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constructed emotional responses
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>my mom:</b> *tells me about the death of a family member who I am not close too*<p/><b>me internally:</b> ok gotta choose a good emotional response that I can mimic. Tears?? No, I can't fake cry. I can show surprise, because yeah I'm pretty surprised. Hmm, ask multiple questions. How? Where? Nice nice. Empathy? Nope, don't have the energy to do that. Sympathy? yeah I can do that, they meant a lot to my mom and I love my mom. In conclusion, shock and sympathy. Use that to cover the fact that you don't have any emotional response to her passing.<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

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idk why but this photo makes me happy. probably because they look so happy here and they are smiling and i just want this back pls

regrets pt.2 | namjoon

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Pairing: Namjoon + Reader

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 2180

Parts 1 | 

Reader’s POV

Stopping by the room next door, you grabbed a couple extra wedding book copies although most of them were already in your office.

Just as an excuse.

“Alright, I’m back!!” you said, a fake smile plastered on your face as you pulled out all the wedding book copies and placed it in front of the both of them.

“Ooh!! I’m so excited!! Doesn’t this all look so fun Joonie!!” Rose exclaimed to her fiancé, causing you to cringe at the nickname, a word that sounded so foreign yet so casual coming from her mouth.

Namjoon just nodded, giving her a smile as he looked back up, his eyes meeting yours for a split second, your mouth going dry of the words that were about to come out.

Clearing your throat, you looked away from him and towards Rose,“ W-well did you two have any ideas? You can tell me your wish list and then budget and I can try to make it work to my best abilities.”

Rose’s eyes sparkled as she looked at Namjoon and then back at you,“Well, we were planning on having a vintage-style wedding, you know? Like outdoors, with rustic decorations, lights hanging from trees kind of thing. Could you do that?”

You felt your smile drop slightly, something tugging at your heart, as you thought to yourself, That’s exactly the type of wedding I had wanted.

“Of course, your wish is my command,” you smiled softly, as you passed them a couple wedding books with similar themes.

“Oh my goodness, these are all beautiful. If only I could have them all, Namjoon dear what do you think about this?” Rose asked, as she looked at her fiancé expectantly.

Giving her a warm smile, he looked towards what she had pointed out,“ I think it’s wonderful dear, pick what you like, you know I’ll be happy with anything.”

Rose sighed happily, as she looked at you in wonder,“ Where are you going to find yourself a man like this huh? I can’t believe I got this lucky.”

You felt yourself choke at that, as Namjoon’s eyes widened in surprise, alarm clouding his eyes as you continued to cough.

“Oh! y/n-ssi?! Are you okay?” Rose asked worriedly, as she stood up immediately.

Shaking my hand, you coughed,“ N-no it’s okay! I just choked on something. I’m fine.” you grabbed your water bottle, the cold water running down your throat, feeling a sense of relief after Rose’s shocking question.

They both looked at you worriedly, although something in Namjoon’s eyes looked like more but you couldn’t help but shake it off, after all he was here with his fiance.

Keeping your bottle back in its corner, you smiled at the couple before saying,“ Well let’s discuss the rest shall we?” as you continued down the long and slow path of what would be your unfortunate fate. 

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Bad Lip Reading sentence starters, 1/???
  • “I got books on the shelf, but who reads?”
  • “When you die, I’ll be outside.”
  • “You’ll pay for this, in Odin’s name.”
  • “I’m probably dying.”
  • “Most skeletons are harmless.”
  • “I think that’s disgusting, and it’s upsetting, alright?”
  • “I’m pretty and pushy.”
  • “No no, please don’t cry. Why can’t you be smooth?”
  • “Mm. I’m just gonna wait here.”
  • “Last night I met this guy online! Yay!”
  • “It wasn’t that fun, you moron. Don’t ever do that.”
  • “I think your breath is like… well, maybe it’s like a dead rodent.”
  • “I wouldn’t get a tattoo on the face, unless it’s of a mask.”
  • “If you’re comfortable, I may just touch you on the elbow or something.”
  • “Like I always said, these waffles are gourmet.”
  • “I’m available. Whaddaya say?”
  • “That’s right, I’m pretty.”
  • “Where are you going with that knife?”
  • “I may need a kidney, but it’s all good.”
  • “Why are you, you know… always angry, okay?”
  • “I wasn’t loved as a baby.”
  • “I’m the best driver. I back up all the time.”
  • “Did I mention that I never PLANNED to serve you rodent meat?”
  • “Ah, you’re marvelous! Hot dog, I love you!”
  • “You can joke all night, but no more kung fu.”
  • “A friend? Never.”
  • “Wow, you smell good. What is that, pine?”
  • “Kill Dracula at once. That’s what I would do.”
  • “I’m crying inside of me.”
  • “I’m gonna rest cuz I’m the best.”
  • “We can go punch out those guys and face our phobia.”
  • “Am I gracious? Yeah.”
  • “I’d kill for a cookie.”
  • “I dare you to spit in that guy’s drink.”

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I can't even begin to imagine what the intended headlines would have been to go with the pap pics in their matching outfits. I hate that he was made to do that and I completely understand why he couldn't take it. If I were him I would have broken down a long long time ago, I can't believe he is this strong wow why am I crying?

We say this all the time, but he is just so so so SO strong and I can’t believe he’s made it through more than six years of this disgusting bullshit.

does anyone else cry after dates, even really good dates, or is that just me and my over-emotional sensitive dramatic self?

“My history isn’t revenge or hate. The road that brought us both here - isn’t about that. It’s about the message you carried. The one in the package, whether you knew it or not.  The message that one can kill a nation. Can kill a symbol. And all that gather beneath its flag. I don’t blame you for the Divide… I blame you for what you made me see. Now you will see what you brought to the Mojave, and that will be my message to you.”

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I love you (James Potter x Ravenclaw reader pt. 2)

The weeks following your spat with James, you had done everything to avoid him at all costs. Yet, somehow, he was everywhere you went. And not just that, the other marauders seemed to hate you all of a sudden. Even Remus, whom you had studied with a couple of times, glared at you. 

James wasn’t his normal self. He hadn’t bothered you since the fight, but you weren’t complaining. It was nice finally getting some peace. Still, you couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong with him. He looked horrible. His hair messier than usual, dark circles under his eyes, not smiling his normal smile, not even joking around with his friends. Yep, something was definitely wrong with James Potter. Why do I care?, you thought. I’m not worried about him. Of course I’m not worried about him. I hate him.

“I’m not worried. I don’t care.” you mumbled to yourself as you walked down the empty hallway. You were so lost in your thoughts that you didn’t notice the angry figure walking towards you.

“Y/l/n!” Sirius barked at you. (See what I did there?)

“Hey, Sirius!” you tried to smile, but it didn’t reach your eyes.

“Oh, don’t you “hey, Sirius” me. You know exactly what you’ve done.”

This confused you. You couldn’t recall doing anything that could be seen as mean.

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about the fact that you did something to James!”

“I don’t know wh-” 

He cut you off sounding angrier that ever;

“I don’t care what you did to him, or why you did it. He’s been so depressed these last few weeks, and I know that you have something to do with it. So you better bloody fix it!”

His voice echoed in the corridor. You could feel your heart clenching with some unpleasant emotion. Guilt? No, it couldn’t be. Your mouth felt dry as you tried to explain yourself;


You were cut off again;

“No buts. Go fix him right now, he’s in the library”


The library was quiet, too quiet. For some odd reason you felt nervous to see be there. The only people in the room was an annoyed madam Pince, some first years and, hopefully, James.

You had nearly walked around the entire library, but there was no sign of him. Maybe Sirius was just messing with my head to get back at me for something, you thought. Yes, that must be it. I bet that James isn’t even sad at all, that this was just another one of his cruel pranks. However, you were proved wrong as you heard sobs coming from the corner furthest in to the library.

“J-James?” you whispered, your voice shaking.

The sobs stopped, but you could still hear some sniffling. You turned around the corner to see him sitting in an old, run down arm chair. He looked like shit, his eyes were bloodshot from crying and his gaze empty. How could something you had said affected him so much? It must have been something else that made him act like this. Yet, you couldn’t help the guilt that filled you at that moment.

“James” you repeated. His eyes shot up from the ground to yours, then back to the ground.

“Hey” he mumbled. You could tell that he tried sounding casual, but the way his voice broke ruined it.

“Are you okay?” you asked hesitantly.




“What happened to you?”

“What do you think?” he scoffed.

“I don’t know James, that’s why I asked!” you replied. His lack of answers frustrated you. 

“You know, for a Ravenclaw, you are really stupid.”

“Excuse me! At least I don’t go picking on everyone that I don’t like!” the both of you were almost shouting by now. You wondered why madam Pince hadn’t kicked you out yet.

“Wow, you’re still on about that?”

“Of course I am! You made ḿy best friend cry!”

He mumbled something incoherent and looked away. His hands ran through his hair frustratedly.

“What?” you asked sounding defeated, you didn’t come here to fight with him.

“At least I don’t go around telling people that I hate them!”

“Is that what this is about?”

“Obviously, what else would it be?”

“I don’t know, okay! I don’t bloody Know! I didn’t think it would affect you this much!” 

“Of course it did! I fucking love you!” he screamed with tears rolling from his eyes.

161210 yongsan fansign

hoshi: i ate korean mixed soup for breakfast…
jeonghan: lunch lunch.
hoshi: it was lunch…for breakfast…
jeonghan: donkatsu omurice!
hoshi: donkatsu omurice…it was really good. make sure to eat everyone.
jeonghan: hoshi is..
hoshi: i am done with my diet!
s.coups: hoshi really doesn’t diet anymore!
jeonghan: now he’s eating whatever he wants.
hoshi: i’m now eating whatever i want! …going to gain (weight) again~
s.coups: did you know? when he was on his diet, i ordered chinese food for breakfast once. hoshi cried because he was hungry.
hoshi: that time, really, ah…i really cried!
s.coups: he really cried!
hoshi: i thought “wow, why am i dieting like this?”
s.coups: he had his head down so i asked him “hoshi what are you doing?” then he cried “hyung, i’m so hungry…”
hoshi: doing that and working out gave me so much stress. but now since i’m not doing that (it’s whatever~). i’m happy now~
jeonghan: he’s really crazy~
hoshi: i am now living happily~

source: black crush
translation by mountean

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So...what did you think of princess tutu?

First Episode: Wow this is a weird show.
Last Episode: Wow this is a weird show– wait, why am I crying???

Overall, it feels similar to Utena, steeped in metaphor and allusion, but the subject material is beautiful, the story complex but not in a bad way, and it feels like a great analysis on storytelling. The ending is a bit rushed in the last seven minutes, but otherwise I quite loved it, especially every bit with Fakir and Ahiru.



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Every time I see a post from you, or even better when you add a comment to something you reblog off me, it always makes me happy because you have some of the best comments/reactions/ideas in response to the amazing and crazy stuff on this website.

Oh my god what really what wow what seriously omg are you trying to make me cry? Because this is how you make me cry. This is so nice??? The nicest??? Oh my god wow why is everyone so nice?????????? Thank you so much oh my god that is so sweet I can’t even ok I can’t. I love you, sweet anon. I shall write poems about you, and erect monuments in your honour (that’s not an overreaction, right? That’s totally normal?)!

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I am not worthy of such high praise! But damn if it doesn’t make me feel good to hear it. Thank you so much!!!!

tell me something you always wanted to

Champagne For My Real Friends (Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Pewdiepie)

Word count: N/A

Requested: Yes

So I tried something new with this one because I thought it fit better? Sorry if it ruins the request but I like it. Also: gaminggaminggaming is the readers KIK name. (Sorry if it’s your kik name….)

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Number thingy :)

A/N: I’m finishing up the requests I’ve got but I will delete the ones that come after this, if I still get them.


On every sentence is a link to all of the scenarios I’ve done for it. If a sentence doesn’t have a link it means I havent written a scenario for it yet.

  1. “Oh”
  2. “Well hello”
  3. “Please don’t ever do that again”
  4. “Can you like try not to touch my dick?”
  5. “You never fail to amaze me”
  6. “Show me”
  7. “Seoulmates”
  8. “I’ll consider it”
  9. “It’s fucking 3 am”
  10. “Wow”
  11. “I noticed”
  12. “No more internet for you”
  13. “Did you just-”
  14. “Bultaoreune”
  15. “I wish you were here”
  16. “Lord save me”
  17. “I can’t cry”
  18. “Turn the volume down”
  19. “Well fuck my education”
  20. “Watch me give a fuck”
  21. “I don’t bite”
  22. “Don’t worry, be happy”
  24. “Stay in your lane”
  25. “Why am I not surprised?”
  26. “A what?”
  27. “Well that was straight forward”
  28. “Sassy, aren’t we?”
  29. “Well if you’re into that”
  30. “Can you stop dabbing?”
  31. “Ouch!”
  32. “Am I right or am I right?”
  33. “Are you jealous?”
  34. “Speak a language I understand, please”
  35. “Hey, that’s mine!”
  36. “What year is it?”
  37. “Come here”
  38. “I saw a bug”
  39. “That’s so romantic”
  40. “I don’t know her/him”
Mad at Calum *requested*

“can you write a Calum imagine where you’re vvv mad at him and when you guys go to sleep your backs are facing each other’s and he feels you’re too far away from him so he pulls you close and apologizes for being a dick right there. sorry for being so specific 😬”

Words: 1301
Warnings: Mentions of sex. No detail. Literally just a mention.
Ship: Calum x Reader.
Requested: yes

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