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Why do people freak out so much about Barron Trump liking anime and fidget spinners. He is 11. He likes what literally EVERY OTHER ELEVEN YEAR OLD LIKES ITS NOT THAT SHOCKING LEAVE HIM ALONE HE IS E L E V E N. just cause his dad’s a fuckin demon doesn’t mean you gotta shit on the eleven year old just let him watch anime ffs

AA!SteveTony - the one where the married dorks get on to becoming married dorks. Continued from this fic.
For @ishipallthings <33

Word Count: ~1500
Warnings: None, only fluff

Steve opened his eyes with a start in the room he claimed as his in the SHIELD facility that the Avengers were temporarily calling home. The room was little more than a barracks; it should have been familiar, but nothing had felt familiar in a while.  

Brows drawn in concentration, Steve focused on where he knew the speakers were located.  

“Tony?” he rasped up at the ceiling, staring blindly into the dark. When there was no answer, he murmured wryly, “I’m losing sleep because of you.”

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saudade || stiles stilinski

word count: 3075

warnings: major character loss

prompt: none

author’s note: double post! beware, the feels may get to you.


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top 5 exchanges between numberoneyuurifan and THEREALnumberoneyuurifan

(I wasn’t even doing the top 5 meme? but somebody asked superman for this and then she asked me over skype and here yall are haha)

  1.  that time they ended up arguing about whether multiverse theory existed while on a tangent about yuuri being the greatest in all universes and if that meant there was a universe where KATSUKI YUURI DIDN’T EXIST and then they were both too sad thinking about that so they agreed to disagree and also to agree we’re not actually sure if it was an argument or just them agreeing with one another?
  2. The Great NOTP Off: Plisetsuki vs Viktuuri Edition that resulted in the second 10k THEREALnumberoneyuurifan Viktuuri Manifesto
  3. that one time they got in an argument about whether borscht was better with smetana or potatoes and everyone was really confused about why they were arguing about THAT? until they started arguing about which one yuuri katsuki would enjoy more and then it all made perfect sense (katsuki1 replied to your post: It’s best with hard boiled eggs, obviously)
  4. the time they teamed up to roast katsukisuxx and it resulted in said user deleting their tumblr account
  5. one time THEREALnumberoneyuurifan posted a drunk text post about how they were really sad “that people didnt think viktor deserved yuuri because viktor seems really nice and yuuri loves him and they are getting married and why are people so rude to poor viktor nikiforov???” and instead of being an antagonising little shit numberoneyuurifan just said “fuck the haters dude” and sent him some of the Top Secret Viktuuri Stash from the rink
    (numberoneyuurifan: this is uh. paparazzi bullshit don’t show anyone else here you go
    THEREALnumberoneyuurifan: oh wow what great angles! whoever took these is a genius to rival even phichit chulanont!
    numberoneyuurifan: now you’re just being dramatic knock it the fuck off)
What Are You? Chp. 5

~Pairings~ Taehyung x Reader x Jungkook


~Wolf Au/Vampire Au~



          You woke up in the dark to the sharp pain and the smell of iron, its source being your very own blood. There was also a faint trace of lavender and you shivered at how cold it was in the room.

“Here, are you cold?” A soft voice asked, placing a blanket over you. Your head hurt, and you felt really drowsy and you felt the bandages wrapped tightly around your abdomen. You looked at the shadows in the room that could be seen through the moonlight. You bolted up, wincing at the pain, fear creeping up inside you as well.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay, you’re safe” it whispered, it being the dark figure of Kim Taehyung as he put a hand to your shoulder to comfort you.

“Where am I? What time is it?” You croaked, feeling vulnerable at the little knowledge you possessed regarding your surroundings.

“It’s okay, you’re safe” Taehyung said. “You’re really drowsy right now, we gave you some drugs to help the pain”. You nodded in understanding, and before you knew it tears were sliding down your face.

“It really hurts” you whispered. You weren’t the type to cry at emotional pain, but physical pain was very hard for you to tolerate. He had begun to leave but hearing you say that made him turn around and walk back to you.

“Scoot over” He said and you complied, not having the energy to refuse. “I’ll tell you a story so don’t think about the pain”

“Once upon a time there was a………” His deep voice spun an enchanted tale and before you knew it, you had dozed off.


“Hyung I know it’s been hard on you ever since that happened and I know the only thing that helps you is going out and doing whatever it is you do withall those girls. But Y/N is different, Y/N is not like them. She is not a toy you can play with and since you’re not ever serious about you’re feelings, stay away from her”

It was Jungkook’s voice that you heard as you slowly drifted out of sleep. You couldn’t understand what they were talking about, but based on your guess it must have been the fact that Taehyung had slept next to you. And of course no one else other than Jungkook must have seen you.

“Noona!” Jungkook said as he became aware of you shifting in bed, signaling him that you were awake. “How are you feeling? Are you okay?” He pestered you with his questions. You looked at him. His eyes were filled with nothing but worry, as if anything he had seen last night didn’t matter to him.

“You’re not mad at me?” You whispered, surprised that he wasn’t ignoring you. Surprised that he never wanted to see you again since the fact  that your friendship had been lies.

“Well yes I’m furious, but you’re in no condition for me to yell at you” He chuckled, but then his face got serious. “But I would like it if you told me the truth. The entire truth, not a chopped up version where you keep parts out because you think I’m a kid who can’t handle it, because I’m not” And you gulped as he said the last part because Jeon Jungkook was indeed no longer the little boy you had looked after once upon a time. His muscles could clearly be seen through the shirt he wore and his tight fitted skinny jeans left little to your imagination.

“He’s right, we’d like it if you gave us some explanations” Namjoon said, as him and the others had all come into the room that you currently occupied.

You looked at all of them, the only thing stopping you was the potential dangers your life presented. But in this case they were strong, and they had helped You defeat the others, so you assumed it was only fair they knew. Besides, you had a feeling that you’d need their help regardless.

“Alright, I’ll answer any questions you have to the best of my ability” You said as the interrogation began.

“Since when did you know about werewolves and what do you know?” Namjoon asked.

“Since Jungkook’s brother turned into one, or rather began his transformation since he was born as one and not made. Of course I knew Jungkook would be one as well, it runs in their family. I also know there aren’t many of you out there and you have all have some sort of powers too right?” You asked.

“Yes, I have telekenisis, Jin has healing, Yoongi has hypnosis, Hoseok has great sheilding abilities, Jimin can shapeshift, Tae can sightsee and Jungkook can teleport. So-” Namjoon asked you.

“Wait, before you ask anything else, I’m really curious as to why it is that you can heal more quickly than other humans? You haven’t completely healed yet, but I helped the process and regardless your skin started re-attaching itself” Jin jumped in. “So what exactly are you?” With that, the rest of the pack looked at you, eager to know the answer to a question they had been dying to know. You looked at Jungkook, his eyes reflecting the same emotions as the others.

“I’m a dhampir” You said. They all blinked.

“What the fuck is a dhampir?” Jungkook asked, his eyebrows scrunched up. Yoongi muttered something along the lines of everyone being unintelligent idiots.

“Dhampirs are half human and half vampire” Yoongi explained.

“Woah, I didn’t know those were a thing,” Jimin said. “But that makes so much sense that you seem human but at the same time you don’t. Because you’re not”

“Wow, what an observation genius” Hoseok said, earning a dirty glare from Jimin.

“So how are you involved with the other vampires?” Namjoon asked, clearly the leader of the group that made sure everyone stayed on task.

“I think it’s better that I start from the beginning. Growing up I lived with my mom next to Jungkook, and I was friends with his brother as you all know. A month before I was to turn 17, my dad came to my house and I was told that I had to go live with him. I didn’t understand at first but I had figured out that my mom had been planning this with him for a few weeks. He explained to me what I was, and the why even he didn’t know. As far as he knew, vampires couldn’t reproduce with humans since the Industrial Revolution. Regardless, he had done research and he thought that there was a chance of me transforming when I reached 17 and for the safety of those around me and under the order of the Vampire Council, he took me to their Headquarters. His predictions proved to be right but I was different from them, being half human. I could go out in the day, not worrying about sunlight, I could eat garlic bread, and not to mention that my powers could really make them so uneasy, so I had to be careful to hide them.”

“Wait. what exactly are you’re powers?” Jungkook asked.

“Mind Manipulation” Taehyung said, whereas normally he’d been quiet.

“How do you know?” Jungkook asked.

Because I threatened him like this once. You said in not only Jungkook’s but the other’s minds as well. Their eyes widened, except for Namjoon, as if he had expected it.

“I figured you would, some of the vampires do” Namjoon said, “So how does this relate to Jackson?”

“Jackson’s clan is one of the biggest one’s out there. Their work regarding the exporting and importing of international goods is largely due to them having access to the sea ports. My father’s wasn’t doing so well, so he made a business deal with Jackson, regarding that I would marry Jackson. I understood that my father was desperate but I didn’t want to marry someone I barely knew, so we had a meeting with Jackson and we discussed that I would live with Jackson for 2 years and get to know him and then we could decide on our marriage, and in the 2 years time, Jackson would still help my father. For the first few months everything went great, he treated me really nicely, was very understanding and it was impossible not to fall for him. But slowly he started becoming very possessive and controlling. He thought everyone was suddenly against him and he thought I didn’t love him as much as he loved me. Maybe he was right but regardless he had me locked up so I couldn’t leave. He limited what I ate and drank so I was too weak to function. He was fucking paranoid. I couldn’t handle it anymore so I came up with a plan to escape, and once I did I’ve been trying not to get caught. I only leave my apartment when the sun is out and I get home before it sets. Even if they know where I live, they can’t get in unless I invite them” You explained.

“So that’s why you never want to go anywhere at night?” Jungkook whispered as the realization came to him.

“Yea, and I didn’t want them to see you with me in case they put you in any danger” You explained.

“But there are so many things that just don’t seem to add up. First why would you still stay in the city? Wouldn’t you try to leave and get as far away from here as you could?” Jimin asked.

“No because this would be the last place he’d think to look. He’d think just like you did, that I’d try to get away as farthest as I could.” You explained.

“Clever,” Yoongi said in approval, nodding his head “But you still got caught”

“The first time only because I had to run to the drug store to get some last minute thing and I saw JB there and the second time only because my supplies were low” You explained.

“So I’m guessing Jackson only want’s you back because he’s super possessive?” Jimin asked.

“I think for now, yea” You said, you head started pounding a bit, you put you’re hand to your head, a frown coming across your face.

“Ah what’s wrong noona? Does your head hurt?” Jungkook asked, worry lining his face.

“Yea” You said “I don’t know why though”

“It must be the painkillers, sorry to give you so many” Jin said. “But we will all get out, and you can rest a bit. It’s Sunday so hopefully you can be better to come with us to work tomorrow” The office hours were only from Monday to Friday, the weekends were for enjoyment.

The boys all sauntered out, Taehyung not even bothering to look at you once on his way out, as if last night’s encounters and his persona had vanished. Jungkook squeezed your hand to show you that he was there if you needed anything before leaving the room, saying he’d be back soon and you let your consciousness take a hold of you.


“So what now?” Jimin asked the others as they had just left your room and went to the living room to discuss.

“Well now that you all know that Y/N isn’t a threat, can’t we let her stay here?” Jungkook asked.

“How are you so accepting kookie? You literally found out taht she has lied to you this entire time.” Hoseok asked.

“Well she did explain her reasons and to be fair she didn’t know about it all herself either. But can she please stay here? We can’t just leave her alone. What if she gets hurt? What if-”

“Relax Jungkook,” Namjoon interupted “Of course she’s welcome here. I was actually going to suggest that she lives here until at least she’s better but she’s happy to stay however long she likes. Clearly she is of no threat to us. Does everyone agree?” Namjoon asked them.

“Yea I don’t care” Yoongi muttured, already sauntering away. Jimin and Hoseok shrugged and Jin agreed as well. Taehyung nodded, a feeling of unease lingering for a reason that he couldn’t quite place.

“Guys I think there’s more to this though” Taehyung said, causing everyone to look at him.

“What?! Do you not trust noona?!” Jungkook asked, ready to fight Taehyung if he dared to kick you out. “I mean you didn’t care when I saw you sleeping next to her being all lovey-dovey. And I’m serious hyung about what I said earlier. Don’t get too close to her if you plan on just playing her”

“No I think Y/N has told us all she knows,” Taehyung continued, nodding at Jungkook’s comments. “But I think there’s something wrong with his group. I saw Mark’s eyes flash red”

They all looked at each other, all suspecting what that could possibly mean.

“We don’t tell Y/N until we know for sure. We don’t act on it either. Understood?” Namjoon said as the others agreed.

However Taehyung was already thinking about Jungkook’s earlier comment, about how he should stay away from you, but you seemed like a new toy that he was excited to discover. Yet would you be a toy that was played with and forgotten momentarily or were you one of those toys that was so addicting that separation seemed to difficult.


So I was watching the old version of Goner and saw this comment and it has totally opened my eyes. I never truly understood the meaning of Goner or the sheer impact of Blurryface and I am just so amazed at how Tyler has incorporated BF into his songs. And he has done so under our noses for a few years now.

(Here is a link to the video)

SO like a year ago i went to a tgi fridays with my cousin, the Hostess™ there is really cute (glasses, smol-ish, short blonde-ish hair bangs, adorable smile i diE), we talked for a min it was a nice time,,whatever. im having a Gay Crisis she kept lookin over and smilin makin eye contact, im makin it a bigger thing in my head proBABLY but anyways, i leave i don’t do anything. i text my friend and she says i should’ve left her my number. i go into a rANT about hOw i could do that if she’s not even my waitress and she’s like ,,,just fuckin,,leave your number on a receipt on the hostess stand???? bitch tf. and im like wow genius, what a concept. my friend calls me a useless gay. i go back like ,,,a month later with some coworkers. shes /there/. we continue to be cute i guess skdjnfds but i tell my coworker about my previous fuck up and shes like do it!!! so i leave my number on the stand when shes gone and we go. nOthing happens; i tell my friends i /did it/, i get zEro texts or anything so naturally i AVOID going to fridays for a year lmaooo. a year later, this past spring semester, i have film production, we get into groups for like half the semester to shoot some short films. one day im talkin to one of my friends in the group (i end up crushin on the bitch bc im usEless, she’s a mess and Straight™ so thats,,that) and i tell her how i live like an hour south of campus and i work at this mall (the same mall where fridays is) and shes like omg i have a friend who works there. inner me is like ,,,could it be??? the Hostess™?? so i ask, oh what does she do. she says the friend is a waitress. im like ,,,oh, she says sadly. (dumbass me didnt factor i’ve avoided the place for a year and people tend to ya know, MOVE UP in the workplace so naturally the progression from hostess to waitress is a Thing that /happens/ but im a MESS so whatever). everyone in my prod. group is USELESS so i’ve been stressed for mOnths literally carrying this entire group by a thread, the last two weeks has been us shooting my movie that i wrote bc my partner, we partnered up to write a script but,,,as i said,,,useless. so i wrote it and have been directing it and no one is making this an easy thing SO last day for my movie my friend in the group comes up to me and says she has a friend who’s gonna chill for a while, asking me if that’s okay. im like ,,,yeah?? thats fine of course!! the girl is,,,smol, blonde-ish hair, glasses, bangs, cute ass smile,,,,,IT DOESNT REGISTER IN MY HEAD THO that heY bITCH!!!!! ,,,,she looks familiar!!!!!! (this campus is str8 up an hour away from my work/home and im tiRED and stressed like there was no possible way right,,,wrOng son!) i say hi to her tho, give her a hug, a kiss, we’re hispanic so everyone in miami is fucking throwing around cheek kisses but my useless gay ass is already,,flustered. i’m trying to wrangle my actors (my two best friends so thats a mISSION) trying to get my shit ass crew to actually pay attention,,, i talk to The Girl tho and im like it’s been a time in this class,,, her friend tells her what my short film is and The Girl is like omg thats funny i’d love to watch that and im like gURl ,,thanks. (i think she’s cute obvs,,,still not putting the pieces together) we talk while i calm tf down before i murder this one boy who does nothing but complains,, she tells me she works at fridays and im like oh cool thats cool v nice,,i get distracted go off to do things,,, her friend in my group is messing around so i look to her and im like pls fucking control your girl here. later tho, the girl LEAVEs, comes to say bye and shes like v nice to meet you i hope you’re okay after this and im like look love me too they are,,,,a handful as you can see. she laughs she says yeah i’d love to see how it ends up looking tho and im like if i can show you i would but idk maybe ask ya friend later and i get distracted before i can get my shit together and like ,,,,get a number or whATEVER bc nO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING even tho i gAve them directions. i realize she’s gone like 20min later dsjfbsss. fast forward like 2 months or so maybe less, my cousin is like omg lets go to fridays endless apps are back for good. and im like bitch lehgo. we’re sat at fridays we eatin we having a good time,,,,,this waitress walks by and im ,,shook. im like,,,,oh shit. i know her. where do i know her. i think about it for like 5min and it all fucking CLICKS like it crashes down into me 2 fucking months later that this gIRL i’ve been pining over for a YEAR now,,,,is the same girl who i met at school that one day,,,is the same waitress taht walked by. and im like woooow what a DUMB bitch, djhfsjks. do i do anything tho??? nOpe. my cousin and i hang out/catch up via our fridays dates so like,,,every so often she texts me and we meet up there. it’s been like,,,4 months of us just going to fridays for endless apps there’s at least 3 different waitresses that know us and our order. we sit down and they wave at us now skjdfhd. i subtly am always looking for the Hostess™, am always hoping that i will be sat in her section so i can tRY THIS SHIT AGAIN AT LEAST but aLAS no. im like always a section away from her or shes not even there oR she is but shes like fuckin wiping tables or something idk whatever. i tell my friends every time tho and it’s their favorite story bc like of course. today my cousin and i went,,,we are sat down,,,20 min later sHE walks by me, stOps at the table behind me and takes their order,,,,the universe is truly fucking with me and i have hAd it. so yeah. not really a happy ending but like can you believe that shit. 

@effortlessly-opulent here it is i saved it in my drafts just in case , i wasn’t about to rewrite this whole mess 

Brown Eyes: Tom Holland x WOC

Requested: This is inspired by the song ‘Brown Eyes’ by Beyonce Destiny’s Child. I actually love this song now so thanks to the anon that requested it! Just lots of fluff and you can click here if you want to listen to listen to it. Reader recalls the first time her and Tom meet. 

This is a lot longer than I thought…sorryyyyy!

You and Tom were celebrating your 4th year anniversary at a beautiful and quiet restaurant. You looked up and saw him string loving at you, “What?”

“Nothing just thinking of how lucky I am.” You blushed and shook your head. “I can’t believe it’s been four years.” You sighed and grabbed his hand. 

“I truthfully didn’t think you could put up with me for this long.” he said laughing. “I didn’t think so either but hey, look at us.”

He laughed and rubbed his thumb on your hand, “Remember when we met?”

“Oh no, please don’t-”

You smiled and started recalling how you looked up and saw a pair of beautiful brown eyes staring at you. 

You were waiting for you brother in to pick out a watch, “Why are we even in here?”

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  • Malcolm: is hooked on drugs, which Killgrave uses to get him to spy on Jessica
  • Jessica: figures out Malcolm has been betraying her to Killgrave, but also realizes Malcolm is as much of a victim of Killgrave as she is
  • Jessica: Helps dry Malcolm out and gets his help
  • Malcolm: becomes very loyal friend and ally
  • Grant Ward: believes John Garrett saved him from a lifetime of abuse, which Garrett uses to get Grant to spy on Coulson.
  • Coulson: figures out Ward has been betraying him and the team to Garrett, doesn't particularly care that Ward was also one of Garrett's victims
  • Coulson: encourages the murder of Ward, until he himself achieved it might, MIGHT, spend half an episode of angst on the subject.
  • Coulson's-stans: Wow what a genius and hero Coulson is!!