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a mix of some sick beats for girls who love girls who love dancing and singing along. this playlist is for all you wild souls out there, you music loving gal pals. grab your girlfriends hand and DANCE!

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iKON Reaction || Girlfriend Waking Them Up With a Blowjob

Warning: Bad Language

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“Wow. Morning wood ain’t so bad after all”


/Shit, shit, shit, shit, fuck what?/


Someone can’t get enough of me”


*I feel like he’d sleep through half of this, moaning and grunting, thinking it’s all a dream, but then…*


“Ah! Y/N! Why are you doing this when I’m still asleep!? GAHH!”


*A smile creeps across his face*

/ Fuck it, I’m gonna pretend I’m asleep and enjoy myself /


“Oh my God…”
*Shy and confused but obviously wouldn’t stop you if you wanted to be like this*


Reaction (BTS): When they find out that their girlfriend has one light blue eye and one light green eye, and she’s insecure about it

Jin: “Quick let me take a picture so I can marvel at your beauty even when you’re not here.”

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Namjoon: (The girl is his girlfriend) “Why are you insecure, huh? I think your eyes are just the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

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Yoongi: “Damn baby, you can’t be cooler than me, it’s not allowed.” 

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Hoseok: *taken aback by her new beautiful trait* “I think you are so absolutely perfect.”

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Jimin: “Wow I think I love you even more now. My beautifully unique baby.”

Originally posted by ohparkjimin

Taehyung: “Wow baby that’s so cool. Why have you hidden this from me?”

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Jungkook: “Awe no need to be insecure. I think that it makes you even more beautiful.”

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GOT7 Reacts to you Reading Smut on Tumblr

Daddy: “Let’s turn your fantasies into reality, princess.” JB wouldn’t mind trying out anything you read on Tumblr, he already knows everyone on the site is a pervert. 

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Wang Kong: “Why read that when you have the real deal right here in front of you?”

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Youngjae: “Yah, what do you think you’re doing reading that stuff? You should be studying!” Youngjae probably wouldn’t even want you to be studying, instead turning that smut into a reality.

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Junior: “Whatcha readin?” His eyes skim over the words and he grows red. "Wow, my girlfriend is not as innocent as I thought. Shall we put it to the test?”

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Mark: “Oh my gosh, what is this?!” He’s shocked to see that you were even reading it but after a while he’ll want to read it too, just to see why you’re reading it instead of having him take care of your frustrations for you.

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BamBamisnotbig: “Wow, how can she take that much pain? HE’S CHOKING THE LIFE OUT OF HER!” When BamBam found out what you were reading, he decided to read it with you. It was not a awkward as you thought it would be but he gave his input on almost everything, which sort of annoyed you. “Oh, I’m annoying you? How about you put this to the side and let me show you how a man is supposed to make a woman feel.”

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Yugyummy: *slightly flustered* “Oh my…that’s very explicit.” He’ll read it over your shoulder and a small blush grows on his cheeks but he can’t help it when it starts affecting him in ways that was only natural. He’ll take your phone, throwing it out of your reach. “Let’s take this to the bedroom, jagi.”

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Not my gifs

SHINee confessing they have a crush on you

Key: “I keep trying to hide it but it’s so damn difficult when you look beautiful all the time…ahhh…what am I trying to say?! I like you.”

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Taemin: “Do I have to tell you? Isn’t it obvious? I stare at you all the time. How could you not know I like you?” 

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Minho: “What?! You saw the text to Jonghyun saying I like you?! I guess I can’t deny it now…”

Originally posted by mintokkies

Onew: “I know this might make things weird between us if you don’t feel the same but uh..I think you’re really beautiful and I li..wait…you already know?! I told you when I was drunk?! Why didn’t you say anything?!”

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Jonghyun: “What would you say if I told you I can’t stop thinking about you and that I want you to be my girlfriend?.. You’d say of course?! Wow…”

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Yuri!! On Ice Sentence Starters

“What’s with that gut?”

“Take your clothes off!”

“Wow you look just like your mom!”

“Aren’t you supposed to be working?”

“You’re drinking too much, [NAME].”

“You’ve never had a girlfriend?”

“How could you use my account without permission again?!”

“Why are you here?”

“Is this what God eats..?”

“I feel like I should be offended.”

“My heart’s pounding because of how happy I am.”

“Let’s talk about me!!”

“Give me food!! And a bath!!”

“What the.. are you sick?”

“It’s enough to make even me, a man, pregnant!”

“I could totally show mature sexiness if I wanted to…”

“They totally think my ideas are way too immature!!”

“You suck!”

“There are lots of stupid-looking ones.”

“You forgot didn’t you..?”

“You’re gushing all kinds of fluids again..”

“I’m going to become a super tasty pork cutlet bowl, so please watch me!”

“Who’d even be happy to see me naked on ice?”  

Monsta X Reaction To Catching Their Girlfriend Staring At Their Bulge

Well, thank you~


*Whispers to you while trying to hide the awkward outline on his pants*
“You’re being obvious…”
Y/N: “Your bulge is being obvious”
“Oh my God”


“Can you at least be more careful so I don’t catch you staring?”

External image


“Are you…? Wow, didn’t expect this from you”


*Looks down*
“Jesus, Y/N, why didn’t you tell me!?”
*Tries to adjust himself without anyone noticing*


*Covers himself with hands*
“I swear I’m not…! Goddamn leather…”


“You’re a pervert! I can’t believe you would just stare at me for half an hour like this”
Y/N: “Did you stare at me staring at your heavily visible dick outline for half an hour?”
“Don’t change the subject!”


/Does she not know shes staring? But… She’s so obvious… Maybe if I move she will realize I caught her?/

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BTS Reaction #47

BTS’ reaction to you (an idol) doing a rap duet with Jay Park at MAMAs.


“THAT’S MY BABY GIRL Y’ALL!!!” *starts yelling and jamming out as you perform*

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“He just messed up!” *continues to point out small mistakes* “Is he really qualified to even share the same stage as jagi???”

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*immediately starts rapping with you, knows all the lyrics*


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“Ohhh look at him, all the fancy bling blings and that fur coat, wow so cool! He thinks he’s all that??? I can wear that too, why can’t I have a duet with her??? SHE’S MY GIRLFRIEND”

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“What if she’s having more of a fun time than when she sings with me??? What if they start hanging out together even more???” *worries for a minute but then shakes it off* “No, I should be happy for jagiya and her success~”

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*brings the hugest banners and lightsticks, makes heart signs to catch your attention*


Originally posted by blogbysacha


*intently evaluates Jay’s skills throughout the entire performance*

“I guess he’s alright? Not too shabby, but of course, my baby did much better~”

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“Wait, what?” Judy asked, confused.

Nick looked down at the rabbit. “I said, this is my girlfriend, Y/n.”

“Wait,” she repeated, looking at Nick, then back at you. “You have a girlfriend?”

The fox grinned. “Sure do, bunny. Why’re you so surprised?”

“Maybe it’s because you’ve never even mentioned being in a relationship, during the entire time we’ve known each other.”

Nick rolled his eyes, patting Judy on the head. “Maybe it’s because you never asked. Anyway, Y/n, this is my friend and ZPD partner, Lieutenant Judy Hopps.”

You smiled at Judy, holding out your paw. “It’s nice to finally meet you.”

“Same,” Judy answered, shaking your outstretched hand. “So, how much did Nick pay you to do this?”

Nick rolled his eyes, glaring at the rabbit.

“He didn’t pay me anything,” you laughed. “I’m his actual girlfriend.”

Judy gaped for moment, before shaking her head. “I need some… time to process this,” she murmured, walking out of the room.

As you watched Judy exit the room, Nick wrapped an arm around your shoulders, pressing a kiss to you head. 

“That went well,” you chuckled. 

  • Gajeel: I understand why none of us have girlfriends.
  • Gajeel: I'm dating my job.
  • Gajeel: that shadow kid is dating his cat.
  • Gajeel: Natsu's a freak.
  • Gajeel: and Sting's addicted to games.
  • Gajeel: No wonder we don't have anyone.
  • Natsu: Then everyone will be surprised if Gray and I start dating~
  • Gray: . . .
  • Natsu: WOW!
  • Gajeel: . . .
  • Gajeel: The two of you dating
  • Gajeel: is less likely than Shadow Brat working at a convenience store.
  • Rogue: Less likely than Gajeel getting a girlfriend.
  • Gajeel: . . .

Request: Maybe a gerard or frank smut one where reader buys lingerie with g or f and the whole time in the store f or g cant like stop picking out shit because everything is great and reader said to wait for the evening but then evening happens and f or g is alll wow great lets go right now

“So what are we looking for?” Frank asked as I dragged him into Victoria’s Secret, avoiding all eye contact with the people around us.

“Just to get some bras,” I shrugged, feeling the grip on my hand tighten.

“Can I wait outside?”

“No, why?”

“People are gonna think i’m like a pervert or something,” he groaned, his cheeks flushing pink. 

“No they won’t, you’re with me. They’ll think you’re a guy helping his girlfriend shop,” I insisted. “And who knows, if you be good and don’t complain, maybe i’ll let you pick something out.”

“Pick something out? Like…lingerie?” He said excitedly, grinning widely. I shrugged, giving him a playful wink. 

“We’ll see.”

Frank hovered over my shoulder the whole time, offering to carry my clothes, help look for my size, he even helped pick out a few bras for me. After I tried on everything and decided which ones I was going to get, he finally asked me. 

“So…can I pick something?”

“Alright,” I sighed, ruffling his hair. “Go for it.”

He smiled brightly before darting off, heading straight for the lingerie section. I chuckled, shaking my head at his child like eagerness and excitement as I checked out.  

“What about this one?” Frank asked, holding up another skimpy, lace outfit. 

“Sure, it’s your choice,” I reminded him.

“Don’t tell me that, i’ll pick out this whole fucking store,” he chuckled, throwing the white lingerie into my basket and digging through another rack. “How about we go in the dressing room and you model these for me?” He smirked, holding up another outfit, this time a fire truck red one.

“You know they won’t ever let both of us in the dressing room at once.”

“But I want to see how they look on you. ow can I possibly pick one without seeing how they look first?” He teased, quoting me from one of the many occasions he pestered me about going to the dressing room everywhere we went. 

“Shut up,” I groaned, taking the lingerie out of his hands and putting it in the basket. He grinned mischievously, his hands skimming down my lower back. 

“You know I can’t resist you in these sexy outfits. Just thinking about it is getting me hard.”

“Frank, you have to wait for tonight,” I insisted, hearing him groan in protest.

“Fine, fine, we’ll wait for tonight. What do you think of this one?” 

After much pestering from Frank, we finally checked out once again and headed home. Frank was smiling widely the whole time, eager for what tonight would bring. 

Frank was sitting on our bed as I changed into one of the many outfits he picked out, a black lace lingerie that showed off the perfect amount of skin. I heard his breath catch in his throat when I emerged from the bathroom, eyeing me up and down hungrily.

 I slowly walked over to him, straddling his waist. I ran my fingers through his raven hair, his usual hazel eyes, now dark as he let them roam my body. His hands tightly griping the sides of my thighs. I could feel him straining against the boxers underneath me. I let my fingers trace the tattoos across his chest. A small sigh escaped his lips. 

His large hands moved to my waist, ripping off the small amount of fabric we bought, and pulling you down against him. “Baby,” he whined grinding his hips into my inner thigh. I pulled his shirt over his head, he takes a deep breath. When ever I had the chance to be in charge, I go as slow as possible. 

I leaned down and brushed my lips against his parted ones. “Shhhhh, be patient.” I whispered against his lips. He groaned as I grind myself against his ever growing bulge. He lips moved to my neck, lightly sucking. He went right the the spot he knew drove me crazy. I could feel my body reacting to him almost immediately, sending waves of warmth to my stomach.

 “Frankie,” a quite moan slipped from my lips. One of his hands traveled between my bodies. His hand barley grazing my heat, when I moan out again. “Frank.” His gripped tightened.

 “What do you want baby?” He whispered huskily. 

“Baby” you whined again.

 “What do you want baby, tell me you can have what ever you want.” He hummed against the hollow of my neck. 

“You, babe I want you.” That’s all it took. A growl escaped him and he flipped me over onto the bed, now hovering over me as he took control. “I want you t-to fuck me,” I continue and he moans at the dirty words rolling off my  mouth, slipping off his boxers. 

His erection strains against his stomach, so achingly hard it looks painful and he pulls a condom from his night stand drawer, tearing it open with his teeth and slips it on. He quickly spreads my legs open and positions himself at my entrance, teasing me, wanting to hear me beg. 

“Please,” I whimper, watching his eyes darken. A high-pitched noise comes from my mouth at the sheer force when he thrust into me, my toes curling with each movement as he pounds into me, kissing up and down my neck, and pulling out then bottoming back in at a merciless pace. 

“Fuck, Y/N,” he moans throatily, as you rake your nails down his back, drawing him in, giving in to all the sexual tension between the both of us that built up from the store earlier today. The sound of our hips knocking against each other echoes around the room and little hiccuped whimpers fall from my lips with each thrust, rough and quick. I can him beginning to hit his release, picking up the pace as he hits hard against my walls, gripping onto the headboard of the bed.

“Frankie…fuck baby,” I whine, feeling a sweet pressure build up between my thighs and pit of my stomach and he leans down to put his lips on mine, picking up the pace as he chases his release. Before I know it, i’m coming, seeing white and tugging on his hair as he picks up the pace, pulling out all the way before slamming back in, going so deep I don’t think he can go any farther. 

It’s not long before I hear a loud, wrecked sound come from his mouth, pushed over the edge at how my walls were clenching around him and the filthy noises coming from my mouth.  He gives one last push, pulsing deep inside me before releasing into the condom, my name and multiple expletives rushed out of his mouth in one moan.“Shit,” he whispers, before we both collapse against the bed, thoroughly fucked-out and our ragged breaths filling the room. 

There’s a sheen of sweat along his forehead and my body is glistening as I lie against the covers.I turn to him and he’s the first to laugh, a dry cynical chuckle and I can’t help but join in, laughing together, breathlessly and completely exhausted. “I need to go shopping with you more often.”

“I don’t know if you could handle it,” I giggled. “I got through one outfit and you already torn it off and pounded me into the mattress.”

iKON Reaction To Their Girlfriend Wearing Nothing But An Oversized Shirt And Panties

[ Monsta X Version ]


“Hey, isn’t that my shirt? Take it off this instant”


“What a pleasant surprise”


“Hmm. You look good wearing that, but it suits the floor better”


“You’re not wearing a bra under are you… Why aren’t you wearing a bra? What made you desire to not wear a bra today? Could that possibly have something to do with me?”


“Wow, my shirts do look beautiful on you”


“I consider this an invitation, you can’t tell me different. C’mere already”


“Ooh, I see how it is~”

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BTS REACTION - To when you tell them that you want to write a book


“Oh really?! About what? I wanna be the first to read ok?!”

“Woah! It’s about me? Come on, tell me. I know that it’s about me”

“Oh… That’s cool, just like my pretty girlfriend”

“Can’t you make a movie? Is easier to see… I’ll watch it holding you tight. Okay?”

“A book? Awn Jagi you are so cute, writing a book about me! ”

 "Oppa the book is not about you …“



“A book? Wow, this is really amazing Jagi! Why you never told me that you liked to write? I’m sure that will be the best writer in the world, I’m your first and biggest fan! ”


Was kinda hard to write haha….

GIF Credits To Their Original Owners!

~ADM Kim & Jiminye

Reaction (Sistar): When their idol girlfriend is practicing her sexy dance for them.

Hyolyn: “Wow that was very sexy! I think you should show me again.”

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Bora: “I did not expect this kind of concept from you, but I really like it!”

Originally posted by beautifulqirls

Soyou: “Who knew you could be so sexy omg my heart!”

Originally posted by sistarl0ver

    Dasom: “Why have you never done that for me before? I am looking forward to you showing me lots more of your sexy dances.”

    Originally posted by femaleidols

    ~Admin N

    BTS reacting to your performance when you are in a girl group

    Thanks for the requests today, it is really relaxing to do them as I feel a bit tired from the week:)

    -Kiki <3



    “Wow she looks stunning and perfect…just like me, we are the perfect couple…she is better at dancing though…” *totally drawn into the performance and mesmerized by your stage presence*

    Originally posted by bts-gfx


    “Well she isn`t the girlfriend of me, Suga the genius, for nothing. She is a genius herself, that is why I am in love with her. We should better do a rap session when she comes home, I`d like to hear her doing a freestyle.” *proud*

    Originally posted by sugagifs


    “Oh my gosh, we practiced this move together in the studio this week…she is absolutely nailing it…ahh I love her performing, she is rocking that concept and outfit while dancing…my babe.” *totally feeling it and dancing along with the choreo while watching*

    Originally posted by hoseokshit


    “Ok I see…she is killing it…she wasn`t understating when she said their concept was badass…I love my girlfriend…she is just…wow…” *loss of words because he is just speechless by your performance*

    Originally posted by kppoptrash


    “This is amazing…she is literally slaying and that hair flip was sexy as fuck…like I am sexy too when I perform but she raises the standards to 1000x…I cannot compete to that…” *fanboying*

    Originally posted by yoonkooks


    “This is so cool…look at the dance…and their stage presence and their coolness…I want to be a part of them…”

    “I hate to break your dream but you are a man…this is a girl group, Tae.” Jimin chuckles as they watch the performance.

    “Doesn`t matter…I already danced in high heels in a variety show why not also o stage.” He laughs.

    Originally posted by btsfunboyz


    “She totally has to teach me that move…like this one…” He tells Taehyung and tries to imitate said move.

    “You better let (Y/N) do that move…it doesn`t look that great when you do it…” Taehyung laughs because of Jungkook`s weird moves.

    “That`s why she should teach me!!! Okay then she will teach me to rap better when that doesn`t look ‘good’.”

    Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

    Thanks for reading!:) Hope you liked it:)

    None of the gifs are mine, credit to owners <3

    NCT Reaction when someone splits their girlfriend hand and she have a very sensitive skin (Quando alguém abre a mão da namorada deles e ela tem uma pele muito sensível)

    You said NCT so I chose 7 members! :D

    ~Adm Rabbit~

    Taeyong: She’s cute, even when it shouldn’t be! // Ela é fofa, mesmo quando não deveria ser!

    Originally posted by jesung

    Taeil:Don’t do this with her hands! // Não faça isso com as mãos dela!

    Originally posted by honeyxxxmoon

    Doyoung:Wow, look how red are her hands! // Nossa, olha como as mãos dela estão vermelhas!

    Originally posted by xmnghrs

    Jaehyun:Why are you touching my girlfriend? // Por que você está tocando na minha namorada?

    Originally posted by curlyjaehyun

    Yuta:This is why i have to protect her all the time! // É por isso que eu tenho que protegê-la o tempo todo!

    Originally posted by nctech

    Ten:When you pinches gets worse! // Quando você a belisca fica pior!

    Originally posted by neoculturedaily

    WinWin: Her skin is really sensitive! // A pele dela é realmente sensível!

    Originally posted by milkteuk

    i was tagged by @moonlighttdragon

    Name: breb

    Gender: males

    Star sign: bull

    Height: 5′10″

    Sexual orientation: straightttttttttt

    Favorite color: purples

    Favorite color to paint the walls: rust

    Favorite color of lipstick: jeez i dunno red

    Favorite animal: bears

    Time right now: 21:49

    Cat or dog person: DOG

    Favorite fictional character: what ummmm Randal from Clerks

    Number of blankets I sleep with: 1 or 2

    Favorite singer/band: Say anything

    Dream Trip: ummmm canadaa or japan again or seattle or italy or france or new zzealand

    Dream Job: writer

    When was this blog created: junior year of college

    What made you decide to make a tumblr: my girlfriend at the time was on it all the time looked fun

    Why did you pick your url: this one because its my favorite yokai

    Last song you listened to: earache

    Last book you read: ummmmm wow i think all the way through was game of thrones honestly

    Last thing you ate: reduced fat wheat thins and water

    If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: ummmm in japan with josh

    What time would you travel to: i really like rn fuck you

    I tag @roadhogger @lewdlesbian @urlane @emacitous @tubbybunnii @meowthsanctuary ye

    The Keeper of the Grove (Part 66)

    “Wow, that Keeper of the Grove costume is amazing! I’d be scared if you weren’t so tiny, kid, but you and your girlfriend are still pretty creepy.”

    “Well ain’t you the best damn Piper I’ve ever seen all night! Why, if I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were the Holy Shepherd herself come back from the Aether to bless us with her presence.”


    “Hello! We’re from the Old World Animation Society, and we’d love to take your picture and use it as part of our promotional material…”

    “Well howdy there, cowboy! Mind if I ask y'all what time it is…?”

    Taiyang grinned. “Well, pardner, I’d say it's… niiinneee forty-five…!”

    The other Old World cowboy laughed. “Thanks for the laugh and the memories, pardner,” he tipped his hat to Taiyang. “You and your gals enjoy your night now!”

    He tipped his hat back. “Yer welcome, pardner, and y'all stay safe, too!” he said, before he resumed waiting at a bench with Weiss, watching over their bags of souvenirs and food while the others were busy with a game of “Shoot the Shade.”

    Weiss sighed.

    Taiyang turned to her. “Something wrong?”

    I can’t believe no one’s noticed,” she replied. “All of these pictures, all of these people stopping us, and not a single one has had even the slightest inkling, if I wasn’t pretty sure they’re also like us.”

    Taiyang shrugged. “It’s Eve of the Ether; ‘weird’ kinda becomes the new 'normal.'”

    Weiss was about to reply, before she saw a group of Fae walk on by, dressed in their usual armour with their animal features out, shrugging off any suspicion by speaking in fluent Nivian. The difference between Fae and human fashion was so great the unsuspecting masses probably thought they were just dressed up as characters from a holo or a Trance sim.

    Are you fucking kidding me…?!”

    “Yeah, they do that,” Taiyang hummed, smiling. “The 'costumes’ Summer, Qrow, and Raven were 'wearing’ when I first met them were just like those, actually!”

    Weiss turned to him. “You met them on Eve of the Ether?”

    Keep reading

    Exo reactions when their girlfriend join their photoshoot and she is really professional


    “Waa.. you’re amazing! Is there anything you can’t do?”

    Originally posted by the-lifeintechnicolor


    “Is that my girlfriend?” 

    Originally posted by yixingofficial

    “I mean she’s my girlfriend”

    Originally posted by sexo-pairings


    “Wow Jagi you’re doing great!”

    Originally posted by o-hyuk


    “Why are you here? Are you modeling?”

    Originally posted by in-do-isle

    Yixing: *feels super flustered

    Originally posted by laygion

    Jongin: *this boys practically a professional model himself. let’s be real he’d just join right in

    Originally posted by kaillusive

    Suho: his normally very cute girlfriend is modeling a sexy photoshoot 

    fake” he whispers. “fake..”

    Originally posted by dawnlus

    Xiumin: *trying not to fanboy during the photoshoot

    Originally posted by divinekai

    Originally posted by secrethideoutme

    Chen: *keeps on trying to make you laugh during the middles of the shoot

    Originally posted by yooneroos

    Tao:” heh. that’s my girlfriend”

    Originally posted by shinylightblue

    Luhan: “why didn’t you tell me?! i don’t want other boys looking at you like this!” *agitated deer

    Originally posted by kpoopismypoop

    Kris: *doesn’t want to get outshined, girlfriend or not, and tries really hard to prove that he’s better than her

    Originally posted by beastdw

    but ultimately ends up failing

    Originally posted by kaiiyeopta


    Anonymous said:

    “EXO reaction when their girlfriend join in their photoshoot (like the is spao)and she is really a professional”

    Ok but lounging backstage playing on your phone while luke idly plays songs on his guitar and he’d make up a really dumb song along the lines of ‘why is my girlfriend ignoring me’ and you’d look up from your phone and call him an idiot bc ‘we’ve literally been talking this whole time’ and he’d sing his reply of 'why do you hate me’ and you’d roll your eyes and lock your phone sighing, 'you’ve got my full attention now, teach me how to play?’ and he’d light up with a proud lil smile bc not only did he win but now he gets to sit with you even closer than before and share one of his favorite things ever with you and you’d mess up a lot but he’d just smile and tell you how good you were doing and you’d be like 'i know im terrible but thank you for lying to me’ and he’d get all blushy when you give him a kiss and the boys come in hollering little teases at you two