wow why did i think this was a good idea


[ Text : Kurt ] :: Why would he douse it with nail polish remover to begin with? Wouldn’t that just make it smell like rubbing alcohol?

[ Text : Kurt ] :: Hahahaha well no one got hurt, right?

[Text to Jesse]: I think he wanted to huff it later.  God knows he could use the high if it made him a little less../wow/.  Not the good kind either. Besides the ‘designer’ being scarred for life after I set one of his precious ideas on fire?  No one was hurt!  That counts for something?

[Text to Jesse]: My boss did thank me for it later.  But all lighters are now banned within ten feet of my person.  :(

story time! me at a party i went to once
  • me:*wants to jump on trampoline*
  • everyone else:*sitting on trampoline doing nothing absolutely wasting a perfectly good trampoline*
  • me:wow that looks like fun
  • everyone:yeah *laughs*
  • me:haha cool now I can get off so I can jump
  • everyone:omg hahaha ur so funni XD
  • me:I'm serious.
  • everyone:hahaha
  • me:...I'm serious...
  • everyone:....
  • everyone:*continues to sit on trampoline like useless sloths*
  • me:(thinking) hmm it's dark. i have an idea.
  • some girl on the trampoline:AAAAHHH A SNAKE!!!!!
  • me(thinking):ummm there's no snake? why did she say that?
  • everyone:*freaks out*
  • me:(thinking) fuck it I'm going with it.
  • me:oh god oh god oh quick GET OFF THE TRAMPOLINE! WATCH OUT
  • everyone:AAAAAAAHHHHHH! *scrambles off trampoline*
  • me:*cackles evilly and gets the trampoline all to myself*
  • Best thing at a party I've ever done.

ilikecrayons45 asked:

The World

The World: Your dream job

I don’t know that yet. I’d love to have a job that allows me to do what i like, however, what do i really like? Interests change a lot, and i don’t know what i’ll like in the future.
For now i have no idea. I want to give myself more time.

My mood is doing okay today, how ever there’s one thing I can’t help but think about. It’s on my mind every day, all the time. Why am I so anaesthetically pleasing? What Id give to be one of those girls, that people look at and think ‘Aw isn’t she pretty’ I know, I know that when people look at me, for more time than just a normal glance you would give to someone, they’re not thinking ‘Isn’t she just lovely’ They’re thinking ‘Wow, did she really think leaving the house looking like that was a good idea?’ ‘What’s wrong with her face?’ ‘Why is she so fat? Look at her thighs! They’re massive’
I’d love, even for just one day for someone to think I’m pretty. 

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I may or may not have been idiotic enough to put a tissue in a candle thinking i could blow the fire out easily but when i did i freaked out and dropped the tissue onto the carpet and said friend stomped it out and gave me a half-hour scolding :|

that’s amaZING i’m glad you lived to tell the tale. what was even going through your head, though? why did you think putting something flammable on a flame would be a good idea?? wow

sleepover saturday!! (please please i will be so happy)

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Wow Sooo I never thought I would come across your tumblr, and of all the people on here it's insanity to me that I did. You have no idea who this is but you don't need to know. I often think about what an impact you've made on my life and all you've ruined for me. Stumbling across your page makes me realize why I don't miss you and why I regret ever telling you I do. Hey Torr, it's been a long time. Hope your doing good in life, I FUCKING HATE YOU❤️

Aww my first hate. At least it was tasteful and mysterious.