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send me your girl group bias and i’ll make you a gif set
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the signs as a very potter musical quotes
  • aries: oh my gOD - hermione SHUT UP
  • taurus: you never tell a girl you like her, it makes you look like an idiot!
  • gemini: ten points to dumbledore!
  • cancer: NO WAY! i am NOT having schlongbottom as my champion!
  • leo: where are you going, ;(where are you going? i'm still mad and sad :(
  • virgo: eternal glory? already got that.
  • libra: wow !!! wowee !! harry potter !!!!!
  • scorpio: did your turban just sneeze?
  • sagittarius: no, no, that was merely a fart
  • aquarius: well i dont FIND this particularly surprising
  • pisces: hey Cho!! cho hey dance with me - i'm harry potter.

you know when you remember that old otp of yours and you suddenly get a bunch of feels and it ruins your life?
well it’s kinda one of those days so take this as i go cry under my bed for two hours

Some Branch/Poppy Fluff

*film spoilers kinda*

This might be the first bit of fanfiction I’ve done in… years. Wow. I hope you guys enjoy it! Feel free to comment/critique/reblog/whatever. :)

If you prefer to red on A03, you can find the link here.

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Alright, so let’s ramble — it’s approaching the one year mark of this blog (jan 17th to be exact) and it’s the new year, so I figured I would group it all into one long post. Like I’ve said over the last few days, this is has been one of the best writing and rping experiences I’ve had. This community, and the people I’ve met, have truly made my year a better one, and I am so so grateful I can’t even begin to say that enough. Ahsoka is my baby, and I feel that she has grown to be apart of me and I could never give her up. This is the longest I’ve kept a blog up (besides my few absences) and I am so proud of that, and can’t wait for another year with her. But, first, I am going to shine some light on the people that I love, which will be below the cut because long gushing here. 

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i really like the idea of mob and teru having a sleep over and eventually just…run out of things to say/do. it’s really late at night but neither one of them is tired or even wants to sleep. 

and like teru looks over at mob’s 3ds and he’s like oh ! what games do you have ? and mob says he’s got pokemon and like…teru hasn’t played pokemon in years so he’s like “okay pop it in and let me watch you play”

and so mob grabs his pink lil’ 3ds and starts playing pkmn sun (ritsu has moon) and as time goes on teru wraps himself around mob and watches him play from over his shoulder (”it’s easier to watch you play this way”) and mob talks about what he’s done for a bit and teru asks stuff about the captains and mob’s team and mob shows teru he named his rowlet after him (teru almost cries)

they’re like that for a while, mob getting a little excited just talking about the game and teru congratulating him when he catches a pokemon or beats a captain. eventually mob’s 3ds starts dying but by that point they’re both tired enough to go to bed

More Cross - Cross Questions!

Seeing as the first set were so insanely popular, I decided to make a second batch! Remember, try and see if you can tag some new people - this is a good way to find some other Crosses and make friends! wow that sounds cheesy okay ignore me

1) Which Cross would your Cross try to convince to wear a dress?

2) Which Cross would your Cross want to snuggle with by a warm fire when it’s cold out?

3) Which Cross would your Cross find extremely funny?

4) Which Cross would your Cross end up not liking? And for what reasons?

5) Which Cross would your Cross dress like for a day? (Bonus: try drawing or screenshotting or writing about the results!)

6) Which Cross would your Cross want to be their first kiss? What would happen? (Disregarding canon ships and such ~)

7) Which Cross would your Cross protect with their life?

8) Which Cross’s personality would be most compatible with your own Cross? Would it be opposites attract, or like minds? How would they work as a team, or just interact in general?

do you ever just do something ridiculously neurodivergent, and you’re very suddenly struck with the thought of, “wow, i am… so not neurotypical.”


I always post selfies of me with makeup on and my hair done (even if it’s just thrown back) so I felt like posting one where I’m at my most vulnerable which is right after a shower. I’ve always hated the way I looked after a shower but you know what? I’m fuckin adorable and I’m owning it. This has been a post about self love thank you for reading


Could’ve come up with a better name but I’m sticking with that. haha I’m actually really proud of this edit. It came out a lot nicer than I expected. In my editing program, the quality looked a bit crappier but I still had intentions of posting it but wow. My editing thing sure fooled me. I don’t even know what inspired me to make this. I just pulled up a picture of Jack and started doing shit. ahaha 

Okay so that’s all for tonight’s spam. Heading back to what-is-this-i-dont-even for the rest of the night.

Be ready for stuff like tonight though.

Spam follows.

Spam posts until my favorites tag is done.

I’m sorry, but this is what I want to do before I switch fully. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

One thing that I’ve noticed while going through my favorites tag is that I’m no different. What I mean by this is that I always see other people’s blog’s content and say. Wow. They really have their “aesthetic” down. They really know what they’re into. I wish I had a blog like that.

I’m no different.


Back to my other one. 


i was tagged by gaby @tjlciseternal to post one selfie pre s3 and one of me now!! & WOW i feel really tiny rn but hey at least the last three years have been really really good to me in terms of Realizing Things abt myself. the first photo is from new years day 2014–  i hadn’t watched the show yet but all the social media hype about s3 is what made me aware of it in the first place ☺️☺️

thanks for tagging me gaby!! 💕 i dunno who’s done it yet but i’m tagging @shelock @cloudyjules @johnwatso @gaymollyhooper and @softholmes if you guys want to/haven’t yet, and anyone else who wants to~

When you try to like your notp so you dont seem otp-ist

“Ok let’s try to just look at the pictures ok?Maybe they look cute together”

“wow…..they….um…..look…something i guess”

*reading notp fanfics**they kiss*
Me:*shudders* ”NOW YOU SEE THAT’S SO UGH-”

tries to like notp pics but couldnt help thinking“how do people even ship them?”


what do you mean they look ‘so in love’ with each other?????

whisper’ wadafuk’ for the 191279319313089392382 times that day as I scroll down in my notp tag

*judging with a shipper friend when some notp shipper said their ship is the “realest “ *

*tries to be happy/fangirl over notp* *gives up cuz it’s not working*

*question life choices*

I’ve finally been arting regularly again for the first time in about 5 years. Ain’t that something.

I’ve also realised I’ve been living in denial. I don’t have 3 space wives, I have 4.
Been crushing on this wonderful alien cat captain since I was a kid, god damn. So I watched Treasure Planet and drew space wife #4


Commentary Tag

Tagged by the lovely @jinmeowie for fifteen tags that I’ve written. Honestly, this never ends well for me. LOL 

Rules: Pick a tag/thing you tag often and write down the 15 most recently associated tags (am doing my Prince Jinyoung tag)

1. he SAID he’d MAKE me HAPPY

2. boyfriend out here making all the other boyfriends look like mollusks


4. i can’t even think of tags like jinyoung just out here serving looks and we’re just smol peons

5. lmfaooo my smol timid mouse bae

6. WELCOME TO MY WORLD LET’S DO THIS no shave nonsense

7. throw a bucket of water on me someone I’m sweating


9. jinyoung best lawyer up because this look is KILLING ME

10. le dead

11. i just keep thinking: i don’t like strawberry milk, don’t you know what I like? in jb’s sassy voice 

12. just jinyoung doing jinyoung things aka taking my soul and leaving me smiling

13. jinyoung’s not pressed lmao

14. no, no, no, no - to quote zhang yixing

15. EXTRA?? who is extra what is extra I don’t know her

lmfaooo I think #15 about summed it up 😂 

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anonymous asked:

i think we have a real opportunity here with the riverdale show, it'd be a huge break for aspec people everywhere, and to educate people who don't know that or how we exist. but i think we have to make some noise. i love your iniciative, but i was wondering if you thought it'd be a good idea to start a hashtag? that way, we could gain traction! queer media outlets (or regular, teen vogue has been HUGE on asexual jughead) could even report about it. we could set a day this jan, a gmt time (cont)

Wow I need to not answer these on mobile. You know what you could also do hashtag wise, if you pick the premier day you can likely piggyback off the #Riverdale tag itself.