wow what a gross little shit

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"anyway islam still seems a mysoginist and homophobic religion" lmao this anon is so wild!!!! they're so racist, islamophobic, and gross??? being racist or islamophobic is just as bad as being homophobic or misogynist lmao. it's also funny, how they talk shit about your faith yet they're too much of a coward to come off anon to talk shit?? wow, these ignorant children on tumblr sure are wild!!! i literally feel so embarrassed for them, like what is it like to live with such an ignorant mindset??

ignorant little children OH MY GOD MIKAH!!!! 

honestly do these people not have ………. hobbies? tv shows to catch up on? music to listen to? why they so pressed lmao. 

(day two (17th) art school AU
Lapis procrastinates, but is also a sweetie



“Good evening to you too Lazuli. How was your day?” Peridot walked in on her roommate/girlfriend surrounded by a bunch of everything. It was obvious she was trying to create… something.

“Shut up. I have to make a sculpture in 10 hours.”

“That’s some time. As long as you don’t sleep.”

“Yeah. I don’t plan to. And it’s not enough time.”

“Well, what’s the assignment?”

“Something that reminds you of your past. For some reason, I can’t think of a God damn thing that has ever happened to me.”

“Hm. And when was this assignment assigned?”

“Peridot, you know me. Whether this was assigned 2 weeks ago or 2 years ago, I’d still be starting it now.”

“So, 2 weeks ago?”

“Yeah. Now either shut up or help me.”

Peridot sighed and sat down next to Lapis “Well, what’s happened in your life?”

“Nothing. That’s the problem.”

“Um… What about being accepted into this school?”

“Ew. I’ll look like a kiss up. And like 10 other students are doing that.”

“Past relationships?”

“I have too much junk of Jasper inspired art. It’s starting to get me down whenever I look at my portfolio.”

“What about current relationships? I’m sure a certain green clad genius wouldn’t mind being the star of your art every once in awhile.” Peridot’s grin was sickening.

“Nah. It’s hard to do details on something so small.” Lapis knew she deserved the punch in the arm.

“Do you even have time to make details?”

“True. Ok. I think I got something. Thanks.” With a quick peck on the cheek, Lapis started going to work.

Peridot knew it was best to leave her to her art, so she got up and started doing her own homework on her own bed, then fell asleep after a few hours.

Peridot awoke to a “Aha! Finished! Oh shit. Sorry Dot.” just as the sun was starting to rise.

“No. No. It’s fine.” Peridot rubbed the sleep out of her eyes, and reached for her glasses on the night stand. “Can I see it?”

“Uh… Yeah. Go ahead.” Lapis turned her little sculpture so Peridot could see.

Despite what Lapis had said the night before, the details were amazing. Peridot had to make sure Lapis hadn’t just shrunk her. “Wow Laz. Is that our first kiss?”
“I know, I know. It’s mushy and gross. But you know how weak Mrs. Quartz is for mushy and gross.”

Peridot tried to listen to her girlfriend. But she was so transfixed. Lapis remembered everything. From what they were wearing, to where they were. The back of a small bistro downtown. She had even added the cigarette butt near their feet that Peridot was complaining about right before Lapis had kissed her. And the flower Peridot had to save from Lapis accidentally stepping on. “Wow Laz. You remembered everything.”

“Well, it was only a few months ago. And it’s like important and junk. And… Yeah. Now shove over. I can probably still get about an hour of sleep, and it’s drying on my bed.”

Peridot took her glasses back off and gave Lapis as much room as she could on a twin bed.

Lapis crawled in and wrapped her arms around Peridot. “I was right.”

“About what?”

“It’s hard to do details on something so small.”

“Oh shut up and go to sleep.”

(Anon I read this as dairy for so long I can’t even explain. :/ idk why but it took me forever to realize it said DIARY. lol. It is very VERY fluffy, so enjoy!)

“Hey you want something to drink?”
Aomine looked up from his magazine at his boyfriend, his eyes sleepy, “Ah yeah. Sure. Thanks.”
After watching the redhead nod and leave the room, the blue haired boy tossed the magazine aside and turned on his side. It had been a boring day even as he had been with Kagami. It had started pouring before either of them had woken, the rain ruining their day of basketball and eating out. Both hadn’t had the energy to even get out of bed, so they hadn’t. Kagami had been doing some homework, because according to him if he failed another test Kuroko was going to ignite pass him into an early death, and Aomine had been flipping through various magazines.
Yawning, the blue haired boy looked over the side of the bed, his cheek smushed against the sheets. He was eyeing which book to grab next when he saw a worn black cover sticking out from under the bed. Quickly snatching it up, he held it over his face and opened it to the first page, noticing it was Kagami’s handwriting inside.

Went to a new school today. Seirin High. Don’t know if it’s good or not, but I hope they have some sort of basketball team. Wish there was someone who could play one on one with me like back home. Too bad Tatsuya isn’t here.

Blue eyes widened as he realized what exactly was in his possession. Grinning, Aomine flipped to the next page.

Met a guy named Kuroko. He’s on my team. Very strange and quiet. Doesn’t feel like much but still seems there is something. Maybe he could be a challenger for me. Also heard of a group called the Generation of Miracles? Sounds stupid but hopefully they have some skilled players.

Aomine snorted at the idea of Kuroko being a challenger for Kagami and then chuckled at the redhead’s initial opinion of his former teammates. Realizing that included him, Aomine glared at the empty doorway then back to the book.

Met and played against a guy named Kise. Is part of the miracle group. Seems to be good. Will play him tomorrow. I’m getting kind of pumped for it.
Played Kise. Was awesome! We won. Kuroko is amazing too, but in a different way. I look forward to the rest of the miracles if they are anything like them. Plus, why are serving sizes so small here?

Another snort of amusement at the last sentence. He had been kind of worried about Kagami’s opinion of Kise, but apparently the redhead was only concerned about basketball.

Aomine. Aomine Daiki.

Frowning, Aomine reread the entry. That was it for that page. It was just his name. No other comments. Jealousy started bubbling up in him, his eyes quickly scanning page after page until he got to his name again.

We lost to Touou. I lost to Aomine. He is amazing. Best player I’ve come against. What to do against him? Have to practice more. Plus he is a cocky bastard! Smirks too much.

The look of surprise on his face was probably hilarious, but the blue haired boy didn’t care. He smirked too much!? Rereading the entry, Aomine realized Kagami had said he was amazing and the best player. A faint touch of pink dusted his dark cheeks as he continued on to find his name again.

We won! We beat Touou! Kuroko and the whole team are amazing. Can’t do it on my own. Plus Aomine. Aomine was insane. I entered the zone. He was in the zone. I can still see his face and the rush of playing him. I want to do it again. Fuck I want to one on one with him so bad even though I can’t move my legs. Amazing.

Aomine was definitely blushing now, his face getting red. Moving to the next page with his name caused his mouth to drop open as he read.

We won the Winter Cup last week. The feeling is different now. We have been practicing for the next competition but I still need something more? I want to ask Kuroko for Aomine’s number but idk if he would even take my call.

Finally got his number and text Aomine. Gonna have one on one tomorrow. Im so ready. And….excited to see him.

Aomine hurried on, flipping page after page that was filled with his name. Kagami spoke about just their one on ones at first and how he needed to get better, but they eventually turned into thoughts and feelings about the blue haired boy. One particularly long entry caught Aomine’s eye.

I’ve been hanging out with Aomine a lot lately. Kuroko and Kise come sometimes too, but he stays over at the house often. I feel we are friends but….I feel different every time I see him. I get really happy and insanely excited. Not the same for Kuroko or Kise. Aomine used my shower the other day and came out in a towel looking for clothes. I couldn’t stop looking at him. I had a dream about it last night. I think…fuck I think I like him. I can’t tell him though. He likes girls. Big boobs. Fuck…maybe I should stop hanging out with him?

Aomine gripped the pages tighter as he read it, his heart beating frantically in his heart. He was nervous to find out the redhead’s feelings as he turned the page. He remembered Kagami confessing to him and his answer, but it was another thing to actually know his boyfriend’s feelings.

I can’t just push him away. I miss him. Fuck this sucks. I’m gonna tell him. What if he hates me or thinks I’m gross? Shit…I don’t know anymore.

I told him. Holy hell I said it. It was horrible and not smooth, but I told him. He kissed me! It was just…wow. He likes me back. So lucky. Aomine Daiki. Shit I’m in shock.

Aomine grinned at his boyfriend’s reaction to their first kiss and his thoughts to being with him. Closing the book and putting it back under the bed, the blue haired boy lay on the sheets and sighed.
“Hey I only had a little juice left so you can have it if you want? If not I got water. Aomine?”
Looking up at his boyfriend, Aomine felt his whole body get warm, “Come here.”
Kagami’s eyebrows furrowed forward in confusion as he put the glasses on his desk, “What? Why? Are you ok?”
“Just come here Taiga.”
His first name being used made Kagami stop asking questions and climb into bed next to his boyfriend. Strong arms wrapped around him as Aomine turned to face him. Kagami stared at his boyfriend as he pressed their foreheads together, one of his hands coming up to gently caress the redhead’s cheek.
“I really love you Taiga.”
Kagami felt like he was melting into the mattress at those words being whispered to him. It didn’t matter why Aomine was being so emotional anymore; all that mattered was Aomine. Scooting towards his boyfriend more, Kagami wrapped an arm around his waist and whispered back.
“I love you too Daiki.”
Aomine sighed and closed his eyes, his whole body focused on Kagami. He wanted to tell the redhead that he was the lucky one, but as he felt Kagami kiss him lightly, all his thoughts evaporated away. All that was important was Kagami kissing him, and as he pressed into those soft lips on his, Aomine felt incredibly happy.

me waking up: wow what a shit day it’s monday and i have to work and i’m cold and pretty much broke ugh gross …

me after seeing harry smiling like the goddamn sun: wow, life is so beautiful, cherish each day! I’M SO HAPPY TO BE ALIVE, SPREAD SOME LOVE TODAY Y’ALL, LISTEN TO THE BIRDS CHIRPING, LOOK! A SQUIRREL! YOU GO LITTLE BUDDY! WHAT A DAY! 

Komaeda jokes we should be making instead of gross trash jokes

1. His preference for toast

I mean jeez you guys joke about Hinata and orange juice just because of that one picture, but this little shit

He’s being held prisoner by his classmates, and he has the nerve to complain about the food they’re giving him

Toast, Nagitoast

2. His fashion

Like, wow, check out his Hottopic jacket, and those zip-up shoes

Actually, scratch that, his whole outfit is straight out of Hottopic. Real smooth, Ko.

3. Rich boy jokes

Good god, you guys make enough about Togami. What about the other SHSL Rich Boy?

Come to think of it, that’s probably how he manages to afford buying all his clothes from Hottopic…

I’m sure there’s more, but that’s all I can think of for now. Just, really, stop with the trash jokes. They’re not funny, and you’re not creative.