and led him to her locker, while thinking of a way to explain herself.

“I kind of feel like, well like, I have to? Like it’s what everyone expects of me.” She opened her locker with him standing there, “There’s just so much pressure on ‘popular people’ to y’know, find who you belong with. And the Heathers decided that I belong with them. I wish I had a choice.”

“Wow. That’s- deep…” Evan cleared his throat, “I mean, you do have a choice. Unless they’re blackmailing you or something.”

“Listen Evan, I’m going to explain something a little personal to you.” She grabbed white-out from the top shelf, “At my last school, nobody wanted anything to do with me. Everyone was so judgmental, and when I heard from my parents that we were moving, I was ecstatic. A chance to start over, and a chance to actually have friends for once.” She began to apply the white-out where Duke had drawn.

“So that’s why you’re so nice? I- I mean like, you seem nice to everyone.” A girl was touching his arm.

“Yea. Because I know what it feels like to be treated like I’m worthless.” She finished covering up the signature and picture.

“C-can- um, will you- uh, sign my cast?” He managed to say. She laughed and looked through her locker to find a blue sharpie. She signed his cast and closed her locker.

“Ok, back to lunch with you, mister.” She laughed.

“Bye, (Y/N)!” He walked away, happily.

Little did either of them know, Jared was right around the corner listening to her story.

“I’ll admit it, I didn’t really think you were that good a person at first.” He said, walking out of his hiding place.

“How much did you hear?” She asked. She recognized him as Jared Kleinman, the boy who had repeatedly caught her eye in the hallways. He looked, if she were sugar-coating it, a little dorky. But like a cute kind of dorky.

“Enough to know that you used to be a girl-version of Evan.” He laughed.

“You can’t tell anyone what your just heard.” She said, a deathly seriousness in her tone.

“Why not? Because it’ll ruin your reputation with the popular kids? You’re so weird.” He scoffed.

“Why do you care? Evan told me that you have it out for me. I just want to know why.”

“Because you’re a poser. I just don’t believe someone who is so popular could be so nice. You’re planning something. What are you going to do? Blow up the school? Punch the principal’s dog in the face?” He took a step forward with an eye-brow raised. Now he was less than a foot in front of her.

“I’m not a terrorist, you di- jerk.” She hissed. To say she was intimidated was an understatement, but she wasn’t going to let him know that. She leaned forward and propped herself up onto her toes.

“You don’t scare me.” He whispered to her. He was amused by how pathetic she looked, trying to look scary.

“Well good, because you don’t scare me either!” she said, looking at his whole face. She never noticed how he had the charming-but-nerdy kind of look to him.

“Oh okay, sure. Prove it.”

“Is that a threat, or are you making a move?” She asked, she was on the verge of laughing at him, but stood her ground. She may or may not have felt extremely attracted to him in that moment, and he may or may not have reciprocated those feelings.

Without thinking, she grabbed him by his shoulders and brought his lips to hers. He was taken aback, but eventually kissed back with an equal amount of vigor.

Neither of them were holding back, and both knew what they wanted. Their lips moved in nearly perfect sync, but the tension and hatred from their argument was still there. It was that hatred towards each other that was fueling the kiss.

His hands were at the small of her back, and gradually moving south. He had her basically pinned to the wall of lockers behind her. She gasped, and brought her hands up to the back of his head, desperately trying to bring him closer, but at this point, that wasn’t possible.

That’s when the bell rung. The lunch period was over.

They both jerked away as fast as they could, both with the same hostile expressions they had before their… ‘interaction’.

“That was disgusting.” She scoffed.

“You’re disgusting.” He said in reply. He walked away, but turned his head to shoot her a wink. Her body heated up, and she turned back to her locker to grab her books for the next period. Instead of her locker she was met with the scowling face of Heather Duke.

“Don’t think I didn’t see that. Tomorrow, everyone is going to know how much of a slut you are for ‘computer-camp-Jared.’ You’ll be less than a nobody.” She growled. 

Grabbing her books from her locker and closing it, (Y/N) tapped Heather’s nose with a smile.

“Who’s going to believe you over me? Being nice may not make me popular, but it makes people like me more than people like you.” And she walked away, leaving Heather dumbfounded. (Y/N) could still feel Jared’s touch linger on her lips.

Today is a good day.

She Raped Him
  • It was getting to be that time of the month again. You were starting to feel that urge again. The urge to prowl. Like that ravenous appetite that arises in a werewolf every full moon, so did you feel this lust budding in your thighs and breasts, getting hungry for another victim.
  • You had experimented at first. Drugging your victims the first few times. You had convinced your cousin that dabbled in drugs to get you some of that " date-rape" drug. Guys were easy to manipulate with a little cleavage and flirting. You justified it because you told yourself that they deserved it.... Jerks that preyed on other girls with one night stands and such.
  • Nevertheless, you were stilled scared the first time you did it.
  • A motionless male passed out on the bed. You would pull down his jeans just enough to expose his ass. You toyed with him, teased him as he laid there on his stomach passed out.
  • And then you gave it to him. Even though he didn't say no, it was still rape. But it was exhilarating beyond compare. The strapon being shoved in and out of his ass gave wonderful orgasms to you. With each thrust, the resistance would force the strapon back against your throbbing pussy. It was so wonderful, you had to be careful that you didn't pass out too after your orgasmic explosion.
  • You thought it was funny that they would wake up the next day with a sore bottom, not knowing where it came from or what happened.
  • After a few victims, you were looking for something more adventurous. You wanted to find a real victim, you wanted an awake victim, but you feared getting in over your head. What would it be like to actually rape a man?
  • The thought of it made you wet. You had your strapon underneath your yoga pants and you started stroking it fantasizing about it, looking at the calendar with Halloween circled. You were going to a party. Those were always the best places to find unsuspecting victims.
  • You showed up at the party very fashionably late. The later the better, the guys would be drunk by then anyway. You were dressed as leopard. You had a dark brown tight leopard print camisole. Your black bra straps exposed as well as your generous cleavage. You had black kitten ears on your head. You drew small whiskers on your face with black eyeliner. You were wearing dark brown matching leopard print yoga pants, that went down to your ankles. And you also had a ballet dancers dark brown skirt. This was to conceal your hard on underneath, your strapon tucked snugged into your yoga pants.
  • You caught the eyes of many men and you jokingly growled at them. You prowled the party looking for him. Then you saw one. He was filling people's cups of beer at the keg. He hit on every girl , and would pinch their ass or lift their skirt up after they got the beer. He embarrassed every girl that came by. What a jerk. You were plotting your move observing quietly from afar.
  • "Hey , how are you?"
  • Caught off guard , a guy came up.
  • "Nice costume."
  • "Oh.... oh yeah thanks. and uh... where's your costume..."
  • "oh, I couldn't decide, I just didn't know if I was coming."
  • Yeah.. I decide to come last minute..." your eye still on the keg guy.
  • "I know this sounds cheesy, but I think we've met before.." shyly asking
  • "Oh... I'm sorry "... you reply
  • ".... Uh ... I think I fixed your computer .. at the uh... Best Buy ..." he said
  • You respond " oh yeah... Idid get my computer fixed ... wow you got a good memory.. "
  • He grins and replies" I remembered because you were really pretty... and uh oh I didn't mean that... "
  • You switched your attention to him . He was blushing. He was obviously very nervous and shy. You hadn't noticed at first, but he was dressed very smartly and was kind of cute.., for a shy tech nerd...
  • He had a dark green button down, dark black jeans, leather dark brown ankle boots and matching belt. And he had a classic polo dark blue jacket on. His cologne even smelled good.
  • You smiled as he fumbled over his words.
  • You look back at the keg guy and he was gone.. You whisper damn! ... as you look to see where he went..
  • " Is everything... ok..? " he asks
  • You turn your attention away from the keg guy and reply. " yeah... yeah, uh.. I just looked at the line to the bathroom and it's all the way back to the kitchen. "
  • He says " Hey I've been here before, there's a private bathroom in a bedroom at back of house. The bedroom door is locked, but I use it and no one knows about it...
  • Want me to show you?"
  • "Oh sure .. that would be great.. "
  • You follow him back to the bedroom, and you actually started checking his butt out and it looked nice. He was skinny enough, he probably had those cute dimples on his butt. You quickly check yourself and tell yourself nooo , he's too nice.
  • He unlocked the door and y'all both go inside.
  • He walks back to the bathroom and turns light on and says here it is, and he walks back. You go inside and go to bathroom.
  • As you exit, he is leaning on a dresser.
  • The outside noise and music is booming. You say "it's kind of nice to get away from the music and noise." And you lean against dresser next to him.
  • As your hand is on the dresser, you feel his hand touch yours... it's quiet ... you look down and kind of smile.
  • He says, "you're the prettiest girl here and you're way out of my league, but if you leave and I don't ask, I will
  • always regret... cuz I'm always .. too shy.... but I have to ask , may I kiss you. ?
  • You look at him, you are still grinning.. and he is blushing red. You think that is very sweet and cute, and what harm can it be..
  • You say, "since he asked so nicely, , yes you may"
  • He leans closer in and says close your eyes, and you do.
  • Then as you are expecting to feel his lips on yours, you feel his breath on your cheek. His cheek is up to yours but not touching, but you feel him. He gently , so softly, brushes his dry lips against your cheek, his breath on your ear. , he continues to dry kiss your cheek, and it's
  • totally unexpected, but you start to get butterflies in your stomach and it's the most sensual kiss ever...and you begin to really enjoy it and he continues it for it seems like forever... and you feel like you've had a spell cast on you ...
  • Then his hand comes up to your cheek, cusps your cheek so gently and warmly and his lips move to your lips and then they touch, and he gently brushes his lips against yours... you are enthralled... lips tickling ever so slightly.. And then he moves in front of you. But you don't even realize it. His hand goes to the back of your neck, his fingers go up into your hair and he presses his lips against yours
  • Both of your lips smush together and what was once dry, slowly becomes wet. Your breath starts to stutter a bit.. and then he moves in closer and both of his hands wrap around you and he pulls you in.
  • And then you feel it.. He feels it
  • Your shaft is pressing against his thigh
  • your eyes open just as his does
  • he pulls his lips away, his head draws back
  • Then you do t know what comes over you, you grab him
  • You grab his face with both your hands
  • And pull his face back in, and you begin kissing him
  • You drive your tongue into his mouth
  • You pull him in
  • But as his arms were warmly around you before, they are coldly pressed against your hips, stale not moving
  • His neck is tight, as you swirl your tongue in his mouth , you feel he tries to withdraw his head
  • But you pull him in even more
  • Your tongue swirling all over his tongue
  • Your hand drops down to his ass and you squeeze it pulling him in, you feel your shaft press into your body.
  • But he presses his hands gently against you, letting you know he wants to pull back
  • You stop kissing and realesse his head, he's panting for air.
  • You step out and twirl him around against the dresser .
  • His eyes widen.
  • You grab his head with both hands and you begin to run your tongue all over his mouth . You are forcing your tongue into all of his mouth, in and out...
  • His hands on your shoulders trying to push you away.
  • You press harder. Your body against his, your tongue in his mouth.
  • His back arches as he tries to get his head away from your tongue.
  • As he arches back, he begins to slide down against the dresser. As he slides down, you feel your fake cock pressed against his body and against yours. You feel your erection . You release your tongue , from his mouth, and your hands aid him in sliding down. Then you put your hands on his his shoulders and push him down until he is almost on his knees , his head right in front of your crotch . You press your hips against his face. His face gets lost in the ruffles of your skirt.
  • But you feel your cock pressed against his face.
  • You look into the dresser mirror, you feel guilty at first. He's such a nice guy, but you see his head in your crotch and it invigorates your animal passion even more, you grit your teeth and purr into the mirror. As your hands hold his face against your strapon bulge, you pull your skirt away and throw it. You reach into your yoga pants and you pull your cock out and force it against his face .
  • A real looking cock with a head and throbbing veins. And it's big. His eyes grow wide.
  • You press the shaft pressed up against his face.
  • His hands pressing against your thighs . Your black stretch panties below the strapon and the words escape your mouth.... "Suck it!" You put the head of your cock on his lips... "Suck it!!" His lips are sealed shut... He's mumbling mmmpphh... One hand holding the shaft, a fist wrapped around it, the other hand holding the back of his head.. Your hand slips to his nose to pinch it closed. He tries to wriggle away... Then he gasps for air... And you immediately shove the head and shaft of your cock into his cute little mouth.
  • His eyes wide open. You thrust. You thrust so hard, it jams his head against the dresser. The entire shaft goes into his mouth. So far, His mouth pressed against your panties.
  • You slowly withdraw.
  • You say suck it again and ram your large cock in his mouth. The cock slams against the back of his throat, conversely ramming it against your soft pussy. You fist grab it again and you
  • You press it against his cheek to watch your head bulge against his cheek. He's is trying to get away and push you, he's gagging and mmpphhing... It's turning you on so much. Holding your cock in your fist and spanking his face with it and jamming it in his mouth, and ramming it against his cheeks.
  • He finally squirms away , he's on his hands and knees and coughing and gagging.
  • That's it, he's it. He's the one. Tonight's the night.
  • You're going to rape him.
  • Your heart is pounding. Your teeth are clinched. Your pussy is on fire and your cock is in your hand and you even feel like you have an erection.
  • You pull your yoga pants off , you pull your leopard shirt off. You stand there in your black bra and panties. Your kitten ears on your head. Cat woman, strong and fit and muscular. He finally starts trying to get up.
  • He exclaims WTF!! He stands up, you backhand him. He falls on the bed. He has a scared look in his eyes now. He begins to crawl away across the bed.
  • You jump on him.
  • You reach around his waist and undo his belt, you undo his button and zippers.
  • You begin to pull his jeans down. But he is holding them on . You yank on them and they pull down.
  • You yank his shoes off, next his pants. He's clawing to get away.
  • Your cock is swinging in the air .
  • He's wearing tight black boy shorts. He has a perfect ass. you slap it and grab it.
  • He's trying to pull his underwear up, but you kneel behind him you begin to squeeze his ass through his soft spandex athletic boy shorts. You rub your cock against his underwear, in between his ass cheeks.
  • He looks behind him.... "no... what what are you doing!!!"
  • as he's looking, as he's trying to crawl away, you put your fingers in the waistband of his underwear and you yank them down below his ass.
  • His nice little ass, .
  • You put your knees in between his. You spread his legs.
  • You grab his hips and pull them up in the air.
  • You grab your cock with your fist and you put it right between his ass cheeks. He looks up, right into the dresser mirror. Looking at you behind him. In your bra .
  • He shakes his head, please no... he begs
  • then you insert the tip of the head.
  • His eyes widen
  • You force it in
  • His eyes widen
  • You begin to push
  • His fists clinch the bedsheets
  • Then
  • You do it
  • You take him
  • You rape him
  • You thrust your cock all the way in
  • You hear him gulp a big breath of air, his back arches , an electric rush shivers your whole body
  • Your fingers claw his hips
  • You withdraw
  • and bam you thrust hard again
  • and again
  • and again
  • And again
  • The force slams each thrust into his ass and against your clit.
  • You slam so hard, it knocks him forward.
  • You fall on him
  • Laying on him
  • You wrap your arm around his neck
  • You bite his ear
  • And you even growl
  • As you rhythmically pump your cock into ass
  • You just started, but you are already about to orgasm
  • Each thrust sends shock waves into your pussy
  • You begin to release high pitched moans
  • You begin to squeeze your arm around his neck even more, his hands are trying to pry your arm away as you continue to thrust harder and harder
  • And then you can't hold it anymore
  • Your pussy explodes, you can't even thrust anymore
  • You orgasm like never before your wet juices are exploding all between your legs.
  • You are quivering...
  • Your begin to release him
  • You convulse
  • You go limp on his body
  • You look into the mirror and he rolls you off your body
  • you roll over and lay prostrate on the bed.
  • Your erect cock pointing straight up.
  • You are spent.
  • Then you see him pulling off his underwear, he crawls back in bed..... and then you notice... he's fully erect...
  • it dawns on you... you came so fast... he didn't...
  • Then ... He begins to climb on top
  • He... oh shit... he straddles you
  • He grabs his stiff cock with his fist, and he lays it on your face... He says Suck it! Your eyes go big....and he jams it in ..... mmmpphhhh....
The One With The Dragon (Jeff Atkins x reader)

word count: ~3,410

Request: anon- this sounds weird but I love dragons and I love jeff so could you write something about jeff and dragons? love your writing btw :))

Warnings: mild bullying, badass reader, Jeff being perfect in every way, descriptions of art even though I know absolutely nothing about it, Bryce is in it really briefly, I think that’s it.

A/N. This fic has become notorious in my friend group as The Dragon Fic. My girlfriends are very invested in this one, and are really disappointed that Jeff doesn’t turn into a dragon at the end and fly away. I’m sorry to disappoint guys. Despite the lack of Dragon-Jeff, please try to enjoy :)

The landscape covering the canvas was impressive by anyone’s standards; a great, sweeping expanse of land, on which the bodies of fallen soldiers were scattered. Smoke curled from the dying fires, and the sun cast a hazy glow upon the scene. The colours shone with vivid brilliance, the image so clear, so real that the scent of smoke clung to it. Still, it was the centrepiece that dazzled the eye. A dragon, pure silver and shining, it’s long neck arched as it spread it’s mighty wings, roaring into the sky a jet of blue flames. 

The beast was massive, forty feet tall, its scales serrated and rippling. The colour grew softer as the eye moved towards the great snake’s belly. There the scales were rounded and almost soft. It’s wing span was almost double it’s height, and their great shadow almost covered the canvas. It’s teeth, long and black, shone like Onyx, and it’s one eye was gold, molten and burning. In the space where it’s other eye used to rest was a jagged scar leading to a gaping wound, blue light burning from deep within the socket. It was a masterpiece.

Of course no one at Liberty High appreciated it. It hung in the art room, the work of nine months and too many hours, and all (y/n) got as recognition of it’s creation was ridicule.

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JB Imagine - College AU (Part 1)

A/N - A new series for the blog! When I wrote the college AUs for all of the members, it really made me want to make it into a series and when I talked about it a few weeks ago on here, everyone wanted it to be about Jaebum so that’s what I’ve decided to do! It’ll be loosely based on the previous AU I did so feel free to read that if you want but this series will go more in depth, of course. I have some good plans for this one so I hope you all enjoy~

Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4  | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9

First day of university. No big deal. Apart from the fact that when you walk into that room, it’ll determine all of your peers’ opinions of you. No pressure. Taking a deep breath, you pushed open the door and walked into the room. There were six people already sat down looking as nervous as you felt apart from one boy. He stood out from the others who all looked the part of an English student. Everything about him screamed music or something like that, rather than studying Victorian literature. Whoever he was, he intrigued you. A girl you recognised from visiting the university a few months before starting was sat two seats away from him, meaning you could get closer to this ever so strange boy who seemed to exude an intimidating yet inviting aura.

You spoke to the girl beside you and quickly caught up on the time spent away from each other. The nerves that had filled you before were slowly dissipating as you waited for the professor to come in and start the seminar. When the professor walked in, the already quiet classroom turned silent. Everyone was feeling the nerves and didn’t want to be the first to break the silence. Thankfully, the professor was more than willing to be the one to do so. 
“Okay, so I hear this is the first seminar for most of you. Not bad. Things are going to be somewhat relaxed with me,” she said, “but don’t expect it to get too relaxed in here. I want you all to succeed and I plan to get all of you to a point where instead of sitting in silence, you know everything about each other and the way you all think. The best way to do that? Extract analysis. I’ll split you off into groups of three and you can read through excerpts from different Shakespearean texts and discuss with your peers what it all means. Then, we can feedback to everyone else and learn something new about the way we all analyse literature because I’m sure all of you will have a lot to say about these texts.” 

The professor walked around the room, assigning everyone to groups and, just your luck, the mysterious boy was with you and the girl you were sat beside. Once you were handed the extract, you immediately read through it and made notes. This was exactly what you loved about English and it really drew you in being able to analyse the ways in which characters speak. You started the conversation between the three of you and read off a few of the points you had made. All throughout the discussion, the boy didn’t say anything and instead just stared at you. He barely even looked at the other girl because his eyes were just on you. Every now and then you’d make eye contact with him and blush from his intense stare but would still continue to talk about the piece. There was a short break in the conversation and he spoke for the first time. 
“While I agree with what the two of you are saying, are you just ignoring the underlying message of the whole extract? Yes the obvious points are there as you have so kindly pointed out, but how can you not see that this is simply Hamlet’s cry for help. He’s shown so many signs of hesitation yet no one seems to think that’s his way of asking someone else to just avenge his father for him. Everyone seems to think he delays because the timing isn’t right but in reality, he is just waiting for someone like Fortinbras to invade Denmark and kill his uncle so he doesn’t have to because he can’t bear the weight of the guilt on his shoulders.”

Now it was your turn to stare. Where had all that come from? One minute he was just silent and then the next he was articulating such an extravagant point that you had never even thought to consider. It was rather impressive albeit intimidating. Before you could add your own comments to his point, the professor called for everyone to stop discussing within the groups and instead to share their thoughts with everyone else. The rest of the seminar flew by and before you knew it, you had to pack up your stuff and leave. You noticed the mysterious boy give you a smirk as he left the classroom but didn’t pay much attention to it since you didn’t even know the guy’s name. Since your next lecture wasn’t for another two hours, you decided to take the time to just sit and read one of the assigned texts for the following week.

As you walked into one of the communal study areas, you spotted an old friend of yours who you hadn’t seen in a few years. 
“Wow, (Y/N) I didn’t know you were coming here!”
“Same goes for you. It’s good to see you though. What are you studying?”
“Wow, smart people stuff.”
“Yeah, I guess. I presume you’re doing English since you would never stop talking about it when we were younger.”
“Of course. Wouldn’t have it any other way.”
“Proud of you, girl. Hey, any chance you saw my friend JB in there? I know he’s just had a seminar.”
“Um, maybe? What does he look like?”
“Wears black skinny jeans all the time with giant sweaters in an attempt to look cool. Has a lot of piercings, insanely beautiful and clear skin. Pretty dreamy brown eyes.”
“Sounds like you have a crush. But yeah he seems familiar. Does he ever talk a lot?”
“Not really, he’s got a bit of a ‘bad boy’ reputation he likes to keep up. Actually you’ll be able to find out for yourself if you know him since he’s walking over here.” Turning around, you saw the exact boy you were sat beside in the seminar walking over to you and Jackson. Part of you wanted to talk to him but the other part wanted to avoid him completely. Of course he was friends with Jackson. Murphy’s law dictated this would happen and you weren’t happy about it. Instead of moping to yourself, you just had to try and have a proper conversation with him and ignore the fact that you were noticing everything Jackson had said. His skin really was beautiful and his eyes were such a deep, lovely colour. Now you realised that you had been staring and tried to avert your eyes away from him before he could notice. Too late. You heard him chuckle to himself before talking to Jackson. 
“Jinyoung, Bambam and I were talking about going out tonight, fancy joining us, Jackson? Providing you don’t get too wasted of course.”
“Can’t make any promises there, JB. You know once I’ve had one beer I need to have five more.”
“I do know. Not a fun aftermath. But want to join us anyway, you can bring this lovely lady with you too if you want.”
“What do you say, (Y/N)?”
“Maybe. I don’t think I’m doing anything tonight.”
“Perfect,” JB said, “can’t wait to see you there.”
“What happened in that seminar you guys had?”
“Nothing unusual, why?”
“Well he just winked at you. JB never flirts with anyone apart from his cat.”
“I’m sure it was nothing, Jackson. Now I need to actually study and do some work.”
“Oh, of course. I’ll let you get on with it. I’ll text you later about going out tonight.”
“Sure thing. See you later.”

Sitting down, you put your head in your hands. What even was that wink? You had said to Jackson it was probably nothing but inside you were questioning everything. Even though the two of you had barely spoken to each other, there was definitely some spark there, wasn’t there? Who even knows. He was probably just being friendly and probably didn’t even wink either. But there was also the question about going out with Jackson, JB and their friends. It could get a bit awkward but could also be the perfect opportunity to get to know this JB person. Besides, he was also an English student so getting to know him might not be too bad, right?

Hey? Anyone up for some High School AU headcanons for Destiel?

  • So Dean would be the new kid
  • I mean, I guess y’all saw this coming but ye he’d be the new kid
  • Now I making this an AU where they have normal(ish) lives so it isn’t because their dad is killing monsters and stuff
  • They do kinda live out of the Impala and go state to state so their dad can find a job
  • They have money, but not a lot of it
  • And they pretty much live somewhere until either they realize that there isn’t going to be any jobs there or John gets fired
  • So ye things kinda suck for them
  • But then again they’re the Winchesters so……
  • So anyway, y’know Dean kinda walks into school with this I-don’t-give-a-shit attitude bc he’s probably going to be gone within a month so at this point he doesn’t care
  • But ye ppl see this scruffy looking teenage boy walk in and immediately kinda step away bc wow he looks like bad news
  • I mean, he kinda makes friends and makes out with a few girls, but he doesn’t have any real relationships, platonic or romantic
  • And he’s fine with that bc that’s the way he wants it
  • He kinda learned that he shouldn’t get too attached if he’s just gonna move away again
  • But oh gods please help him for what happens next
  • So y’know everyone’s kinda going about their normal lives and stuff
  • And Dean goes to his locker to grab his books and stuff so he can go to his next class
  • He puts his locker combination in and pulls the door
  • It doesn’t open
  • He tries again
  • It still doesn’t open
  • He bangs on it
  • Nothing
  • He kicks it
  • Zip. Zero. Nada.
  • So ye he getting rlly frustrated with this crappy locker
  • And then he feels a tap on his shoulder. His green eyes meet cobalt blue ones
  • “What do you want?” he says, sounding irritated.
  • “You have to pull it up, then open it,” the boy says. Dean looks at him confused. He then grabs the handle of the locker, pulls it up, and ofc it opens 
  • “Um… thanks?” Dean says.
  • “My name’s Castiel, but most people call me Cas.”
  • “Dean.”
  • So ye they kinda become friends but you know Dean is kinda a little distant and stuff and doesn’t completely trust Cas and yadda yadda yadda
  • But so like, Cas is an amazing artist????? Like soooooooo good it’s just literally beautiful
  • Dean wishes he could make something that beautiful but rlly he’d rather watch Cas paint a picture than do it himself
  • But Dean admires his art
  • Like so much
  • Like sometimes he’ll just sit with Cas and watch him draw or paint or whatever he’s doing
  • He asked if he could keep a few pictures
  • His favourite is one of an angel 
  • Cas never draws Dean in front of Dean
  • Actually Dean has never seen a picture of himself that Cas drew
  • Bc Cas is kinda embarrassed that he literally just loves drawing/painting/sketching Dean bc wow he’s beautiful
  • Frick he thinks he’s crushing
  • But ye Cas definatly has a lot of drawings and paintings of Dean bc he can’t help himself
  • You get inspiration where you can get it and Dean inspired him 
  • When Castiel painted his first picture of Dean smiling with a ton of radiant colours that’s when he figured it out
  • “Holy frick I’m in love with Dean Winchester.” 
  • Cas is a little scared bc it’s Dean Winchester ye u don’t mess with him and having a crush on him is way bad news
  • Plus Dean is his friend like no friends are supposed to be off limits
  • Nope nope nope nope nope
  • But when u have a crush it’s a little hard to bury it and make sure it never climbs back out of it’s hole
  • So when Dean comments on his art or says something that nice to Cas, Cas blushes a lot and is at a loss for words
  • So beep bop boop Cas is very much in love with Dean and he knows that someday Dean is probably gonna rip his heart to shreds
  • Now Dean is trying very hard not to get attached to anyone bc he probably gonna leave in a month or so. His dad hasn’t had the best of luck looking for a job
  • Dean would lowkey protect him at all costs
  • I mean, sometimes he can get a bit annoying and he isn’t the most talkative person but HOLY POOP DEAN LUVS IT
  • Dean just…. needs help
  • He tried sooooo hard not to let anybody past family into his heart but this boy did it in some how in some way
  • And he need help bc he falling for him and he doesn’t know what to do
  • So ye they both hopelessly in love but neither of them can see that the other likes them and they know that it will probably end in flames
  • So doot da doo one day Cas comes by the motel room for some reason idk maybe they need to study for something and Cas’ house wasn’t free idk
  • So Sammy is the one who answers the door and has literally no idea who this guy is bc wtw Dean who the heck is Cas???? And who names their child Castiel???? Like that’s child abuse Dean. 
  • So Sam has to go find Dean to make sure that he isn’t letting in a random stranger and Dean just gets so annoyed bc Sam I told you my friend was coming over today my god
  • Now Sammy has heard about this so called friend bc Dean talks about him without actually meaning to and I mean, Dean brings home a lot of random drawings that Sam definatly knows aren’t Dean’s bc he is in no way an artist so ofc he asked who drew them and Dean’s like “Just a friend.”
  • So Sam has heard a lot about this friend and has a very vague suspicion that Dean has a small tiny crush on this friend but he has no idea what this friend looks like or what’s the friend’s name
  • He didn’t even know if it was a boy or a girl, tbh
  • But ye Sammy meets Cas and Cas is being super awkward and stuff and just has no idea how to interact with people
  • Dean shoos Sam away so they can study
  • But Sam is spying on them
  • It didn’t take too much observing to realise that they both have huge gigantic crushes on each other
  • I mean he knows his brother and Cas is blushing way too much 
  • So ye he becomes the captain of the Destiel ship
  • All aboard crazy town
  • So Dean goes outside to the vending machines to get them two cokes
  • And literally Sam takes the first second he has and walks right up to Cas and says, “You should ask him out.”
  • Cas is like “what the freak” and is so confused bc this literally came out of nowhere like wtw
  • “Wh-why would I do that?” Cas asks.
  • “Bc you like him.”
  • “Wh-what?”
  • “And he likes you.”
  • “wHaT?!” he shocked
  • “Do it. Please, just make him happy for once.” (bc y’all know that sure Sammy is gonna be an annoying little brother but in the end he just wants to do whatever it takes to make his brother happy)
  • Cas nervously nods his head, now a lot more nervous than before
  • “You better not hurt him, Castiel.” (bc yes Dean is a protective big bro but Sammy is a protective little bro too)
  • Tbh Cas is a little scared of Sam now
  • Dean walks in. “They where out of coke so does root beer work for you?” Dean asks, putting the room key on the table
  • “Oh it’s fine” Cas is sketching now
  • Oops a blob became Dean
  • He’s drawing Dean
  • Oops
  • The picture pretty much takes Dean’s breath away
  • Like holy schnitzel
  • He falls a little deeper in love
  • Cas puts down his pencil, standing up and walking to Dean. They end up close. Rlly close. 
  • “Dean I….. Can I ask you a question?” Cas says
  • “Of course,” Dean says
  • “Can I… Would you…..” Oh gods this is a lot harder than he thought
  • “CanIkissyou?” he says finally. It comes out in a rush and is definatly not what he wanted to come out he was just supposed to ask Dean to the movies or something
  • “What?” Dean says, not sure if he heard correctly
  • He very much hopes that he did
  • “Can I–” but he stops bc he realises that there lips are centimeters apart
  • He can feel Dean’s breath on his face
  • Frick
  • And shoot he didn’t even know what the heck he was doing just some how in some way he kinda accidentally um maybe went forward a few centimeters???? Um well ye uh now he has the problem that he’s kissing Dean Winchester
  • Frick
  • Dean is literally so surprised and has no idea if it’s real
  • Then, he comes out of his shock and wraps his hands around Cas’ waist, deepening the kiss
  • And Cas is literally screaming on the inside bc this is literally even better than his fantasies
  • And also ofc Dean is literally being softer than he has ever been with anybody ever
  • When they break away they both blushing way too much like gods help them
  • Sammy walks into the kitchen and sees them standing close together with both of their cheeks looking like tomatoes and is like “What the freak happened to you two”
  • Dean is like “Don’t you dare say anything.” 
  • Sam giggles and leaves
  • “I have wanted to do that for a long time,” Dean admits, and then he kisses Cas again
  • Oh gods wow they literally end up being the cutest couple at school
  • Dean calls Cas his little angel
  • Cas is constantly drawing stuff for Dean and believe it or not he actually is pretty good at love letters so Dean gets sum amazing stuff from him
  • Their perfect date isn’t anything fancy it’s kinda just going out for cheeseburgers
  • But they love it
  • Dean and Cas are constantly “stealing” John’s car and just driving around and stuff (not that Cas likes cars, he just loves seeing it make Dean happy)
  • They try to keep at the back of their minds that Dean might have to leave soon
  • They don’t want that to happen
  • But sometimes, during a long weekend or a particularly bad night the thought drifts into their minds
  • Dean would just ask his dad if he could try getting a place of his own or stay with Cas but he doesn’t want to go anywhere without Sam
  • So :p
  • But good news!!! John actually finds a good job!!! :D
  • All of them are happy little dorks
  • And UGH JUST. SO. CUTE!!!!!!
  • Yup that all i got ( @destielsolangeloshipper u mind if I tag u in this??? I sorry to bother u)

ladyroseystuff  asked:

How would you feel about a headcannon of how each of them would react to MC being in an abusive relationship (family or other). Sorry if it's weird, uncomfortable, or you've done a similar one. It helps me to see what others might do in a situation I've dealt with myself. (Btw been safe from it for 1yr & 5m ^^)

This was a bit difficult to write as I have luckily never been in an abusive relationship but I hope I managed to portray the feelings enough.

I’m so glad that you’re safe from it now because no-one should have to be in a situation like that!

I’ll warn here and put the headcanons under the cut because there are mentions of abuse and I don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable ~H x

RFA reacts to an MC in an abusive relationship

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ML Fluff Month Day 14 - Telling the Truth

Telling the Truth

Rated: G
Pairing: Adrinette?? Technically?? 

For: @miraculousfluffmonth


Day 1 / Day 15

Ladybug knows Adrien is Chat Noir. He knows that she knows he’s Chat Noir. She knows that he knows that she—anyway. She found him out by accidently seeing him release his transform behind the school one day, right after she had done the same herself. It wasn’t that Marinette had ever really wanted to know who Chat Noir was, but knowing it was Adrien made her life much easier. She hadn’t meant to clue him in that she knew the truth of his identity, but Nino had Adrien trapped one day, and he couldn’t seem to get away until Ladybug intervened. Granted, if she hadn’t said “go, I’ll wait for you, I need you,” he might have not understood why she had rescued him from Nino’s vice grip. The damage was done though. And not another word of it had been said since.

Until today.

The two of them sat together at the top of the Notre Dame, neither speaking a word. Twiddling her thumbs nervously, Ladybug wanted to use all of her power to speak up, but she couldn’t. He was probably furious with her. He had detransformed right in front of her so that they could hide from the akuma. She knew that was the safest plan… but she couldn’t do it. Marinette couldn’t bring herself to show him who she was. The look of heartbreak he had. The look of betrayal. It was forever embedded in her mind.

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Love Train

Originally posted by lostinmonstax

Male reader x Shownu 

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

Shownu felt his heart leap in his chest as the train pulled to a stop at the station. Smoke swooshed over the platform as the doors slid open. He stepped on and maneuvered his way throughout the train. He didn’t need to look at the numbers on the seats anymore, because he knew his place, sat on the left hand side table at seat forty seven, the seat across from the man he did not know the name of, but spoke to through silence each working day.

He lugged his bag until the familiar smile of his train partner appeared. Shownu felt his heart leap again; the strings in his chest pulling tightly. He slid into his seat, preparing his greatest smile, but the other occupant was already with the facial expressions, his tongue poking out of his lips cheekily. Shownu bit his lip harshly, his tooth piercing his lip until the metalic taste of his blood flooded into his mouth.

It was like a switch, and the man opposite was the only one that could flick it. Shownu felt like a mess; flustered and blushing, all because of something as simple as eye contact and a facial expression.

Countryside flew past the windows, a blur of every shade of green and the blue of the sky complimenting each other. Shownu wanted to concentrate on it, but his eyes always drew back to the male opposite him.

The man opposite was looking down at his phone. He wore a suit, clearly in a good position at his establishment. The clothes looked sharp, but his face was soft and the two mixed in a good combination. Shownu wondered what the covered skin looked like, then he blushed, realising his dirty his mind was getting by the second.

He distracted himself with the nametag looped around his neck on a lanyard. {y/n}. Shownu felt the name engrave in his brain, something he would never forget. He wondered how many times the man had worn his lanyard, and more importantly, how many times he had somehow overlooked it. He shifted his own tie, straightening it as {y/n} looked up. But it wasn’t to look at Shownu.

A girl was stood, then slid next to {y/n}. She looked seductive in her red lipstick and her pointed black liner. She too was wearing formal wear, but the buttons on her shirt were left unclipped to far down her clevage, and her shirt rode dangerously up her thighs. At first, Shownu didn’t think anything of her, then, she was touching {y/n} and Shownu’s head filled with accusations.

As his heart sunk, he realised what this must mean; {y/n} already had someone to love. But then, he felt astonishment and {y/n} looked up, his eyes crying for help.

Shownu had spent days and weeks and months sitting across from this man, and only now was he looking into the depths of panic and worry. Shownu cleared his throat, leaning forward and taking {y/n}’s had bravely. His face was fierce with determination, but his insides were quivering.

“So, you were talking about that date again, huh? I guess I shouldn’t keep you waiting much longer. It’s been ages since we’ve been out. Where do you want to go?” Shownu asked. His act was effective, because the girl’s eyes shot up like bullets.

“Too right you shouldn’t keep me waiting, it’s rude.” {y/n} responded, seemingly reassured by Shownu’s touch. He brushed the girl off confidently, the worry in his eyes fading. Shownu found himself wondering if he had been the one to give {y/n} such strength.

Shownu smiled, a playful expression crossing his face. “I guess you’ll need to punish me.”

{y/n} laughed, and the girl rose abruptly.

“You’re together?” She spat, her eyes narrowing to thin slits like daggers.

“Yes.” Shownu responded, “Problem?”

The girl huffed, her heal emitting a sharp clap as it stomped against the ground. She looked like a child, the way her lips pouted and her arms crossed over her chest. She then skulked off down the corridor, her hair flipping over her shoulder as though she had been seriously hard done by.

“Thanks for that. I didn’t know what to say to get her off me.” {y/n} spoke, he looked genuinely thankful. He didn’t move his hands away. Shownu was blushing again.

“It’s fine, anything for a friend.” Shownu said, then he started to wonder if ‘friend’ was the right term. He was worrying again, but {y/n} simply laughed.

“Friend? Really? Wow, I was put in that zone very quickly. And there I thought for a moment you might actually be interested in me too?”

“Sorry?” Shownu blurted like an idiot.

{y/n}’s eyes shone with glee. “I’m trying to say I like you.”

He then stood up as the train’s monotone female voice announced the stop. Shownu watched him as he slung his bag over his shoulder, so effortlessly perfect and Shownu’s heart was fluttering.

“I like you too.” Shownu confirmed.

“Then take me on that date, dammit. I’ve been waiting.” {y/n} winked, then, he leaned down and pressed a kiss to Shownu’s cheek. Laughing at his own referral back to their scenario before. Shownu grinned.

“7 o’clock, and you better not be late.”

{y/n} nodded, poking his tongue out like he had done time and time before, still sending Shownu’s head into a blur. He winked, then turned and exited the train.

Shownu was up so high, he didn’t think anything could bring him back down.

hollyspacey  asked:

Hello there, can I ask for a #11, wintershock pleaseeeee???? :)

whoops, my fingers slipped.

no but for real, i’m not even going to apologize for the length of this one. i think it’s my favorite wintershock one-shot i’ve ever written. i hope you love it too. ❤️ ❤️

Darcy was exploring a lively Bucharest market the first time she saw him. He was haggling with a merchant over the price of some type of fruit, which wasn’t out of the ordinary here. But what drew her eye was that he kept shifting anytime someone walked by him, like he couldn’t stand to have his back unprotected. Maybe too many world disasters had left her paranoid, but she had a weird feeling about him. And then he turned and caught her staring, and she was swept up in an entirely different kind of feeling.

She felt bad about the staring, she really did, but the man was the most attractive male specimen she’d seen in months—hell, maybe years, or even her entire lifetime. He had a cap pulled low over his face, but she felt his piercing stare all the way across the marketplace. It sent pleasant shivers skittering down her spine, and she decided that even if he was trouble, she wouldn’t mind a helping. Or two, or three. She grinned at him, partly in apology and partly because it was impossible not to try and see what a smile would look like on that face.

But instead of returning the gesture, the frown lines around his mouth deepened even further, and he turned back to the vendor. His thumbs hooked around the straps of his backpack as he moved, hitching it protectively up his spine. Darcy shrugged and turned back to her perusal of the handmade jewelry. She couldn’t be everyone’s type, she supposed. Some sabbatical this was turning out to be.


The next time she saw him, it was at a market across town. It might be more appropriate to say that he saw her, actually; she was hunting through a bin of plums, trying to find the ripe, sweet ones that she loved so much. She was minding her business, trying to remember any advice her mom had given her on testing ripeness, when a quiet voice at her shoulder said, “Not that one. It isn’t ripe.” The softly-spoken English startled her so badly she jumped, dropping the plum. A quick hand darted out to catch it as it fell, putting it back in the bin.

It was the beautiful man from before. She’d never forget that face.

“Excuse me?” she asked, finally finding her voice. Up close, she could see that his eyes were an electric blue. They bored into her, as if he was dissecting her character, ripping it apart and reassembling the pieces. It was a strange sensation to have, standing over a table of fruit.

He must’ve liked something he saw, because he blinked and his whole posture just seemed to…settle. Stepping in—and wow, that mix of leather and mint was intoxicatingly attractive, making her head swim—he jerked his chin toward the vendor and murmured near her ear, “That plum wasn’t ripe. And the vendor in this market always overprices his produce.”

He took a step away and paused, clearly expecting her to join him. Zipping up her wallet, she smiled apologetically at the vendor—who was clearly muttering unflattering things under his breath about the stranger—and stepped away from the table. Oh, what the hell. If she got murdered for this, at least it would be by the hottest guy she’d ever seen, she thought, and immediately grimaced. The stranger eyed her curiously, like she was a puzzle he couldn’t quite figure out.

“So,” she said, smiling broadly, appreciating the way his eyes flickered down to her mouth for the briefest of moments, “where to?”


They were on their seventh date, and she couldn’t keep it in any longer. She considered them dates, at least—they were at a table for two in a pretty little bistro, lightly flirting and generally having a good time—but she wasn’t sure James would put it in those terms. It was hard to know with him, really. She thought of this as the seventh date, but in truth she’d seen him every day since he’d ‘saved’ her from the vendor with the overpriced plums. She hadn’t been seeking him out, at first. He always seemed to find her anyway, though, and after a while they made sure to find each other. And now days had turned into weeks, which had turned into several months, and the longer she went without saying anything, the more dishonest she felt.

“Please don’t run away,” she said, drawing his eyes immediately back to her from where he’d been watching the people pass by on the sidewalk, “but I can’t keep pretending I don’t know, and I want you to know that you can trust me.” He stiffened, and she knew that his fingers immediately went to grip the straps of his backpack protectively, even if she couldn’t see them under the table. It was what he always did when he wanted to run.

He eyed her from across the table, frozen in place and skittish, but didn’t get up to leave. She took it as permission to continue. With a heavy sigh, she put her hands palm-up on the table in front of her—a reminder, she hoped, that she had nothing to hide—and wet her lips with her tongue. This had the potential to change everything. She memorized every little detail of his face, just in case she never saw him again after this.

“You’re Bucky Barnes, aren’t you?” She rushed through it as quickly as she could without raising her voice; she knew he wouldn’t want to draw any extra attention. And sure enough, he was halfway out of his chair before she’d even finished the question. Tears burned her eyes. At the same time, though, a weight had been removed from her chest, and she couldn’t regret setting it out in the open.

He caught the glimmer—or at least saw something in her face—and paused, still half-standing. James—Bucky, she realized, now she could think of him by his name—stared at her, frantically searching her expression for something. What, she didn’t know, but she kept it open anyway. He’d been a master at reading her ever since they met.

When he sat back down, the breath whooshed out of her lungs and she felt dizzy. Darcy hadn’t let herself think about this as a possible outcome, and the relief went rushing through her. “Not here,” he said, picking at the little white tablecloth. He looked away, gesturing for the waiter, then glanced back at her. “Come to my apartment.” Part of her wondered if this was an elaborate plan to get her out of public and then silence her, but the vulnerability that flickered in his gaze stopped that thought right in its tracks.

“Okay,” she said, mustering up a smile for his sake, ignoring the fluttering in her stomach. Wondering how everything was going to change, she repeated, “Okay.”

Later, after he’d told her everything—well, not everything, but enough that she could guess—he asked her how she’d known. “I was a political science major, once upon a time,” she said, “and I know almost everything there is to know about Steve Rogers.” She trailed off at the end, seeing the way he flinched at his best friend’s name.

Tears glimmered in his eyes when he cut his gaze back to hers, or perhaps it was a trick of the light. “I’m not that man anymore,” he whispered, flinching away as if he expected to be struck down for saying it out loud.

“I know,” she said, startling his gaze back to hers. Reaching over, she lightly pressed her hand against his. “But I like who you are now.”

For a moment she wondered if she’d made a mistake in initiating physical contact, but then his hand slowly turned underneath hers, and he squeezed back.


Two months later, an old grainy photo of him was shown on TV, in connection to some kind of catastrophe at the UN. When he walked into her little apartment, bearing coffee and the covrigi from that vendor they loved, she was beyond grateful to see him whole and unharmed. “Have you seen?” she asked, not wasting a second.

“Yes,” he admitted, tucking a stray lock of hair behind his ear. She’d never been happier that he’d allowed her to convince him to shave and sport a man bun; he looked nothing like the picture plastered all over the news. Then his words sank in, and she marveled at the wonder of it. He’d seen the news, and she knew he’d thought about running. And yet here he was, with her, bringing breakfast as planned. Her heart surged with emotion, and she smiled at him.

He smiled back, tentatively, like he didn’t know what he’d done to deserve it. “I think it’s time to contact your best friend,” she suggested, ripping off the band-aid.

Bucky froze, then nodded. “You’re right,” he said, setting the coffee down on the table. He reached for his backpack, and she wondered what she’d said wrong.

“So how do we go about finding him?” she asked, rushing through the question, catching him before he could leave. “For someone who wears such an eye-catching outfit, he doesn’t seem that easy to pin down.”

Still frozen in place, he said nothing. Waving a hand in front of his face, she prompted, “Bucky? Everything okay?”

Clearing his throat, he asked, “You’re coming with me?” She watched as he mouthed the words again silently, like he couldn’t quite believe it.

“Of course,” she said, smiling at him tenderly. “Who else is gonna keep you out of trouble?”

She didn’t even see him move; one second he was stock still, staring at her, and in the next his mouth was on hers, his hands were in her hair, and his heart was in her hands. It was messy and emotional and perfect. And when his lips parted she didn’t hesitate to follow suit, opening up to him. Their tongues slid against each other in a desperate, perfect harmony. She didn’t ever want to let him go.

“I’m sorry,” he groaned, breaking the kiss and taking a hesitant step back. She blinked, reaching for him before she even understood the words. Her hand landed on his shoulder, and he didn’t move away.

She was still panting, and it took a second for her to gather the breath necessary to ask, “Why?” Confusion coated the single syllable, made even worse by the fact that she was staring at the evidence of her kiss on his mouth. Of desire on his face, obvious in the flush of his cheeks and the brightness of his eyes.

Gesturing with his metal arm, he said, “Look at me, doll. I’m a half a man. Are you sure you wanna be with someone as damaged as me?”

That didn’t deserve an answer with words, so she didn’t give him any. She answered with her mouth instead. It was a demanding, passionate kiss, where she poured out her heart and soul and received his in return. He was grasping her by the end of it, the strength of his hold at direct odds with his offer to let her go.

“You’re not a half of anything, James Buchanan Barnes,” she growled, staring him right in the eye. “And I don’t want to be with anyone but you.”

His whole body relaxed at her words and his face softened. He pressed the lightest of kisses to her forehead in apology, and whispered against her hair, “I don’t think I could let you go now anyway, Darce. One day, I’m gonna be the man you deserve.”

“To start,” she said, leaning back to make eye contact, “let’s go find the brave fool you call your best friend. The sooner we do that, the sooner we can get to our happy ending.”

“First thing we’re gonna do,” he said, dragging her to the table with a chuckle, “is eat our breakfast, doll.”

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Coup de Foudre

It was raining when Marinette woke up. She left her window open slightly to let the chilly night air in. Luckily the area around her window was dry and no raindrops passed through. It was the weekend and Marinette had been working on some new designs during the past few days, so she figured to start sewing it. On rainy days like this, the bakery usually has very few customers. Marinette could relax and take her time doing what she loves and taking in the morning’s weather. 

For a happy and lovable girl, Marinette loved the rain. It was so calming and peaceful. Ever since she was a kid she loved the rain. She would go out with her dad while her mom would watch over the bakery. Marinette and her dad would just wear rain boots and rain coat and stomp in puddles at the park while everyone else would just run for cover. Her dad would always tell her, “Marinette, nothing is ever bad. You just need to learn how to enjoy its company.” Of course, when she was little she never really understood what her dad meant by it. Maybe Marinette is always smiling and happy because of what her dad told her when she was young. 

Marinette was making a dress for Alya for her birthday next month. A maroon skater dress. She sewed while humming and softly singing some songs that popped into her mind. She was so focused that she almost didn’t hear the boy sitting on her windowsill complimenting her voice.

“Chat!” Marinette cried out startled. “Why are you doing?”

He smiled, “Well, I was out patrolling the streets of Paris until I saw you. Beautiful voice by the way.”

 Marinette blushed, “Thanks.” She could hardly choke out such a simple word she says on a regular basis. Nobody other than her parents and Tikki of course, had heard her sing before. Not even her best friend Alya. 

Chat Noir chuckled at the sight of Marinette flustered. She looked adorable. 

“You look adorable.” Chat Noir told her, looking right into her eyes. He didn’t realize he said that out loud. 

Marinette didn’t say anything. She just looked down and started tugging at the dress, trying to straighten it out. And because Marinette didn’t respond to him, he didn’t know he leaked out his thoughts. Chat Noir jumped off the windowsill and started walking around Marinette’s room. Luckily for Marinette, she removed all of her pictures of Adrien and placed it in a box beside her bed. She realized that she was maybe just a tad obsessive. 

“What are you doing, Chat?” She asked him while continuing to work on the dress, while Chat Noir was looking at her sketchbook, pictures on the wall, the books on her shelf, and whatever else he could find in her room that looked cool. 

“You know,” He replied, picking up the sketchbook laying open on her desk. “Browsing.” He started to examine the page covered in pencil smudges and eraser bits. “This.. This is amazing. I mean, wow. You’re amazing at drawing.”

“Thanks.” She said before looking up at Chat Noir with wide eyes. 

The sketchbook he was holding wasn’t her usual one filled with her clothing designs. The one, the boy in the leather cat costume was holding was the one where she drew out people, her friends, her family. People. Not outfits. Marinette’s heart was racing, she didn’t remember which page she left it open on, but for a fact, she knew that there were drawings of Adrien. It wasn’t like she didn’t want one of her best friend to know who she liked, it was more because of that was a part of herself that no one knew. Not Alya, not her parents, not even Tikki. She drew in that sketchbook when everyone else was asleep and when she couldn’t. Last night was one of those nights. And also one of those nights where she was clumsy and forgetful and didn’t put it away. 

The real panic started to take place when Chat Noir started to flip through the pages. But it got worse when she saw him stare at one page with confoundment. 

“Mari..?” Chat Noir quietly cried out. “What’s this?” 

Marinette hesitated at first but then slowly and steadily made her way towards Chat Noir. “What, Chat?” She asked, holding her breath. She looked at the page. It was a drawing of Chat Noir but it wasn’t Chat Noir. It was a drawing of Adrien dressed like Chat Noir. Then she looked at Chat Noir’s face. Quickly she notices how Adrien and Chat Noir looked alike.

The name was caught in her throat, but some how she managed to spit it out. “A-Adrien?” She asked. 

Chat Noir quickly closed up the book and placed it back on the table. “I-I have to go.” He said, trying to go out the window but Marinette ran in front of it, blocking the way before he could even get near it. 

“Adrien, is that really you?” She asked softly. 

Chat Noir tried to laugh it off, “Princess, that’s delusional.” But it didn’t work. Marinette continued to stare at him. 

Finally Chat Noir gave up. “You got me, Princess.” He said with a smirk before detransforming back to Adrien. Marinette was speechless. How didn’t she noticed before? Especially when she was drawing the picture of Adrien. Both of them stood there in silence. Nobody dared to move or even make a sound. 

Marinette was washed in shock. She felt like fainting. All those memories she had with Chat Noir as both Marinette and Ladybug flooded her mind. All those times she was with Chat Noir, she was actually with Adrien. The boy she fell in love with a very long time ago. How didn’t she notice?

“Tikki… Transform me.” Marinette said faintly. Adrien’s eye widen when Marinette became Ladybug. Adrien had a crush on Ladybug since the very beginning. Whether it was just a silly celebrity crush or real feelings, he just wanted to know who Ladybug was. And now he did. In a girl’s bedroom. The girl he had mixed feelings for, the girl that had also been there for him as much as possible. He didn’t know how to feel.

It was like both of the teenagers were broken. Frozen. 

Moments passed before Adrien broke down and started laughing. Ladybug was confused, she didn’t know what she expect from him, but certainly not this. 

“Marinette, you really are something.” He told her. A smile on his face and looking at the masked girl with sincere eyes. 

Ladybug blinked a few times. She was still trying to process everything. 

She detransformed. “Am I?” she asked, still very confused.

“You’re amazing, you know.” 

“I am?”

“Yes.” He answered, walking towards her. He grabbed her face. Marinette watched his face. “You really are amazing.” He told her once more, but this time much quieter. As soon as he said that, a loud clap of thunder sounded. 

They stayed like that for a while before Adrien smiled. “I love you.” He whispered. Before Marinette could react, Adrien leaned in and kissed her.

Marinette smiled. She felt like her heart could explode. And maybe she was shaking a little, but she didn’t mind. She also didn’t mind the swarm of butterflies in her stomach. She was hoping Adrien felt the same way.

Of course, Adrien did. Adrien felt slightly light-headed too. Everything seemed too surreal and amazing. He hoped that this wasn’t a dream. And it wasn’t. 

“Marinette!” A muffled voice called out. “Who are you talking to? It’s time for dinner.” 

Marinette didn’t know what to say at first, but Adrien placed his finger in front of his lips. “Nobody, mom! I’ll be there in a second.” She yelled but kept her eyes locked with Adrien’s.

Adrien transformed into Chat Noir. 

“M’lady.” He said before leaving out through the window in the pouring rain. As soon as he left, Marinette screamed in excitement. She had been holding in the scream since he first called her amazing. Tom ran up with a floral apron around his waist, oven mitts over his hands, and a frying pan. He was ready to attack a stranger but he came up to see his weird daughter jumping and squealing around her room.

“Oh, hi father.” She said with the biggest smile on her face. 

“Hello, daughter. Wash up for dinner.” He told her before backing back down the ladder. 

“Be right there, dad.” 

She walked up to her sketchbook and flipped to the page of Adrien as Chat Noir. Marinette felt her face boil. She smiled once more before going downstairs. 

The Serpent Or Me - Part 4 (Bughead/Serpent!Jughead x Serpent!Reader)

Jughead has never cared about fitting in, as long as he has Betty and the gang he knows he has his place in Riverdale. However, Southside High has brought him an odd comfort and new friends very easily. The serpents have taken him under their wing, one in particular y/n has started to show him how things work in the gang. Jughead starts to grow a fondness for y/n that feels uneasy, he’s stuck between two worlds. Where or who should he choose?

Part 1    Part 2     Part 3

Characters/Pairings: Jughead, Serpent!Reader, (Mentioned) Betty.

Warnings: None.

Word Count: 1599

Notes: So this has a lot of reflection rather than action, I hope it’s not too repetitive. This was more to get the story in the right direction more than anything. Lots of drama in the next 2 parts! Expect a new part every Friday from now on, so part 5 will be up on 7/7/17.


Originally posted by burgerheadjones

Jughead’s POV

Betty: Hey Juggie, miss you as always. Kev is here and we’re watching 80s movies, I’m sure you’d approve. So I was wondering if I could maybe meet some of your new friends, like y/n or whoever. I feel like a gf should surely know who her bf’s friends are, haha :) xxx

I read Betty’s text over a few times. It felt off, she’d done nothing but protest my new life and now she wanted to be involved. If it was a genuine attempt at accepting Southside was a part of my life now, I couldn’t really refuse her.

I was waiting for y/n to pick me up, we were on watch for the Serpents again. We’d got in to the habit of meeting a little earlier so we could hang out before the job. I decided I’d ask her about meeting Betty, it was worth a shot. Y/n pulled up in an orange truck, I quickly shuffled in and she set off again.

‘How’s Jug tonight?’ She enquired.

‘Erm, a little confused frankly.’

‘Oh, what’s up?’ She turned to me briefly with an empathetic expression.

‘Well Betty just text me saying she wants to meet my new friends, she even named you specifically.’

‘Wow, I can see why you’re confused.’

‘Would you want to, I mean, meet Betty?’ I edged in, I was weirdly nervous. Not only as to why Betty wanted to meet my friends now but also because of what I now had with y/n. Whenever we hung out we just drove around and talked, I felt like I could open up to her about anything without judgement. Plus she’d introduced me to some other people at school, I didn’t feel like the loner kid anymore and I actually liked it.

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Feeling left behind by her more successful, settled friends, Emma Swan moves to Scotland on a whim. Sure, she’s winning at Instagram, but something is still missing from her new life. Fortunately, her friends back home are on it. #FindEmmaSwanAFriend goes viral. Enter Killian Jones, reluctant columnist, who is on the hunt for his newest subject, and may just have found her. CS AU

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Emma Swan had a PhD. Emma Swan had 1265 followers on Instagram. Emma Swan had every line of The Princess Bride memorized.

But one thing Emma Swan did not have?


She flicked the switch again, in the vain hope she’d just imagined it the first time. Nothing happened. She tried the outlet by the toaster. Nothing. Nada.

Because of fucking course Emma would wake up on the first day of the year to find her new apartment shrouded in unending darkness. Because what landlord in their right mind actually picked up the phone at 7am on January 1st? Hell, judging by what she’d seen out her window over the last few hours, they were probably just getting started on all their Hogmanay festivities. Everyone else seemed to be.

Only, Emma wasn’t going to accept defeat right away. Sure, cold Pop-Tarts were okay in a pinch, but it was still freezing out and she had a mighty need to crank up her space heater and put on a pot of coffee. She was very motivated.

It went to voicemail three times before someone finally picked up, the voice on the other end of the line irate and decidedly not sober.

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I’m Not Leaving Part 2

Summary: It’s been a month since you moved into the Avengers Tower under the care of Tony Stark. Can you learn to trust the people in your new life?

Characters: Tony Stark, Reader, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, Natasha Romanoff, Reader

Warnings: None

A/N: Sorry the second part took so long!!! Hope you enjoy it, and as always, thanks for reading!

Part 1

Oneshot Masterlist

You spent the next month leaving your room as minimally as possible. Besides going to your new school and spending time with Tony down in the lab, you preferred to hide away in your sanctuary. Since you had a bathroom in your room, you really had no reason to leave. You hadn’t been given a lot of reasons to trust people, and you couldn’t let yourself open up to the other Avengers just yet.

Tony was so, so patient with you. He would always make sure to eat dinner in your room with you, and he never failed to kiss you goodnight. Sometimes you two would sit in silence as Tony worked on lab reports and you studied or read a book. He helped you with your homework whenever you needed it, and he even offered to invite some kids from school over. You didn’t take him up on that offer just yet, but it secretly thrilled you to no end that he took such an interest in your life. Tony never made you feel like a burden, and it felt nice being really loved again.

Even the nightmares had subsided.

When you first arrived at the Tower, you woke up night after night drenched in a cold sweat. Images of fists flying at you were seared into your eyes, and you always struggled to go back to sleep. On these nights, you snuck down the hallway into Tony’s room. Sometimes, he woke up at your presence, and other times you were content to slide under the covers undetected. He never pushed you to talk, something you really appreciated. You trusted Tony, and you felt safe.

As you began to get comfortable with your surroundings, your room began to feel more like a box than anything else, and you braced yourself for a world outside your little haven.

It was a sleepy Sunday morning, and the hallways were silent as you crept your way to the kitchen. You decided to surprise Tony with some chocolate chip pancakes. After quickly pulling out all of the necessary ingredients and cookware, you got to work. Soon, you were humming to yourself as you stirred the batter. You made almost three times the recipe just in case some of the other Avengers were hungry.

You had always liked baking with your mom and dad. Even when you were little, they would spend all afternoon teaching you how to make different recipes. You swallowed down the nostalgia as you turned on the stove and started heating the pan.

But why stop at pancakes?

Determining you could multi-task, you pulled out another mixing bowl and began to scramble some eggs. By the time your pancake pan was ready, you had a huge bowl of eggs mixed with spinach and cheese. You listened to the satisfying sizzle as the egg and pancake batter met heat for the first time.

“Wow, something smells really good!”

You almost dropped your bowl as you jumped at the voice behind you. Sitting at the kitchen island was Steve Rogers. His blonde hair was disheveled and he wore a grey t-shirt and navy pajama pants. You blushed as you tried to figure out something to say. You had passed Steve a bunch of times leaving for school, but you had never actually talked to him.

“You making pancakes and eggs?” he asked, trying to get you to open up.

You nodded and gave him a small smile. Then, you quickly turned back and flipped your pancakes and scooted the eggs around. Steve walked over to the cabinet and pulled out two large plates for you to use for the finished food.

“I can leave if you want,” he suggested gently as he stepped away from you. “I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.”

You surprised yourself with your answer. “It’s okay,” you whispered. “You can stay.”

Steve’s smile nearly split his face as he sat back down at his island seat. You worked in a comfortable silence, making pancakes and eggs like nobody’s business. Before you knew it, the smell of breakfast food drew a few other stragglers down to the kitchen.

Bucky appeared first. He gave a tired hello as he laid his head on the counter.

“Nightmares?” Steve asked sympathetically.

Bucky grunted in response. He lifted his head and you could see how tired his eyes looked.

“Ummm…” you started. Both men turned their heads to you, and your cheeks turned pink under their gazes. “I…I, uh, have…nightmares too,” you managed to get out.

Bucky raised his eyebrows. “You do?”

“Yeah,” you replied, a little more confidence seeping into your voice. “They suck. Sorry you can’t sleep.” Bucky gave you a small smile. “Coffee?” you asked, pointing to the expensive machine.

Before Bucky could respond, another voice called out behind him. “Did someone say coffee?”

“For me, Wilson, not you,” Bucky deadpanned. You stifled a giggle as Sam “accidentally” bumped into Bucky as he sat at the island.

“Excuse me, didn’t see you there,” Sam said, pushing Bucky aside with his elbows. He turned to face you. “Now, I heard coffee.” His eyes wandered over to the plate of pancakes and scrambled eggs as you started the coffee maker. “Ooooo, those look amazing!” he gushed, his eyes going wide. “When can we eat?!”

“Now hang on,” Steve interrupted. “Y/N probably made these for her and Tony. Leave it alone.”

“Umm, actually,” you replied, “they’re kind of for everyone.”

“Praise the Lord!” Sam exclaimed. “I’ll set the table.” With that, he hopped out of his seat and began setting up the large dining room table. Bucky took it upon himself to start cutting some fresh fruit from the fridge.

Steve smiled gratefully. “Thanks, Y/N. It’ll be nice not eating cereal for the millionth day in a row.” You giggled at his joke and finally felt a little more comfortable. Steve quickly threw on some bacon while you transferred the eggs and pancakes over to the table.

Through the bustle and commotion, you didn’t even notice Tony come into the kitchen. He stood proudly in the doorway as you helped Sam and Bucky set the table. Even though you didn’t talk too much, the smile on your face said it all. Tony was thrilled to see you out of your room and interacting with some of the others.

“Well look who’s finally joined us,” Nat purred as she sidled up next to Tony. “Told you she’d come down eventually.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Tony replied with a wave of his hand. He didn’t want to miss a moment of your newfound confidence. When he finally caught your eye, you bounded over to him.

“Morning Tony!” You wrapped your arms around him in a hug. Tony pulled you close and placed a kiss on your forehead.

“Someone’s peppy this morning,” he chuckled. You buried your face in his shirt and squeezed tighter.

“Maybe,” you giggled. “I, uh, made some food.”

“Want to take it to your room?” Tony asked out of habit.

You shocked him by shaking your head. “I was thinking we could, um, maybe eat with, uh, everyone?”

It was a baby step for sure, but Tony was ecstatic that you wanted to start socializing.

“Absolutely, sweetheart,” he replied, hugging you again. “Absolutely.”

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Never Did

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Someone from your past tries to make their way back into your life but not if Steve has anything to say about it.

Pairing: Steve X Reader
Warning: None

You had been inside your room watching Netflix with Steve. You had been watching some tv series, but you weren’t actually paying attention. You had a mission a day earlier that really took the energy out of you.You had your head resting on Steve’s chest and were listening to his heartbeat. The steady pulse lulled you to sleep. Just before your mind wandered off, you felt a buzz in your pocket. You groaned and took out your phone. You unlocked your phone and went into your messages. Your eyes widened when you realized who had texted you.

Come outside. You’re not going to want to miss this.

You locked your phone and shot up from off the bed. Steve looked at you confused.

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Dating Lay Would Include…

A/N: okay !! so as you guys may know, there is a high chance of me opening applications for a new admin so keep on the lookout for that sometime soon [it also depends on the response i get, like if no one talks to me about it i’ll probably think no one is interested in being an admin so–]


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  • okay so wow
  • it’s only been 14 days since the baekhyun one guys be proud i didn’t take 14 years
  • lmao jk MOVING ON
  • so you’re just a regular person
  • you live your life normally, working as a [profession/job]
  • to be honest, your work life takes up so much of your time, you don’t get to enjoy the luxury of plain old relaxation
  • it wasn’t always like that, but after your hard work got you noticed by your employer, he promoted you which meant more money, so who were you to complain
  • however, it also meant more hours
  • what is free time? you have no idea

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Coffee pt 3 - the Highschool Jeffmads + Lams fic nobody wanted and nobody asked for

It was a good day.
Well, it hadn’t started properly yet. But it was off to a good start. One of those baking, white, summery suns beamed across the sky, and James had always thought that people were in better moods when the sun shined. That’s what his mama used to tell him, even when he still drew the sun in the corner of the page.

James had opted for a short-sleeved doctor who shirt, with a picture of Matt Smith yelling ‘bow ties are cool!’ against a dark background. It was too small for him, clinging to his muscled arms, but it was his favourite - Mama had bought it for him a month ago when he came off his meds - and Thomas used to tease him about it. “I’m dating a nerd!” Thomas would scoff in fake disgust, and James used to grin, laughing “And I’m dating an angry elf..” because he really did seem that small when you’re James Madison.

After the short bike ride, James caught up with Thomas making his way to the school doors. He tugged on Thomas’ denim jacket (which it was way too hot for. That was the difference between them; James favourited practicality, Thomas went for style) and grinned at him.
“Wow, you managed to pull that shirt out of the closet again! Congrats, you’ve reached Nerdiness Prime.” Thomas remarked. His eye contained the sparkle that had all but dulled yesterday after school with Alexander. He had this strange look about him, this ability to make you feel proud of yourself, because if Thomas Jefferson looks at you like that, he must like you. And if Thomas Jefferson likes you, you might only be half the asshole you thought you were.
James cautiously pressed the door open, the hall already flooding with students wishing they were anywhere else in the world. His hand went back to his boyfriends’ jacket, “Oh please, at least I’m dressed for the weather. You look like you belong in the Jackson Five!”
“They’re good!” Thomas whined, slapping James’ arm playfully.
“They’re ancient, but not as ancient as that jacket,” James giggled. As they spun round the corner, the bell shrieked. “Shit, I have Math. Catch ya later?” Thomas said.
James nodded slightly as Thomas whirled round and rushed off to his first class. For a millisecond, he thought he felt Thomas’ hand brush against his. They had promised to keep everything low-key for a bit, especially after last term. Was it pathetic that the tiniest bit of contact sent a tingling feeling up his arm?
Did he care?
Fuck no. For the first time in long time James was feeling like it wasn’t the-world-against-James-Madison, so he didn’t even try to suppress the fireworks inside when he thought about the boy he loved.
It was a bad day. Alex hadn’t heard anything from John since he stormed off yesterday, he had no idea what to say. For the first time there hadn’t been an apologetic text message, or an invitation to meet at Starbucks before school. What the fuck did he do now?
Carpool with Aaron had been, if possible, more awkward than usual. Usually it was Aaron’s car in the morning, John after school. Alex had no ride home today. Aaron’s girlfriend Theodosia sat at the front, in Alex’s seat, giggling and batting her eyelashes while Alex perched uncomfortably in the back. No one said a word to him, and the lack of attention made him squirm. But for once Aaron didn’t seem on the verge of tears, as he kissed his girlfriends’ hand, and he seemed, well, happy. Why did everyone get to fucking be that but Alex?

As soon as the thought emerged it struck him, that was a really fucking pathetic thing to say. What had John said to him?
“Do you even know how to think of anyone except your fucking self?”
And John never swore.
Alex realised that he had to do something. John wasn’t going to budge, and if Alex didn’t say something, wasn’t he just proving his point?
Wait, that was selfish too.
By the time Aaron had tore himself away from Theodosia long enough to actually drive to school, Alex felt like a piece of shit. James was really a good guy, never giving anyone much shit, sticking to himself, just kind of…existing. Him and Thomas did seem like such an odd match, Thomas’ fire being a little (or a lot) overwhelming. James deserved to be happy, though. He didn’t deserve Alex dredging up memories from the worst time of his life.

“James? James. Hey- excuse me, Wai- James?” Alex pushed past kids hanging around their lockers at lunch, trying to worm his way to the big guy, who was reading some old book by his locker. After hearing his named being called, James looked up and flipped the book closed. “Hey, Alex..what’s up?” He smiled at the small boy, who was stuffing one hand in his jacket and running the other through his long, unruly hair. “I, I uh just wanted to say sorry, for uh yesterday, y'know, saying what I said yesterday. It was bullshit, and I’m an asshole for saying it, I know, but uh..yeah..” Alex stammered. He had never been one to stumble over his words; he had never been one to apologise, either. James noticed the puffiness around his eyes, the knots in his hair and came to a conclusion. Alexander was being sincere, and John had obviously had a go at him because they weren’t side by side. He looked desperate. “Forget it, Alex, it’s fine,” James assured him, smiling slightly less but maintaining his soft, kind look. Alex stared up at him, feeling his cheeks grow hot. “T-thanks James, I uh, bye?”
“Goodbye Alexander.”
As James closed his locker and left, Alex was left standing alone in the halls, surrounded by people chatting to their friends, smiling.
Being happy.

Despite apologising, Alex still felt as though someone was pressing on his chest, making it hard for him to draw breaths, hard for his heart to beat. Was this the effect a day without John really had on him? He spun on his heel and found his face inches away from the boy he had been thinking about.
“Hey, I was jus-”
“Hey. I know what you were doing,”
“John look I’m sorry, I acted like an asshole and I’m sorr-”
“Stop, Alex. You didn’t need to apologise to me, you needed to apologise to James. I wasn’t sure if you were going to, you know.”
“Neither was I.”
“Then… you want a ride home? We could stop at Starbucks, they brought out their Ice teas now and I have my discount..”
“Yeah John, I do. Jesus, I really fucking do.”
This is real sloppy and formatting fucked up the paragraphs but uh..idk just take my garbage