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Hey I love you and I can't think of what to ask for your thoughts on akskdkf um talk about yoonseok because I love them please

you do indeed love them a lot (nd so do i) so let’s go

i don’t wanna label them best friends but the fact is that they’re really really close and mean the world to each other. call it whatever you want - the fact is that they make each other really fucking happy

(tho yoongi did call hoseok his ‘soul-partner’ back in february)

i guess yoongi’s had a soft spot for hoseok ever since they met.. hobi slept in the living room the first night at the dorms and yoongi told him he should go sleep in the room (proper bed and all) even tho they barely knew each other?

then there’s also the classic story of yoongi going back to the dorms to spend christmas with hobi who was there alone. even brought him chicken,, and hoseok said he would’ve fallen for yoongi right there and then if he were a girl so

yoongi’s always taken care of hoseok - drove him to the hospital when he got sick and needed treatment, always worries about him and makes sure he’s doing well, just…. always there for him

he’s always praising hoseok.. always. not to mention reassuring him when he’s nervous?? sometimes yoongi looks more scared for hoseok than hoseok is afraid of the thing he has to do tbh

also yoongi always calling hoseok his battery, his sunshine, the source of his energy (bts 4th army interview??? oh bOI) + this fanart is cute nd rly accurate. i’m pretty sure hoseok’s helped yoongi a lot through the years

yoongi to hoseok: “a good hearted friend who was by my side to give me energy even when I was having a hard time. during our trainee days, when you collapsed, I went to the infirmary with you. you hate when I talk about it but.. I did (laughs)”

they are simply good for each other y’know?

they make each other laugh all the fucking time. i find it especially beautiful how yoongi will always do some extra shit in order to get hoseok to laugh + he can never fight a smile when hoseok is laughing? it’s a very contagious thing

hoseok telling yoongi he looks good &  yoongi calling hoseok cutefond looks all over the place?? 

yoongi confessing on daily basis, absolutely no awkwardness when it comes to physical contact

hoseok’s tweets for yoongi’s birthday this year were also something else.. he posted a picture for every year they’ve known each other and we all cried

+ yoongi wore hoseok’s birthday present to the airport and referred to it as ‘black plastic bag’

remember that one time yoongi said he’s full just from watching hobi eat and proceeded to give him all the food they got??

but it’s also amazing how hoseok still succeeds at making yoongi flustered.. by either being a nerd and looking too seductive for yoongi to handle or simply by holding his hand?? turning him into a stuttering mess??

then there’s also hoseok’s hesitant hand as kat calls it… what’s up with that

but basically!! they seem really really comfortable with each other and like they trust each other with almost everything + like i said they make each other really happy. the love between them is just,, insane

Monsta X reaction to you being able to rap well

wangpuppy9 said:Monday x reaction to you being able to rap really well. Thanks! 💕

Sorry, If this isn’t that good, I’m a little down rn…hopefully it didn’t affect my writing. 

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Shownu: During break on a radio show, a female hype rapping voice starts playing, he doesn’t know it’s you. “Who this, I like this a lot”

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Wonho: “This could be start of something new” You: “What do you mean?” Him: “I can already see it, I’m gonna be your number 1 hypeman” You: “Yeah 100%………”

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Kihyun: You ask for his help, even though he’s not a rapper, he still could somewhat help you out. Him: “OK from the top, like we rehearsed, 5…6..7..8-” You: *Start rapping fast asf and fluently* Him: *GIF*

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Hyungwon: Jooheon&I.M: “Name better rappers than us, we’ll wait” Him: *GIF*

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Minhyuk: “Come on there’s nothing to be afraid of” You: “I’m not that good, I’m just somewhat decent” Him: “We will cheer you on no matter-” You: *Start spitting rapid fire* Him: *GIF*

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Jooheon: Monsta X members: “Wow y/n that was amazing” You: “Well I learned from the best” *looks at Jooheon* Him: “Yeah you-” Monsta X Members: “Maybe you need to take some lessons Jooheon” Him: *GIF*

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I.M: Q: “So how do you feel about rumors that your gf is trying to take your spot in Monsta X?” Him: “uh……….yeah I don’t think that would ever….wait I do have some competition… what a good question you have there”

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there’s two days until we found out what happens on the 18th. we’re running out of food. the children are dying. disease is spreading. i don’t think we’ll survive much longer

When you try to like your notp so you dont seem otp-ist

“Ok let’s try to just look at the pictures ok?Maybe they look cute together”

“wow…..they….um…..look…something i guess”

*reading notp fanfics**they kiss*
Me:*shudders* ”NOW YOU SEE THAT’S SO UGH-”

tries to like notp pics but couldnt help thinking“how do people even ship them?”


what do you mean they look ‘so in love’ with each other?????

whisper’ wadafuk’ for the 191279319313089392382 times that day as I scroll down in my notp tag

*judging with a shipper friend when some notp shipper said their ship is the “realest “ *

*tries to be happy/fangirl over notp* *gives up cuz it’s not working*

*question life choices*


askhfl;ghlsd i”M CRINGING sO HARD as i’m typing rn

But this is the bias snow selfie tag thing that I’m actually doing wow what a surprise!! (tagged by @hwangminyeo and @kangniel who are gorgeous!!) and the first selfie tag i do is next to kang daniel, aka the literal human embodiment of perfection smh um yeah I also decided to go all out and do the infamous nose scrunch (but it’s somehow less cringy than the other one)

I tag @lovebugi @idaehwi @dxnghyuns @memelordjisung @protectjonghyun @woojiniee (feel free to ignore bc i know u already will but if u do it i’ll love u)

them: raphael threatened to kill simon’s mom!! he’s EVIL!!!!

me: raphael went to find simon’s mom (without even KNOWING that simon would show up and be there to ‘threaten’) bc he knew simon was worried about her but also knowing that simon going to see her personally and possibly tell the truth about his vampirism would have put both himself AND his mom in danger. raphael was literally protecting them both (tho he’d never admit it) and the only reason he had to ‘threaten’ elaine was bc he NEEDS simon to help him find camille in order to PROTECT HIS ENTIRE CLAN like that’s literally what he’s doing, he’s PROTECTING HIS FAMILY!!!!!

and um side note but if you honestly think raphael would hurt simon’s mom in any way after everything he’s done to help simon and ESPECIALLY after their conversation earlier in 2x03 that alluded to his own mother then… you’ve got another thing coming

Phrases I've heard from the signs:
  • Aries: i just wanna go to a fancy restaurant and eat a chimichanga
  • Taurus: those MUST be cookies...if not, let it be steak
  • Gemini: you've gotta be remotely kidding me.
  • Cancer: u whot m8
  • Leo: BYE FELICIA (every time someone leaves)
  • Virgo: that's idiotic af... yay for idiocy?
  • Libra: hello im a saint my class calls me patron of technology
  • Scorpio: yuppers! wait did i just say yuppers
  • Sagittarius: i was so happy that i bought an ice cream sandwich
  • Capricorn: thats amazing and i dont care
  • Aquarius: hA ya mum (shortens to ya um)
  • Pisces: The kitten was so small that it looked like a puppy!
Fic author interview

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1. What inspires your work most? (The show it is based on, the actor who portrays a certain character, maybe the character itself…? It could even be an experience.)

Oh wow. Um. A lot? Music, feelings, even a word can spark an idea.

2. What is your favorite fandom to write for?

At the moment, Marvel. But, I love writing all of them so far XD

3. Which perspective do you prefer writing in? (First-person, third-person)

I don’t have a preference, as some fics scream to be written in a certain way.

4. Do you prefer writing reader fics or OCs?

Reader inserts, for sure.

5. Do you prefer writing longer works or one shots?

Eh. I love, love, love when a series idea hits, but I’m always the type to wind up taking ages in finishing them T.T

6. Do you take requests?

That’s complicated, really. I take commissions, but I MIGHT open requests again when I’m done the move and have more old requests completed.

7. Do you enjoy getting random Asks?


8. What inspires the names for OCs (or extra character names) in your works? Do you pick them from real life or just select them at random? A mix?

I use their personality. If I have a specific idea in mind, it can take me hours online to find THE name.

9. If your story(ies) have OCs, are their appearances based on real people or celebrities? If so, who?

A lot of my series headers have people on them, but they’re usually random people online.

10. How long have you been writing fanfiction?

Since 2012! O.O



And anyone else that wants to :)


Unexpected |3|

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A/N: Hey, JYP. JB+Tight shirts… make it happen, now. But I seriously can not believe all of the love you guys show this series. Ahaha, thank you, so much!

Part |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6| |7| |8| |8.5*SMUT*| |9| |10|

You take a deep breath and blink slowly, making your irritation apparent. You squeeze your forehead with your left hand and try to answer, but a thought pops into your head.  

Why can’t you call one of your members?” you ask, holding your hand out to him as if you just came up with a genius idea.

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thank you @oceandolan for tagging me I love these

rules: tag 9 people you’d like to know better

name: michaella
star sign: pisces 
average hours of sleep: 6-7.5 depending on the day
last thing i googled: zumiez coupons LMAO all I want is a hoodie that aint $70+
lucky number: 7?? idk
favourite fictional character: oh man um idek i can’t think of any right now 
what are you wearing right now?: t-shirt with some bright ass shorts 
when did you start this blog?: June 21, 2017!! wow 3 months already wtf
do i run any more blogs?: I have another blog ( @junghxseok ) but I don’t use it anymore..unless I’m bored and I just log in for the memories LOL
do i get a lot of asks?: no sadly cdscjs
why did I choose this url: it was the first thing I thought of for a url bc I was only gonna use this blog to get good themes/potentially make themes (haven’t even started looking into how to make them yet and its been 3 months cdscsc)

I tag @dolantreehisser @cherrycoladolan and anyone else that wants to do it!! but pls tag me if you do decide to do it :D

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1- favourite season?
2- what was the last thing you watched at the cinema?
Emoji Movie….
3- board game that you love playing?
Monopoly cus I’m a basic bitch
4- favourite movie?
Perks of Being a Wallflower/Kind Of A Funny Story
5- what do you want to do in the future?
6- how has your summer been?
Been fckn quality ennit
7- guilty pleasure?
Timber by Ke$ha and Pitbull/vodka with breakfast
8- favourite disney movie?
lol i dont watch disney i had a shit childhood
9- best joke?
my romantic life
10- are you content with life?
see question 5

My questions-
1- Views on country music?
2- Fave city?
3- Fave colour (lol im so basic)
4- Fave thing about yourself
5- Fave drink
6- Top 5 songs?
7- Who will make the better president (and why)  Zuckerberg or The Rock?
8- Concrete or glass?
9- Fave author?
10- Play any instruments….?

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20. Shopping Together

“Why can’t you just wear like a little black dress or something?”  Nick asked, bored out of his mind.  He leaned back in the padded seat just outside the dressing rooms.

“Because, it’s a formal event Nick.  We have to look nice.”

“And a little black dress isn’t nice?”

“It’s not elegant Nick.”  Judy countered.  “We have an image to uphold, we can’t look like party crashers or whatever.  It will put the other guests off, which will make them not donate as much.  Didn’t you read the memo.”

“I read the subject line…skimmed the rest.”  Nick shrugged out.

“Nick this is important!”  Judy stated, sounding like she was right in front of him.  

He straightened up to look at her, and his throat went dry.  Judy was standing in front of him with her hands on her waist, and left foot thumping in frustration.  However it was more what she was wearing that dried out his throat then her pose.  

She was dressed in a navy blue floor length dress, with decorative gold stitching, lace, and beads from her neck to the start of her chest.  The top half of the dress was form fitting, and the bottom loosened and flared out.  A split in the front that stopped in the middle of her thigh, and displayed on leg if she stood right.

Nick gulped.  “Yeah…I get that.”  He amazingly managed to say.

Judy grinned a bit, before twisting some, and Nick could see it was just about backless.  God the bunny was going to be the death of him one way or another.  “What do you think?”

“It’s…uh…um,” Nick started before just surrendering to what he wanted to say, “wow!”

If you’re interested in reading all my dabbles for the 30 Day Challenge, use the tag “mizu’s 30 day challenge” on this blog.

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Carmilla works in a computer repair shop and Laura just brought her laptop in saying there’s some kind of virus in it and holy shit her browser history is shocking (like WOW, didn't think you had it in ya cupcake) and it’s not a virus, it’s nine viruses. "Stop clicking on those stupid ads you adorable idiot"

Hope you guys appreciate the reference, and not accuse me of being unoriginal. 

You hate being a member of Geek Squad. Half the time your customers are asshole friends that want to make fun of your for the glasses and stiff collared blue shirt. 

“Excuse me?” 

“Huh? Sorry, slow day. What can I do for you?” 

She’s cute–very cute. She smiles at you sheepishly as she squints to get a better look at your name tag. 

“Um…hi…Carmilla, my name is Laura, and I think my computer has a virus on it.”  

“Alright, Laura, let’s have a look.” You tap a nail on the desk; Laura places her laptop on it. You get to work. 

“Wow, this virus is pretty bad. How’d you get it?” 

“I have no idea.” 

You look up at her. She’s biting your lip as she watches you work. Once again, adorable. It’s no secret that you’re the ‘opposites attract’ kind of person (even if your previous dating history kind of suggests that’s a bad way to pick your dates).

You click on her history. 

Your eyebrows shoot up. “Holy shit, cupcake,” you exclaim before you can stop yourself, “How much of this are you watching?” 

Laura looks horrified. “Um…I can explain that. Not what it looks like.” 

“Really?” You answer dryly, “So, you’re not watching copious amounts of lesbian–”

“Uh, yeah, that is true. But…but it’s for an, um…Women Studies class.” 

“Ah, and they require you to watch this as part of the curriculum?” 

“Yeah. It’s an assignment about…post-colonial….gentrification…set in an urban landscape…set in a…porn…film.” 

She’s gesturing as she does it, and you can’t help the laughter. Laura bursts into giggles too as she puts a hand on your arm. 

“Cupcake, it sounds like you just took everything you’d learn in an art history class and smashed them together.”

“…Okay, yeah, yeah. That is exactly what I did. Um…is that why…?”

“Well, I have bad news and good news. Bad news is, you don’t have a virus–”

“How is that bad?”

“–You have nine.” 


“The good news is, I can get rid of them, and I have a good idea of how you got them.” 

“Was it the sites?” 

“While I recommend you get outside more, cupcake, surprisingly no. It was the ads you were clicking on the sites.” 


“Let me ask you–how many times have you been told you were the ‘millionth visitor, win an Xbox!’”

“…It was supposed to be a PS3, thank you.” 

“Well, it’s fixed.” You slide the laptop to her, “And stop clicking those ads, you adorable idiot.”

Laura looks at you for a moment. “I don’t know whether I should be mad that you called me an idiot, or ask you out because you called me adorable.” 

“Ask me out. Unless your idea of a date is–” 

“Hey, I will have you know that I don’t watch porn. I watch films. Art films. On porn websites” She mumbles, “…The regular stuff is way too unrealistic.” 

You roll your eyes good naturedly. “I know. I stick to the normal porn. Three legged paraplegics and asian tentacles. Wholesome, pure, clean stuff. None of the sick shit you’re watching.” 

Laura bursts into laughter again. “You are unbelievable. Is that your idea of flirting?” 

“Depends.” You lean in,  “I’m out at five.”   

I’ve been tagged by lucysnowmanwinter (thanks again darling)

Here we go:

1. Your favourite album and why?

God… I’ve no idea x) Probably one of Kansas, but there are many songs I love and not all from the same album, plus I haven’t listening to all of them so…

2. What do you think are your best qualities?

Wow… Um… I don’t know… Maybe I’m quite nice, I can listen to people, and I’m there when my friends have problems…

3. The film that makes you cry EVERYTIME? (without fail)

Well… Interesting one… I don’t cry much during films -except sometimes when there are based on real stories you know,- so it’s hard to tell… I honestly don’t know sorry, I can’t think of one I cry every time I watch because actually I don’t think it’s ever happened to me. I remember I cried during War Horse (not because of your Capt Nicholls’ death Tom darling sorry, but because of this terrible scene with the horse Joey, you know when he runs into the barbed wires) and when I’ve seen it for the 2nd time I was like ‘For sure, I’m gonna cry again because of that bloody scene’ and actually I haven’t so x) Anyway, cartoons detend to make me cry also.

4. Your favourite TV show ever created

As if ?

External image

5. First celebrity crush?

External image

Daniel Radcliffe

Awwww look at that cute pie !

(I’ve been a fan of him since I was 13, and even if I’m not such a big fan of him as I used to, I still love him)


I was fangirling so hard when I saw these, you’ve no ideeeeeea x)

6. Favourite play/sonnet by Shakespeare?

Oh my god… I know Mister Shakespeare’s n°1 fan is waiting for my answer somewhere in Canada x) Well I’ve read MacBeth, Halmet, and I started Othello/Coriolanus (but still haven’t finished these last two, sorry Tom x)). So I’d say MacBeth.

Edit: What an idjit ! Even if I haven’t finished Coriolanus I’ve seen the play ! (twice) So… Okay I know it’s not the same, let’s stuck with MacBeth.

7. Benedict or Tom?

External image

Obviously… or I think it’d be about time to change the url’s name…

8. A special quote which makes you smile?

Um… Damn I can’t think of one for the moment… Oh I know ! There’s one from a French book called La Fée Carabine by Daniel Pennac that I’ve studied in French Literature which says: On croit qu'on emmène son chien pisser midi et soir. Grave erreur : ce sont les chiens qui nous invitent deux fois par jour à la méditation” which you could translate into something like ’We all think that we take a walk with our dog at noon and in the evening to make them piss. Big mistake: dogs actually invite us twice a day to meditate’ (sorry that’s not the best translation ever but I hope you get it x)) and I’ve to say this one does make me smile because I think it’s true.

External image

9. Favourite colour?

External image

10. Something you really want to do in your life before you die?

Good one ! Um… Damn I can’t about something, and I’m sure there are tons of things I’d to do before I die… Maybe make my parents proud (sorry that’s kind of boring)

agirlnamedfran a dit : I love As If. I thought I was the only breathing creature in Tumblr to know that show.x

Aaaaaah finally found someone who knows this show, and even likes it too ! That’s great darling ! Let’s hug to celebrate !

~like my father but bolder~

This is Philip Hamilton, he likes long walks on the beach and talking about his feelings. I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing. First time I’m posting art on here so *throws pictures everywhere* take it away pls

queensoverwatch  asked:

"So Bartholomew, huh?" Barry whips around so fast at the sound of Oliver's voice that he swears he almost pulled a muscle. "What?" Oliver shrugs off his jacket, dumps it on Barry's desk. "Your name," he clarifies. "It's Bartholomew." Barry immediately flushes a blotchy shade of pink. "Yeah, it is. It's a terrible name, you can laugh if you want. Why do you think everyone calls me Barry?" Surprisingly, Oliver smiles. "I kinda like it. It's distinguished." "It's awful." "Whatever you say, Bear."

(actually yeLLS BC I??? ok ok so here’s another drabble bc i want to and this also has an unknown timeline bc i’m not good at time!!! anyway, hides bc um um surprise drabble, ily!!!!)

The first time Oliver says his name (not Barry, but Bartholomew), Barry thinks it’s a mistake.

The older was just looking at him with a curious stare when it happened, just as if he might have been thinking aloud, so he doesn’t question it.

The second time hearing Oliver say his name (this time as a confirmation), it makes Barry startle.

Honestly, Barry’s surprised he doesn’t pull a muscle or get whiplash with the way his head is whizzing when he turns to Oliver with wide eyes. It’s not even just the reaction from hearing his full name - he also hasn’t had the luxury of seeing the elder vigilante in quite a while, so he’s overall just a ball of shock, truly. He doesn’t really assume the older’s reaction but complimenting the name? Probably not very high up on the probability scale.

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