wow tumblr what a piece of trash

tumblr is so toxic because if you like something you are automatically trash for liking it when its harmless. you enjoy dangan ronpa? youre a piece of shit! you read homestuck? go fuck yourself you piece of trash! enjoy shingeki no kyojin? wow, you must be garbage! apparently its so fun to be negative & hateful about everything. please keep your hate to yourself & allow others to enjoy what they want

anonymous asked:

I can only imagine what someone who sits anonymously on tumblr trashing a stranger's looks, must look like themselves. I am guessing pretty fucking creepy given how the inside of your mind works. Nasty shit is nasty shit. Can you even stand looking at yourself? Do you do anything decent in your life other than seek attention for being a nasty shit? I doubt it.

Wow! This is my first piece of anon hate! I’ve crossed a tumblr milestone!