wow why do i do these things to myself

  • Jean(about the 104th): Maybe we’re not a family. Maybe it’s more complicated, because unlike a real family, there’s nothing to stop any one of us from looking at any of the others as a… sexual… prospect…

Okay but since it is obvious Sportacus knows it’s Robbie despite the ridiculous disguises, what if one time Robbie set this huge, elaborate thing to get rid of Sportadork, as always, but this time Sportacus was in amazement at how much time and effort went in to this scheme and let it slip and said, “Wow, Robbie! This is amazing!” And Robbie got super flustered and was making sure nobody heard it and Sportacus just giggled and sassily said, “Oh sorry. I meant, Mr.Rottenton.” (or whatever brillant fake name Robbie thought of) & now I can’t stop seeing this actually happening please someone draw fanart.

there’s something so intriguing to me about seeing lit windows at night. like seeing a light in a window at like 3am is just so Interesting to me like it just makes me wonder who’s in there and what’s their story and why are they awake, what kind of life do they lead etc. like even when im watching tv i find myself looking at the windows in buildings and being like wow there are millions of other different characters doing different things at this exact moment. idk.

As humans, we often think about what we’re doing wrong, what’s not working, and why we aren’t doing as well as we used to. Lately, I’ve been comparing myself to what I looked like last year (20 pounds lighter) and hating that I let myself lose that. Then I look at myself 7 years ago… Wow. This immediately put things into perspective for me. Being healthy is never going to be a straight linear path of losing weight and watching the scale drop. It’s going to go up, it’s going to go down, there’s going to be highs, and there’s going to be lows. What matters is why you’re doing it. Be healthy for you, whatever form healthy takes at any given moment in your life. I can now take where I was last year, and know that I’m capable of getting back there again. And I can also celebrate where I am right now, and be grateful for the passion that I’ve found in getting myself and others healthy. All you can do is take it one day at a time.

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2, 20, 65 sorry if it is too many numbers :) ♥

no it’s fine!! thanks for asking love

2-Post a picture of yourself

i hardly ever take photos nowadays so!

20-Left or right handed?

right handed!

65-Weird things you do when you’re alone:

i talk to myself A LOT,, even when i’m not alone tbh. i just like to question myself and ‘judge’ myself somehow?? for example i could be doing a mathematics exam and if i spot a mistake i made i’d whisper to myself like “omg why’re you so dumb omg, it’s supposed to be like that wow cheryl wow” (probably why my friend who was sitting infront of me during the exam said that she could hear whispers from me),, im so weird istg

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Wow, so I make a post talking about why the talking points against circumcision are just not true, using myself for example since I am, and I can talk from personal experience. And I get a few messages from these people saying that I’m somehow less of a person because of this? Like I don’t agree with the religious reasons really, however I do think it’s a good thing to do, and these people can’t say anything against it, so they resort to name calling. 
Nice to see all that research really did you all some good. 

wow drawing yourself is soo weird

i’m stuck, not because I don’t know what to do or the drawing is bad, i just, do I look like this??? Am I unable to draw an accurate representation of myself??? Will my friends and family be confused and ask “oh is that supposed to be you?”????????????????

Seriously tho, imagine luke coming back from tour and the first thing he does is wrap his big arms around you and lifts you in the air, spinning you around with a massive grin on his cute little face and once he puts you down just smothers your face in kisses telling you how much he missed you and how much Michael made fun of him because you weren’t there to stand up for him and how he couldn’t go another tour without seeing you so insists that you go with him next time.. WOW I HATE MYSELF WHY DO I DO THisss

Rules of the Road

Dear Fans,

Just a gentle reminder. I’ve tried very hard to answer harsh critiques, pointed questions, even snide remarks professionally, but I will block anyone I feel is attempting to threaten, bully or intimidate me [Also, don’t send me pornographic images, even if they are well-drawn]. It sets a dangerous precedent for myself and other fans who might follow me and I need to draw a very bright line against that kind of language. I do not care to know why someone commits an inappropriate act; I have no way to verify their intentions. I only need to keep myself and others safe.

Social media is a conversation and one of my favorite things to do is have conversations with fans. But just as you wouldn’t expect to be threatened at a dinner party, I won’t tolerate being threatened online. 

Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from the CONSEQUENCES of your speech.

Wow, that was harsh. On a lighter note, most of you are awesome and if your non-threatening ask is unanswered, it’s just because I’m under very tight deadlines.

Be Well,

“Harry and Louis need to just follow each other on IG.” “I’m sick of HL putting this off.” “Sick of no changes.” “It just takes a second to like his bandmate’s photo.” “I already hate ot4.” Just a few comments I have from anons in my inbox. Friends, THIS IS NOT THEIR DECISION. THEY DO NOT HAVE COMPLETE CONTROL. THERE HAVE BEEN TONS OF CHANGES. If you’re expecting them to post a selfie of them kissing with rainbows painted on their cheeks tomorrow, it isn’t going to happen. (wow that’s a cute mental image why did I do that to myself). We don’t know the entire situation. We don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. Wait. Be patient. Do not blame them. Most things are outside of their control. Breathe.