wow two posts in one day good on me

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I dont read fanfiction, like at all. ever. And I am a fan of many shows. But your response to the prompt with michael struggling with what he missed, holy shit. that was good. it felt so real!? where can I read more of your stuff???

omgosh, this is the sweetest compliment ever.  thank you!  this made me whole day, just riding on the high of last night’s episode.  wow.  just…wow.  thank you.

i’m so happy you liked it, especially since you never read fanfic.  wow, wow, wow.

okay, yeah, so for future reference, all my fics are posted here, and i update weekly, but here’s the links to all my michael/sara fics so far:

Falling Slowly








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I'm chuckling at one of ur tags to an anon "he has two lines n one of em is abt peas" gets to me bc wow how can u get so much fanon material //from a line abt peas// anyways have a good day pal, hope the anons stop for once

jfkskcke literally my entire point tbh. idk people are whack and i’m just tired of dealing with the same shit over and over. i know who the sender was anyway & they reblogged the op and said some gross stuff i was gonna respond to but… tumblr app is shit and won’t post my drafts for some reason.

thanks for the support tho fam, hope ur day stays a sweet level of chill 😩

Our Deal Ch.4 (Trixya) - Tati

A/N: So sorry it’s taken me so long to update this! I hope you guys enjoy this chapter and haven’t forgotten about this. Thank you to all that read and leave some love, ya’ll are the best. Although this has taken me a month to update, this chapter is longer than the others, I hope that somewhat makes up for me being shitty at updating. Shoutout to that hooker Alex for being my beta, love ya sis!

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I have to go about my day because Harry isn't going to sit my exams for me (who do I sue??) but I've got my notifications set up for you so I'm counting on you to know when the video drops!!! Have a lovely day sunshine! 🥝💕❤️🌈☀️😘

ajakskak Oh my god wow this is so much responsibility!!!! Thank you for choosing™ me, cupcake anon!!! 😍 I’ll try my best, you’ll know when the video drops because I’ll post an incoherent “ASDJSKDKAKS” post after the other, and it’ll probably be two weeks before I go back to posting one (1) coherent thing lol GOOD LUCK ON YOUR EXAMS, STARSHINE!!!!!!!!!!! Go and show ‘em what you got!!!!!! All the love 💖💓💕🌸😘


WOW thank you guys so much!! <3
to celebrate, i’d like to try to have a little giveaway!
Like and reblog this post and in two weeks on February 14th I’ll choose a winner that’ll get a full color drawing of any one Splatoon character of their choice in this style!:


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Good luck, and thank you all so much for following!! <3

aCTUALLY YOU KNOW WHAT let;s have a throwback from my heavily parapining days as muchtodoodleaboutnothing (r.i.p.)

i went through all the crap and picked out some of my favorite pieces from my days as a young idiot drawing crossover boys (and girls) in weird love

under the cut because whoa i drew these two (three) a lot, so come along and reminisce with me friends here we goooo

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