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SF9 Reaction ft. PENTAGON: Idol crush being with them on a show for a whole season

A new variety show gathers idols from different groups to stay at a ‘Healing House’, a place for the (mostly) rookie idols get to know each other more for a month. A new show that seems crazy, but is packed with fun and rare interactions.

Inseong: He’d try to play it cool, act like everything would be okay. Really, he’d be such a small bean, being nervous about what to say and what to do in front of his crush. He’d get so worked up but then once he sees her, he’s completely lost it inside. When she greets him, he’ll be a bit flustered and would shyly bow while freaking out inside, not saying anything and just waving a bit. When she leaves, he’ll be dying inside; sulking to Jinho.

“I just made a complete fool of myself~”

Youngbin: He’d be so surprised and would mentally get himself prepared to meet you. He wouldn’t realize how nervous he really was until he actually sees his crush on the set of the show and he’d start mentally breaking down while greeting her, forgetting about his “mental preparation”. When she’s out of earshot, he’ll whisper to Hui.

“How was that?”

“Could’ve done better. She’ll like you, though.”

Jaeyoon: He’d be so thrilled. Seeing his celebrity crush in real life is his dream, and being on a show with his crush for a whole entire season where he and his crush get to know each other more is what makes him so excited. He gets to see his crush every day. When his crush greets him, he happily greets back with a cute smile, making sure she saw it. He’d turn to Hongseok.

“Did you just see that? Did you?”

“Yeah, I saw what happened.” *insert smirk* “But you never know, I could come in and swoop her off of her feet.”


Dawon: He’d be just like Jaeyoon, but even more excited. He’d be so thrilled and would brag about it. On the set, when he finally greets his crush, he’d crack a few jokes to make her laugh. He’d be so so happy to see his crush laughing at his humor. He’d swiftly ask for her number and things continue from there. Then, he’d hold his hand out to Hyojong (E’Dawn), who hands him five dollars.

“Told you I’d get to her first.”

Zuho: It would take a few moments for him to process it all. He seems like he wouldn’t freak out too much, but he’d be a bit nervous on the day it comes to filming. When greeting her, he’d bow and do a formal greeting while his crush insists not to speak like that and to speak casually. He’d just nod and she would smile while saying bye to go and get her make-up touched up. Yuto would look at him. 

(ignore caption) “Wow, even I could have done better.”

“You know what, we have another month, Yuto.”

Rowoon: Rowoon would be so freaking shy and embarrassed just thinking about it, but throughout the time from when he found out to when he finally shoots the show, he would be confident in wooing his crush’s’ heart. He’s on the show with Shinwon, who tells him he’ll woo her heart first. She greets Shinwon first, but when she gets to Rowoon, he smile his charming smile and greets her sweetly, telling her how pretty she looks. She’d become flustered and blush while thanking him and walking away to start filming. He’d look at Shinwon triumphantly. 

“I won her heart~”

“For now.”

Taeyang: Sunshine would be a bright boy. He’d be excited but wouldn’t show it much. When the day came to meet you, he’d try to stay cool. He’d make sure to see where his crush is, admiring her from afar. If she comes over to greet him, he’ll dart his eyes away and mentally prepare himself about what to say, what to do, etc. Once she greets him, he’ll be all smiley and cute unintentionally, and then she would greet YeoOne, then leave. 

“We made eye contact with each other.”

“Nice job, Taeyang.”

Hwiyoung: A cute little fluffball. He’d be so embarrassed, not knowing what to do. He would ask his hyungs for advice, getting teased in turn and getting some hopeful advice from Rowoon, Jaeyoon, Inseong, and Youngbin. When going to shoot the episodes, he’d get shy and aware of his surroundings to see if his crush was around. When she comes to greet him and his show partner, Wooseok, she’ll smile sweetly and Hwiyoung would greet her and tell her how much he admired her. She’d thank him and tell him he was cute, running off to her show partners as Wooseok chuckled.

“I think she likes you.”

“I… I think so, too.”

Chani: Like Hwiyoung, he’d be embarrassed, except he’d be able to handle it a bit better. He’d be fine without advice, but would get it anyways. Youngbin would pester him about how to act. At the filming, Chani would only be a little nervous. He’d take a few glances at her, wondering what she was doing. If he found her looking at him, he’d just innocently smile and wave and she would let out a laugh while waving back. If she came to greet him, he would smile and greet her back. When he looks at Kino, though, he loses it and starts talking about you whenever you’re out of earshot, fanboying like a little boy he is. 


“I saw, I saw.”

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How about I explain why I hate John Lennon?

  1. He wasn’t deserving of Cynthia. He disrespected her, hit her (I know it was only once but once is more than enough) and he was incredibly possessive. He told Cynthia how to act and dress and he wouldn’t let her talk to another guy. Meanwhile when he’s in Hamburg he acts like the world’s biggest hypocrite and sleeps with other girls.
  2. He was abelist. He mocked the physically disabled as a fucking joke. And don’t give me any of that ‘it was different back then’ shit, his friends and peers told him it was bad too.
  3. He cheated on Cynthia with Yoko and when the divorce was filed he tried to make Cynthia out to be the bad guy when all she ever did was care for their son Julian and be a supportive wife.
  4. Oh yeah, Julian. John neglected Julian and barely spent any time with him and when he did he would lash out for the smallest things. When John and Yoko married, Julian saw even less of John. He virtually grew up without a dad. And when Yoko had Sean, guess who John paid attention to? If you guessed Sean then you were right.
  5. All of that peace stuff he did with Yoko? Yeah it was nice and all and his heart was in the right place but come on, he was John Lennon, he was one of the most famous men in the world, people worshiped him. So when he decides to take a stand, he does it in bed with Yoko in luxury hotels. Wow. What a sacrifice John! Such a statement! No one else could do any better than you!
  6. Bonus quote from Julian: “Dad could talk about peace and love out loud to the world, but he could never show it to the people who supposedly meant the most to him: his wife and son. How can you talk about peace and love and have a family in bits and pieces - no communication, adultery, divorce? You can’t do it, not if you’re being true and honest with yourself.”

and that is why I don’t like John Lennon

Good things to say during sex (Gordon Ramsay edition)

  • “C'mere, big boy…”
  • “It’s RAW!”
  • “What is this…”
  • “Wow…”
  • “My gran could do better! And she’s dead!”
  • “Gently, gently, gently, gently…”
  • “Make love to it, don’t f*ck it!”
  • “So sorry about the old bag.”
  • “Forecast for tomorrow: 100% chance of tears.”
  • “How about a thank you, you miserable wee bitch.”
  • “Long live the power of women.”
  • “You f*cking donkey!”
Show Me!-Nate Maloley Imagine(Smutty)

“Nate where are you?” “Through here oh hey baby” “can you help me bring my shopping in” “yeah sure what did you get” “more clothes and makeup” “baby you have a problem” “no I don’t Nate shut up if you can smoke weed I can go shopping often and plus it’s for my haul video” “alright babe I was only joking” Nate gets up and slaps my ass “c'mon baby lets go” we walk to the car and he opens the boot “ohh babe is that a Victoria Secret Bag?” Whilst raising his eyebrow “yes, I needed some more underwear” “Oh can you show me them” “yeah of course but just carry those bags in” Nate takes all the bags he could carry and leaves me with the two Victoria Secret bags and runs in the house and up the stairs he was so excited, I guess I kinda did spend a lot today as I realised at how many bags he had oh well.

I walk up stairs and their was Nate laying on the bed ready for me to try them on “wow someone’s excited” “seeing my sexy girl in new lingerie what could be better” “alright baby let me go and get changed” I pressed my lips against his and walked into the ensuite and closed the door behind me, I decided to show him a lace red bra and matching panties first as I knew he loved red on me I go to open the door when I see Nate standing right be it “damn lil mama you look so hot” Nate wraps his hands around me and his hands trail down and squeeze my bum his lips connect with my neck “Nate” “mmmm baby” “I don’t think it’s fair that your fully clothed”

 Nate looks at me “mm I don’t think so either go ahead lil mama” I pull his shirt over his head and lean and hover my lips over his neck to tease him “baby don’t tease me” I firmly push my lips against his neck and Nate moans his hands move to his belt but i stop him, I push my hands into is jeans and he jumps a little “woah Nate we had sex not that long ago” “I know but your so sexy lil mama” I unbuckle his belt and he turns me around and slowly pushes my onto the bed hovering over me, I flip him over and slowly pull down his jeans “babe hurry up” Nate chuckles he pulls me back on him and slaps my ass “Nate that hurt” “I’m trying to be sexy lil mama” “you are sexy” he flips me over and moves his lips down my body leaving hickeys all done my stomach and hips going down to my already soaked underwear “wow baby you really want me huh” “mhmhmh” he pulls down my pants and pulls his off and lines himself up and plunges into me he starts of slow but then begins to pump harder and faster he flips both of us over so I’m on top and I sit on him and he try’s to pull me faster as I feel him twitch inside of me he tries to pull out before he cums but he gets it all over my stomach “sorry baby your just so good and it’s kinda hot” “I wipe it of with my fingers and bring them to my mouth and suck them clean "is that good baby” “mhmhmh that pineapple diet is good” “hahaha I love you” “I love you too”

 "let’s cuddle lil mama" “I can’t baby I have to edit my video” “okay but you can still cuddle me” “fine just let me put on some underwear and get my laptop” as I get up he slaps my bum “again Nate really” “I just really love your bum” I get changed come back and sit on his lap while I edit and he plays with my hair.

  • My tarot cards every day: hey maybe get a job or do something with your lazy self instead of daydreaming all the goddamn time
  • My spacey Pisces ass every day: wow what could this mean. better just light some incense and stare at nothing for hours again

I don’t even know what that is and I should not post this, but let’s name it a… Jaspar work-out themed compilation

Caspar: You’re a slut

Joe: He’s training me well

Okay, let’s talk more about training and work out

Caspar: We work out together, by the way 


Caspar: And I dream about it, and I dream about Joe, and about how we could be… sweating together 







???: WOAAAAH!! This is really beautiful? Wow! This is a great plan, Pachi~

Pachi: Thanks! What could be better than having it start like this? Isn’t it nice to fall down the grass and watching the beautiful fireworks up in the sky? Well, enjoy the new years, everyone~!! I feel this is going to be great!

???: Happy new year too, Pachi!

((Basically, this is the whole story for this post~ Have a great year, everyone~~!!!))