wow what a champ

we haven’t talked enough about phasma tho.

wow. what a champ. what a babe. what a small amount of scenes that will hopefully become more scenes in the next movie. she and hux will be dragging kylo’s tantrum ass around while he cries and smashes things.

i’m calling it now, she’s gonna be finn’s endgame opponent. or at least she better be.

i hope that if anyone is doing modern/coffee shop/college/whatever AUs they put her in a perpetual motorcycle helmet or something.

“ma’am can you take that off”

“take what off?”

Sophie had managed to fly under the radar for 48 since arriving back into Charlton. The blissful ignorance of the campus, however, was about to be un-done because as Sophie shuffled between university buildings she came face to face with someone seemingly familiar. She stopped and froze, knowing she should have stayed inside because she definitely wasn’t ready to see anyone just yet. “Uh…”