wow why was this not posted before i am disappoint

How I discovered I was Scarlet Vision trash
  • <p> <b>me watching aou:</b> aww he saved her yess you go vision you're the best < unaware it's actually canon<p/><b>me looking at tumblr posts after aou:</b> wow there's actually people shipping them!! how unexpected!!'s true they're cute but I'll wait a bit before shipping them, I don't wanna be disappointed.. < still unaware<p/><b>me watching cacw (during the kitchen scene):</b> OH.MY.GOD. SCARLET VISION SHIPPERS ARE GONNA FREAK OUT SCREAMS!!! .....WAIT. WHY AM I FREAKING OUT. OH GOD NO HOW DID THIS HAPPEN<p/><b>me googling vision and scarlet witch and finding out they're canon:</b> ?????????? FK IT COUNT ME IN < was actually just waiting for it to be safe to acknowledge she ships it<p/></p>