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Theo Raeken x Reader. So bright.

A/N : Here it iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis ! Since the first imagine I posted, I wanted to write one about Theo, so thank you for the request ! It doesn’t mean Theo is my favorite character since it’s Liam but I must admit that Theo became a character I appreciate after season 6a. And I loooooove Thiam ! I hope you’ll like this imagine even if Theo might be a little off character. PS : I only used one part ofthe  prompt 10 because I didn’t know how to put it, I forgot it when I wrote it, I’m so sorryyyy. PPS : I LOOOOOVE U GUYYYYYS !

Hi ! Can I have 16 & 10 with Theo please ? Anonymous.

16. “Even if nobody could stand us together, I don’t care and I would stay with you.“ "Why  ? ” “Because if I have to choose between you and the world, there’d be no choice. You are my world.”

10. “Like you care.” “I care about nothing in this world but you are my only exception.”

Word count : 3k

DISCLAIMER : Maybe a bit of swearing but nothing too bad.

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You were exhausted, the day had been particulary long. With the arriving of the Ghost Riders, Liam had the ‘fabulous’ idea of bringing Theo back. The thing was, you were absolutely against this plan.

The relationship between you and Theo has always be.. Pretty complicated. Sure, you found him attractive, but most people do. And you were more or less friend with him before you discovered his real face.

You were a part of Scott’s pack so you felt terrible when it happened. You felt betrayed. You didn’t trust easily but you did with Theo. And you shouldn’t have.

Even so.. Even so you were the only one of the pack he didn’t try to hurt or use. But you had to not think about that because in the end he was still mean and cruel and manipulative.

But you couldn’t forget the distress in his eyes when he was pulled down to hell by his sister. He was calling Scott name and when he saw that Scott wouldn’t do a thing he called yours. Only one time.

But his voice was broken and it was a chance you didn’t have time to do anything because you probably would have saved him. And you were glad you didn’t, that way it was simpler to detest him.

So when Liam brought this stupid idea you were trying without sucess to stop him.

"B-but.. Liam, listen two seconds.. Scott would not approve and I don’t and Mason neither and Hayden.. Everybody think it is the worst thing to do..”

You were shaking.. So, so terrified. It couldn’t happen. Not when you were trying so hard to forget the guilt to not have saved him, even so he was your ennemy. There were so many emotions who didn’t work together in your head and you couldn’t do a thing.

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Grenade // Jack Maynard

Word Count- 1725

Summary- You take a grenade for your best friend at a club, and the guy turns out to be okay.

A/n; I’ve been dying to write this ever since I saw the Grenade music video and never got around to it but I finally did and honestly it didn’t turn out as good as I’d hoped so I may delete it but for now I wanted to post something as I’ll be gone all weekend and won’t be able to post anything. I’ll try to get some writing done to post when I get back however. (Feel free to leave feedback!)

Requested; Yes. ( Can you please do a prompt for Jack I have no specific ideas 💞💖💙 @caitlan2003 )


Your friend, Y/F/N, slammed open your bedroom door in your shared flat with a bag of makeup and a curling/flat iron in her hands. “Get up, girl. We’re going out tonight!” Y/F/N said, pulling the sheets off of you, to which you groaned. “I don’t want to go tonight, Y/F/N.” You’d just caught your boyfriend cheating less than a week ago, and haven’t left your house since. You’d been in a relationship for 2 years, and you truly thought he was the one. Turned out that was a one-way thought.

Y/F/N frowned and pulled you up, grabbing your shoulders firmly and looking you dead in the eyes. “Y/N L/N, you are coming with me right now and we are going to doll you up, you’re going to feel beautiful and we’re going to party like our lives depend on it. You’re going to forget about that idiot who cheated and we’re going to do what we did before life got busy, we’re going to party ‘till the sun rises and have a great time!” She said, a dead serious look in her eyes you dared not defy. “Alright.” You muttered, smiling slightly and hugging your best friend.

For the next hour, your friend did your hair and makeup, and when she was done you were shocked. Of course you’d worn makeup before, but wow. You’d never think you’d look like this, it looked as though you came straight out of a movie screen. “Wow.” was all you could manage, alongside a huge smile. Y/F/N went into her room and came back with a dress you’d never seen before. “What’s that?” You asked, curiously.

The dress itself was stunning, exactly your size with perfect dealing, and it happened to be in your favorite colour. (You can imagine it how you wish, it’s supposed to be your dream party dress!) You were in love, you were sure. “Your outfit for tonight, of course!” She replied, rolling her eyes, as if it was obvious. Your eyes widened as you gazed up and down the dress, you were unsure. The dress you loved, no doubt, though even if you were confident with your makeup and hair, you weren’t sure you could pull it off.

“I don’t know, Y/F/N..” you said, hesitantly. “Just put it on!” Your friend whined, throwing you the dress and pushing you into the bathroom. You sighed and did as told, and exited the bathroom holding your breath, waiting for her to tell you to change. You heard her gasp and squeal. “Y/N! You look amazing!” She said, overly excited. You slid on some heels to match the dress.

Y/F/N pulled you over to the full length mirror, and you looked shyly into the mirror, your breath hitching in your throat. You looked good, really good. You felt confident, which is something you didn’t say often. It wasn’t that you weren’t happy with your looks, it was just you always felt dull compared to your friend, but tonight, you felt stunning. You turned and gave your friend another hug, and you two took a quick selfie, posting it to your Instagram. Just as it finished posting, your friend said the uber had arrived and you two drove off to the club.

You grimaced as you and your friend entered the building and were immediately sucked in by the crowd of sweaty bodies, blaring music and an intense smell of alcohol. You both managed to push your way to the bar, ordering your favorite drinks and sitting down at the bar stools. Y/F/N looked down the bar and saw two boys, both with bright blue eyes come in and call the bartender. “The usual!” The blonde one called, leaning against the bar. “You know what we like Jim.” Said the curly brunette, leaning up against the bar as well and smirking slightly. “It’s Dan.” The bartender said, walking away after giving them their drinks. The brunette frowned and cleared his throat awkwardly, making Y/F/N giggle. The boy and Y/F/N met eyes, and she gave a flirty smile and wave, to which the boy returned an awestruck look. It was quite cute, honestly.

She turned to you with pleading eyes, and an apologetic smile on her face. “I know tonight was supposed to be about you, but please, please will you to take this grenade for me.” You shook your head and smiled at her. “You so owe me for this, but of course I will.” you said, shoving her slightly. Her smile grew as she pulled you up off the stool and you both downed the rest of your drink, walking over to the two boys.

The brunette, Conor, you learned, introduced himself to Y/F/N and the two disappeared into the crowd of dancing, sweaty bodies. The other boy sat down with you, smiling a forced smile. “I’m Jack-” He started, but you put a hand up, silencing him.

“You are obviously taking a grenade for your friend,” “Brother.” He cut you off, smiling innocently. You rolled your eyes playfully and continued. “Fine, your brother. You don’t have to stay with me if you don’t want to, Jack. I won’t take my friend back. I know taking grenades aren’t exactly fun, so you can go ahead and I won’t interrupt them.” You said, smiling at Jack. He seemed to contemplate this, so you assumed he agreed, starting to walk away, but he grabbed your wrist, making you turn in question.

“What if I want to?” He challenged, a smirk crawling onto his face. You had to admit, he was quite attractive and you wouldn’t mind spending time with him, so you smiled and bit your lip. You had taken much worse grenades in the past, and decided you needed to get your mind off of your ex. “I wouldn’t stop you.” You replied, cheekily.

Jack grabbed your hand and pulled you to the bar, ordering and paying for your drink, you thanking him quickly before the two of you found an empty booth away from the dance floor. “So what is a lovely girl like you doing here tonight?” He asked, and you sighed. “Boyfriend cheated, but I’m over it.” You stated, unfazed. “Sorry to hear that.. Say, I never got your name, beautiful.” Jack said, making you pull a ‘really?’ face. You typically weren’t the flirty type, but you already felt more confident with your outfit and appearance tonight, and alcohol in your system, so you decided to play with him a bit.

“Thank you for the compliment, Jack. However, for my name, I think you need to earn it.” You answered, smiling innocently. “How so?” He asked, quirking an eyebrow. “Dance with me.” Jack smiled and grabbed your hand, guiding you out to the dancing crowd and placing his hands on your hips. You two danced to many different songs, singing along and swaying to the beat of the music, laughing and having a good time. You hadn’t had this much fun in years, and you missed it. At this point, you’d forgotten all about the reason you came tonight, and your ex didn’t cross your mind once more as the night progressed, your attention based fully on Jack.

After having danced for awhile, you both went for another drink. Conor and Y/F/N were long gone, she’d texted you saying they were going back to his to.. well, I think you can figure out what they were doing. You and Jack were simply enjoying each other’s company, and the night was spent chatting about random things, seeing as you were drunk and didn’t really have a filter. The time flew by, as did drinks, soon it was almost 3am and you were in no condition to walk home, let alone drive.

Jack, who withheld alcohol much easier than you, called for an uber to take you back to his flat. He’d get you home, but you could barely hold yourself up, in fact, you weren’t, Jack had his arm slung under yours to support you, and your words came out as mumbles that Jack couldn’t make out, the alcohol in your system making it difficult to focus on your words.

You two arrived at his flat, and he brought you straight to his bed. Jack helped you slip off your dress with looking as little as possible, he helped you into one of his shirts, which fell past your thighs. Jack helped you into his bed, pulling the covers over you gently. He left the room, coming back with a glass of water and some Advil, putting it on the bedside table with your phone, plugging it in as it was the same type as his phone.

He smiled and went to leave the room before you mumbled something incoherent. He turned and look questioning at you, to see your eyes fluttering shut, but you motioning for him to come closer. He did almost instantly, and you quietly mumbled. “Thank you, Jack. M’names Y/N. You earned it.”

Jack smiled, “Goodnight, Y/N.” He whispered, about to leave the room. “You don’t have to leave, you know.” You whispered, just loud enough for him to hear. He froze, looking back at you, nervously. “Are you sure?” He asked, hesitantly. “I can easily sleep on the couch.” “No, no it’s fine. I’m sure.” You yawned, patting the bed next to you. He climbed in next to you, his body stiff, until you turned to face him, smiling. “Goodnight Jack.” You said, looking into his baby blue eyes. He smiled back, and you felt yourself drifting off. Just as you were about to succumb to sleep, you faintly felt Jack place a light kiss to your forehead, making you smile and you fell into a very happy sleep.

Jack may have been a player, but wow, did you make him feel something he hadn’t felt in a long time. You may have just been out of a relationship, but you sure never felt that way with anyone else. You and Jack both reminded yourselves to thank Conor and Y/F/N, because you both knew that the other would mean much more to you than a one night grenade.

Roommates Pt 1

Short series, so there will be another chapter coming up. slightly mature. A lot of drama. Justin moves in with Y/N, it causes complications.

“Yeah, its no problem!”

“Thank you Y/N, i’m sorry for asking last minute, it’s just cause you’re living close by and i really didn’t know who to ask and you were the first person that came to min-

“It’s fine Jaz” I say again.

“Ok. I love you. I promise we’ll catch up later.”

“Yeah bye Jaz.”

I hang up the phone. I let out a well deserved sigh. When your best friend of nearly 10 years calls, whines and cries like a little 5 year old, asking desperately for a favour, you just can’t say no. Jazmyn’s younger brother suddenly needs a place to stay for a while because he ‘accidentally’ got kicked out by his roommates. I mean there had to be a good reason for you to get kicked out. I just hope he isn’t a handful to look after. I hope he isn’t that messy roommate who doesn’t pay rent, eats all the food and comes home at 3 in the morning. I really liked having a small home to myself and wasn’t really looking for a roommate just yet. But I guess I can’t really do anything now. I guess Justin could stay here for a while, just until he could get back on his feet. 

I’ve known Justin for 10 years as well. Justin, Jazmyn and I use to run around their house and play together when we were young, like I was the third sibling. But I haven’t seen him since he was 15. I really no idea if he had changed or not. I just hope that he hasn’t like they say he has. Apparently he was a massive playboy, an arrogant immature ‘jerk’. 

“Knock, knock.” 

A sudden knock at the door appears. I didn’t really expect a friend today, so I’m guessing it was Justin’s arrival. I quickly walk up to open the door. Wow he really did change. He was tall, muscular and his hair was a dirty blonde. He wasn’t the little floppy haired boy i remembered. 

“Hey Y/N” he says cheerfully. 

He had a backpack on and a duffle bag along with him and not to mention a huge smile on his face. 

“Wow, you look really different Y/N” He smiles cheekily at me. 

“I could say the same about you.” 

I giggly jump at him, wrapping my arms around his structured frame, with his left arm still holding onto his luggage. He really did grow up nicely. Well what did i expect, he’s 20 years old now, we all change overtime but this boy definitely changed a lot in the 5 year span. 

“Uhh, Y/N” he slightly coughs out. 

I didn’t realise how tight I was hugging him. I quickly jump back, ripping my body away from his. He still had his white sneakers on, his backpack on and heavy luggage in his hand. 

“Oh sorry. I’ll show you your room. Follow me.” 

I lead us to the spare room which is next to mine. 


I dramatically wave my arms towards pretty empty room. I mean it had a bed, closet, side table and a clear desk for him. Jazmyn had left this room last year and i haven’t had anyone stay here since so it was pretty new beside a few decorations she left behind. 

“I hope this is ok” I clutch my hands together tightly, nervous that he wouldn’t like it or something. 

“Uhh make yourself at home. you can change it if you want to. I don’t mind. It’s just that Jazmyn left all her fake cactus plants here because she didn’t want the vase to crack while moving the-“ 

“Y/N” he speaks, knocking me out of my rambling mess. 

I look up to meet his brown pupils. He looks back at me. I didn’t even realise how light his eyes were. He had such nice eyes. The colour was a perfect honey brown. His skin was even nicer. It was a perfect light tan, it was so smooth, not a blemish in sight. 

“Uhh…Y/N. I’ll just settle in now.” 

I snap of my eye candying.

I quickly look down to hide the warmth quickly approaching my face. Gosh what was I thinking. I quickly turn around and walk out the door a bit faster than normal. I smack myself mentally. He had been here for 5 minutes and you’ve already made him feel uncomfortable. Get yourself together! I march pass his room and to my room. Frankly still mad at my past actions. This was not how you greet your guests! I needed to find my wallet and phone. I had to meet my boyfriend at 12pm and only had 5 minutes left. I quickly rip off my pj’s and change. I kneel down to my bedside table, grabbing my belongings. 

“Justin! I’m going out for a while.” 

I call out his name in a hurry, slipping on my white converse shoes. I jump up and peck my head at his door, wondering if he had heard me. He was slumped on his bed, clicking on his phone. He peers up at me. 


“Ok, see ya, don’t hesitate to call me. I have to meet someone in 5 minutes or –else we could definitely hang out.” 

I quickly smile before rushing out the door.                                                                          

“Sorry.” I quickly apologize before slipping into the opposite seat from my boyfriend. 

“Seriously, Y/N. Why are you always late.” 

He narrows his eyes at me, disappointment written all over his face. 


“Stop saying sorry, you were like freaking 1 hour late. what the fuck were you even doing.” 

“Uh, I had to-“ 

“Whatever Y/N.” 

He waves his hand in front my my face, almost like shooing a fly away and rolls his eyes. He grips his drink and sips his coffee, ignoring me completely. 

“I said I’m sorry, ok?” 

I hated when Andrew was like this. He always would hold grudges over the smallest things. 

“Whatever. Ok Y/N. Just order something and we’ll go home.” He says emotionless, eyes not leaving his phone screen. 

Not being able to stand him anymore, I stand up and pace myself out of the shop. We were suppose to finally have a date, after weeks, he finally agreed to go out with me on a ‘date’ to ‘enjoy’ each other’s company for what felt like freaking 10 years. We had been together over 1 year now. Andrew was not like his the first months of dating but now he acts so harshly towards me, almost treating me like a stupid damn dog, even a dog would get better treatment. 

“C'mon! stop being a dramatic bitch and come here Y/N!” 

I spin my body around, fire igniting all over. We were standing outside a coffee shop and were going to have an argument again. This situation was so familiar. I did not want to put up with this again. I scoff at him and think about stupid we looked as a couple. I stomp into my car and drive back home, desperately needing to shut myself in my room, blast my music so loud until the neighbours make a complaint. 

I march into my house, slamming the door before slipping off my sneakers and walk to get a cold drink of juice. I grab the whole carton and take a big gulp. The cold beverage felt so relaxing. 

“Ughh” I sigh out loud appreciation. 

I see why this juice was slightly pricier than the others. It’s promised ‘refreshing’ taste was definitely refreshing. I spot Justin walking out of his room. 


“Hey Y/N. Did you just get back?” 

He walks towards the couch, plopping himself down. I take a seat on the kitchen stool. 

“Well, have you settled in fine?” 

“Yeah, I know where everything is. I didn’t know i get my own bathroom.”

 “Yeah, you do. It’s more convenient that it’s linked to your room right?” 

He stands up and re seats himself across the marbled counter top. He plops his hands under his face. His face was only a centimeter away from mine, his breathing warm, flattering against mine. 

“You look nice today.” He says casually. 

I wore a long sleeve crop and a cute skirt, nothing really special. 

“Were you on a date or..?” He speaks again. 

Wow his face was too close for my liking. I nervously inch away from him, a little scared i make a stupid mistake, especially when i was in this state. 

“Not really.” I say, ignoring the fact i was lying, I did not call that a ‘date’. 

The door flies open, revealing a Angry Andrew. 

“What is going on Y/N.” 

He quickly eyes between you two, eyes still blazing with fire from the earlier argument. He storms in and yells at you, totally ignoring the fact their was a guest in the room. 

“He’s my roommate. Jazmyn’s brother.” 

“When the fuck did you get a roommate?!” He raises his voice, angry at the fact you didn’t tell him. 

Well I’ve been trying to tell you, idiot. 

“Why didn’t you tell me! When did Jazmyn get a brother? Why didn’t you discuss this with me first?!” He continues to fire ridiculous questions at me. 

“I’ll just go..” Justin finally speaks, his voice reminding me he was still here. 

“ok, sorry for-“ I try to apologize for Andrew’s unwelcoming outburst. 

“Y/N. Come here. Now.” 

Andrew deathly eyes out his instruction, voice loud and serious, ignoring the fact I was trying to apologise to Justin, ignoring the fact we were not alone. He made me look so weak and pathetic. I hated this feeling. I felt like crawling under a rock at this point. Andrew was always demanding, angry and controlling. But he did not need to do this in front of Justin. 

“Fucking come here!” He yells even louder, his voice rising a hundred times more. I quickly stand up and walk towards him. He yanks my arm harshly, pulling me towards him. 

“Can we do this outside.” 


I drag him into my room, away from Justin. I shut the door before spinning on my heels. I didn’t know how to start this conversation suddenly, not really having any energy to keep up with him. 


“He’s Jazmyn’s brother, he’s in college. He just moved in this afternoon.” 

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Y/N you know I want to know what’s going on in your life!” 

He clutches my hands, bringing them together. I sigh softly, completely drained from fighting. 

“Don’t worry ok? I love you. Only you.” 

I wrap my arms around his waist, wanting to wrap this conversation up. 

“Sorry Y/N” He says as he wraps his arms around my neck. 

I mentally sigh. I prayed this wouldn’t happen again, even though i knew it would definitely happen again.

I finally reach home after a long day at work. Gosh my ankles hurt. I couldn’t wait till I take a warm shower and freaking sleep! I needed sleep! I open the door, slinging my bag onto the couch. I groan at the comfy couch beneath me. Maybe I shouldn’t have a shower and should just fall asleep now. 

Justin suddenly walks out of the shower with only a towel wrapped around his waist. He casually walks into the kitchen, completely unaware of Y/N coming home. 

I hear sudden footsteps. I see Justin freaking half naked, his bare structured torso glistening. He was too much. This was too much. Before I could escape, he spots me. 

“Oh hey Y/N.” 

I smile briefly at him. 

Keep your eyes up. Keep your eyes up. Be normal. I mean I’ve seen many guys half naked, i didn’t know why this was any different. 

“I just came back from the gym and decide to take a shower.” 

He lightly chuckles, reaching up to run his fingers through his damp hair. That was the last straw. I couldn’t take it anymore. I stand up completely. 

“Uhhh- I’ll just take a quick shower too.” 

I keep my head down, unable to look anywhere but the ground. I didn’t trust myself. I quickly pace myself to the shower.

“Can we catch a movie today?” 

“Y/N I’m busy today, how about tomorrow?” 

“You always say that.” 

“C’mon babe dont be like that. You know i’m busy at work. I promise tomorrow ok?” 


I hang up before mumbling a bye. I put on a random movie. After a while i was starting to get bored and cold. 

“Justin!” I yell for him from the living room. 

After a moment he stumbles out of his room, looking groggy. He wore a black hoodie and grey shorts. Wow he looked like a model even though he just woke up. Why did he even stay in school, he should’ve just went out and became a model. This kid. 

“Mhmm, what is it?” 

His voice rough and deep, making my insides jump a little. On the other hand he looked as if we wanted to drop dead, his eyes were barely open, his hair ruffled and messy. 

“Can you keep me company?” 

I really missed Andrew and he was never around. I haven’t seen him in nearly a week! I mean Justin and I did get closer the past week, even though i always went work and he was always at college or out with friends. I just secretly hoped I wasn’t pushing the boundaries right now or made him feel uncomfortable. Was I asking for too much? 


His facial expression were hard to make out, not really knowing what he was thinking. Did i seem desperate? 

He shuffles onto the couch and lays his head on my lap, completely closing his eyes instantly. I smile, grateful that he was willing to keep me company even though under all the circumstances. It was 1am and it was so cold. I slowly drift off to sleep, my mind flying away.

“What is happening here?!” 

Andrew’s loud voice knocks me out of my dream, his voice was loud it’ll probably knock a dead person alive from it’s grave. I get up from Justin and I’s position. First thing I do was obviously explain that it was not what it looked like. 

“Andrew, we were ju-” 


I hard fucking slap to my left cheek, so hard it made me stumble back a few steps. 

Tears instantly spill from my eyes. I tightly clutch onto the heated slap. It burned so bad. It not only burned but the embarrassment that came with it. I sparely glance my eyes at Justin. He looked just as surprised as I was. He was now definitely completely awake and aware of what just happened. I rush out of the door, grabbing my keys and running to my car. I’m over this. 

“Come back here!” I hear Andrew’s voice. I ignore it. I keep walking. I walk a little faster, not sparing a second to look back. 

“Y/N” Andrew grips my wrists and spins me around at once. 

“Look at me Y/N. How could you do this? Fucking explain cause i really want to know. W-was it him? Did he seduce you?” 

“Its over Andrew.” 


I don’t reply for a moment. I had no breath left. He repeats his question again, still not believing his ears. 

“You heard me.” 

He scoffs loudly at me. I turn away, out of his grip and continue to walk to my car. 

“You fucking bitch. I can’t believe you’ll cheat on me like this. Now you’re walk away from me?! Seriously? All because that stupid kid appeared in your house two weeks ago.” 

I ignore him, especially his last comment.

“Cheers to being single!” 

You raise your what felt like 100th shot in the air, clinking glasses with a few of your workmates. You gurgle the stinging liquid down your throat. Gosh this felt relaxing. You felt out of this world. You felt the sadness fade away completely.

“Another one!” 

After a couple more hours, everyone insisted we finish up. You hazily stumble your way to the car. After a hell of a car ride you walk to the door. You were so glad you didn’t get hit and extra glad you didn’t hit anyone. You pound repeatedly onto the door, being too lazy to find the key and open it yourself. 


You let my body clash against his, allowing your whole body weight to be supported by his. 

“Woah woah, slow down Y/N. Are you drunk?” 

He holds me up, examining you with a worried expression. You wore a tight black dress, done your hair and makeup, surely you looked nice. You confidently make a move. 

“Let’s have some fun today.” 

As seductively as you could, you touch down his chest through his white tee. You bite my lip in anticipation as you feel his muscles through the thin fabric. He really did get hot in the past five years. You glance down eagerly, wanting to see what was under these clothes already. You could hear his breathing getting heavy, which was a good sign to carry on. You slip your hands under his shirt, feeling his warm smooth skin. You could hear his breath hitch. You push him against the wall before dropping to your knees. He stands still, his breath unsteady and shaky. 


You palm him through his sweatpants. 


You peer your eyes up at him. 

“Please just stop this.” 

He grabs your wrists away from his hardening crotch. He was getting harder by the second, even by look at the sight of you being on your knees in front of him. He glances down at you, your eyes seductive as ever, hair blown out as ever and dress sexier than ever. Fuck, this was harder than he thought. 

“Does Justin not like me?” 

You pout your lips out. Justin scoffs mentally, you did not know how much he wanted you. 

“Just stop.” 

Justin almost begs you stop torturing him. You were drunk. He didn’t want you to make a mistake. He forcefully walks away with all the self control he had left and stomps to his room to take care of his now current problem.

You wake up to a pounding headache. Wow what even happened last night? Not a blink of what happened yesterday travels back. You slump out of bed. You glance down to notice you were still in yesterday’s dress. 

You sigh in disappointment. You remembered you went out to drink with your workmates, no wonder you had a nasty hangover. You wriggle out of your dress and take a fresh shower to clean off your dead body. 

Almost zombie like, you slump your way to the kitchen. You spot justin eating his colourful fruit loops. Justin takes another bite despite aware of your presence. He tries to ignore you. 

“Justin, morning.” 

You hazily greet him. 

Justin recognizes the fact you were so normal, your voice steady like usual. You didn’t remember yesterday. But Justin on the other hand remembered it all too clearly. 

“Y/N, do you remember yesterday?”

My Genius Idiot

Character: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,569

A/N: Hello! I hope you guys enjoy this Yoongi one-shot! 

- Admin Snow

I laid on the bed, finally being able to relax. It was pretty late in the night and all I wanted to do was sleep. Unfortunately, I couldn’t. I had promised Yoongi that I would wait for him tonight since the last few days our communication had only consisted of nothing but text messages and five-minute phone calls. The only time we had any physical contact was when he would come home, in the dead of the night, only to find me asleep. He would sleep next to me, not having the heart to wake me up, even though I had told him a million times that I wouldn’t mind. In the morning I’d be the one to wake up first, and knowing the fact that he doesn’t get enough sleep as it is, I don’t wake him either. After much thought and hundreds of text messages we came to a conclusion. That conclusion being where I am now, waiting for my boyfriend who would try and leave the studio a bit earlier than usual, while I try not to fall asleep. Damn, I should have passed by Starbucks on my way home to get myself a venti Frappuccino or even better, just taken a straight expresso shot. That would have definitely done the trick.

Sitting up, I grabbed the speaker remote from the bed side table and turned it on. Slipping my phone out from my hoodie pocket, I activated the Bluetooth and made sure it was connected with the speaker. I looked towards the speakers to watch them change from a deep red color to a light blue one. They were the nicest speakers I had ever seen. Yoongi bought them not too long ago; they probably cost him an arm and a leg too. Only the best for Mr. Music Producer, right?

I scrolled through my music library until I decided to just shuffle my playlist. It was a whole hour before I got a text message from Yoongi letting me know that he was on his way out of the studio and would be getting home soon. I replied to his text to reassure him that I planned to hold up my side of the bargain as well. Especially after I realized that he had gotten out a whole three hours earlier than his usual time. Don’t know how he did it but something tells me it involves his debit card, lamb skewers, and a happy, well-fed Bangtan and PDnim.

Just as I had heard the front door of the apartment open the song had changed from one of AKMU’s latest comeback songs to one of my other current favorites. Waiting patiently for Yoongi to walk into the room, I began singing along to the soft melody emitting from the speakers. Not even thirty seconds into the song Yoongi, in all his blonde and pale skinned glory, walked through the bedroom door with a lazy scowl on his features. I couldn’t help but feel my heart skip a beat at the sight of him.

Not even bothering to slip his shoes off, he threw himself on to the bed next to me, dark eyes closed. He let out a long sigh and pushed himself back more into the pillows against the headboard. I watch him for a few seconds in silence, the only sound in the room being the song still playing softly through the speakers. I knew he expected me to jump in to his arms and snuggle up to him, but for that same reason I didn’t do it. I was going to wait until he said something. Which didn’t take long.

Peeking open one of his eyes, he glanced towards me making eye contact for a second before he closed his eye again. Jerking his head to the side, he signaled me to get close to him. I laughed at his gesture and decided to play dumb.

“What? Got a kink in your neck? Did you sleep in your studio chair again? I told you that’s bad for you.” He let out a groan of frustration which caused me to force back a laugh.




“Stop what?”

“You know what.”

“Enlighten me Min Yoongi, because I have no idea what you mean.” Another frustrated groan. This time I didn’t hold back the laugh that bubbled up from inside. Deciding I had put him through enough, and not being able to hold myself back anymore, I crawled over to him and curled up under his extended arm placing my own arms around him.

“You’re annoying.” He sounded as he tightened his hold on me, pulling me as close as possible, leaning his head on top of my own. We stayed like that for a few seconds before I began humming to the song still playing. I’m guessing Yoongi hadn’t paid attention to the music playing until that moment. I felt his chest rise underneath me as he took in a breath before speaking.

“What is that?” Referring to what was currently playing from his speakers. At the question I perked up and turned over to look at him, wide smile across my lips.

“He is amazing! That is what he is! His name is Dean and he just released a new album not too long ago. He produces his own music and everything. He is so talented! This is actually one of my favorite songs from the album, it’s called D or Half Moon, whichever one you want to use it doesn’t matter, but the point is that his music is great!” I hadn’t realized I was running out of breath until I had finished my rambling. Instead of more questions about the artist like I had expected Yoongi to ask he looked at me with a scowl. Confused, I sat up and fully turned my body to him. He withdrew his arms from my body and placed them across his chest.

“What?” I asked him returning his slight glare, and mimicking his action of crossing his arms.

Wow! He’s so amazing! Because he’s the only one in the whole world who produces his own music. So talented!” The sarcasm dripping from his words was almost tangible. Realizing what was going on I fought the urge to smile. He was jealous. I hadn’t intended on making him jealous, I was honestly just excited about Dean’s newest album. I had planned on telling Yoongi to give it a listen but he was always busy so I never got the chance to, but I don’t think this would be the best time to tell him either, seeing as how he was still glaring at me.

“Yeah I know right? So talented!” I replied in my own sarcastic tone. His stare intensified, and frown deepened after he registered my words.

“Whatever. He’s not the only one who produces his own music.” Yoongi grumbled out and reached for his phone in his pocket and began scrolling through whatever it was he was now looking at. His action had made me feel a bit guilty. Yoongi tended to try and hide his emotions when he was upset, and his phone in his hand made it seem like he was shutting me out. Maybe I had gone a bit too far and knowing that this was supposed to be our time to enjoy each other’s company after such a long time without it I felt even worse. Coming up with a quick idea to get him back in a better mood I sat next to him on my side of the bed and snatched my own phone from the bedside table.

“Dean may be a great producer and all but there is one music producer that is my all-time favorite, aside from producing his own songs and being multi-talented, he is also really handsome.” I went on as I quickly scrolled through my music library. Yoongi didn’t say a word and continued to go through his phone. Finally finding the song I was looking for I tapped the title and waited for it to play through the speakers.

“This is one of my favorite songs he’s produced. I had it on replay for a whole week when it came out, no lie.” I glanced over at him and I could see him try and fight the smile forming on his lips as the beginning notes of Dead Leaves gently played through the bedroom.

“Isn’t it a great song?” I asked as I leaned over and placed my head on his shoulder. An ego boost just might work to get back on his good side, it was Yoongi after all, when don’t ego boosts work?

He let out a deep chuckle, locking his phone and placing it to the side. Reaching over, he put an arm around my shoulder.

“Of course it is. The producer is a genius.” He replied. “Min Suga. Genuis.” Cocky smirk now evident on his lips. I rolled my eyes at his self-proclaimed title, but smiling all the while.

“Such an idiot.” Laughing, he hugged me with both arms, placing a soft kiss on my forehead before leaning back to look into my eyes.

“But I’m your idiot.” I reached up and brushed his blonde bangs with my fingers, trailing my hand down to his cheek. I leaned up to gently place a kiss on his still smirking lips.

“Yeah, yeah, my genius idiot.”

Love/Hate Relationship SWAZZ IMAGINE - Requested

Thanks to @cleversaladangel for requesting, again sorry for the long ass wait
“Can you make an imagines where yn and swazz is act like they hatin each other but deep down they like each other and the ending the get together??”

“Yo Nate what is wrong with yn and swazz they always be arguing over dumb shit” Tez questioned. “Listen bruh I got no idea they always been like this from the moment they first met. I’m shocked yn ain’t throw them hands yet” Nate laughed to himself imagining yourself and swazz having a fight. Kyle strolled in overhearing the conversation “secretly they just wanna fuck each other you know that right” he sat himself on the side, blunt in hand. “man get outta here with ur burnt ass they ain’t gone fuck they don’t like each other” Nate takes the blunt out of Kyle’s hand “I thought you only smoked papers” Kyle retaliated “yeah well today i’m a blunt kind of man” Nate exhales.

“John will you please give me back my fucking phone I ain’t got time to be playing these games” you half growled through your lips. “ I don’t have the fucking phone yn chill why you always starting some shit I swear I can’t stand you… and don’t call me that” your face scrunched up in confusion “I called you by your name? The fuck you want me to call you” you rolled your eyes, exiting john’s company before things got out of hand. “No one calls me that my names Swazz” he snaps.

After finding your phone in the back yard with Kyle’s help, you were ready to leave. You felt guilty for blaming John… Swazz earlier but honestly, it’s nothing he hasn’t done before so he can’t blame you for thinking it was him who took and hid your phone. To other people looking in, it might look like you were being petty but all the little things that he does really irritates you, and he probably feels the same way. You can’t deny the fact though, you are slightly attracted to him.

“Yo yn, are you coming back later for the lil get together thing or” Tez runs up to you before you can exit the house. “I’m not sure, maybe I don’t know i’ll call you later or something”  you’re now on your way home.

You sat with your back against the headboard, legs stretched out and laptop positioned on your legs with Netflix on, watching your favourite tv show from the beginning for the 5th time. Your phone begins to ring, Tez’s name slapped across the screen. You look up to the clock that’s above your bedroom door. 9.45pm. Yeah, he’s calling to ask if you’re on your way. “yn where are you man, you didn’t call, i thought you were gonna come, I need you to be my beer pong partner, can’t keep up this winning streak without you” Tez was clearly intoxicated. “uhhhhh I really don’t feel like coming, i’m sorry make sure u keep up that streak tho or i’ll have to beat yo ass” you laugh, Tez understands you won’t be making an appearance and you say your goodbyes.

About half an hour into the next episode you sigh to yourself “fuck it”. You got up and got ready, you might have gotten a bit “too” ready for just a little get together but who cares, Swazz was there and you wanted him to want you like you secretly wanted him. You decided to call an uber because you couldn’t be bothered to drive there.

On the way there you watched a couple snaps from the boys to see that they had invited a bunch of other girls who were all drunk and acting fools. None of the girls were familiar to you so they were obviously randoms someone had invited to “party”. You locked your phone and put it back in your pocket before pulling out the bottle of henny you grabbed off your bedside table before leaving. You throw your head and the bottle back in unison not expecting the car to go over a bump “shit” you wipe the excess liquid away from the corners of your mouth and off your chest. “No chaser” the uber driver laughs “nah i’m a big girl, no chasers needed” you put the bottle back in your bag. “ok little lady we’re here” you exit the car and thank the driver.

You give yourself a quick checkover before knocking on the door, hopefully someone will hear it over the loud ass music. “uhh hi….” a tall brunette girl stood in the doorway she looked as confused by you as you did her. “Hi… are you gonna like move out the way so i can get in or-” you spoke. You were already pissed off and you haven’t even stepped foot in the house. “wow ok you don’t have to be rude were you even invited” Just as you went to set the girl straight Skeez ran up to the door, he obviously noticed the expression on your face and knew it couldn’t be good. “yn! You came. All the boys thought you were staying home” you could see the girl felt dumb now realizing you were close with the boys, she walked towards the kitchen, towards John. He grabbed her by the waist and pulled his phone out, probably snapchatting with her. You could see she was really into him but even with his hand around her waist you could see in his eyes he wasn’t really feeling her. You were brought back to reality by skeez “yn? yn? shit i want what you’re on you just zoned out for a good minute” you pull the hennessey out of your bag and pushed it into skeez chest “enjoy” you smile before walking off into the living room.

You make your way over to the sofa and sit down next to Nate who has a spliff hanging from the corner of his mouth and an xbox controller in his hands, he’s too engrossed in the game to even notice your presence. “playing 2k at a party? Wow how Nate of you” Nate chuckles lightly “thought you weren’t coming” he doesn’t break concentration from the game. “yeah I wasn’t but i changed my mind and now i’m here” although you were talking to Nate your eyes were drawn to the kitchen, to swazz. Nate hums before answering “anyone in particular made you change your mind” your eyes flick back to Nate “what’s that suppose to mean” he gives a little smirk “nothing”.

You were too busy in conversation to notice swazz had occupied the last free space next to you. He coughs under his breath to grab your attention but it fails. “yn” you hear him say quietly. You look around to see Swazz sat beside you with a bottle in his hand and blunt in his mouth, thankfully the brunette is no longer attached to his hip. “hey Joh- I mean Swazz” you smile, with a hint of sarcasm. “You can call me John I was just pissed earlier I didn’t take your ph-” you cut off his sentence. “I know sorry I just assumed you know cause…” he smiles before looking towards the floor “yeah I know” he drinks from the bottle. “so who’s your friend” you nod your head in the direction of the brunette who you nearly knocked out earlier. Swazz raises his head to see who you were talking about “Anna, she ain’t no friend” he scoffs. “good cause she’s a bitch, she tried to not let me-” the first decent conversation you were about to have with Swazz came to an abrupt end as ‘Anna’ came running towards you both. “here we go” you adjust yourself so you’re in a position to defend yourself if need be. Swazz just laughs at your actions. “Swaaaaaaaaaaaazz baby” Anna jumps onto John’s lap “baby what are you doing i’m so drunk why are you over here” Anna looks in your direction “Sorry about earlier I just thought well I don’t know Sorry” her apology doesn’t sound sincere at all. “its cool” you take the bottle from Swazz and drink from it. “Ew germs” Anna laughs “what did you just say” You can see in Swazzs face that he is somewhat turned on by the aggression in your voice. “I don’t mind catching germs from yn thank you very much” Swazz takes the bottle back from you and takes a swig. He wipes his mouth before gesturing Anna to get off his lap, she does so and walks off before giving you the side eye. “come outside its hella hot in here” you follow Swazz into the backyard.

The lights from the tennis court illuminates both of your faces, you can both feel the sexual tension and trust me there is a lot of it. “who would’ve thought we’d be in this situation” he says softly. You raise your eyebrows at him “and what kind of situation is that huh?” you know exactly what he meant but you needed to hear it from his mouth. He pulls you closer and you can feel his breath on your face. “this situation” he leaves one kiss on your lips and then slowly pulls away. You look Swazz in the eyes, they were filled with lust just like your own. “I hate you, I cant be kissing you” you whisper

“You don’t hate me”

“Yes I do, and you hate me too”

“Nah yn lets be truthful now I think this whole thing is based on the opposite of hate”

You blush and smile at the same time, even though he didn’t outright say the L word, its  what you’ve wanted to hear this whole time. “so does this mean I can call you John now” you burst into laughter “yn you think you’re so funny don’t you” he pulls you even closer by your waist, then rests the palm of his hand on your back whilst leaving kisses on your lips. “you look good tonight” he manages to say between kisses. You turn each little kiss into a full blown make out session “you too John”

“yooooo Burnt ass over there was right” Tez calls for Nate to come look out the kitchen window “man are you seeing what I’m seeing” Nates face lights up, proud of his brother. “Damn Swazz got the juice” Kyle then walks in “told ya so” he does a little dance, clearly happy that his prediction was correct “Damn Corey I knew your sister could tell the future didn’t know you could too” Nate Jokes, punching Kyle in the arm. “they fo sure about to fuck” Kyle laughs.