wow two posts in one day good on me

R: Hah! This is creative, I like you.

R: Well, first off, I’d like you to be advised that it’d take approximately 3 barrels of whiskey to get me drunk enough to be funny. Give or take.

R: I’d do my episode on the Napoleonic Wars between 1802 and 1815, if only because they piss Enjolras off so much due to them being so soon after the French Revolution that he wants a 2.0 of.

R: Pissing Enjolras off and getting drunk are my two favorite things in life, that sounds like a good time.

me, on Wednesday: ah, I am so stressed about post-University life… About being able to stay in London because it’s so expensive here. How does someone even get a job that pays London rent these days?? and that’s without considering the fact I need to fit it around Jewish holidays.

me, today: *receives two job interviews, one from a Jewish charity and the other from a governmental body that is mandated to make allowances for religious observances* …..oh

anonymous asked:

God has blessed me today, my absolute favorite writer has posted not one but two fakechop stories. I'm literally reeling

Oh, my gosh. That’s… Wow! Thank you! I’ve never been someone’s favorite writer before. 

And yeah, I’m not used to being this productive when I write, so I’m actually reeling a little bit, too. I’m glad I could make your day, Anon :)


WOW thank you guys so much!! <3
to celebrate, i’d like to try to have a little giveaway!
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aCTUALLY YOU KNOW WHAT let;s have a throwback from my heavily parapining days as muchtodoodleaboutnothing (r.i.p.)

i went through all the crap and picked out some of my favorite pieces from my days as a young idiot drawing crossover boys (and girls) in weird love

under the cut because whoa i drew these two (three) a lot, so come along and reminisce with me friends here we goooo

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