wow what a great season finale

Yet another Yuri on Ice vs Hannibal analysis

So @lottitheunicorn and I were talking about all those people who compare the anime series Yuri on Ice with NBC‘s Hannibal and at first, I was laughing but then I realized that there are actually quite a few similarities. Don’t expect an in-depth analysis and don‘t take it too seriously ;). Here it comes!

1. The fluffy brunette cinnamon bun with glasses

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wow what a great show i hope season 2 is even better

You know what I really love about the finale the more I think about it?

This doesn’t feel like an ending so much as another beginning.

And by that I mean that while Star Vs is a great show, the stakes never really felt all that high until this episode. Up until now it was mostly just silly antics with a few moments thrown in that really wow you (Mewberty, Mewnipendence Day, St Olga’s School For Wayward Princesses…). And thinking back on it, I realize that that’s because the main focus of season one was introducing the characters and building their relationships. But now that we know and like the characters and are invested in the bonds they share, the story is geared to head into more heavily plot-driven territory for season 2. This means we’ll probably be seeing a lot more intensity out of Season 2 then we did in Season 1, which is the kind of story building that I like best.








Mona’s reveal was so great because the liars and us audience found out together. I thought they’d reveal Big A the same.

I’M NOT EXCITED FOR SEASON 6. I’ll keep watching forever and ever, even if they somehow get an eight season. But c'mon. This method was tried and tested with Toby in 3B and Ezra in 4B. It’s not a good way to give answers!!!!! It’s pathetic! 

Source: Keegan Allen.

“The joy is that you do know who it is and as you watch it will be revealed to you. It will be revealed by the end of this season—and it’s the real one, none of this runaround stuff. It really is this person. They give the audience the answers before the characters, so the audience gets to watch in this fishbowl their favorite characters running from this monster; they all know who the monster is and it’s like murder in the graveyard. You know who it is and the characters don’t and you’re sitting there biting your nails and screaming at the TV and I love that.”

Sorry Keegan, I disagree with you. Yes, I’ll be screaming at my TV, but I won’t be biting my nails, as I’ll be screaming “IT’S FRICKN JENNA, JUST TURN AROUND OMFG” (for example).

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a large part of the fandom seems to think that the wedding in season 3 is gonna be with tommy and may bc she's more useful to tommy's business.i'm really worried that's the case ,what do you think?

Oh wow, what a great question! First off, I honestly cannot wait for the first ep of s3 so this debate can finally be over for good, I’m a wee bit over worrying about who Tommy’s going to marry haha. To say I check the tag frequently to check for spoilers would be an understatement!

When I finally got around to watching the last ep of s2, I sat in shock for about 5 minutes after the episode ended, screaming internally - but probably externally as well. All I could think was, “It better be Grace!” I’m 100% a Grace fan, I adore her no matter what she did in the past, and I love the chemistry between Annabelle and Cillian, it’s glorious.

But then I began to think - What if it’s May???? She does have connections that could be useful to Tommy, and he is looking to take things to the next level business wise, build an empire and all that. Grace can really only offer him love and a family (as well as a badasss partner in crime) and although Tommy’s the sort of guy that does value family and god knows he deserves to have a bit of happiness and love in his life, maybe business would come first this time, especially seeing as Grace is married.

I worried over this for a few weeks/months or so, until that spoiler came out. In case you haven’t seen it (but hasn’t everyone seen it by now?), proceed with caution!!!! 

GRACE SHELBY! If that doesn’t make your heart sing, I don’t know what will!

Also, seeing as Charlotte Riley up until recently was heavily pregnant, I don’t see how they could have Tommy marry May, especially when s3 is supposed to be 2 years after s2. Maybe Tommy does marry May and they wait 2 years to have a kid, but I doubt it, not when Grace is carrying his child. I doubt Charlotte would have been on set so heavily pregnant and I doubt they have time in the shooting schedule to wait for her to shoot her ‘scenes’ later on. Plus, she probably wants to spend all the time she can with her new baby, and who could begrudge her that?!

Tommy marrying Grace may not make sense business wise, but it definitely does make sense narrative wise. She’s pregnant with his baby, she’s just told him she loves him, and he’s spent the last 2 years trying but failing to forget about her. He 100% would have met her at the races if it hadn’t been for that pesky kidnapping, and they would have ridden off into the sunset together, Grace’s husband be damned. 

Although we’ll have to wait until s3 to be absolutely sure, I’m fairly confident that I’m going to be very happy with Tommy’s choice in bride ;)

I finally finished AOS s2

Wow what a great ending I’m satisfied with this season and I’m glad Ward will remain as an interesting threat and the set up for Inhumans you know what would be more satisfying if thEY COULD HAVE JUST LET SIMMONS NOT BE EATEN BY A MAGICAL STATE SHIFTING ROCK OK FITZSIMMONS WAS ABOUT TO RISE AFTER A SEASON OF PAIN I WILL BE ETERNALLY BITTER