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boyfriend!youngmin, college au? thank you:)

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thanks for requesting!!

also, i reached 300 followers already?? thank u so much im njdkc??? i wasn’t active that much, and im really sorry about that!! but ill work harder to get more stuff out as a thanks!! 

but really, thank you so much!! <333

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Things The Signs Have Said To Me:
  • Aries: I remember that faze
  • Taurus: lol I can't read but that's cool
  • Gemini: my stomach is really soft, right?
  • Cancer: my gosh, you clean a lot
  • Leo: but u look cute tho
  • Virgo: I'm so glad my dad didn't see that
  • Libra: wOw, u actually said something conservative. I'm so proud of u :')
  • Scorpio: wait, are we showing each other our butts or what's going on here??
  • Sagittarius: u gotta be careful with sequels bc sometimes they get a little too - romantic - !!!
  • Capricorn: are u brain dead, child?
  • Aquarius: wowww I can't believe ur Aquarius too hahaAhah

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tbh I always kinda thought zadr was kinda eh but ur art slammed me head first into the ship and now idk what to think but it's all cute


Idk man, I honestly don’t ship a lot of pairings like ZADR. It has that ‘wow these two hate the fuck outta one another’ in it but there’s something about it. I suppose I feel the need to back my reasons for loving it up and how I wanna portray it to make more sense of what it is about this pairing that makes it work for me if you’re interested in knowing? I could… explain and shit but that’s if y’all wanna hear why I ship it as hard as I do v/w/v

But I am happy my art managed to change your mind?? I do apologize if you didn’t wanna like it tho lol;;; I JUST.. IM SORRY GUYS; 


Aitsu no Daihonmei (His Favorite) -

Despite the fact that i draw romantic things, i hate the romance genera. Mainly because either the protagonist annoys the bee-jegus out of me or the drama (such as a miscommunication) is a cake on. So it’s rare for me to find one i like

Especailly BL manga, i truly hate the ridiculously handsome over powering seme who constantly rapes the pretty, jealous,whinny, weak uke.

However if u want to read something that goes beyond ur expectation read Aitsu no Daihonmei! This BL has plot/character development and isn’t bombarding the reader with porn. In fact we are in 9th vol and the main characters hasn’t even done it yet (wow it’s a record!)

Our main character is Yoshida (uke) who is actually (surprise!) consider ugly by everyone (personally i think he’s cute). Yet Yoshida is kind, pure and naive person who can defend himself, speaks up his mind. he is consider manly by his peers. He gets confessed by the most handsome dude in school. Our seme, Satou, behind his kind smiles and flirtatious natures, is a twisted sadist resulted from being bullied as a child/tormented in training camp/uncaring family. 

It also happens that Yoshida had defend Satuo when they were kids.

Despite the fact that everyone calls Yoshida “ugly” Satou couldn’t love him any less. And because of Yoshida’s caring nature Sato is opening up more and be  true to his emotions. 

I just love this, i love the fact that anyone could relate the story’s one or more aspect. We all think that we might be too ugly or too broken to love and be loved. Yet this BL manga i happen to come across by accident yesterday, amazed me! It’s cute, funny, witty, hot and enjoyable to read! i highly recommend it!!!!!

it also has my spirit animal in it->


other reading recommendation

A Silent Voice

My Love Story

Honey And Clover

Yoongi as your Boyfriend

while I’m procrastinating from writing another chapter of Lacuna, I might as well make something cute

-you meet each other when you slam into him by accident when you’re moving boxes into your new apartment

-and he doesn’t really react at first

-ur like “o shit did I just piss him off!?” bc he isn’t really responding and he’s just staring at you

-but in all reality he’s staring at you because wow!!! ur so pretty!!! and he doesn’t know how to react

-so instead of saying anything, he takes the box from ur arms

-and that’s how Min Yoongi helps u move into the apartment right next to his

-you still think he hates you, but even though he’s not very loud or talkative, he’s really just trying to figure out what he wants to say to you

-so a few weeks after you move in, he knocks on ur door

-and u open up like “YOONGI!???” like ur really surprised to see him there

-he really just brought u some ramen bc it’s the only thing he knows how to make and he says it’s polite to bring ur neighbors food when they first move in

-you invite him inside and the two of you end up really getting along!!!! surprise surprise

-and he seems really chill even though internally he’s freaking out and his heart is racing and his palms are all sweaty bc wow ur cute

-so it takes a few months, but between all of your run-ins with him and brief conversations, the two of you become rlly good friends

-like when your really crabby other neighbor gets mad at you for listening to piano music at 10pm, Yoongi blares his rap music at 3am to piss him off more

-you wind up borrowing stuff from each other all the time too

-like u go to his apartment asking for flour and he’s like “why would I have flour”

-and ur like “oh right you don’t make anything but ramen.”

-but then he offers to drive you to the store to get flour 

-and the two of you end up making cookies together 

-even though he really just eats all the cookie dough and you wind up having 2 batches of cookies instead of 4

-but it’s not like u mind bc you get to see Yoongi and his GUMMY SMILE

-and boy do you live for that gummy smile

-you won’t admit it, but sometimes u google “bad jokes” so you can tell him and he’ll show off that smile and it makes you really really happy

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i'm not doing this on anon but my first impression of u was wow she's so cute and quiet and her makeup is always fleeky AND she likes one direction she's my new best friend!! and then i saw ur blog and saw that u liked teen wolf as well and we just had so much in common including like the ships we liked and stuff and just :') ur my best florida friend i love u a lot

SHARIKA MY BABY!!!!!!!!! I love u so much u were always so cute when i first met u freshman year :(( and u right i rarely talked at our lunch table dfubhjdfnff i hate myself.. i’m still the same tho :) i miss u every day… ur the bestest and i love love u bubs always hoping ur healthy and happy bc that matters a lot to me! 💖

taking care of jisung

-alright so basically ur young but not as young as jisung 
-ur like kinda the same age as the hyung line i guess ???
-so yeah taeyong asked u to take care of jisung while him and the others had to do something else it was probs smth like 01 liners+ only lol
-btw this isn’t like taking place in sm maybe they’re somewhere abroad nd only had limited staff help okay
-but jisung is always so quiet with u while the other members all love you and honestly get so excited whenever u visit
-and u honestly begin to think that he doesn’t like u
-which makes u sad bc u rly want him to like u ahh !! :((((
-so u were a bit reluctant to agree nd u explained why
-but for some reason taeyong just started laughing n u were like “okay ???”
-but yeah in the end u finally agreed
-so taeyong told u everything before he and the rest left
-he told u exactly where everything was
-he told u what food u should give him in case he got hungry
-and guess what u did??
-ignore everything he said lmAO
-like u literally didn’t even pay attention
-u were nervous as heck nd tae realised that
-so he was like “hey don’t worry abt it okay it’s gonna be fine”
-the minis all crowded around u giving u a big hug each and they left
-so it was just u and jisung
-and jisung was so quiet
-like he didn’t even utter a single word since u first got here
-so ur trying to make a conversation
-u start off like “hey jisung how r u doing?”
-nd he’s just like “umm okay” with a blank facial expression
-which u could barely see bc he didN’T EVEN LOOK AT U
-that’s literally it
-he doesn’t say anything else
-nd at that point ur mentally like “what do i do omg”
-u were actually vv sad that he didn’t like u
-bc he’s the maknae and the others always say how sweet he acts sometimes
-and ur actually kinda jealous of them
-so u thought like “okay i’m going to try and take care of him well nd hopefully he’ll forget abt his hatred towards me”
-so u got warm soft fuzzy blankets
-made popcorn (forget the healthy food tae said to give him amirite)
-nd u put on a cute funny kids movie u hoped jisung would like
-it was actually quite funny bc u were laughing too
-and then oh wow what a miracle u heard jisung laughing
-so u looked at him and he looked so cute and precious oH MY GOD !!!
-but then u remembered how he never smiled for u and u suddenly got rly emo
-u like scooted closer to him on the sofa and pulled him on ur lap
-he actually kinda stiffened tbh but u didn’t realise
-so u asked the question that always distracted u whenever u saw jisung
-”jisungie why do u hate me?” u asked softly
-u absentmindedly stroked his soft hair
-it was rly soft wow u never touched it before
-jisung mumbled smth along the lines of “i’m sorry i don’t hate u”
-and u turned him to face u and u saw his glassy eyes
-and u were like “omg baby don’t cry it’s okay it’s okay”
-while amost crying urself bc hE DOESN’T HATE U !!!! and seeing him almost cry makes u sad
-nd u kissed his head multiple times to comfort him
-then u sat him back down on the couch again and got up
-u asked if he was hungry and he nodded cutely so u called for a pizza
-and when it arrived and stuff u both dug in honestly
-u two were sO hungry
-and then suddenly jisung was like “can i feed u this slice of pizza”
-and u practically dIED bc oH MY GOD what a precious lil baby angel !!!!!
-at that moment u swore to protect him from any and all harm
-so u let him and opened ur mouth for the pizza
-when it reached ur mouth and u were about to bite it taeyong and the others arrived home
-and where u two were sat was literally in front of the door 
-like u two were on the couch right facing the tv n the tv was right next to the door therefore u were kinda facing the door too
-and they walked in on jisung feeding u pizza lol
-the hyung line kept teasing u and saying stuff like “ur the one who’s supposed to feed and take care of him not the other way round!!111!111!”
-and the minis crowded around jisung and gave him playful shoulder punches and a bunch of “ooooh’s” teasingly
-which u were kinda confused about
-then taeyong pulled u aside grinning nd was like “so he finally told u why he always acted so quiet around u?”
-u were confused and u were like “no ????? elaborate”
-taeyong leaned in closer to ur ear and whispered “bc he has a crush on u”

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oh hey just wanted to say that you don't need to like answer my asks in private or anything ((and the reason I'm still sending asks is bc hate the PM system it's so cluttered tfudytrd))

ON ANOTHER NOTE!! I’m still keeping you updated on my T Journey™ and my voice has gotten deeper!! I can, like, feel the vibrations?? It’s weird but I like it -Genji
wow ok @ self for using the signature still dsrtftryrd sORRY FOR SENDING 3 DIFFERENT ASKS


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UR LAST POST?? BIG MOOD she was all like "wow some ppl rlly took it seriously" like??? ur not his friend u have no right to call him that serious or not he SAID hes uncomfortable with it?? stop lmfao..

she also doesn’t think its offensive/not funny to call someone something they’ve expressed they don’t enjoy being called 


see this massive cutie here? Well we were talking away and she was like omg ur cute and I was like no ur cute and she said she wasn’t
we have a mega cutie over here not knowing she’s a mega cutie!
So I was wondering if y’all could reblog and like this so I can prove how much of a cutie she is
She’s either gonna love or hate me for this
If ya wanna follow her, her URL is katruffles (not gonna tag her cause I don’t want her to see until it has loadsa notes lmao)