wow two selfies in one night

i was beyonnnnnd blacked out when i did this shot. like wow. i dont even know what happened that night. last thing i remember is getting to the trap with my friends and buying i think 4 k2s from the guy? and i popped two of them? while ALREADY on about 2.25 of xanax…….i have a few pics of the dog at the house staring at me, a selfie of me with the dog laying in my lap, and then two pics of this shot. apparently my friends said i got really nervous at one point and said i was having an allergic reaction and i wanted to go home??? and that i also smoked????a lot?????? i don’t even like smoking?????? and then i guess when i got home my other friend came by so we could go pick up so i guess i went out AGAIN and then somehow ended up with this bigass shot before i went to bed. fucking weird lmao i dont know how i didnt overdose, especially with all those benzos in me. but anyway. blue drop is baaack 💙👌🏼💧