wow what am i doing

what i should do right now: study for a few tests, write a couple of assignments, make a hundred presentations, practice public speaking, exercise, get a good night’s sleep, make art, write for fun

what i’m doing: everything else except the things i should do


“Don’t trap me inside walls
Where I can’t see, no
If you won’t have me, then let me go”


Every MareCal Moment in King’s Cage
⇀ the epilogue part 1 / ??

Because it is a choice. He need only say no. Or yes. One word holds both our fates. Choose me. Choose the dawn. He didn’t before. He has to now. 

i don’t even know how to comprehend that something I created has been seen by so many people – like holy damn. HOLY DAMN.

House of Memories

Summary- 2016 is finally over and Dan remembers a few of the good and bad times he’s had with Phil over the years. 

Genre- Fluff/Angst

Warnings- None

Word Count- 2,393

A/N- Again I listened to a song and thought hey why not turn this into something. I kinda want to create a part two to this but eh. 

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“It’s finally here, the end of 2016.” I whisper to myself as I look over at Phil. The smile on his face is somehow brighter than the fireworks exploding in the sky, but not surprising either.

“Dan!” Phil screams out of nowhere, causing me to jump.

“Wha-” He cuts me off by placing a warm kiss to my lips. His arms snake around my neck, my arms make their way around his waist pulling him closer to me. It’s nothing heated or desperate either. Just calm and loving, us enjoying the other being here.

Phil pulls away looking at me smiling, that cheeky smile when he knows he got what he wanted. “You could have just asked you damn spork.”

“I like my way better, Danny.” He teases, laying his head on my chest. “Besides, don’t you remember our first kiss?”

“How could I ever forget? You tackled me in your room.”

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The only pillars of light in an otherwise dark and grim game.

qmnc  asked:

Get me + sambucky please! (I wanted to ask for break me but I was afraid you'd... break me so)

Oh but my friend you picked the next best thing >:)))) (I’ll be nice though, I promise)

Get me: one character saves another (which I’ve interpreted rather loosely lmao)
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“So let me get this straight - you want me to pretend to be your boyfriend to make your ex-boyfriend jealous?”

Bucky rolls his eyes. “Not… jealous. Just - who invites their ex to their wedding with the person they cheated on them with, huh?”

Sam looks Bucky up and down and says, “Who actually responds and says yes?”

Waving a hand through that comment, Bucky says, “I just want him to know he hasn’t broken me and that I’ve moved on to bigger and better fish.”

“You sayin’ I’m a catch?”

“No, but you are fishing.”

Sam sticks out his tongue. “Fine, let’s say i do this for you. What’s in it for me?”

“You mean besides getting to see me in a tux?” When Sam swats his arm he laughs and says, “There’s an open bar, dinner is free, and you’ll be helping your best friend fulfill his long time dream of sticking one to his ex.”

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Adore Derek Hale (Feliz Navidad)
Adore Derek Hale (Feliz Navidad)

Merry Christmas to all sterekers!

Adore Derek Hale (2x)
Adore Derek Hale and leave him happy, with a wagging tail.
We want to wish him a merry Christmas (2x)
We want to wish him a merry Christmas from inside our fandom heart.

You’re completely done with your normal life when you reached the point where you sing dadadada and dodododo while holding your nose because you need more voices for your feliz navidad cover that turned out as a Derek Hale anthem