wow u r hot

i don’t know what it is with me and voices but if an actor has a great voice there’s a 6000% chance that i’ll fall completely in love with them even if they aren’t considered conventionally attractive

anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on Misha? :)

like in general?? uhhhh ok here’s a bulleted list of the first things that come to my mind:

  • he’s got a rly cute body his tum is soft and his legs and ass are giant and muscled it’s v nice
  • oh and he has stretch marks on his hips which i loVE
  • i think he was the best looking when he was in his 20s tbh
  • he looks hot as hell with aviators and a beardy beard
  • honestly sometimes i’m like “mish u r so fuckin hot wow” and other times i’m like “he’s only ok” and i haven’t figured out yet why certain camera angles aren’t good on him but i think it has to do with where his eyes are on his face in relation to the rest of his features.
  • his smile is the best the end
  • he seems v sweet and just genuinely kind without really trying
  • he’s def got a servant’s heart (is that a christian term? i’ve always heard it all my life growing up in church and i hope it makes sense in a secular way too)
  • sometimes i think he doesn’t really have a filter and just says whatever comes to his mind and /on occasion/ that’s gotten him into trouble and makes him come across as crass (crass is good, though, i like crass). in any case, i never rly judge famous ppl when they “screw up” because i don’t know them personally and generally just like to assume the best in ppl u feel
  • i really REALLY fuckin wish i could sit down and talk to him about gender and sexuality because i feel like he would have excellent opinions on things and i think there’s more to him than he lets on (i know ppl have said that he’s bisexual but until i hear it FROM HIM i’m not going to spread that rumor and u shouldn’t either)
  • he’s got fantastic lips for a white guy