wow what is life really

Do you ever get blown away by how gay you are?

I’m sitting on my bed researching lesbians in the military for my APUSH paper and listening to a wlw playlist on 8tracks. I’m wearing a baseball tee that says “I got 99 problems and society’s attitude towards sexual orientation and gender identity covers like 98 of them.” I have a pride flag covering one of my windows and pride bead curtains over the other two. The only lights on in my room are rainbow Christmas lights around the edge of my walls. I have two rainbow laptop stickers and there are rainbow streamers from homecoming on my closet door (heh). I have an entire bookshelf of queer literature and a David Levithan novel on my bedside table. Spread out across my floor are about 15 books on homosexuals in the military. I’ve got an article in front of me called “Uncle Sam’s Lesbians.”

TL; DR: My life has become so aggressively homosexual and I don’t know what to do with myself.

do u ever just think abt all the things u love like :/ wow life is so worthwhile :/ fuck 

WOW! OH MAN I really suck at painting and shit like this! cant use PS either!
sooo here is the cover page for a little(?) comic, Asylumtale. I had sooo many ideas for this and I must draw them out of my system …

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Comic/Art by miyako47

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Undertale belongs to TobyFox

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honestly though I hate when people make fun of me for getting really emotional/excited about tv shows/video games/etc. like??? oh sorry that I’m too enthusiastic about these characters and this story that people have gone to great efforts to create and perfect. sorry that I love all the details involved in the story that’s being told and the characters that are part of it. sorry I don’t just take things at face value and want to dig deeper about what’s happening instead of ceasing to think about it as soon as it’s over. seriously??? shut the hell up

I wanted to get a degree in teaching, but then I did an internship at an inner-city school and…it wasn’t what I was expecting.

white woman, in Boulder, in an Anthropology Class

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Anybody else think that the whole “Find out what Zoey said on the DVD” video was super gross? Like dude, you’re leaving the girl you just proposed to so you can find a girl you haven’t seen in however many years? Not only that but he tells his fiance straight up that he been in love with another woman the entire time they were going out, and his reaction to “but now you love me?” is “eh.” Like what the fuck? Oh, and there’s the super creepy fact that he carries a picture of Zoey around with him at all times. Are we supposed to be rooting for Chase?

A TALE OF TWO STANS: random thoughts

*Livestream has reached 8,000. Two more minutes left


*The kids are so adorable, I’m going to die, their bond is perfect

*There is a new picture in the theme song, really nice

*PUNCHING!!! I knew it wasn’t going to be a good reunion. 

*I knew Alex was going to give us 3 sibling, R.I.P Grunkle4Grandpa, but Long Live Stanley and Stanford switch. Also is Shermy a girl or boy

*Of course the mother is a pathological liar, I would never expect anything less

*High 6!

*Nice to see that they were close even in high school, best friends twins together

*Why the hell did the principal call up Stanley if he just wanted Ford

*Oh no, is Lee going to ruin the experiment…yeah he did, but it was an accident. The family is horrible

*Mabel is saying what we are all thinking, PLEASE HUG!

*WOW, Lee’s life really does suck. It went horrible pretty quickly. I really wish he hadn’t been so stubborn

*Seems like fiddleford and Old Man Mcgucket have more in common that we though. Also, high points on that spit.

*Does anyone else really really want to know what Fiddleford saw, love the Bill mention, R.I.P Mystery Trio

*The beginning of Stanford’s insanity, “It started with a whisper”

*WOW, crossbow, I bet Lee peed his pants. Also, before I forget, it seems like both brothers took boxing

*NO NO NO, Lee got all his hopes up, but stupid Ford cares more about his stupid journal than the brother he hasn’t seen in a decade

*Fight! Fight! NO NO, YES YES. I have so many mixed feelings

*High five for the person that theorized the tattoo was a burn mark

*So now we know the story of the portal, and its all Lee’s fault

*Love seeing the start of the mystery shack and the Stan in the mirror as years pass. HE KEEPS A PICTURE OF SOOS!

*So are we ever going to see how Ford got the cool gun? No, ok. 

*And we were all worried about Dark Dipper

*Why the hell does Dipper keep the memory gun in his backpack? 

*Agent Power’s smile is oddly adorable. 

*Goodbye agents. Stupid to keep everything in only one USB. 

*Soos is us, going to talk all about it

*Yay, the Stans are teasing each other! They’re going to be close again! Oh what a fool I was seconds ago

*NO NO you’re brothers. MAke uP, I order you to mAKe UP! I’m depressed now. Look at Lee’s sad face, he was really hoping for happiness

*The sad part is that there is a high chance the twins are going to follow the footsteps of the original mystery duo

*I repeat, Soos is us, I pity poor Wendy and every single person who knows a GF fan

*end of episode…R.I.P me