wow ur ugly

All right, so the massive blue circle is around the old ‘LM’ tattoo (which some people still like to claim is just a fancy M anyways) and the red circle is around that tiny new letter which was added in with this new mandala tattoo it was not there before and it doesn’t match with anything else it’s so random… and it’s a Z but the slanted writing makes it an L from certain angles too… so ZL…. Zayn and Liam Malik all in one mandala :)

anonymous asked:

wow ur ugly and bad and horrible and a total cutie and i just want cute pictures was that anon hatey enough?

Anonymous said:

hOW daRE you love yourself so much and PoST pictures of yourself sELF ConFIDENCE IS FORBIDDEN

Anonymous said:

How dare you, a cute woman with manly parts, feel good and comfortable about yourself! As a 10 year old boy I am disgusted! (Did it work?)