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City to City ch.3

(photo creds: @the-ogoc)

Chapter 3
Word Count: 1,857

It was time for the concert.  You were on the stage helping set up until you heard screaming.  You turned your head in the direction you heard it from and a bunch of girls all ages, sizes, race came running towards the stage.  You smiled at all of them, they probably didn’t even know who you were.  

More and more girls came.  You had finished helping so you went on the side of the stage near the stairs so you could watch too.  They played some background music until the boys were ready to come out.  

Jack and Jack ran out on the stage and the girls went wild. They started to sing there album ‘Calibraska’ they started with ‘California’ then ‘shallow love’ then ‘How we livin’ then ‘wrong one’.  Everyone thought they were done but then the background music for ‘like that’ came on.  Which earned them screams from the girls.  

Gilinsky started to sing and Skate came out from one side of the contain.  He rapped his part, perfectly and danced around the stage.  The song was finished and the crowd applauded them.  

Nate started to sing ‘Juiceman’ you could hear the girls singing to it, to show love.  He smiled at them, you can really tell he loves them.  They all love their fans.  

Nate sang ‘Usually’ then ‘Get ya doe up’ then ‘Jumanji’ then ‘Outro (ride w/ me)’ then Webster hall’ He was dripping with sweat but he had one more song to sing.  He started to sing an old one he did with sammy ‘ViBeOut’ Sammy came out and joined in.  

The girls yelled things in the air once Sammy got on stage.  He smiled at them and touched a few hands.  Nate exited the stage and went to you, you handed him a water bottle.  Then put your attention back on the stage.  

Sammy sang ‘Could be’ and ‘Ready for war’ They applauded him and he went off of stage.  

It was time for Derek to go on.  He ran up on the stage and girls went crazy.  A smile was plastered over his face.  He looked really happy.  He began to sing ‘It’s luh’ then ‘Lord willin’ then ‘Confident’ as he sand ‘Confident’ he glared at you and turned his head fast.  

He finished singing and caught his breath for a second.  

“I came here looking for my down chick” He said into the microphone

The girls all raised there hands.  He looked to the side of the stage where you were standing and smirked.  

“Is there a (y/n) (y/l/n) in the building?” He said
Your eyes widened you looked at him and shook your head.  

He walked towards you and grabbed your hand. He pulled out a seat to the middle of the stage.  You blushed really hard and smiled at him.  You sat down on the chair.  

The music started to play, you suddenly got nervous.  He grabbed your hand and looked into your eyes as he sang the song.  He looked at the crowd still singing.  He came close to your face almost kissing you.  

He squatted and caressed your cheeks making you blushed harder then you already were.  He sang the song to you, not losing eye contact.  

The song was over and you were red.  He kissed your forehead.  

“Lets give a round of applause for (y/n)”
They clapped and you exited the stage.  

Ashley came up to you.  
“You lucky lucky girl” Ashley said
“My heart is beating out of my chest” You said placing her hand on your chest

Derek sang ‘lifestyle’ once he finished Nate went back on stage.  The girls yelled again.  They started to sang ‘Rolling’, ‘Money’, ‘Nighttime’ and ‘Pay for these things’.  

Everyone that performed went on stage and thanked everyone for coming.  All of the guys were sweating and some were out of breath.  They looked so tired but they all still wanted to go to the after party.  

You guys helped rap things up and headed to your house.  

You walked into your house, the guys all headed to take showers.  There was only three bathrooms so some of them had to wait.  You went into your room and changed your clothes.  You started to do your makeup and Derek walked into your room.  

His towel was hanging off his waist dangerously low.  He closed the door behind him.  

“Do you mind if I change in here?” He asked
“No, tell me when you are done” You said and grabbing the doorknob
“You don’t have to leave” He smirked

You walked out of the room and laughed
“No thanks”

You went into the kitchen with only half of your makeup done.  The guys were ramming through the food.  You looked at Sammy and he also had a towel on his waist very low.  Derek came in which meant he was done changing.  

You went back to your room and finished your makeup.  All of the guys came in after you with varieties of foods.  You laughed.  

“You know it looks so easy when you do makeup but then when you actually do it, it’s hard” Tez said

“How do you know what it’s like doing makeup Tez?” You smirked
“Okay I’ve tried it before” He said
You laughed

You guys all lounged in your room on your phones and eating.  

“So where is Nate and Ashley?” You asked
“They are probably having shower sex” Swazz said
“We’ve all dealt with that first hand” Sammy said
“They have ‘a lot’ of sex” Johnson emphasized
“Probably because they cant actually talk to each other without arguing” Derek said
“Oh wow I thought they were pretty happy but I was wrong” You said
“Yea, Trisha thinks they are perfect together” Derek said
“But little does she know” Swazz said

This was all news to you.  Nate and Ashley looked so happy but it was all an act.  She was probably the one who called him at the beach that night.  

“You guys ready?” Nate said walking into the room

His hair all messed up and wet.  


You guys got up from where you were sitting and all headed outside to the cars.  You got in the car with Ashley and Nate drove.  

You guys made it to a huge house.  You got out of the car and headed to the front door which was already opened.  You had decided on the drive here not to drink because you were going to drive everyone home, safely.  

But the only thing to do at the party was get drunk or get high.  So you contemplated whether you were going to drink or not.  You decided you were you could just call an uber and get the cars tomorrow morning.  

You went to the bar and the bartender looked at you.  
“Can I get a tequila shot” You yelled over the blasting music
“Yea” He said fixing up a drink and handing it to you.  

You threw the liquid into the back of your throat and swallowed quickly and sucked on the lime on the side of the shot glass.  

“Another” You said

He handed you another and you repeated the steps.  You were alone and kind of bored so you went looking for Derek who was definitely going to entertain you.
You walked around the house looking for Derek.  He was sitting on the couch with some girl with a skimpy dress on.  You were definitely jealous, he was showing another girl attention.  You walked to the bar and order four more shots.  

The bartender lined them up.  You took one at a time and chugged them all down.  

“Slow down lil mama” Derek said smirking
You rolled your eyes

“What’s your problem?” He asked
“You” You said
“What did I do?”
“You were with another girl”
“So what? we aren’t together, I can be with other girls”
“Okay whatever” You said and walked away

You saw Ashley and ran up to her.  
“Are you drunk?” She asked
“No, not yet at least” You said
She laughed

“Lets get drunk together” She said handing you a red solo cup
You didn’t know what was in it but at this point you didn’t care.  You chugged down the brown liquid and stuck your tongue out.  

“Lets dance” Ashely said
“Okay” You said grabbing another cup of whatever that was

Ashely pulled you on the dance floor and started to dance.  Some guys came up behind her and she danced on him.  You went near her ear.  

“Aren’t you dating Nate?” You whispered in her ear
“No, he broke up with me” She said

You were shocked, Nate didn’t seem like the one to break hearts.  He seemed like the guy who gets his heart broken.  

“I will be back” You yelled
Ashley shook her head

You ran to the bathroom, you had a lot of liquid in you.  Once you were done doing your business you walked out of the bathroom.  

Nate was standing next to the door, He looked sad.  

“Hey” He said and smiled
“Hey” You said
“Having fun out there?” He asked
“Want some?” He said handing you his blunt
“Sure” You said and grabbing it out of his hands

You inhaled it and started to cough.  You handed him the blunt back.  

“Are you sad?” You asked
“Yea, i guess I am” He said and looked down at his blunt
“Come with me Nathaniel” You said and grabbed his hand

You pulled him down the stairs and between the dancing people.  
“Dance with me!” You shouted so he could hear you
He nodded his head

He turned you around, where your back was on his chest and placed his hands on your hips and guided your body.  His hand went down your thigh causing you to get goosebumps.  You tilted your head so your neck was open.  

You could feel his breath on your neck.  He placed a wet kiss behind your ear and kissed down your neck.  

You turned around and looked in his eyes.  You brought his face closer to yours and kissed him.  He kissed back.  He tongue in your mouth, and his his hands cupping your cheek.  

He wasn’t dating Ashley anymore but this still wasn’t correct.  It felt correct but it was the wrong thing to do to Ashley.  You wanted to keep kissing him but guilt came over you and you let go.  

“I’m sorry, I just- I just can’t” You said and walked off into the crowd of people dancing.  Everyone was sweaty and drunk.  

You wanted Nate and you wanted him bad but the only thing that was holding you back was Ashley’s feelings.  Yea they broke up and she was probably in bed with some random guy right now but you just met her and stuff.  She would probably be sad.  

But Nate, you wanted him so badly, it hurt you inside.  You saw him look around for you.  you got up and went to him and smashed your lips on his.  

“Take me upstairs” You said and smirked

A/N: twist, twist.  I’ve written so many chapters for this series, that I’m thinking about posting more.  Hope you guys like it :).  I wanted to know if I start doing Au’s would you guys request stuff? I do request here, if you have any.  Thank you guys so much.  Love u -i 


Masterlist (City to City)

What me and lucas's relationship would be like


Luke: *stares, starts laughing* wow

Me: I think I should be in a band

Luke: I think you should

Me: im going to be in this stupid band named 5sos

Luke: they sound like they cant play at all

Me: I know right, but im stealing this one guys spot his name is huke lemmings

Luke: aw sucks for him

Me: im too good for them but they begged me to join

Luke: oh did they?

Me: *smirks* yep and might I say the bass player is pretty hot

Luke: *laughs and cuddles* aren’t I hotter tho?! *pouts*

Me: whdhhwkkdjwbdn with that pout yes

#23: You hear his girlfriend saying she's only dating him for fame *LASHTON*


Luke’s girlfriend. You hated her. So much. Acacia. You hated her so much. She was a bitch to everyone, even the boys. She always hated you from the start. You were all nice to her, until she gave you a bitchy look and called you names. She’s only nice to Luke. Giving him the flirts, kissing him in public, made you sick. You and her were at Luke’s house, because Luke invited you two. You saw Acacia. She gave you a snobby look and smirked. “Look it’s Y/N! Great,” she rolled her eyes. “Shut up Acacia,” you said. “Do you actually think I like Luke and care about him?” she smirked. You stood up.

“What?!” you yelled, standing up. “I don’t actually like him. I just impressed him and he fell for me. Not you. And.. I was using him for fame,” she laughed. You couldn’t believe it. You glared at her. “You sick little shit,” you growled. “What did you say?” she walked to you closer.

“I can’t believe you. Being bitchy to the boys and LUKE?! Wow! If I was dating Luke, I wouldn’t be all fake. I would be myself. I would love the boys because I care about them! I would actually like Luke! Because I love him and care for him. But you? No. Miss all fake. Not liking Luke. Not liking anybody. I cant believe you. I actually care about Luke! I even have a crush on him!” you yelled. “Well too bad because he chose me!” she smirked. “Well too bad! We’re breaking up,” you and Acacia heard Luke and turned around. “L-Luke Babe! I-”  

“I heard everything,” he rolled his eyes and walked to your side. She turned around. “I actually like Y/N. And I care for her. I can’t date someone who is all fake and hate the boys and everyone else. ESPECIALLY Y/N!” he yelled. Luke grabbed your chin and kissed your lips. “Whatever! You two enjoy yourselves,” she growled and left. Luke broke the kiss. “I’m so sorry I didn’t know..” he frowned. “Did you actually like her?” you asked. “Maybe a little, but I knew she was using me after two weeks..”  he sighed. “I actually like you. You’re better than her and I feel comfortable around you. You love the boys, you’re nice,  and I love you..” Luke smiled. You kissed his lips. “I love you too Luke," 


Ashton’s girlfriend was nice.. Not really. She didn’t seem to like the boys and she was all mean to Ashton. She sat next to you on the couch. "Ugh what are you doing here?” she asked all snobby. “You know you don’t have to be mean to Ashton and everybody else,” you growled at her. “Well I don’t like him! I’m justing using him for fame. I don’t even fucking like his music or band,” she said.

“ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!” you yelled standing up. “I love the bands music! EVERY SINGLE ONE. HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE ASHTON?! He’s adorable, cute, nice, and lovable! He was nice to you, but you were a bitch to him. He loves you! But you use him for fame. I’m sick of you. I actually love and care for Ashton! I’m not mean to his mates or anybody! But you just make me sick,” you glared at her. “He’s mine. Just face it. He won’t ever know that I’m using him,” she smirked. “I just did now,” you heard Ashton’s voice. She turned around. “A-Ashton!” she said. “Just get out of here. We’re over,” he growled and she rolled her eyes and left.

“D-Did you hear all of that?” you asked. “Yeah.. And I really liked you, not her,” he said. He stepped closer to you and kissed your lips softly. “I really love you Y/N. I didn’t like her. I just- you make me feel happy and she just makes me all angry and annoyed. She always complains, but you don’t. I-I need you in my life. I really do… So, can we just go out sometime?” he asked. You sighed and looked at him. “I really like you too Ashton. And yes we can,” you giggled. He smiled and kissed your lips again. You were all his now

-Kelly :) xx

 why couldnt you have take that camera a little further down bc what the fuck is harry doing with his left hand tell me wtf he’s doing wtf??  niall looks slightly uncomfortable but still smirks like a fuckin little shit and wow look at how he looks at harry before so called guys starts doing whatever the fuck i cant figure out he’s doing but i’m sure it was really nasty and he enjoyed it i mean look at his fuckin smile afterwards 
look at how he tries to cover it up by acting normal and fuckin waving at someone but wow what an asshole harry smirk and then we have niall softly nudging him and then stroking him wtf is this some kind of a kitty game or what i’m mad wtf this gif is full off questions please someone tell me what’s happenin here? 


Wherever your heart goes

Request: When Mark sees you at church again and the two of you are exes

“Hey did you hear?” your best friend Amy nudged you, “Mark’s back in town”

Raising an eyebrow you looked at her, “Really?”

“Yah, his parents went to pick him up from the airport two days ago and he came with one of his bandmates..I’m not sure what his name is…he has really light hair.” she said nodding.

JB  You thought to yourself. “How do you…” you started but realized, “Right, the two of you are neighbors”

“Exactly, and might I say Mimi, he looks superfine” she said  with a smirk, “He’s really changed over the last four years.”

You looked at her, “Really now”

“Mhm” she said looking at her nails, “And from what I heard from Tommy and the guys,  he’s still single”

“Yah, that’s cause he and I broke up at the end of tenth grade year no? He’s probably been focused on training, you know he’s part of GOT7 now”

Yup, you had dated Mark Tuan for about two years, from the summer of ninth grade to the day he left in the middle of tenth grade. The day at the airport still played clearly in your head. You had left him standing at the gate, the necklace he had given you on your one month together in his hands as you ran away with tears streaming down your face.

“Still, you did leave him at the airport without a word…” she nudged you, “I bet he still has feelings for you” her eyes narrowed, “Don’t deny you still have feelings for Mark either cause I know you, and you totally regret that day”

Amy knew you too well, of course you weren’t exactly over Mark. It’s been four years though, a lot has changed and you were a hospitality student studying at UCLA and on the verge of graduating and you were sure Mark changed just as much being an idol as such.

“I’m pretty sure he found someone in Korea while he was training and he’s happy” you said sighing. “Plus, in reality its been four years, more or less, we’re two different people now.”

“Woman, did you not hear me say, he’s still single?” SINGLE!“ she yelled quietly.

"You don’t know that” you whispered to her.

“The ring” she deadpanned taking out her phone and showed you a picture, “The ring you got him when you two were celebrating six months together, he never takes it off”

The picture was of him and his members, the ring that you gave him still sitting on his right hand ring finger.

“If he was dating someone, I highly doubt he’d be wearing that ring” she looked at you and sighed, “I heard he was coming to service with the guys today, they should be here any minute now and I told them we’d save them seats so just…try to talk to him later okay? Maybe at the youth event or something. Remember you’re performing”

You stayed quiet, your mind working. He never took off the ring…and yet you gave him back the necklace…why didn’t he take off the ring? Didn’t he know that the ring could cause scandals?

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Mr Hemmings - Luke Smut/Imagine
Part 22


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“Luke… Are we there yet?”

“Patience babe, almost.” His voice called out in front of you as he help your hand tightly, guiding you along the way. Your face covered by a blind fold to keep his ‘surprise’. It felt nice to be treated so well by your punk boyfriend, he really did have a heart of gold under than inked skin. Take his lips, pierced so cool with a lip ring but soft and gentle when touching yours.

“Luke? Your not going to kill me are you? Throw me in a ditch?” You joked, breaking the silence with his chuckles. Oh Mr Hemmings so casual not realising the effect he had.

A small creek came from in front as the small dimness of light you could make out through the material over your eyes not faded into blackness.
His body moving closer as his hands now pulled you into only what you could describe as a room or…cupboard?! You couldn’t help but smirk thinking of how cheeky he was. It all made sense now, you were going back there, to the place you first met or well… Got to know each other. Now it made sense of why you were going home for the week and why you swore you could smell canteen food when you first entered the building.

“Okay babe, we’re here.” He whispered and a smile creeped upon your fave as you reached behind to undo the blindfold. Falling of your face he caught it in his hands, standing back you were face to face with that exact cupboard space. The small suffocating janitors locker was the same as you remembered and you felt like you were back that very day but the attractive Mr Hemmings you dreamed of in front of you was really yours this time.


“Wait…here.” His hand flipped a switch on the wall and the room lit with fairy lights, the small but effective addition made the space beautiful, like a perfect cosy world with only you and Luke, encased with sparkly little lights.

“Wow…i cant believe you brought me here.”

“I could never forget this place, my dreams came true in this room.” Raising an eyebrow he smirked at you cheekily.

“What of fucking me huh Hemmings?”

“Noooo of actually being with you, and six months later here we are still together. But only i feel like I’ve known you forever… Sometimes i think about it, just like you. I tell you not to overthink but i do it myself. I wonder what it would be like if i had never spoken to you that day. Where would we be? Where would i be? Truth is i don’t ever want to find out. And i think, how you love me just like i love you, and how amazing that is. And after everything its like nothing can tare us apart and nothing will. Never did i think once about leaving, when i had to go on tour and leave you behind it broke me up. We had only been together a few weeks but i loved you right from the start because even then i couldn’t spend one day without you. I was hooked from day one. I love you so much, maybe the way you flared your nostrils or pouted those lips that first day in the park. Or it could be the fact you wore that Blink top to school or that you support the band and believe in what i do. Maybe the times i helped you study for hours and when i played guitar to you. Maybe the day you met the guys and it was perfect, like you had known one another for years. Or the way you fit with me like my missing piece, the day i came back and y heart lifted at only the sight of your face. Maybe the way you held onto me so tight making me feel so loved myself. Or maybe its that your a cheeky little thing who wants it just as bad as i do. Or the fact you waited almost 4 months for that first date. All i know is I’m totally in love with you, every part of you and right now your proving your theory of me being a teddy bear under these tats because i cant quite believe what im about to do…”

“Luke..!” Your heart was pounding, tears in the corners of your eyes with his words. Oh his sweet words, the way his eyes glittered in the soft light as he spoke and how he was steady, rushing slightly as he became more nervous. He had brought you here for a reason deeper than 'just cause’. His tall body lowered as he sunk down, your eyes following as one knee hit the floor and his hand dipped into the pocket of his leather jacket.

You were frozen as he revealed that box that all little girls dream about.

“Y/N Y/LN i don’t know where to start because im completely blagging this, but i love you so much and even though we’re are 18 years old and totally stupid. I know that when I’m 80 and grey your still the one i want waiting as i hobble off the stage with my beat up guitar and Mikey in a zimmer.

"Will you marry me?”

“Are you fucking crazy?!…Of course i will!!” Your body fell on top of his as 3 boys pushed the door open and you were sent into Luke’s arms. Fits of laugher sailed through the small space before silence broke.


“Yeah, i will.” You swore the screams of Michael and giggle of Ashton could probably of been heard a mile off but in that moment you couldn’t have cared about anything less. Being pulled away from Luke Calum threw you over his shoulder, leaving the cupboard to spin you around in the hallway. The laugher following with Michael jumping on Luke, teasing him for being all soppy and Ashton defending his younger bandmate/best mate/brother. Your face couldn’t hold back the smiles, your heart beating faster, head spinning slightly.

“Wait wait wait..” Michael called causing you all to stop and listen.

“You know what would be cool, we could all be bridesmaids!”

“Well well well, Mr Clifford i see you have matured?” Our heads turned to see one of the teachers raising an eyebrow at Michaels suggestion before laugher erupted once again.

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you get a tattoo and he's mad about it bc you're so perf without it or he gets it and it's like your name or somethin like it's just someone's not happy with the other getting a tattoo :-)


so with calum he’d have gotten something like your initials on the inside of his elbow (like where the bicep attaches to the forearm) and he’d come home all smley and you’d be like “what did you do?” and he pulls away the bandage and you see it and at first your speechless and cal thinks its a good speechless but then you say “why?” and cal’s face drops and he just ggoes “bc i love you” and that softens your heart and calum is still kinda hurrt by your reaction, so you hug him and just say “well i just dont want you to regret a tattoo you got for me” and calum just smiles and awe that was cute

michael would be all for you getting a tattoo, so you were sure that he would be estatic when you come home with a dream catcher on your ribcage bc it was something you’ve always wanted, and sure it hurt like a bitch, but it was so worth it. so when you show michael, his face isnt what you expected, and you’re worried instantly, asking “whats wrong? you dont like it?” and michael just kinda brisks his fingers along your ribcage and muttters “its really big” and you give him a “no shit” look and he just smiles and says, “i’ll get used to it when i see you naked” and bam theres the mikey you know and love

i dont think luke would get a tattoo even though i really want him too like how hhot would that be like dont lie to yourself  but you’ve alwys wanted one, so you finally went out and got your favourite quote down the inside of your forearm and it turned out really well so when luke came back from the studio that night, you showed it to him, and he doesnt say a word, which worries you, and he finally says, “what if you dont like that quote in 3 years” and yeah, its something you considered, but it had meaning to you so you were positive that you would still relate to it in a couple years, and luke sees your face, and he quickly explains himself saying “i’m sorry, it looks super cool, i’m just being sensible”

okay first of all, ashton with a tattoo? heaven. okay well he would have gotten the date you two met, the date of your first date, and the date you twwo moved in, going down on his ribcage, and he was planning on adding more dates when they happen, and he’s so excited when he comes home (bless his soul) and you would look at it and first think “how many dates is he gonna fit on his torso” and he’s explaining his idea, and you just plain out say “what if we dont make it? then those are just stupid” and ashton just has this smirk, and ppulls the bandage completly off and there’s that day’s date and you’re like “whats that for?” and he gets down on one knee and says “the day i ask you to marry me” and WOW OKAY I CANT KEEP GOING IT WILL HURT ME PHYSICALLY