wow what a bird

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How would the RFA react to MC having a cockatiel(a small parrot species) as a pet?


  • he’s entranced by the bird
  • not in a “wow what a weird pet” way more like in a
  • staring into its eyes as it stares back way
  • he finds it so cute when the cockatiel bobs its head?? 
  • and when MC lets it walk on the table…. just…. cute…
  • he probably lets it walk on the keyboard
  • because Seven convinced him that the cockatiel would actually type out a message for him and he believed it
  • somehow disappointed at himself when the bird just keymashes all over microsoft word and then jumps on the space bar multiple times because it’s fun
  • he lowkey saves the document in hopes one day he might decypher it


  • she didn’t know much about birds as pets
  • mostly because before MC, she hadn’t thought much about having company
  • but now… it’s just nice?
  • the cockatiel walks around and makes little noises and Jaehee is just so weak for that
  • she does dislike the molting period because… at least three times a year, she’ll be picking up feathers
  • but it’s not that annoying actually?
  • compared to picking up c-hair with tape, picking up and vacuuming feathers is laughably easy for her
  • when she’s awake late she has to watch out her cup of coffee out of fear the bird might just try to dunk its head into it


  • lo and behold this man loves the bird more than MC expected him to
  • the amount of selfies with the cockatiel on his shoulder are just…. extra exaggerated
  • at first he hesitates to put the bird in his hair
  • -you don’t need to do it though- says MC. he does not listen
  • but he grows to be so trusting of the bird?
  • him and MC jokingly call it their son
  • Zen keeps saying that he can’t believe that not only is he dating the cutest person ever, but he also knows the prettiest bird ever
  • if the cockatiel learns to make kissy noises when it pretend-kisses, Zen is melting right there and then


  • as it is with all things MC related, he’s more than ready to welcome the bird with open arms
  • his one and only worry is, of course, Elizabeth 3rd and how she will react to the bird entering her home
  • even though no violence ever occurs (in fact, the cat seems to be more than ready to adopt the bird as a sibling), Jumin makes sure the cockatiel has a cage to sleep in at night
  • by cage I mean ridiculously large cage by the window that I’d probably sleep in if I were told it were a room
  • he finds the bird refined in ways he hadn’t expected. the colors, the way it walks, and how smart it is
  • he’s guilty of sitting down and taking way too long feeding the bird because he loves seeing the reactions


  • haha take THAT vanderwood you might have banned dogs and cats from the house but you sure as hell didn’t ban birds
  • take that
  • he’s going to love this bird more than he loves himself
  • calls MC into the room every time the bird does anything
  • seriously, just… anything
  • he’s infinitely interested about how much a cockatiel can learn
  • seeing videos and stuff of people who have taught theirs to ride a small bike or say thank you and stuff
  • nothing is stopping him from trying 
  • other than MC, nothing is stopping him from trying to teach the bird to hack

my old oc, pheeta! ❤️️ she’s a draenei prot pally who loves platonic pda 🤗


🌧i could fight the rainclouds in your life☀️

Okay but imagine: smol innocent replacement Snafu with his accent and slipping into French when he’s excited. And he’s getting hazed for it. And the Guadalcanal vets are telling him to better not have that shit happen in combat. So he bites his tongue whenever he feels French words on it, he can’t do anything about the accent but eventually people ask him about swamps and voodoo and alligators less often. Eugene Sledge never even knows Snafu speaks another language because Snafu does not want to look at Eugene one day and see contempt in his eyes. Eugene with his reading and fancy education, Snafu knows, he knows Eugene thinks backwoods idiot anyway when he looks at him, he doesn’t need further proof of it.

Then, when he gets back to Louisiana he’ll basically have to relearn not to hate and deny his whole heritage and identity

morning at the bangtan residence
  • jin: *whispering gently over a sleeping jungkook* oh sleeping beauty... no... snow white... you sleep so tenderly and softly.... it would be a shame...if........... someone ............ was to....................twist your precious nipples...
  • jungkook: *wakes up immediately in a cold sweat* HI HYUNG GOOD MORNING WOW WHAT A LOVELY DAY DO I HEAR BIRDS OUTSIDE??

I… might fall into the trap of apologizing for my art content this year: I haven’t explored environments, scenes, anything remotely related to ACTUAL worldbuilding, and human/humanoid explorations. I have’t even managed a pallanoph this year.

I just… let me draw birbs. You can always unfollow, if you were hoping for other things. Right now I have birb flu and I don’t have the will to fight it off.

basically id put an ad up on gumtree online and someone rang me like lol we have ur bird.
she’d flown a block away over the course of a day and landed on their sons shoulder and had been looked after them all night ! apparently their teenage daughter took a shine to her and incredibly like. there was a big accident yesterday and a girl had died - their daughter was friends with her and was upset but pumpkin being there apparently really helped her?
they all were like WOW WHAT A GOOD BIRD too bc she’s so gentle and nice HAHAH

wow! what a wonderful day! the sun is shining! the birds are chirping! well hello there little butterfly! how are you? i hope you’re having a nice day :) also

desmond is dead