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SKAM S04E04 Clip 4 - The Best Of Islam

NOORA: What is this again? We’re here for my sake?
SANA: Yes, of course we’re here for your sake.
NOORA: Just to look at muslim boys and stuff.
SANA: Aren’t you tired of white boys now? I thought we had to get out, meet new types of people, see that there’s plenty of fish in the sea. You know what I mean?
NOORA: But you said muslim boys just use Norwegian girls.
SANA: It’s good that you’re converting to Islam, then.
NOORA: Don’t turn around now, okay? But are those boys looking at us?
SANA: How shouldl I see if they’re looking at us if I can’t turn around?
NOORA: Oh my God, they’re coming over!
SANA: Stay cool.
NOORA: Stay cool? I’m really fuckign cool! Hi there!
BOY1: Can we sit here?
SANA AND NOORA: Yes, of course.
JONAS: It’s okay? Great!
SANA: Sit down!
NOORA: Hi! Yes, hi.
ALI: Ali.
NOORA: Noora.
ALI: Nice to meet you.
NOORA: Noora, it’s a pleasure.
SANA: Sana, it’s a pleasure.
ALI: Ali, it’s a pleasure.
JONAS: Jonas. It was sana?
SANA: Yes.

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The signs while stoned

aries: “this is stupid, where’s the alcohol”
taurus: *opens fridge and eats everything*
gemini: “this stuff smells, but it makes me feel good so idk”
cancer: “wow did I just laugh for once” “am I actually happy” “what is this feeling”
leo: *plays video game without blinking for hours*
virgo: “why did I do this” “why do I feel like this” “I feel funny” “guys when will this end”
libra: doesn’t stop talking (probably about something they love)
scorpio: “I really want to have sex right now”
sagittarius *doing something weird (but funny) af in the corner of the room*
capricorn: chillin, randomly giggles
aquarius: *thinks of some complex theoretical idea* *blows mind of person sitting next to them*
pisces: *scrolls through social media quietly laughing*

EXO Reaction to: Their Idol GF Kissing Another Girl For A Drama

Xiumin: “jagi, did you remember to record this episode? your acting is so good, I think I’ll need to watch it again”  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Luhan: is really torn. as a man, he doesn’t like seeing his girl sharing a kiss with another person. but also, as a man, he’s really into it being with another girl

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Kris: “wait, are you actually going to kiss her - OH MY GOD YOU DID” is so happy and excited

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Suho: imo he’ll either be like “you call that a kiss? c'mere and let me remind you how it’s done” so cute & fluffy & jealous

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or he’s gonna be like “did daddy give you permission to kiss anyone else? no, I didn’t. you know you’ll need to be punished for this, right?”

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Lay: externally is calm and praises your acting. you only knows it’s affected him when you look down and ask; “oppa, why is there a tent in your trousers?”

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Baekhyun: “ah, so you’ll deny my threesome idea but kissing others is fine? did you do this to purposefully tease me? naught girl”

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Chen: thinking, ‘yeah, that’s my girl’

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Chanyeol: “wow, what good acting!” he’ll say, trying to distract himself from the blood rushing south. “uh, great dialogue too. and scene transitions and, uh … did I mention dialogue?”

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D.O: “wait, so your character is in love with - oh my god” he forgets how to breath as he watches you, on screen, pull the beautiful actress close and press your lips to hers

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Tao: is a little jealous, so you need to remind him that he’s your one and only. once he feels loved enough, he starts to enjoy the scene, making jokes and teasing you until the end of time

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Kai: tries playing it cool, like he’s unaffected by the kiss. but, inside he’s giggling like a little boy

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Sehun: doesn’t comment on it at the time, face impassive. but over the next few weeks, you start to gather that it made him jealous, since he starts being overly sexy and seductive; “who kissed you better? the actress, or me?”

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@yourewelcomeforbeingmyfriend: ugh, I had my gallbladder taken out about ten years ago. No fun…although I felt much better after I was all healed; I wouldn’t wish gallbladder attacks on anyone!!

Here’s some fluff to make you feel better!! :)

“Dean, we need to talk.”

Dean looked up from his book to see Sam leaning against his doorframe, an odd expression on his face.

“And before you say anything, just let me say…” He trailed off, looking like he’d just swallowed a mouthful of pond sludge.

“Before I’m 50, Sam.”

Sam took a deep breath. “Look. I know you’ve got this whole repression thing going on, your ‘if I don’t talk about it it isn’t real’ plan of attack, or defense, or whatever it is, but I really think you’re going to have to face this head-on at some point, and I’m thinking that point is going to be–”

Dean tried. He really did. But this was too much. He did not like where this conversation was headed.

“Sammy! I have two things to say to you.  1. You’re rambling. Stop. And B. I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Dude. He’s baking a pie.”

Dean froze. Cas was…baking? Pie?

Dean heard Sam say “Apple. He bought the crust but he’s making the filling..” but it sounded like he was far away, or maybe underwater. His brain was too full of Cas to listen to Sam now.

Cas. Baking a pie. Cas didn’t eat pie–Cas didn’t really eat anything. Sam barely ate pie. So if Cas is baking a pie, did that mean it was for…

And Cas didn’t cook. Back when he was human he raved about peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, and he could make passable coffee, but Dean had never seen him so much as fry an egg. And now…

But it didn’t mean anything at all.


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Surprise (I.M Monsta X)

Request: “Hey so from your last monsta x mtl, you put I.m as least dom. So I would love it if you could you make a scenario where i.m gets dom ? (Honestly it’s probably rare lol)”

Haha, I’m sure he’s dom when he wants to be. Honestly, all of mx are dom, but I see him as a sub usually. So this shall be fun ;)

(a/n: this was longer than expected, so I’ll put it under the cut)

~Admin Cherry Bop :*


It had been a while since you visited Changkyun in the dorms, and you were super excited to finally see him. The last time you saw him was a month ago, and that was because of both of your busy schedules. You had been together for a while now, but you felt like it was shorter because of how less you two get to see each other. Changkyun would skype or call you whenever you two had the time to. Your schedule finally had a break, and you were not going to waste any time, so the first place you were going to was wherever Changkyun was. You decided that this visit would be a surprise, so you didn’t tell your boyfriend about it.

For the occasion, you decided to wear something that revealed a lot of skin. Changkyun usually saw you in comfortable clothing, so you wanted to surprise him. You kind of also hoped that you two would get it on as well, because being away from him for an entire month was the worst. You really missed his hugs, kisses, and most importantly, his touch. Every time he touched you, it was sweet and gentle, even when you had sex. It was his way of making sure that you were pleasured before him. Only a few times was he ever on top, and if he was, he would be very soft and delicate. But you wanted to remind him tonight that he can go rough on you. You wanted to turn him on with your revealing clothing, and you wore just the perfect dress. It was tight in all the right places, which eccentuated your curves, and just above your mid thigh. That, plus the fact you two hadn’t had sex in a month, would definitely get him all worked up. 

After you finished getting ready, you put on a light trench coat to cover yourself, and some leggings underneath your dress, not only because it was cold outside, but also because you didn’t want the other members to see you in that dress. Your body was only for Changkyun to see. You call over a taxi, and in no time, you were on your way to Monsta X’s dorm.

You finally arrive at the doorstep of the dorm, and suddenly you felt a bit nervous. Not only because it had been a while since you’ve seen your boyfriend, but because you weren’t really sure how he would act. You didn’t know if he were to be busy, or if he had other plans. I didn’t think this through. You thought. But I’m already here. And I miss him. Might as well.

You knocked on the door and waited. It wasn’t long before someone opened the door. The door swung open, and there was Kihyun standing right in front of you.

“Y/N! Hey Changkyun, Y/N’s here!” He let you in, and there the boys were, in the living room, playing some video games. So he’s not busy. Yes.

Before you knew it, the boys ran up to greet you, and Changkyun practically ran over them to get to you. You were close to the boys as well, and seeing how excited they were to see you made your nervousness go away. That, and the fact that Changkyun had held you tight in his embrace. 

“Y/N, I didn’t know you were coming! Why didn’t you tell me? I would have set up something for you, or at least gotten you something…” He put his face into the crook of your neck.

“I don’t know… I wanted to surprise you”

“Well, I’m very surprised, baby.” He let go of you and gave you a chaste kiss on your lips. The boys groaned.

“Please take your PDA someplace else,” Hyungwon teased, and you playfully slapped his arm. Changkyun started to blush a bit, because he was so caught up in the moment, that he did not realize that he was kissing you in front of the members.

“Y/N, play some video games with us!” Minhyuk chimed, handing you a controller and pulled you towards the tv. You obliged, eyeing your boyfriend as he awkwardly smiled and followed you as you walked into the living room and played against each one of the boys, which probably lasted for a few hours.

You had a lot of fun playing with your boyfriend and the boys, and finally it was time to sleep. After saying goodnight to the boys, Changkyun took you to his room, and laid on his bed, holding his arms out for you to climb in and cuddle with him. But that wasn’t what you came for. It was hard to resist him when he wants to cuddle with you, but again, you wanted something else tonight.

“Y/N, come to bed. We have some catching up to do, baby.Tell me all about work, and just tell me how much you missed me.” He laughed at his weirdness.

Should I just take off this coat? How do I approach this? You awkwardly smiled because you didn’t know what to say to him, and honestly you felt like he wouldn’t want to do it that night, that he just wanted to cuddle you to sleep. Maybe I can try tomorrow. He doesn’t seem like he’s in the mood.

“O-okay.” Shit. My dress. You forgot that you were wearing that tight dress underneath that coat you had on. You frowned a bit as you grabbed the collar of your coat. Changkyun noticed you looked distressed.

“What’s wrong? Do you need to borrow some clothes?” He got up off the bed and headed to his closet. He looked back at you, waiting for your response.

“No. I mean yes. I do need some clothes. Thanks.” You felt a bit embarrassed because you were stumbling on your words.

He walked up to you, knowing something was up. “Y/N,” he took your face in his hands, “are you okay??” You looked up at his comforting eyes, and told him that you were fine.

“Yeah, sorry about that. I think I’m just getting a little hot.” You shot him a quick smile. “But yes, I do need some clothes, so can i borrow some of yours?”

“No wonder you’re so feeling hot, you’ve been wearing that hot coat the entire time you were with us.” I didn’t think this through. Why the hell did I think a coat was a good idea?

“Here, let me take it off for you. Why are you wearing it inside anyways? You forget to take it off?” He smiled warmly at you as he unbuttoned your coat, but when he pulled it down from your shoulders, his expression changed immediately. “Oh. Wow.” He dropped the coat without realizing it, and you felt your confidence drop a bit. It was too much.

You could tell that he didn’t know what to say, and you took it as another sign to abort your mission. You sighed. “It’s too much, isn’t it?” How is it possible that I feel even hotter without the coat on?

Changkyun shook his head as he stared at your physique, and replied to you slowly. He was so mesmerized by your body. “No, it’s… not. You… you look beautiful.” He looks up at your face, and apologizes. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to stare for that long. I’ve never seen you dress this way. You truly do look beautiful.”

You felt your confidence grow as you heard Changkyun’s approval. You put your arms around his neck and kissed him. He was startled by the sudden affection, but he kissed you back. You felt his hands grab your waist, and you pulled him closer so that there wasn’t any space between your bodies. You kissed him down his neck, and he breathed heavily.

“Is this why you wore the dress?” You stopped kissing him, and realized why you came dressed like that in the first place.

“Actually, no. That’s not why.” You let go of him and lay on the bed with your arms behind your bed. Changkyun had a surprised look on his face. 

“I’m suddenly tired.” You pretended to yawn. 

You were teasing him, trying to provoke him, and he didn’t realize that at first. “Wait, so you wanted to get me worked up so that we lay down in bed? Isn’t that what I suggested to do in the first place? That’s not fair, babe.” He whined, and you giggled at your clueless boyfriend.

“This isn’t funny, Y/N. I thought we were going to… you know. It’s been a long time, and I didn’t want to come on to you too strong earlier because I thought you would want to catch up first.” You look down at his sweatpants, and you see his semi-hard boner. He covers it up and you give up on trying to provoke him, because at this point, Changkyun was just so confused and upset. “I guess we can just sleep, if that’s what you want…”

You pull down the straps of your dress to expose your breasts, and his eyes widened. Finally, he understood what you were doing.

“Fuck me, Changkyun.”

At this point, you had made him needy, more than he’s ever been before. Usually you wouldn’t tease him to that point, because you loved the fluffy Changkyun, and you’d usually give it to him the first time he whined. But you didn’t want that fluffy Changkyun tonight, you wanted him to dominate you. You had made him so sexually frustrated, and when you used those three words, he lost it.

He quickly climbed on top of you and before you knew it, had pinned down your arms over your head.

You’ve never seen Changkyun like this, and it really turned you on. Just seeing how needy he was for you. How hard he was for you. It excited you. His crotch was on top of yours, and he was kissing your neck. The tables have turned, and without realizing it, your hips rolled onto his, and to your surprise, he pulled away. He still had your arms pinned down, and he said, “no, you don’t get to do that. You already teased me. Now it’s my turn. Is that what you want?”

You nodded.

“No, tell me.”


“Good. Then don’t move.”

You obliged, and it shocked you how demanding he was. He was never like that before.

He started to sucked on your neck, leaving little marks. Then he went down to your already exposed breasts. He sucked on one breast, then moved on to the other, avoiding your nipples, and honestly it made you more needy.

“Changkyun,” you whined, getting impatient. He looked up at you and smirked.

“You teased me. Now I tease you. It’s only fair.”  

He let go of your arms and raised your dress up and ripped the tights you had on underneath, but just where your opening was. Then he pushed your panties to the side and ran finger down your slit. You were dripping wet, and he knew that you really wanted him in you, but he wanted to tease you a bit more. He then entered his finger in your folds, running it back and forth slowly. You moaned.

“Be quiet, I don’t want the boys to hear. Then I would have to stop.” And with that, you put one hand over your mouth, trying to muffle your moans.

Changkyun kept looking up at you, watching you squirm as he now had two fingers traveling along your folds. He put one finger inside of you, amazed by how easy it was to enter you.

“Fuck, you’re so wet.”

Biting your hand, you couldn’t help but to let another moan out. Changkyun absolutely loved seeing you squirm like this, and he inserted another finger. You were surprised how he took his time like that, because he was already fully erect, and usually when that happens, he would stop the teasing and enter you already. But he didn’t, so you clenched against his fingers, hoping that would tempt him to enter you.

“Fuck.” Changkyun looked back up at you and sighed. “Babe, stop tempting me. I’m really trying to be dominant… but you’re making this hard. I’m trying to control myself, Y/N.” His whole mood changed, and you knew that he couldn’t take teasing you for long.

You would usually laugh at his failed attempt, but you really needed him in you. “Well don’t control yourself. I said fuck me, not tease me.” 

Finally, he took his fingers out of you, and you were really impatient, so you sat up, reached for the waistband of his sweatpants, and pulled them down. His cock sprung out, and he chuckled a bit at your impatience. “Couldn’t wait, huh?” He teased.

You grabbed his neck and laid back down, pulling him down with you without saying a word. You put your legs around him, and he grabbed your hips and pulled you closer to him. Changkyun aligned his cock with your entrance and quickly thrust into you. You let out a loud moan, and bit down on his shoulder, and that made him ram into you, rolling his hips with each. He breathed heavily, and as he pushed himself into you and pulled himself out of you, the bed rocked along with your movements. He had his face in the crook of your neck, sucking and biting on your skin. It was a moment of pure bliss, and it was the sex you’ve always dreamed of. With every minute, he went faster, grunting quietly against your neck. 

Then he slowed down, and you gave him a confused look. 

“Baby… keep… going,” you said between breaths. You thought that he was getting tired, but that wasn’t the case. 

Changkyun flipped you over on the bed, and continued fucking you, but this time he went into you even harder, and you felt like the bed was going to break. He cupped his hands over your breasts, twirling his fingers against your nipples. The sensation of his cock pounding into you and his fingers rubbing against your nipples were unreal. You held onto the sheets underneath you, biting onto them as well. You moaned into the sheet, and Changkyun groaned.

“I’m close,” he said as he pounded himself into you, and you were close as well. For the first time, you came before him, and it was euphoric. You moaned out loud, not caring if anyone heard, and he took it as a sign that you reached your climax. 

Quickly, Changkyun turned you back around, and thrusts into you a few more times, then he finally came into you. He let out a couple of grunts, and you felt his hot liquids fill you up, enjoying every last bit of it. He removed himself from inside you, and cleaned you up.

“Wow,” you said after you caught your breath. He looked up and you and shook his head. 

“I know.” He said as he finished cleaning you up. He brought some clothes for you and started taking off your dress. He chuckled. 

“Sorry I ripped these,” he said as he took off what was left of your tights.

You laugh, “It’s okay. It was worth it. You should be like that more often.” 

He clothed you and laid besides you, covering you up and holding you in his arms. “As long as you dress like that and speak like that, I don’t know if I can resist.” He paused and looked you in the eyes. “Please don’t dress like that often, because as much as I enjoyed it, and I know that you did too, that was tiring.”

You laughed once again and he kissed you on the lips. “Okay, baby. I won’t. I’ll save it for special occasions only.”

Changkyun chuckled. “Good.” He kissed you on the forehead, and you started giggling. “What’s so funny?”

“Do you think the boys heard us?”

“With your loud moans, I’m sure they did.” 

You playfully slapped his arm, and he laughed at your reaction. He held onto you more tightly, and kissed you once again, this time placing a chaste kiss on your lips. You both cuddled against each other until you fell into a heavy sleep, a necessity after that energy draining experience. 

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I live for dominant I.M, holy shit

Pairing: Dean x Reader (Bobby’s Daughter)
Words:  1064
Requested by Anonymous:  Could you please do a Dean x Bobby’s Daughter!Reader where Bobby knows the reader has been in love with Dean since they were young but Dean doesn’t know, then one day they’re all sitting around and Dean starts talking about the women he’s known and the reader walks out of the room and Bobby gets annoyed with Dean, finally telling him he’s in idjit for not seeing how she feels about him? 

A/N: Do NOT post my writing on any other site. Do NOT take credit for my work. Do NOT copy and paste.
A/N: Reblogs are perfectly fine…because that’s still giving me credit for the work I did.
A/N: If you want tagged, send me an ask.

          You were upstairs in your room when you heard it. The sound that had become like music to your ears. The roaring of the Impala’s engine grew louder as it neared the house. Dean and Sam were home.

           “They’re here!” you went running down the stairs, “Dad, they’re here!”

           “I can hear them, Girl,” your dad, Bobby, said, “You can hear that car from a mile away. Don’t tackle them when they walk in the door. Make sure they’re not hurt before you go in for the kill.”

           “I’m not going to tackle them,” you rolled your eyes, “Dad, I’m a grown woman. I’m just happy to see my best friends.”

           You watched as your dad just smirked. You knew he knew your secret. He knew that you had harbored feelings for Dean since you were kids together. But nothing could come of that. You knew that too.

           You felt like a little kid as you waited for Dean and Sam to get into the house. You knew you had to make sure they weren’t some kind of monster, but you wanted to see them. To hug them. To talk to them. To make sure they were okay.

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She's My Bucky

Bucky x reader

Warnings: fluff, angst, mentions of death and mention of a heated kiss, I think that’s it.

A/N: this is my first fic and I’m not 100% what I’m doing. I’m no writer my any means but thought id give it a go and see what happens. the idea for this came to me a while ago and I’ve not been able to leave it alone. so after nearly 2 weeks of making notes and telling myself to just go for it. this happened. there’s probably spelling mistakes and grammar errors everywhere and I apologise. also I typed this out real quick as I got half way through once and the computer crashed and stole it all. thank you for reading.

“Come on!” Sharon sais excitedly as she dragged Bucky and Steve to the garage of the compound. “she’ll be here soon!”
Steve and Sharon’s wedding was only a few weeks away now and Sharon had asked her best friend to be her maid of honour and she was coming today.
“she’s always been there for me since we were kids, we spent so much time together at aunt Peggy’s after our parents died she practically lived with us, even Tony knows and loves her, being aunt Peggy’s god son and all. She has always been a bit protective of me, I suppose you could say she’s my Bucky” Sharon told Steve as Bucky trailed behind, still not comfortable with meeting new people no matter how many times Steve said it was ok.

Just then the garage door opened and a bright purple ‘67 mustang with white racing stripes rumbled in. As the engine cut off and the door opened Bucky could have sworn his heart stopped when out climbed the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.

Sharon squealed just as (y/n) closed the door and ran for her. the two women clung to each other so tight happy to be back together again rocking each other as tear filled hellos and compliments flew between them.

As they released each other Sharon looped her arm with (y/n) and lead her over to the men. “(y/n) this is Steve. Steve (y/n)” Sharon introduced with a huge smile. Steve held out his hand and (y/n) shook it and said “wow, so your the amazing Steve I’ve heard so much about?” as she cocked an eyebrow at Sharon with a playful smirk on her face causing Sharon’s face to warm up and a slight blush to dust her cheeks.
“And this is Bucky. Bucky, (y/n)” no one had noticed that Bucky had not taken his eyes off her, just then Steve nudged him and knocked him from his trance and he took her hand with a “nice to meet you.”
Just then the door to the compound opened and an agent carrying san armful of paper work came in, “captain rogers, Agent carter, sorry to interrupt but I was wondering if I might have you signature on a few of these please?”
“Sure” Sharon said as she turned to (y/n) “ill be right back.” as Sharon as Steve turned to walk way (y/n) stepped up to Bucky and whispered in his ear, “see something you like, soldier?” his back stiffened as Sharon called (y/n) over took her arm again as she lead the way in to the compound to get (y/n) settled and meet the team.
“You ok , buck?” Steve calls from across the room, “yeah, I’m fine. I think I just met my future wife!” he replies still staring at the door the women disappeared through.

walking in to the common room with Steve and Bucky in tow, Sharon introduced everyone to (y/n). “everyone this is (y/n). (y/n) this is Sam, Wanda, Nat, vision, Clint and Thor.”

(y/n) gave a small wave. she was just about to say something when,

“THERE’S MY JELLYBEAN!” a rather loud Tony entered the room with a rather timid looking Bruce.
“Tony, its been how many years and you are still calling me that?” (y/n) replied with a playful smirk on her face as she hugged tony.
“Of course, things like that aren’t easily forgotten.” looking around the room at a sea of confused faces Sharon took in upon herself to explain that you got the nickname from tony due to sticking a jellybean in each nostril as a child and freaking out when they got stuck and you were convinced you were going to die, she even told Sharon she could have everything in her room to remember her by.
“Thanks.” (y/n) deadpanned and blushed as a few giggles were hear around the room. Bucky thought it was the most adorable thing he’d ever seen.
Later that evening after the kitchen had cleared bout after dinner save for Sharon, Steve, Bucky, Tony and (y/n) who were talking and catching up, “so what are you doing for work at the moment?” tony asked (y/n) while he sipped his drink.
“oh, I quit my job before I came out here, they said they couldn’t give me the amount of time off I wanted and Sharon needed me so I left.”

“what about your apartment?” Sharon asked, “a neighbour is watching it.”

A couple of weeks later the night of the bachelor and bachelorette parties arrived, “HURRY UP (Y/N)!” Nat called, everyone was ready and waiting to leave. when (y/n) entered the room she was met with wolf whistles and cheers, and a Bucky that looked like a fish gasping for air. she was wearing leather bottoms that hugged her in all the right places a corset style top and a leather jacket with high heeled boots, smokey eye make up and bright red lips. as everyone made their way to the door she caught Bucky’s eye and winked at him and went to join everyone else and Bucky leaned in to Steve and said “is she trying to fucking kill me?”
After everyone had decided who was going in what car they all met a local bar for a few drinks before going their separate ways, (y/n) looked over to the bar where she noticed a very uncomfortable looking Bucky and a woman fawning all over him. “ill be right back” she told Sharon and got to her feet and made her way over to Bucky with a very seductive look on her face.
Bucky saw her coming over and wondered what was happening. At the same time Sam saw and nudged Steve and got all the men’s attention to watch the events unfold.

As (y/n) got closer to Bucky she pushed the woman out the way ad held Bucky’s chin between her thumb and index finger so he was looking in her eyes and said very seductively, “me and the girls are heading to a club where we are going to have men grinding all over us, so I’m gonna be as Horney as fuck when I get home so you better be ready for a rough ride, Sargent.” then she pecked his lips and walked away with a “see you later, lover.”
Before Bucky had a chance to do or say anything she has made her way over to the woman and said “honey, as cute as you are I don’t share so if I were you, I’d make myself scarce.” blowing a kiss in the woman’s direction as she walked away.

(y/n) walked back over to the table of women missing the animalistic growl that left Bucky and proclaimed it was time to move on swinging her hips that little bit more knowing she still had an audience. As the women left Bucky was still standing there uncomfortable except now it was for a whole other reason.

a few days later the girls went for their dress fitting, while they were all in a fitting room pulling on the third dress suggestion from the woman who was clearly trying a little too hard for her commission Wanda spoke up, “so (y/n) what’s up with you and Barnes?” “if you’re referring to the other night at the bar, I was simply helping a friend in need,” she replied as Nat zipped up the back of her dress for her, “of course you were,” Nat smirked.
After leaving the bridal shop, Nat and Wanda were called away for a mission so (y/n) and Sharon decided just to get coffee and head home, but they were so wrapped up in wedding talk they didn’t notice they were being followed. As they made their way back to collect the car a man dressed completely in black grabbed Sharon from behind and lifter her from the floor.
Just as (y/n) was about to launch herself at him, she stopped and turned her head just in time to catch the fist that was about to make contact with the back of her head. she used the momentum from it to flip the man over her head, temporarily knocking the wind from him and went to help Sharon. after a full on fist fight that lasted maybe less time than the men imagined, (y/n) and Sharon had managed to contain the men and get some agents to come and collect them for questioning and headed back to the compound.

“I don’t get it,” Steve said confused looking at Bucky, “I don’t see how Sharon managed to beat those two on her own, they are big men!?”

“that’s because she didn’t,” tony said with a smile, “here, watch this.” he put the cctv footage of the attack on the big screen on the wall and Bucky and Steve watched in awe as you helped Sharon fight off the men with moved some would say rivalled Nat’s. “wow!” Bucky breathed out.
That night while snuggled on the couch watching a movie with Sharon, Steve said “where did (y/n) learn to fight like that?”

“she went to the S.H.I.E.L.D academy with me but dropped out before she finished training.”

“why? she’s good.”

“I know I asked her far ages after she done it but she never would tell me.” Sharon said with a hint of sadness in her tone, Why do you ask?“

"I was thinking of asking her to join the team.”

“that’s a great idea sweetie!” Sharon said excitedly, I’m sure she would!“

"id love to! as long as Sharon is ok with it!” (y/n) said excitedly when Steve asked her the next day to join the team.

“she’s fine she was really happy I wanted to ask,” Steve smiled.

“well ill leave you here in Bucky’s capable hands, he’ll be your mentor anything you need just ask him.” and with that Steve left you in the gym. “right. lets get started, doll” Bucky said as he took a defensive stance.

over the next few weeks, (y/n) and Bucky grew closer and started spending more time together outside of training. until one day, “would you like to come out to dinner with me one night, doll.” “are you asking me on a date, Sargent Barnes?” “That i am,” he said with a boyish smirk that made her knees weak. “Then yes, id love to go out to dinner with you. maybe pick me up at 7 tomorrow?” “7 tomorrow it is, doll. i cant wait.” As (y/n) left the gym she caught Bucky punch the air and whisper “yes!” and couldn’t help but giggle to herself.

As it happens news travels fast around the compound and as (y/n) sat down to breakfast with Wanda and Sharon, Wanda said, “a little bird told me, (y/n) that you are going on a date with Bucky tonight?”

“yes I am but never mind bout that, today is cake tasting day, so I’m going to have a shower and get dressed and ill meet you ladies back here in say, an hour.” and with that (y/n) quickly left the room.

“why does she do that?”

“I’m not sure she’s been like it as long as I can remember, never wants to talk about herself, its just the way she is I think.”
Bucky and (y/n) returned from their date laughing together and decided to sit on the couch for a bit and watcha movie to finish off the perfect evening. while (y/n) went to change in to some pjs, Bucky found a bottle of Tony’s very expensive whiskey and 2 glasses and put the movie on just as (y/n) came back in. they sat watching the movie for a while (y/n) snuggled into Bucky’s side, “(y/n)?”

“yes, Bucky” she replied as she sat up and looked at him, he stared into her eyes for a second before swallowing thickly and said “I think I’m falling for you.”

(Y/n) didn’t say anything she just closed the gap between them and pressed her lips to his in a heated kiss, they both stood from the couch and went to Bucky’s room and it turned out the movie wasn’t the perfect ending to the perfect evening.

Laying awake with her head on Bucky’s firm chest. (y/n) started to feel uneasy about how she felt for Bucky. she knew that if she was seen people would want to talk to her about it, she couldn’t handle it so she very slowly removed herself from Bucky’s  hold and snuck out back to her own room making sure no one saw her.

The next morning at breakfast (y/n) is sitting talking animatedly to Steve and Sharon about things for the wedding when a very pissed off looking Bucky walks in.

“Are you kidding me!? Where did you go?” he asks with a frown and a jaw so set it could cut glass.
“Bucky,” (y/n) sighs, “I cant do this now.”
“No. you can and you will, we spend a great night together, we confess our feelings and sleep together and I wake up and you are gone!?” everyone looks at (y/n).
She looks at her hand that are now clamped together in her lap and lets out a sad sigh, “I did it because of Sharon.”

As she says it she look over to a very hurt and confused looking Sharon, “excuse me, I don’t follow. how is this my fault?”
“I don’t mean it like that, not in a bad way. this is your time. your wedding. people should be talking about that and congratulating you, not talking about me and my feelings for Bucky.” (y/n) says matter of factly like its the most obvious thing in the world.
“Hold on, I think its great you found someone. maybe even better that its Bucky. you always do this you always cut yourself short, you draw attention to my happiness even if it costs yours.” (y/n)stays quiet with a guilty look in her face, she could see the realisation dawning on Sharon’s face.
“is that why you never competed the S.H.I.E.L.D training, you always were better than me, and why you enrolled in college out of town so it was harder for people to get to yours so you told them to come to mine instead?” (y/n) just sits with tears in her eyes and nods.

(y/n) gets up from the table and turns to Sharon, “I have always put your happiness first. you are so special to me and deserve the world, you are like a sister to me the one I never had. you and I both know I’ve done a lot of shitty things in my life, things I could never make up for, I thought that by looking out for you, protecting you and making sure you were happy it would be a start. I know i will never be able to make it up to you or fill the void I created, I done the worst thing imaginable top you and all you did was ask Peggy to help me. if she hadn’t agreed who knows where id be now. All I have ever done is try and make you happy but all I seem to do is make things worse. I’m sorry I ruined your moment and Bucky, I’m sorry I hurt you.“  

Before anyone has the chance to say anything (y/n) turns on her heel and bolts from the room with tears streaming down her face.
"what the hell was that all about?” a very confused Steve asks a very upset Sharon.
“I think its time I showed you something,” Sharon says walking over to the TV. “F.R.I.D.A.Y, bring up the file on my parents deaths.”

(Y/n) packs to leave and stops to visit Tony on the way out. “thank you for having me tony but I’m leaving,” (y/n) say s willing herself not to cry again, she doesn’t deserve to be upset she ruined it all, again.
“why? what happened?” Tony walks around his workbench and hugs her.
“because as usual I’ve shown up and ruined Sharon’s life and hurt people i love.” she realises what she said after id leaves her lips. she said love the one thing she’s not allowed herself. the one thing she has no rights to.
“can I stop you?” tony asks and she shakes her head, no.
“well I don’t like it but you are your own woman now, Jellybean, but you know where I am if you need anything.”
“thank you, Tony.”

(y/n) makes her way to the garage and wasn’t prepared for what she finds. Where do you think you’re going, doll?“ Bucky say leaning against her car.
"Away, Bucky. I’ve done enough damage I’m sorry.”

“Sharon told us everything. None of it was your fault.”

(y/n) lets out the breath she didn’t know she was holding, “we both know that’s nor true. if I hadn’t have been so caught up in my ex, brad, Sharon’s parents and mine would still be here.”
“(y/n) there’s no way you could have known he was HYDRA, there’s no way you could have known you were used as bait in a hit on Sharon’s parents lives. but i know that if you wasn’t there that day Sharon wouldn’t be here either. she told us how hard you fought for her, taking all the hits, even taking a bullet to the leg. you may not have been able to save yours or her parents lives, but you saved hers. she owes you her life and she’s living it, she graduated college, she’s an avenger, she’s getting married and pretty soon her and Steve will start a family and its all because of you.”
(y/n) stands staring at him with fat tears rolling down her face. Bucky pushed himself off her car and walks towards her.
“you deserve everything she has too. all these years you have lived thinking you don’t deserve happiness and you do, so much. I cant let you leave here knowing you still think that way. I know I cant force you to stay but I need to tell you something before you decide what to do. I love you (y/n).
her breath hitches in her throat as she raises her eyes to meet his, "what did you say?”
“I love you.” he smiles.
“Do you mean it?”
“with everything I have.”
(y/n) drops her bags and falls into Bucky’s arms and he just holds her .

A couple of weeks later the wedding goes well. Bucky and (y/n) steal glances at each other across the alter and they couldn’t be happier for their friends.

At the reception Bucky seems agitated, “are you ok, baby?” (y/n) asks.

“Yes, doll. I’m fine.” he kisses her forehead and wraps his arm around her. 

Before long Sharon calls for all the ladies saying it’s time to throw the bouquet. everyone counts to three then Sharon turns around and hands it to (y/n) and tells her to turn around where she is met with Bucky down on one knee.

she brings her hand up to her face and has tears already in her eyes and he begins to speak, “ (y/n) i cant begin to put into words how much I love you. you mean the world to me. hell, you are my world! I cant see the rest of my life without you and its been that way ever since the day I saw you. the day I met you I told Steve I met my future wife.”

Steve nods and laughs “he actually did.” there was a few giggles from the crowd.

“(y/n), would you make my dreams come true, doll and become Mrs. (y/n) Barnes?” She stands with tears in her eyes and gives a small glance to Sharon who gives a small nod.
“yes! Bucky, a million times yes!” Bucky pushes the ring on her finger, picks her up and spins her around.
“I love you so much, doll!”
“I love you too!”
Steve and Sharon watch as Bucky and (y/n) dance and steal kisses whispering sweet nothings in each others ears.
“I’m glad they got their happily ever after.” Steve tells Sharon as he kisses her cheek.
“me too,” Sharon says with a smile, “ after all they have been through. id go against the world for her like you did for him. but after all, she is my Bucky.”

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Affection (Shiro x Reader) (Part 2)

Summary: Shiro and you are eventually rescued… but you both can’t deal with being apart any longer. Will you reunite?

Warnings: this is sad okay… like I’m sobbing, but probably just because I have all of this in my mind like I’m not saying my writing makes you cry (if it does it would be an honor wow) but if you’re searching for a happy fic you’re wrong here

Note: I tagged part one as “Affection part one” because I am to lazy to do a link thing

Shiro woke up with you in his arms. He didn’t know when he has fallen asleep, he just knew he shouldn’t have. You felt like a block of ice and for a second Shiro panicked. He shook you, called your name and as you opened your eyes a little, your lashes were framed with ice, he was thanking God.

“(Y/N)! Hey!” He tried to cup your face, but his flesh hand was numb and he barely was able to move it. His other hand lit up and he held it close to your face, seeing how the ice around your lashes vanished.

“I’m fine.” You managed to smile a little. Your ankle stopped hurting and you feared the cold had claimed your foot, but as Shiro stretched his leg, he accidentally moved yours and a sharp pain rushed through your body.

“Sorry.” He apologized. “It was dangerous to sleep.” He moved the glowing hand along your body. His voice had lowered in anger about how careless you two were.

“You shouldn’t have tired me out with your affection.” You chuckled and Shiro shook his head. His anger broke apart and a smile appeared on his face.

“That was nothing.” He grinned devilishly… and promising.

“Oh, pardon me.” A laugh rumbled through your chest and Shiro was revelling the sound. You had a laugh that could brighten the darkest day and made him want to tell jokes forever, but he also knew it was a rare sound.

Shiro placed a kiss on your forehead before looking up at the white sky. You needed to find water. You were already dehydrated. Why did the others take so long? What if they didn’t even feel the need to search him, thinking he was dead?

“I will climb up and look if I can see anything.” Shiro announced.

You nodded and got off his lap. It was a rather good idea to have a look around even if staying was saver. You reached for the wall and pulled yourself up, using only your arms to climb.

“Wow, what are you doing?” Shiro’s hands reached up for your hips and he put you back down. “You can barely stand.”

“I’ll sit on the edge and watch your back.” You looked at him. Nothing would keep you from doing that. He might needed help. Four eyes worked better than two. You worried.

Shiro nodded. “Okay. Let me go first.”

He climbed out of the gap, skilled, but exhausted. Shiro was out of breath as he reached the edge and helped you as much as his strength allowed him. You sat with your legs dangling down the edge and used the visor of your gun to look around.
There was nothing but wasteland spreading in all directions. It made no sense, because if those creatures could live there had to be water somewhere.

“I see nothing.” You told him as your eye caught a reflection. “Wait. There.” You pointed out. “Something is reflecting the light. Could be water, but doesn’t have to be.”

“I go and check it out.”

“That’s a stupid idea, Shiro.”

He grinned again, softly and devilish all at once. “I can take care of myself.”

“I highly doubt that.” You raised an eyebrow. “You’re shaking in exhaustion. You probably pass out when you try to run from something.”

Shiro sighed and leaned his forehead against your shoulder trying to think of something. If his condition got worse Black would eventually come and save him… or that was the theory at least.
Why was he so helpless?
Pidge would build something out of the tech of her suit that would transmit a signal, Keith would not think twice about looking what reflected the light and Lance and Hunk would be creative enough to come up with something eventually. Shiro was not feeling any of those things.

“I don’t know what to do.” He admitted and looked like a lost puppy for a moment, feeling like he’d let you down. He wanted to get you to safety, make the pain you tried to conceal stop and do nothing but cradle you in his arms for at least 2 more days, but in a warm bed, in the Castle and not here.

“I’m not expecting you to.” You smiled reassuringly.

Your eyes locked for no apparent reason. It wasn’t a sad stare you shared, neither was it shame or fear. It was filled with a special kind of warmth, an undeniable longing and fierce hope. Shiro couldn’t let you go back to Lotor. You didn’t belong there. You weren’t like them!


“I know.” You raised your hand to cradle his cheek. You knew what he was about to say, but it was impossible to just run away with him like love sick teenager rebelling against the system. “But it’s not that easy.”

“You just have to come with me.” He leaned into your touch. “It’s as easy as that.”

“That is wishful thinking and you know it. They are my family, Shiro. I cannot just leave them behind just like this, despite the fact that they wouldn’t let me leave. Your people would never accept me either. It’s cruel, but the truth.” You closed your eyes.

If they are family… they would understand.”

You chuckled. “Did the Capulets and Montagues?”

“We’re not star crossed lovers, (Y/N).”

“Are we not? We spend a lot of time crossing stars?” You frowned at him.

Shiro smiled. “It’s not what that is supposed to mean. How do you know Romeo and Juliet anyway?”

“You humans and your metaphors.” You rolled your eyes.

Time passed. You kept sitting there in the sun, leaning on each other. You explained that human stuff was sold on black markets and that human literature was fairly popular. Shiro told you about Earth and his time at the Garrison Galaxy. It warmed your heart how passionate he was about it. You didn’t talk about the inevitable again, figuring it was better to use your time for more joyful things.

You jumped up as a deafening roar echoed through the air. You were supporting each other, leaning against one another to stand. The Lions flew through the air followed by Lotor’s ship. Shiro swallowed hard.
The Lion’s landed on one side while the ship on the other.
Keith and Lance got out of their Lions walking past you and Shiro. Lance was aiming his rifle at you, but moved it towards Acxa as she and Lotor came closer as well.

“I don’t think we have to make this complicated.” Lotor announced.

Keith nodded and walked towards Shiro while Acxa walked towards you.

“You okay?” Keith asked worried.

Shiro could only nod as he felt how you untangled from his grip, slipping away. You were leaded into opposite directions, away from each other and it felt overwhelmingly. You tried to seem calm, glad, but the distress you felt was gleaming in your eyes. You didn’t want to leave Shiro.

In the last moment, just before the doors of Lotor’s ship closed, you turned around and so did Shiro right then. You caught a last glimpse at each other, a longing, helpless gaze full of question.


“Shiro?” Coran cleared his throat. They were cleaning the healing pots and it was the right kind of moment to finally bring up the topic no one knew how.

Shiro has been acting differently ever since the others brought him back. He was simply sad and it was a new experience to all of them since Shiro hardly let the others know when he was feeling down.

“Are you alright? We are worried, you know?” Coran carefully asked.

Shiro stopped in the middle of his movement and his head dropped with a sigh. He smiled bitterly before taking a deep breath and looking at Coran.

“Can those things heal an aching heart?” He said and felt like an invisible fist was closing around his throat.

Coran smiled sadly. “I’m afraid not.”

“Hmm.” Shiro picked up his work again, turning away. He tried to blink the tears away that crept into his eyes. “I’ll be fine.” He told Coran, but his voice betrayed him. “I just… I need some more time.”

You need (Y/N), his thoughts told him and he shook the voice away.

“If it’s love it will only get worse with time.”

Shiro looked at Coran, shaking his head before storming off. He stopped in an empty aisle, closing his eyes. He didn’t know why this statement made him so angry.
Shiro didn’t need to hear that.
He needed to be told that you were the bad guy, killing innocents and that he would forget you soon.
Shiro wanted to hear lies, because the truth was not promising any form of closure.
He just wanted this void that was gaping inside of him to be gone… to heal and it didn’t help that you didn’t even break his heart.

“Hey, Shiro!” Pidge and Hunk walked by.

“Can you help–”

“Can I please have five fucking minutes to myself?! FOR ONCE?!” Shiro raised his voice, making Pidge and Hunk jump. He has never done that before. No matter what stupidity they were participating in he always stayed calm.

Hunk and Pidge were only able to stare at him with wide eyes, in pure shock. Shiro waved them off and walked to his Lion, knowing that no one would disturb him there and that Black truly understood what he felt.

“Hey, girl.” He took a seat and cupped his face. “Remind me to apologize to Hunk and Pidge later.” He sighed heavily.

The Lion growled lowly and Shiro was immediately fully alert. “What’s going on, girl?” He frowned and the Lion again growled.

The cockpit lit up and a signal was picked up. Shiro’s eyes widened as you appeared on the screen. You were bleeding, someone must have beaten you up, and sitting in a small ship as you tried to transmit your coordination. “Shiro!” The look on your face said it all. You tried to leave. Perhaps you told them the truth, perhaps they caught you sneaking off.

Black took off towards the coordination you sent without Shiro doing anything.
He was frozen in place looking at the screen in front of him, watching how you were trying to not get killed, dodging the blows. You were suddenly reachable… so close. He had to get you out of there and you could be together. So close.
Suddenly the signal was gone.

“NO!” He yelled and took the control, pushing Black to its limits. “God, please, no.” His heart was racing with fear.

You tried your best to not get hit, but Lotor was angry on an emotional level and he fired just like that. You, of everyone you told him you would leave because you loved the Black Paladin of Voltron. It was ironic, hurting and ridiculous. You understood, but you couldn’t bare the feeling of incompleteness anymore. You had to leave.

Your heart stopped beating as the Black Lion, as Shiro appeared out of nowhere and for a split second you didn’t pay attention.

Shiro gasped as your ship exploded. All relief evaporating. His eyes widened and his body shook violently. No.
His eyes scanned for your body amongst the debris and as he finally found you floating lifeless he didn’t waste a second and picked you up.

Meanwhile Lotor started to fire at the Black Lion and Shiro had to first get out of here before he could look for you.

“Please!” He begged desperately and Black took control again. “Thank you.” He whispered and ran to the back.

Shiro took your helmet off and cradled your face in his hands. Time seemed to slow down and stop altogether. “(Y/N)?.” You didn’t respond. “(Y/N), c'mon! HEY!” He yelled and felt for your pulse. “No. No. No! (Y/N), HANG ON! Please!”

He returned to his seat and called the Castle, telling them to get a healing pot prepared.
He arrived shortly after and picked you up in his arms running to the elevator, not even realizing Keith and Hunk waited for him.

“What happened? Where have you been?!” Keith wanted to know, but Shiro did not hear him.

“Hang on!” He whispered over and over again, making sure your head was securely laying against his chest.

“Lay her down!” Coran ordered.

Coran and Shiro got most of your armour off, but suddenly Coran stopped and looked at Allura helplessly.

Allura squeezed her eyes shut for a moment then looked at Keith who understood immediately.

“What!?” Shiro demanded.

“Shiro.” Allura whispered softly. “She is…” Allura was unable to finish seeing Shiro’s eyes which were filled with so many emotions.

He shook his head. “No! This thing will help her!” He picked you up, placed you in the capsule and started the process. Non of the other Paladins, nor Coran and Allurs moved.

“Shiro.” Keith laid his hand on Shiro’s shoulder. “She is gone. There is nothing you can do for her. I’m sorry.”

“It will heal her!” His hand was resting on the glass near your face. “It… it healed Lance! She will be fine!”

“Lance was not dead. You cannot heal someone from death.” Allura explained carefully.

Shiro shook his head. He didn’t believe it. Tears were streaming down his face as he clenched his robotic hand into a tight fist. “YOU’RE WRONG!” He yelled desperately. “You’re….. you…. you are wrong!” His voice broke, shattering just like his heart. “She will be fine! She’ll… she… be fine. You’ll see!” His legs gave in and he fell to his knees, clinging to the pot. “You’re wrong… you’re wrong. You must be wrong.”

Keith wrapped his arms around Shiro,  convincing him eventually, after hours to let go of the pot. Shiro cried into Keith’s chest not seeming to able to stop.
You got killed because you were trying to reach him, following your feelings and his wish…. and Shiro didn’t know how he ever would be able to live knowing that.


“Thank you for telling us all this.” Keith nodded at you. “It will be helpful when we try to take Lotor down.”

You smiled. “What can he do? Delete me?” The hologram of you flickered.

Shiro was stepping forward and looked over his shoulder at the Paladins. “Will you give me a second?”

They nodded and left, leaving him and your stored memories alone.
Silence took over and Shiro wasn’t even able to look at you, still dealing with the loss.

“I thought about what you said yesterday.” He had to force the words out. “You are right. I cannot be here everyday.”

You nodded still wearing the warm smile. “I am glad. I will miss you, but I’m just memory and you are alive… and there are so many stars to cross for you.”

He laughed with tears in his eyes. “I miss you so much.” They streamed down his cheeks and dropped from his chin as he finally brought himself to look at you. “It still hurts, (Y/N).”

“You will be fine. Eventually.
I wouldn’t have fallen in love with a weak, pathetic human. Now straighten up, Paladin, and teach Lotor a lesson.” You winked.

Shiro smiled through the tears and reached for your face. The hologram flickered again. “I love you, (Y/N).” He closed his eyes and pressed onto the screen. You were gone.
Shiro took a deep breath and turned around.
You were memory and he was alive, but you were the loveliest memory Shiro had.

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Do you also do quotes with the text messages style or only chat room style?

wow for the like ten months that i’ve been doing this i never thought of doing the text message style rip

i don’t have the backgrounds and stuff to make it yet, but if you give me a few days i can probably make it!!

BTS Reaction to You Dancing to Hyuna’s ‘How’s This?’

Jin: “Yah! Jagi, you can’t dance like that when you’re here at the dorm! What if the perverted maknae line saw you dancing like that? Thank God it was only me. You dancing like that is for my eyes only, okay?” *possessive mama Jin activated*

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Suga: “God, babe, when did you learn to dance like that? You should really show me your dancing more often, it’s not like I’m not used to seeing your body move in that type of way.”

Originally posted by jeonsshi

J-Hope: “Jagiya~ Did you prepare this just for lil’ ol’ me? No! No! Don’t stop! You’re good! So, so, good…what?! No I was not imagining you moving like that on top of me! But…now that you gave me the idea-”

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Rap Monster: “Damn babe, look at you go! But you know that nothing can compare to my legendary dancing. You’re a close second though.”

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Jimin: “Wow…jagi you look so sexy dancing like that. How come I’ve never seen this before? Why would you even think of hiding this hidden talent from me? Can you do SISTAR’s ‘Touch My Body’ for me jagi? I swear I’ll give you something nice in return~”

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

V: “Aish, jagiya, why do you do this to me? Are you trying to make the beast in me come out? You’re too sexy for your own good. Its not fair! I have dance practice tomorrow so I can’t have any fun with you…but maybe you can have fun with me?~”

Originally posted by cmtae

Jungkook: *is shocked speechless* *he’s to mesmerized by the way you’re dancing*

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Salted caramel

Author ladyoftheteaandblood

Alternative fact Tom and Conny.

“What you doing?” he said, as he bounded into the kitchen with an empty coffee cup, the third of the day.

“Making salted caramel to go on bananas and custard, for the kids tonight.” I said about to get all the ingredients and equipment out.

“What Kids tonight?”

“Oh Tom I told you last week, Kate’s bringing her two smalls round for the night, so she can go and see a movie and have a meal out”

“My Movie?” He asked all bright eyed and bushy tailed.

“Yes, and don’t flirt with her when she turns up, you know shes got a crush on you and she is really shy”

“you spoil all my fun” Oh god puppy eyes.

“So how do you make it?” Oh great just when I’m in a hurry I get the kitchen helper. may as well make use of him.

“You Need…

1cup of sugar 
1cup of cream
3oz of butter melted (twenty seconds in microwave)
Pinch of salt. “

He ran around the kitchen for a few moments before placing everything on the work surface, like an over eager puppy that had just fetched all his toys and now wanted to play.

“Do you want to do this?” I asked

“I can cook….” and before he could carry on

“My Spag Bol is an internet sensation” I said mimicking him beautifully. For that I got him sticking his tongue out at me.

“Oh all right, come on Master chef you can do it,” He unhooked the apron that hung behind the door, tied it around his waist, and stood there waiting for instructions. If I hadn’t been in a hurry I may have come up with something more fun.

“Right Put the sugar in saucepan and place it on the heat, keep stirring till it turns into a liquid”

For gods sake keep stirring Tom, or it will burn and I will never get the pan clean again”.HELP!!!! why did I think this was a good idea.

“I M STIRRING! I M STIRRING!” he said but I m sure his butt was moving more to the 70s song on the radio than his spoon was.

“Add the melted butter and stir in,

boil for one minute…Do not allow to burn.”

”Wow gets a bit Dante’s peak, doesn’t it” So far so good
“Now, take it off the heat, add the cream and salt and stir like mad again” Tom carried out the instructions whilst doing a cooking show narration over the top.

“pour into the jars I put over there and we are done” The gloopy liquid made a very satisfactory noise as it slid in to the jars and Tom put on the lids with a flourish. 

“Now when can we eat it” yes my five year old had turned up.

“Not till its Cool and next time you help me in the kitchen”

“Yes?” He knew what I was going to say next

“Clothes might be a good idea!” With that he sashayed out the door with his bare bum in full view.

 (The Salted caramel is wonderful on bananas covered in custard.or on shortbread.
Or on a spoon placed in mouth and suck!”)

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Pictures not mine of Tom other most definitely are.

i s2g that plance spiderman au going around is making me thinking ab the famous kiss in the tobey maguire even though they’re not nearly smooth enough to pull that off it would literally be like in the rain she’s upside down there’s smooch action and one pulls away it just goes like

‘this is weird’

‘i can’t see anything’

‘yeah I’m cold’

‘why did you think this was a good idea?’

‘it seemed like a good idea in the moment?!’

‘well next time make sure its not raining because i my face is all wet’ 

Not A Date

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This is my first Lyatt fanfic and it is based on the prompt: Lucy goes out with a man and Wyatt thinks she’s going out on a date and Rufus doesn’t correct him just to see it all burn.

Thanks to @rebelkyngblake for making the awesome gif and thanks to @almondblossomme for proofing!

Hope you enjoy. You can also read on AO3.

“Lucy it’s time.” Her cousin Molly looked at her pointedly.

“Time for what?

“Time for you to date. I know you ended your engagement recently but let’s be honest, that was over for months. You need to put yourself back out there. You are never going to find a man if you don’t try.”

“Wow! Have you been saving that up? I’m good Molly. You don’t need to worry. Besides, what makes you think I haven’t found someone already?”

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Life is fragile but still beautiful

I started writing this story after 12x05 and now finally thought to publish it. It’s about Amelia going to LA and the rest you have to find out by reading it 😉 There will be many chapters for this story. 

Amelia had finished her surgery. Her pager went off while she and Edwards were scrubbing out.

“Is it another surgery for us?” Edwards asked hopefully.

“Nope, it’s from Bailey, she wants to meet me at her office after we’ve finished the surgery.”

“What do you think it is, are you in trouble?”

“I don’t think so, maybe she wants to give money for neuro department.” Amelia grinned.

“Yes, that’d be awesome. Good luck with this conversation.”

“Thanks, check this patient every half an hour, okay?”

“Got it.”

Amelia walked to the chief’s office, knocked on the door and stepped in. Bailey was holding some papers in her hands while reading them.

“Chief, you paged.”

Bailey looked up from the papers and smiled “Yes, take a seat.” She pointed to the chair opposite her.

Amelia took the seat and said “I can’t find any good reason why I have to be here, of course if you want to give some money for…”

Bailey stopped her “No, we’re not going to talk about money. We need to discuss your behavior with one of our resident. I think you know who I’m talking about.”

“Well, I don’t.” Amelia answered coldly.

“Amelia. Please don’t do this. It wasn’t her fault that…”

“Wasn’t her fault?! Of course it was, it was on her. She should have pushed harder!” Amelia raised her voice, almost yelling.

“Think about it. Do you think residents don’t make mistakes? One of my interns cut her fiance’s LVAD wire. Then one of them slept with an attending, put a hand on the bomb and almost drowned. You wanna tell me you haven’t made mistakes? Everyone has and we’re suppose to learn from them. Penny didn’t push hard enough to get the head CT but next time she will.”

Amelia just sat there and looked at Bailey. It still hurt as hell to think about Derek and many nights she cried herself to sleep. Right now Amelia wanted to be strong, so she made a face like she was listening what Bailey had just said but actually she was thinking “I’m not going to let myself feel right now, I can’t fall apart in front of Bailey.”  

Amelia repeated it in her mind many many times, when Bailey said “Anyway, I read your file and you didn’t take out your break last year. I think maybe it’s the right time to take it now and calm down.”

“But what if I’m not okay with this. I don’t wanna take a break, I need to do my job.”

“Well, you don’t have a choice. Hospital needs to send you to your break for two months and after that you’re welcomed back.”

“What I’m going to do with these two months? You can’t send me to the break when I’m against that.”

“Yes, I can. I have to, otherwise the hospital will get a fine and we don’t have the money to pay for that. You’re going to take your two months break!” Bailey told clearly.

“Okay, fine.” Amelia crossed her arms and put her back against the backrest.

“Alright then. You have to sign these papers and then you’re free to go.” Bailey handed the papers to Amelia.

“But what about my patients? Edwards can’t take them all.”

“Well, I thought about it and some of them will take Nelson and most of them Edwards. Of course if she needs help, Nelson and I will help her and she can always call you.”

“Okay. That sounds good.”

Amelia started reading and after 10 minutes she signed it and headed to change her clothes.

When she was ready to leave, Edwards saw Amelia in her street clothes walking to the elevator. She stopped right in front of one and waited it to open the doors.

“Tell me you didn’t get fired.” Edwards asked worriedly.

Amelia laughed and said “I didn’t. Bailey sent me to that two month break.”

“Is this about Penny?”

“Little bit yeah.” She sighed. “Bailey wants me to calm down but the bigger reason is that, when they don’t send me to the break, the hospital has to pay the fine.”


“After Derek I worked every day and did double shifts, like you can remember. It’ll cost the hospital troubles if surgeons don’t take the breaks.”

“Okay, so you’ll be back, right?”

“Yeah, I’m not leaving. I promise. Oh and you’ll get most of my patients. Nelson and Bailey will help you and you can always call me too, you know.”

“Wait, really?!”

“Yes, don’t let my patients die, Edwards.”

“I’ll do my best, I promise. Anyway what you’ll do in these two months?”

“I’m not sure yet but I had the idea to visit my friends in LA.”

“Oh wow. Wait, you lived there, right?”

“Yes, about five years.”

“Why did you left, was it about your addiction?”

“No, more bigger things than that…” Amelia started thinking about her son.

Edwards understood that Amelia doesn’t want to talk about this, so she wouldn’t ask about it anymore.

“Are you waiting for the elevator?” Edwards grinned.

“Yeah, I don’t get it why it takes so long.”

“Maybe you should push the button too. Elevators can’t read people’s minds yet, you know.”

“Ohh… Good point, Edwards.” They started laughing.

“I think I should go. And you watch you won’t kill someone or make a mistake, okay?”

“Yes mom, I got it.”

Amelia was laughing again “Okay, I’ll see you around.”

“Okay, see ya.”

Amelia pushed the button and Edwards headed to the cafeteria. When the doors opened Amelia saw Penny inside.

“I think I’ll take the stairs. I don’t get it why they have to hire podunk doctors, who don’t do what they’re supposed to do.” Amelia said it to herself but it was loud enough to Penny to hear it.

The doors closed.